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Samsung Memoir 8-Megapixel Camera Phone for T-Mobile is Official


The lines between what is a camera and what is a camera phone are really starting to blur with the official announcement of the new Samsung Memoir for T-Mobile. If you take a look at the back side of this cell phone, you’d swear that it was one of Samsung’s standalone point-and-shoot digital cameras. Word about this handset had been ...

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Samsung Pixon Jumping to T-Mobile as T929 Leica


Are you ready for another touchscreen phone? As if the LG Vu, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Diamond, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, and Nokia Tube weren’t enough to get you going, T-Mobile seems to be adding another touchscreen phone to its collection. The Samsung Pixon is yet another in a continuing line of touchscreen phones, taking on an appearance similar to ...

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Sneak Peek at Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots


We’re not quite ready for Windows Mobile 7 just yet, but Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has officially confirmed that the company will be releasing Windows Mobile 6.5. Just as WM 6.1 brought all sorts of upgrades over WM 6.0, we can expect all sorts of interesting updates for WM 6.5. So, how will this new mobile operating system look? We’ll have ...

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Google Android Not Getting Firefox Mobile After All


Part of the reason why people are getting so excited about Google Android is that the smartphone platform is completely open to development from all sides. In this way, you would think that just about anyone can create fun and useful applications for the new mobile operating system and you would think that the major players would want to develop ...

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EA Mobile to Google Android: Yeah, I’m Game


The newest battleground for mobile gaming supremacy is Google Android and EA Mobile wants to stake its claim on this newfound territory with rotating blocks. The first batch of Android games from EA Mobile is not going to excite anyone, but at least it introduces the giant game developer into the Google open-source fold. Tetris became available yesterday. It will ...

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The Wait is Over for T-Mobile G1 Google Phone


After literally years of rumor-mongering and supposedly leaked concept pictures, the first official Google phone is finally available for mass market consumption. The T-Mobile G1 is the first commercially-available smartphone to be powered by the new Google Android open source platform. I probably don’t need to remind you of this phones features, like its large touchscreen display, QWERTY keyboard, and ...

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Video: T-Mobile G1 Unboxed, Fondled, Reviewed


If you were one of the first people to pre-order the hotly anticipated T-Mobile G1 smartphone, you may be receiving a special package as early as tomorrow. For the rest of us, we can live vicariously through the video embedded below. Take a look at this lucky bugger unboxes the Android phone, fawns over it, and provides his thoughts on ...

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EA Mobile Waiting to Charge for Android Games


Electronic Arts is firmly ensconced in the world of console games, occupying our living rooms with a wide assortment of sports games, action games, and all sorts of other games. EA also has its feet quite wet in the mobile front, so it would be a natural fit to see EA develop games for Google Android as well. EA agrees, ...

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My Last Minute Thoughts on Google Android and T-Mobile Dream G1


After what seems like an eternity, the monumental day is finally upon us. We’ve listened to the random conjecture of industry experts. We’ve caught wind of spy pictures and photos in the wild. We’ve even seen an official demonstration held by Google itself. And tomorrow, we will officially be introduced to the HTC Dream G1 Google Android smartphone. Should you ...

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The Skinny on the T-Mobile App Store


iPhone owners have access to the Apple App Store and Android phone users will have access to the Android Marketplace. Following in this newfound tradition, we heard about the upcoming T-Mobile App Store and now some more details have been released. While all iPhones run the same operating system, all Android phones use the same operating system, and so on, ...

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More AT&T Mobile TV with LG Invision


With a name like the LG Invision, it’s only fitting that this is yet another mobile phone that takes advantage of the AT&T Mobile TV service. Taking on a candybar form factor not unlike the Samsung Access, the Invision by LG is said to be the smallest device compatible with AT&T Mobile TV. It measures a hair over four inches ...

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Windows Mobile Gets I Am Rich as Donationware


The whole point of the I Am Rich application for the Apple iPhone in the first place was that it was a complete and utter waste of money. It was just to demonstrate that you had an extra $1000 around and you didn’t know what to do with it (other than buying a useless app with poor spelling). Because Windows ...

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Open App Store Coming to T-Mobile Customers


You may have noticed that the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch has been quite the resounding success. Well, T-Mobile has noticed too and that’s why the other American GSM provider is working on something that will compete directly against it. With the Apple App Store, you are limited only to the Apple handhelds. It’s not like ...

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Mobile Phone is More Important than Wallet (Survey)


According to a recent study commissioned by Nortel, people find that their cell phones are more invaluable when away from home than even their keys or wallet. Those surveyed were asked what would be the single item that they would take with them if they knew they had to be outside for more than 24 hours. Of those surveyed, 38% ...

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Gekko and Aspen: T-Mobile Sidekick 4 Coming Soon?


The Sidekick line of messaging-oriented devices has been very successful for T-Mobile. Following up on the Sidekick LX, Sidekick 3, and Sidekick Slide are two more SK handhelds coming this summer. Codenamed Sidekick Gekko and Sidekick Aspen, these two devices will likely boast similar form factors to the existing line. This means that you will get a full QWERTY keyboard ...

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