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Rugged Sonim XP2 Spirit smashed and battered at Mobile World Congress


Is your work considered extreme? Would Mike Rowe think twice about walking onto your job? Check out the latest from Sonim Technologies, a part of their Xtreme Performance series, the Sonim XP2 Spirit is a rugged new 3G phone designed for anyone in the Calgary oil fields, to the deep Alaskan mines.

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Symbian S^3 released: The open source mobile OS with fliptastic finger tricks


Symbian's recent mobile operating system dubbed S^3, will go down in history as the companies first entirely open source release to engage more people in creating an application environment free of restrictions.

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Mobile XDR architecture the future of mobile devices, 3D gaming


Faster gaming, more resource intensive applications, longer battery life, and hopefully a bit cheaper on your pocket. That is basically what you can expect when Rambus' Mobile XDR memory architecture is implemented into the next-generation of mobile devices.

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T-Mobile HTC HD2, Motorola Zeppelin and Nokia Nuron releases leaked


Plenty of release dates have been leaked on T-Mobile USA about new products that are set to be released over the next few months of 2010. The release that is expected on March 10th is the Motorola Cliq XT, which previous reports have referred to as the Zeppelin.

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AT&T allows TV on the iPhone through SlingPlayer’s Mobile 3G application


AT&T announced Thursday that the SlingPlayer Mobile application will be able to stream video over their 3G network, allowing users to watch video recorded at home anywhere their iPhone's go.

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VeriSign Identity Protection mobile app on Verizon Wireless phones


Customers looking to increase the protection of their online data can now use VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile. VIP Access for Mobile application is using a two-factor authentications credential, certified for BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), allowing users to access trusted applications directly from their mobile device.

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Voice encryption for mobile phones cracked: 12 out of 15 methods deemed insecure


For those of you that use voice encryption products on mobile phones the last thing you would expect is for it to be easily decrypted and intercepted. You may have shelled out good coin for your application and rely upon it for your intellectual security, but what if that security was not as tight as you had imagined, what if a readily available wiretapping utility attainable by anyone, and a simple Trojan slipped on to your device could compromise all of your calls?

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LG GW990 best choice for mobile multitasking


Moorestown provides the computing power needed to bring PC functions to smartphones. It's smaller, faster and better than anything LG has done before

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Samsung “bada” Joins Army of Open Mobile Platforms


Going through the smartphone market, you’ll find more than a few options when it comes to different platforms. Apple has its own iPhone OS. RIM does the BlackBerry thing. Microsoft offers Windows Mobile and Google has that Android thing. Well, Samsung wants in on this game too. It’s not like Samsung is new to the smartphone thing. We’ve already seen ...

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Windows Mobile Gets Capactive Multitouch with HTC Leo (Video)

Windows Mobile Gets Capactive Multitouch with HTC Leo (Video)

There are many reasons to get excited about the pending launch of the HTC Leo smartphone. It’s going to get a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Windows Mobile 6.5, and a huge 4.3-inch touchscreen. To make matters even more interesting, that giant display is going to be a capacitive multitouch to boot! This is a major boon for the Windows Mobile market, ...

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Mobile-Friendly Secondary USB Monitor (Mimo 710-S)


For people who are accustomed to a dual monitor configuration, going on the road with a regular laptop can be an exercise in frustration. The Nanovision Mimo line aims to address this concern by providing a secondary monitor that can run completely from a single USB connection, power and all. The trouble, up until now, is that they haven’t exactly ...

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More Apps Downloaded by T-Mobile G1 Users than iPhone Users


We all know that the iTunes App Store for the Apple iPhone is remarkably popular, but as it turns out, it’s not quite as popular as the Android Market. Obviously, this isn’t in terms of total cumulative downloads, since there are more iPhone owners out there than people who rock the T-Mobile G1, but when you break down on a ...

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Windows Marketplace for Mobile Mirrors Android Market Shopping Bag?


Ever since the App Store launched for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, it seems like every other smartphone manufacturer wants to start selling various applications through a mobile store. The trouble is that cloning process is starting to produce clones of clones. Case in point is the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile. You may already be familiar with the ...

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Good Facebook App Arrives on Windows Mobile


What’s the point of having a smartphone if you can’t poke your friends on the go? For those of you rocking a Windows Mobile handset, you can now get your hands on a pretty good Facebook application and, as far as I can tell, the app is completely free for you to enjoy. John Herman of Gizmodo calls this the ...

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PocketGear Launches App Store for Windows Mobile


As smartphones continue to gain in popularity among the masses, so will the popularity of third-party applications. Following in this philosophy is the launch of the App Store for Windows Mobile, powered by the good people at PocketGear. This is the same company that launched the Palm App Store in December 2008, making it incredibly easy to grab anything from ...

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