Samsung Memoir 8-Megapixel Camera Phone for T-Mobile is Official

The lines between what is a camera and what is a camera phone are really starting to blur with the official announcement of the new Samsung Memoir for T-Mobile. If you take a look at the back side of this cell phone, you’d swear that it was one of Samsung’s standalone point-and-shoot digital cameras. Word […]

Samsung Pixon Jumping to T-Mobile as T929 Leica

Are you ready for another touchscreen phone? As if the LG Vu, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Diamond, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, and Nokia Tube weren’t enough to get you going, T-Mobile seems to be adding another touchscreen phone to its collection. The Samsung Pixon is yet another in a continuing line of touchscreen phones, taking […]

Sneak Peek at Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots

We’re not quite ready for Windows Mobile 7 just yet, but Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has officially confirmed that the company will be releasing Windows Mobile 6.5. Just as WM 6.1 brought all sorts of upgrades over WM 6.0, we can expect all sorts of interesting updates for WM 6.5. So, how will this new mobile […]

Google Android Not Getting Firefox Mobile After All

Part of the reason why people are getting so excited about Google Android is that the smartphone platform is completely open to development from all sides. In this way, you would think that just about anyone can create fun and useful applications for the new mobile operating system and you would think that the major […]

EA Mobile to Google Android: Yeah, I’m Game

The newest battleground for mobile gaming supremacy is Google Android and EA Mobile wants to stake its claim on this newfound territory with rotating blocks. The first batch of Android games from EA Mobile is not going to excite anyone, but at least it introduces the giant game developer into the Google open-source fold. Tetris […]

The Wait is Over for T-Mobile G1 Google Phone

After literally years of rumor-mongering and supposedly leaked concept pictures, the first official Google phone is finally available for mass market consumption. The T-Mobile G1 is the first commercially-available smartphone to be powered by the new Google Android open source platform. I probably don’t need to remind you of this phones features, like its large […]

Video: T-Mobile G1 Unboxed, Fondled, Reviewed

If you were one of the first people to pre-order the hotly anticipated T-Mobile G1 smartphone, you may be receiving a special package as early as tomorrow. For the rest of us, we can live vicariously through the video embedded below. Take a look at this lucky bugger unboxes the Android phone, fawns over it, […]

EA Mobile Waiting to Charge for Android Games

Electronic Arts is firmly ensconced in the world of console games, occupying our living rooms with a wide assortment of sports games, action games, and all sorts of other games. EA also has its feet quite wet in the mobile front, so it would be a natural fit to see EA develop games for Google […]

My Last Minute Thoughts on Google Android and T-Mobile Dream G1

After what seems like an eternity, the monumental day is finally upon us. We’ve listened to the random conjecture of industry experts. We’ve caught wind of spy pictures and photos in the wild. We’ve even seen an official demonstration held by Google itself. And tomorrow, we will officially be introduced to the HTC Dream G1 […]

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The Skinny on the T-Mobile App Store

iPhone owners have access to the Apple App Store and Android phone users will have access to the Android Marketplace. Following in this newfound tradition, we heard about the upcoming T-Mobile App Store and now some more details have been released. While all iPhones run the same operating system, all Android phones use the same […]

More AT&T Mobile TV with LG Invision

With a name like the LG Invision, it’s only fitting that this is yet another mobile phone that takes advantage of the AT&T Mobile TV service. Taking on a candybar form factor not unlike the Samsung Access, the Invision by LG is said to be the smallest device compatible with AT&T Mobile TV. It measures […]

Windows Mobile Gets I Am Rich as Donationware

The whole point of the I Am Rich application for the Apple iPhone in the first place was that it was a complete and utter waste of money. It was just to demonstrate that you had an extra $1000 around and you didn’t know what to do with it (other than buying a useless app […]

Mobile Apps
Open App Store Coming to T-Mobile Customers

You may have noticed that the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch has been quite the resounding success. Well, T-Mobile has noticed too and that’s why the other American GSM provider is working on something that will compete directly against it. With the Apple App Store, you are limited only to the […]

Mobile Phone is More Important than Wallet (Survey)

According to a recent study commissioned by Nortel, people find that their cell phones are more invaluable when away from home than even their keys or wallet. Those surveyed were asked what would be the single item that they would take with them if they knew they had to be outside for more than 24 […]

Gekko and Aspen: T-Mobile Sidekick 4 Coming Soon?

The Sidekick line of messaging-oriented devices has been very successful for T-Mobile. Following up on the Sidekick LX, Sidekick 3, and Sidekick Slide are two more SK handhelds coming this summer. Codenamed Sidekick Gekko and Sidekick Aspen, these two devices will likely boast similar form factors to the existing line. This means that you will […]

Phones Reviews
REVIEW: Motorola Q9h Windows Mobile Smartphone from Fido

To accompany their foray into the world of Windows Mobile, Fido launched two very similar looking Windows Mobile smartphones. On the one hand, you have the Samsung JACK, which some of you may know better as the BlackJack II. On the other hand, you have the Motorola Q9h. Both of these handsets represent their respective […]

Panasonic Plasma Displays Coming to AT&T Mobile Phones

We already know that AT&T plans on launching their MediaFLO-powered mobile television service soon and now word has gotten out that Panasonic will be offering cell phones for that service that come with plasma video displays. Yes, you read that correctly. You are essentially get a plasma TV in the palm of your hand. They’re […]

Confirmed: Windows Mobile 6.1 Powers Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

We were already pretty certain that the Sony XPERIA X1 would get its operating system from Microsoft, but now we’ve received confirmation that the smartphone is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1. This is a small step forward for Sony Ericsson’s initial foray into the world of Windows Mobile and it’s a step in the right […]

Asus GUI Gives Extreme Makeover to Windows Mobile 6.1 (Video)

One of the common complaints about Windows Mobile 6.1 is that while it may be reasonably functional, it’s far from being any sort of eye candy. Just as HTC did with their TouchFLO interface, Asus has designed a funky three-dimensional touchscreen user interface that lies overtop the Windows Mobile 6.1 core. This extreme makeover from […]

AOL Open Mobile Platform Challenges Openness of Google Android

AOL might be winning too many battles these days, but giving amateur developers the opportunity to create a wide range of applications for a variety of cell phones has got to be a major plus. The company has announced that they’re launching something called the “Open Mobile Platform”, fundamentally opening the code for anyone to […]

What’s Up With Modu Mobile? (Video)

A teaser video has emerged on the Internet pointing toward a secret device called the Modu. We’re not exactly sure what this portable device will be or what it will do, but the video does make mention of the official website. Located at, we assume that the Modu is some sort of mobile phone […]

Windows Mobile On Cusp of Getting Vista Sideshow Treatment

Windows Vista Sideshow is an interesting piece of software that lets you access frequently used applications on your laptop’s secondary display. This means that your computer doesn’t need a full bootup in order to get into things like the media player or email program. A brand new Software Developers Kit (SDK) has been uncovered at […]

Windows Mobile 6.1 Features Carousel Interface, Launches February 2008

Most Microsoft-powered smartphones being released today are powered by some form of Windows Mobile 6, but it seems like the popular mobile operating system is due for another update. It’s not exactly Windows Mobile 7, but the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 will bring about a whole new user interface similar to the one found […]

Sprint Launches HTC Mogul With Windows Mobile 6

You’ve got to hand it to the folks at HTC. They’ve certainly got a way with naming their devices, and the HTC Mogul (PPC-6800) destined for Sprint is no exception. Like so many other HTC Pocket PC phones, the Mogul comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unlike many of their recent offerings, however, the Mogul’s […]

NVIDIA-Powered Mobile Devices Soon

I usually associate NVIDIA with graphics cards for personal computers. Looks like they’re ready to do more. The NVIDIA GoForce 6100 is “the company’s first in a family of applications processors” developed specifically for cell phones and other mobile devices. It’ll give you a “highly integrated and optimized multimedia solution”, but at the same time, […]

Motorola “DART”s into mobile content agreement

The exact financial terms have not been revealed, but Motorola has made a substantial “Series A” investment in DARTdevices Corporation, a company that develops “disruptive software technology for consumer devices.” The strategic venture arm of Motorola known as Motorola Ventures is the official party involved in the deal. In addition to “disruptive software”, DARTdevices also […]

More touchscreen madness: Google Switch mobile phone by Samsung?

Looking for a real Googlephone? Apparently the search engine behemoth has teamed up with Samsung to produce the Google Switch mobile phone. Like the Apple iPhone, the Switch has a touchscreen that covers the entire front face. In fact, the border around the color display is even thinner than on the Apple offering. Neither Samsung […]

Mywaves: mobile video for the masses

There are all kinds of ways of making waves these days—with your cell phone, with your music, with your videos. A startup aims to bring all of that together and give you your waves on your phone. The aptly named mywaves launched in October and has a ton of users already. You can get all […]

Texas Instruments shrinks linear LED driver for mobile devices

Cell phone makers want to make their handhelds smaller and thinner, so it’s up to component makers to do the same. Texas Instruments has announced the smallest linear LED driver to date. This “two-bank, low dropout (LDO) regulator” is designed to support “LED lighting in portable applications.” What this means is that the tiny 1.2 […]

Google Calendar goes mobile with Toffa GooSync

Google isn’t just a search engine anymore. There are enough solutions on that massive website to virtually replace all of your desktop applications. They’ve got Google spreadsheets, word processors, notepads, and — of course — nearly three gigabytes of email storage. If you’re a big fan of Google Calendar, then you’ll soon become an even […]

Mobile Skype delayed by technical issues

Outside applications like Fring let you access Skype on your mobile phone, but we will have to wait a while to get an actual mobile version of Skype, according to the company’s CEO. He says that there are more technical obstacles than they expected when they started developing a mobile version, and it is taking […]

Sprint launches Mobile Security solution

We’ve all learned (likely the hard way) about viruses, Trojans, hackers and worms when it comes to our desktop computers, but as our cell phones and other mobile devices are getting easier to connect, it becomes paramount to provide them with just as much security. Sprint today announced a Mobile Security solution that is designed […]

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Nokia N80 Internet Edition: smartphone with VoIP, Yahoo Go for Mobile

Nokia’s latest smartphone is appropriately titled the N80 Internet Edition. It’s a littler smaller than your average smartphone, which makes it more portable. Among the Internet functions available are VoIP calling, Web browsing, ebook reading, and photo sharing. An agreement with search engine giant Yahoo has enabled use of the Yahoo Go for Mobile installation. […]

Interview: Chris Houston, Amp’d Mobile Canada

A few days back I had a few minutes to join Chris Houston, President of Amp’d Mobile Canada, for lunch. He talked to me about what their deal is like with Telus, the challenges of setting up in a Country, what they’re going to be offering the market and just what the heck an MVNO […]

REVIEW: Telus Mobile Radio, Powered by XM Canada

XM Satellite Radio isn’t reserved for those standalone units anymore. No longer are you restricted to carrying around an XM-only device to play in your car, while strolling down the street, or even at home… at least if you fall within Telus’ service area in Canada. I had the chance to try out their new […]

Mobile ad network promises exact targeting

Coming soon to a WAP site near you: mobile advertising of a concerted order. A start up company called MADS is announcing the creation of a new advertising network for mobile websites. The enterprising thing about this network is that its developers say it will deliver real-time dynamic ads based on criteria such as content […]

Motorola takes lead to unify mobile Java platform

Motorola and other phone makers would like to see a greater unification of Java technology for the mobile industry. Under the theory that if you want something done you might as well do it yourself, Motorola has taken the lead in efforts to make the unification happen. They will open source their Java test framework […]

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Image_37216_tmimage.jpg buys Sendia, goes mobile

Wireless access to enterprise applications makes all the sense in the world, but it has been slow to emerge. That should change now that has purchased Sendia. bought Sendia, the wireless infrastructure provider for $15 million. They promptly used Sendia’s technology to launch AppExchange Mobile. The eventual goal is for customers to be […]

V-ENABLE claims world’s fastest mobile search

Mobile search leave you waiting around too long? V-ENABLE wants to help. They will use CTIA Las Vegas 2006 as the venue to unveil the world’s fastest mobile search. It will be an under-one-second mobile search technology that boasts an accuracy of over 90%. “The main complaint from cell phone users is that mobile data […]

Battlestar Galactica goes mobile

Geeks of the world unite, because Battlestar Galactica is heading straight to your cell phone as a mobile game. The SCIFI Channel has joined forces with IN-FUSIO, an international mobile games publisher, to bring the cult classic to the small screens of our handsets. Based on the popular television show, the game was originally launched […]

nVidia unveils Quadro NVS GPUs for mobile business use

nVidia has just released a powerful graphics chipset designed for ‘on-the-go’ laptops. The Quadro NVS 110M GPU allows seamless operation of programs that process large image files. The first laptops that will feature these powerful graphics chips are the recently announced Toshiba Tecra M5, Tecra A6, and Tecra A7. The huge processing power of the […]

Sony Ericsson M600 mobile communicator unveiled

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the M600 handset. The dual-mode thumbster measures only 15-milimeters and is designed for UMTS and tri-band GSM/GPRS networks. Each key on the QWERTY keyboard handles two letters, one is chosen depending on the angle that you tap it. The display is a 2.6-inch 262k with 320 x 240 resolution. USB 2.0 […]

Samsung to add DMB features to its D600 mobile phone

Samsung wants to push the success it has been experiencing with its D600 mobile phone a bit further by adding DMB features to it. For those who are not savvy with mobile phone lingo, DMB stands for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, which is a medium to broadcast TV services to mobile receivers. Don’t just think TV […]

DualCor cPC – Windows Mobile and XP on one device

If you have the DualCor cPC, you may never have to go to your office again. It’s a PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0, but it also happens to run Windows XP when you want it to. It has dual processors as well – a Via 1.5 GHz processor for XP and an Intel chipset for […]

LG launches industry’s thinnest 3G mobile phone

LG brings to market the thinnest 3G mobile phone ever – the LG 880. This sleek new flip phone comes in three enticing colors – Black, Sliver and Pink – and is completely 3G-capable, with two-way video call and real time video sharing applications. The LG 880 weighs just 99 gms and measures 99x49x18 mm. […]

New mobile Linux group emerges

On Monday, a group of companies led by PalmSource Inc., France Telecom SA, Orange SA, TIM Italia SpA, ARM Holdings PLC, Jaluna SA, Open-Plug and Montavista Software Inc., announced the launch of Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum. The aim of the newly created LiPS Forum is to create application programming interfaces (API) allowing developers to […]

Nortel and Websense to Secure Mobile Devices

Are you worried that confidential files on your wireless phone may be susceptible to vicious viral attacks. A survey put out by the security software maker Symantec Corp., found that 70% of respondents were concerned that hackers could steal or corrupt information on their wireless handsets. Nortel Networks Inc. and Internet security specialist Websense Inc. […]

Sharp unveils new advanced-TFT Mobile Display

Sharp has now come out with a new mobile display which seems to be in tune with the growing demand for state-of-the-art, sleek mobile monitors. The product which has been branded as a QVGA TFT-LCD ( Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display), boasts of everything which you desire from an advanced mobile display – like […]

Ericsson and BenQ Mobile Get Green Light to develop IMS Java Standards

The collaboration of Ericsson and BenQ Mobile to develop new IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Java Standards through a collaborative effort has been approved by the Java Community Process (JCP). The companies had submitted a formal request to be allowed to develop and define IMS services for Java-enabled mobile handsets earlier this year. The Java Specification […]

ARM Reveals 1GHz Mobile Phone Processors

British semiconductor massive ARM Holdings today unveiled the fastest processor ever designed for portable devices. This new processor will allow mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs and TVs to achieve processing speeds comparable to those now in desktop computers. The Cortex-A8 processor is expected to deliver up to 2,000 DMIPS and 1GHz of processing power, ideal […]