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AT&T Gets Juiced Up With Two New Mobile Applications


Get ready to do more with your mobile phone, because AT&T has announced a couple of new applications that will make your phone a little more connected and a little more musical. JuiceCaster 6.0 is designed to let you instantly share pictures and videos through your favorite social networking sites. ...

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7 Must-Have Mobile Phone Applications


With so many applications out there available for mobile phones, you may find that your phone memory is getting a little too crowded with the different things that you can do. We need to trim down on the fat and bring it down to the applications that are actually the ...

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MediaQ’s MQ2100 Controller Sets Higher Standard for Mobile Handset Video and Graphics Applications


MediaQ has announced the MQ2100 Multimedia Platform Controller, which lets mobile handset manufacturers rapidly integrate embedded cameras and color graphics into existing and new product designs. The MQ2100 Controller enables OEMs to easily incorporate high-end multimedia capabilities into products without having to redesign and re-qualify the entire handset. The resulting ...

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Conversay, Mobile Mutant to Provide Voice-Driven Applications For Mobile Devices


Conversay, a global leader in enabling speech technologies for both mobile and traditional Internet access devices, announced today it will integrate speech technology into applications built for embedded mobile devices by Korea-based Mobile Mutant. The partnership is expected to result in the first speech-enabled platform-free applications built specifically for mobile ...

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iDini Bridges Applications to the Wireless World with Mobile Desktop Solution for Enterprises


iDini Corporation, the provider of Application Bridging(TM) software technology, today announced the availability of the Enterprise Edition of its Mobile Desktop solution. Mobile Desktop is the first solution to empower mobile professionals with the ability to fully interact with desktop applications and documents via wireless devices. Mobile Desktop supports all ...

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6 Best Fitness Applications for Android

running wearable

Leading a healthy and active life is extremely important and we somewhere deep down inside we all understand that, however, making that happen every day can often feel tough. Technology has blessed us with lots of things which have made lives easier. One doesn’t really need a personal trainer or ...

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Microsoft Windows Mobile Marketplace To Be Shutdown On May 9


It appears like Microsoft is slowly losing their love for their Windows Mobile OS as the company is fully concentrating on the Windows Phone platform. What you see above is the full email that is being circulated to WinMo users which details about the company’s decision to officially shut down Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x.

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