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America’s Great Giant Robot MK. II Turns to Kickstarter for Funds

Remember the movie Real Steal where we saw a futuristic world where huge mechanised robots fought with each other in an arena. Well, it...

Track your Sleep with Kokoon EEG Headphones- What’s Trending on Kickstarter!

‘Sleep tight and light’- well, this is the idea that we cherish while idealizing our night sleep! A sound comfortable sleep is all that...

LightSail Spacecraft raised $1,025,601 in its Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Almost a decade ago, a team decided to weave the dream of sending a probe to the space- a probe that would sail on...
ouya android games system

Ouya Kickstarter Orders Already Shipping, Will Hit Retail on June 4th

The Ouya Android game console will officially go on sale from June 4th in Canada the US and the UK priced at $99.99.

Human Powered Helicopter Hits Kickstarter (Video)

Kenneth Huff and his team aim is to claim the Sikorsky prize of $250,000 for the "first successful controlled flight of a human-powered helicopter". But funding is their problem and they need your help via Kickstarter.

MiiPC Hits Kickstarter, Offers Android PC Experience For $100

The MiiPC, an Android running mini PC, has hit Kickstarter and is becoming popular. But how does it stack up against Ouya?

Death Star Kickstarter Campaign Creators Ask for $850 Quintillion for Construction

Love the idea of a real Death Star? So do the folks who put up the Death Star Kickstarter Project, asking initially for $30,000 to make more detailed plans.

VLC Turns to Kickstarter to Gather Funds for Windows 8 App

The team behind the VideoLAN VLC media player has officially announced plans to develop a native app for Windows 8. Of course building an app for a new ecosystem isn't free, there is staffing and other expenses to consider. While VLC has traditionally turned to user donations to help fund its endeavors, they are attempting to take this release to the next level by asking for help through a Kickstarter campaign.

Unique Smartphone with Bamboo Casing On its Way to Kickstarter Soon

A smartphone that is extremely light, super attractive and even manages to be organic? Crazy you say? Perhaps it is, but that's exactly what the Adzero smarpthone is all about.

Kickstarter Tightens Rules for New Projects

What exactly is Kickstarter? Mobile Magazine creates articles all the time about cool stuff coming out of Kickstarter projects, but for those that invest in the crowdsourcing platform, what do they think it is exactly?

With Kickstarter behind it, what next for the Ouya?

The massively successful Kickstarter campaign for the Ouya is over, and man what a hit this little box has been so far. After thirty days, the Android-powered gaming console managed to get over 60,000 backers and a total pledged amount of $8,596,475.

Ouya Kickstarter Funding Hits Over $6 Million, New Special Edition Ouya Added To The...

In order to end its Kickstarter campaign with a bang, the Ouya is now adding a special limited edition brown, brushed metal version that will only cost a pledge of $140 from now going forward to the campaign's end on August 9th.

Ouya Console Raises $1 Million Kickstarter Funding in 8 Hours

In fact, the Ouya video game system is now the fastest ever Kickstarter project to raise $1 million, achieving this feat in a mere 8 hours and 22 minutes. But the funding didin't stop there.

Appsplit: Kickstarter Crowdfunding for App Developers

Kickstarter has done a fantastic job of lowering the barrier to entry for new innovations. If you've got a great idea, you can crowdfund the necessary money to get that project going. What if your project happens to be an app instead?

E-Paper Smartwatch Breaks $1 Million on Kickstarter

Even though the folks behind the Pebble e-paper smartwatch were only seeking $100k to get their project off the ground, they've already received well over a million dollars in pledges.

Kickstarter Rules

The basis that Gizmodo has chosen to blacklist the creative community Kickstarter is laughable and should really have us take a closer look at the ethics and morals of Gawker media as a source of information.

This Battery Operated Vest Will Really Warm You in Winter Even If Outdoors

If you’re the type who loves going outdoors even in winter or you have a farm smack dab in the middle of Alaska, you...

The Air Selfie Handheld Drone is So Small It Fits into a Phone Case

In the pursuit of the perfect selfie, or to put it ably, the pursuit of how to comfortably take a selfie, many hand-held devices...

These Awesome Tech Can’t be Purchased Yet, but You Can Start Preordering or Invest...

On sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo there are literally thousands of new techs and other stuff just waiting for crowdfunding or major investors. While there...

This Lamp Is The Lightest And Will Levitate While Lighting Your Day And Moods

This is a lamp that will have magician-wanna-be Harry Potters’ breaking out their wands. The lamp will light up a room, can change color...

Gryphon Is A Smart Router Designed To Protect Your Home Against Cyber Attacks

Big companies and banks aren’t the only ones being hit by hackers around the world. Home computer users are also targeted by hackers for...

Cool Tech Items Available Soon: Drone Claws, Cube Projectors, and Digital Butlers

Take a gander through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you’ll find literally hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns just waiting for, well, funding. Unfortunately, most of these...

The Ecomo Water Bottle – Newest Invention that Examines Water then Cleanses It

Homeowners now all over the country would love to find out just what is lurking in their tap water, whether it is really clean...

These Are Some Really Awesome Techs But Too Bad You Can’t Buy Them Yet

When you visit crowdfunding campaign websites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, you will literally be deluged with hundreds of new technology and gadgets, some that...

Drinking Coffee Just Got More Interesting – Meet Sisyphus, the Coffee Table that Draws...

Sisyphus is basically a kinetic art coffee table that uses a marble that automatically rolls to draw intricate designs on a layer of sand...

Highly-anticipated Tech Products Available Soon: Mesh Antennas, Portable AC, etc.

When you visit Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you’ll find literally thousands of projects waiting for crowdfunding campaigns from the web. Unfortunately, no disrespect to the...

Meet Nextbit Robin – The First Cloud Based Android Smartphone

Long gone are those days when the smartphone market was just dominated by a few big names. Today, the smartphone industry has become a...

Bevel, a New Device in Town, Can Help Your Phone Become a 3D Scanner

We’ve seen 3D printing technology . People have printed almost everything in 3D, from cups and cars and we can certainly tell you that this...

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the...

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the...

Initial Impressions of the Z E1: World’s Smallest 4K UHD Camera

Every one of us has cherished that joy of clicking a picture and telling ourselves as what a brilliant shot that is. That’s why...

Smithsonian Seeks Crowdfunding to Preserve Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

If you have ever wondered as how you can contribute in preserving a relic of the US history, now is your chance. The Smithsonian...

Big Surprises at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

The ‘Zero Day’ at Sony’s E3 Press Conference started off quite well! Rising amidst the budding expectations, Sony announced a couple of news that...

Anker to offer Fresh Range of USB-C Cables and Accessories for MacBook!

Be on the territory of your competitor, provide affordable solutions to their users and stand tall with innovation range of products every time -...

Rumors Claim Pebble in Financial Crisis Due To Apple Watch. Here’s The Story.

The fate of a  small fish in a big sea is sad if it fails to survive! Reason being simple, the rule of 'survival...

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Systems to Start Pre-Orders in Early 2016

The world would certainly be a happier place for developers and gamers after the news of 'Oculus Rift' and it pre-orders came out! How...

Illumibowl Toilet Night Light (Video)

Illumibowl toilet night light.

Touch Things In Virtual Reality By Wearing Dexmo F2 (Video)

Dexmo F2 is a mechanical exoskeleton for your hands that will allow you to touch objects in VR.

Nutlock: Protect Your Bicycle Wheels From Theft (Video)

Use Nutlock and your bicycle wheels will be safe from thieves.

This Bike Seems To Belong To The future: The Foldable, Electric Gi-Bike (Video)

The feature-packed foldable, electric Gi-Bike.

LIX: The Smallest 3D Printing Pen In The World (Video)

Create complex works of art in mid-air with the new LIX 3D printing pen.

AEON Leather Gloves Play Friendly with Touchscreens (Video)

AEON Attire has you covered with its Touchpoint Glove. This is a premium leather glove that will work with all touchscreen devices, including your favorite smartphone and tablet. T

Can 3D-Printed Urbee 2 Drive Across America on 10 Gallons of Gas?

For starters, the Urbee 2 is a car that was built using 3D printing, rather than more conventional manufacturing methods. They aim to drive the car clear across the United States on just ten gallons of fuel.

Video: Say Hello to the World’s First Advanced Social Robot

It's one thing to get robots to mimic human movement, but it's another thing altogether to get them to mimic human emotion and facial expressions. A Dallas-based company wants to provide you with that robot companionship in the form of the more affordable RoboKind Zeno R25.

Control Any Device With Your Smartphone By Using Batthead Batteries (Video)

There are a lot of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices out there that can be turned on and off with your smartphone, but there’s no need for your devices to feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support if they are using Batthead batteries.

GoSun Solar Oven: The Green Way to Cook a Hot Dog (Video)

That's the fundamental idea behind the GoSun solar oven, which uses a parabolic mirrors to concentrate sunlight toward a glass cylinder, allowing you to cook whatever you have inside.

Omate TrueSmart In Trouble?

The Omate TrueSmart is an interesting looking smart watch but it might have one big problem: it may not arrive with Google Play Store support as promised.

Convert Your Smartphone to an Oculus Rift with These Gadgets

What if you could take your existing smartphone or tablet and effectively turn it into a 3D VR headset in its own right? Two new products on Kickstarter are working toward precisely that goal.