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Big Studios Prepping Premium Games for iPhone

Up until now, the vast majority of games available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch have been priced at under five dollars, oftentimes selling for a buck or two. However, that may soon be changing with the pending introduction of premium games at a premium price. Apple wants to open up the App Store […]

iPhone Firmware Update 2.2.1 Released, Comes at a Price

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all the iPhone 3G owners in the audience. On the bright side, a new firmware update has been released from Apple that will fix some bugs and provide some improvements. Unfortunately, this firmware update comes with a little bit of extra baggage. Let’s start […]

Plastic White MacBook Catches Up with Aluminum Unibody Brethren

You thought that the arrival of the unibody aluminum Apple MacBooks signaled the death of their plastic predecessors, but this does not appear to be the case. If you were to go over to the Apple Store today, you’ll discover that the white plastic MacBook is still there and now it’s managed to catch up […]

Apple iPhone Attacked by Space Invaders

Even though the Apple iPhone 3G is one of the more advanced mobile phones on the market today, owners still have a soft spot for retro technology. That’s why unofficial NES and SNES emulators are so popular on the touchscreen handheld. Going even further down nostalgia lane, we find an ancient arcade classic. If you’ve […]

Feature: Sony VAIO P Opens Door for Macbook Nano?

If you have been reading Mobile Magazine for the last six months or so, you’ve probably noticed my inclination for a Macbook Nano of some kind to be released by Apple. To me, an Apple-branded netbook or UMPC would sell very well in this market and it could be a huge boon for Steve Jobs […]

Mr. Game & Watch Gets iPhoned

When Apple said that the iPod touch was the funnest iPod ever, we assumed that they would come up with some of their own games (and rely on the developer community) to outwit and outdo the competitors at Sony and Nintendo. What we didn’t expect was that it’d be fun by ripping off some retro-themed […]

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Paid Apps Finally Coming to Android Market in Q1

When Apple launched the App Store for the iPod touch and iPhone, both free and paid apps were made immediately available to the excited consumer. This was not the strategy in place for the Android Market when the T-Mobile G1 Android phone hit store shelves. Instead, we only saw the free apps, so there wasn’t […]

Feature – 9 Mobile Tech Predictions for 2009

As we all get ready to say goodbye to 2008, we also get to look forward to 2009 and what the mobile technology industry will have to offer us. What new toys should we be expecting? What innovations will find their way into our living rooms and into our pockets? I’m no Nostradamus, but looking […]

Game for Real with iPhone iControlPad

Steve Jobs and the rest of the team at Apple have been telling us for some time that the iPhone (and the iPod touch) are perfectly viable portable gaming machines, easily competing against the likes of the Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP. The trouble for traditional gamers is that they may not like being […]

MP3 Player Roundup: Ribbit, Metal Gear, and Taxes

One of the most popular gift ideas around this time of year is the almighty MP3 player. People like the ability to take their music collections with them on the go, so it makes sense to provide someone with the gift of music. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three pretty different […]

Feature: How Much Bigger Can Smartphones Get?

Cell phones aren’t just cell phones anymore. They’ve turned into so much more than that. Seeing how powerful some of these handsets have become, it would almost be fair to refer to some smartphones as mini-computers rather than just some mobile phone. Because of all this extra functionality and features that we are demanding, it […]

Video: Tilt Your Way to Success with MacBook Pro

Pac-Man isn’t exactly the newest game in the world, but it’s been giving a whole new spin on a lightly modified Macbook Pro. Instead of using the arrow keys like everyone else, this gamer decided to tilt his Apple noteboook instead. Just as the iPod touch and Apple iPhone are equipped with accelerometers, it appears […]

Nintendo Wii Sits On Top of Buy.com’s Holiday Gift Picks

Yes, it’s that time of year again. You may have already sat through the Santa Claus parade in your town or maybe you spotted the fat guy in his red suit at the mall. Who knows? Maybe you already have your tree decorated and erected in the living room. The holidays are upon us and, […]

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REVIEW: FutureSonics Atrio Premium Earphones

When you pick up a shiny new iPod or some other portable media player, it usually comes bundled with a free set of headphones. These do the job, I suppose, but true audiophiles are far from satisfied with what these pack-in headphones can offer. The sound quality simply cannot be matched against a higher-end set […]

Rock Band Hits iPhone via Rock Tour (Video)

We’ve seen a few Guitar Hero clones developed for the iPhone in the past, but Rock Tour could be one of the most impressive offerings to date. As you can see through the video below, this game is not comprised of just lines and dots. Just like the rhythm games that you can play on […]

iPhone Goes Puke Green Retro with iGameboy Theme

Color? Who needs color? The original Nintendo Game Boy was the source of hours of entertainment and was my first major handheld device. Relive that nostalgia with iGameboy for the iPhone. This has got to be one of the coolest themes available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, largely for people in my generation […]

Video: Google Earth Officially Invades World of Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone just got a little more exciting, because Google has officially released Google Earth for the popular touchscreen handset. As you can probably imagine, the app works just fine with the iPod touch as well. The satellite view in Google Maps is pretty good already, but Google Earth is just so much more […]

Replay the World Series with Tilt-Happy iBaseball for iPhone

The World Series may reach its conclusion tonight, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience America’s favorite pastime during the winter months. Heading over to the iPhone and iPod touch is the new iBaseball mobile game from SGN. Following up on the success of iBowl and iGolf, iBaseball is exactly what you think it […]

iPhone Invaded by Ford Flex Photo Lab

Even though several Ford vehicles have that Sync system that is largely designed to work with the Microsoft Zune, Ford is also showing some love to the Apple fanboys out there too. Turning Detroit’s attention to Cupertino is the new Flex Photo Lab app for the Apple iPhone. Working in tandem with the all-new 2009 […]

Video: Rubik’s Cube Goes Virtual with iPhone Cubix

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of fun games and applications that you can find for your iPhone or iPod touch through the increasingly popular App Store. You could go for official content like Super Monkey Ball, but some of these homebrew developers come up with much more interesting (and affordable) content. […]

What is Sega Trying to Accomplish with Sega Vision?

Earlier today, we were introduced to a new handheld entertainment system called the Sega Vision, effectively reintroducing Sega to the hardware market. With this latest development, which apparently has yet to be officially confirmed by anyone at Sega, the once proud video game company could be working to re-establish itself in the industry and re-market […]

Video: T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Ad Takes Er to the Erest Level

I found it a little annoying when Steve Jobs described the second-generation iPod touch s the funnest iPod ever. The marketing company behind the T-Mobile G1 has taken this butchering of the English language even further with the first official Google Android ad. What you see below is the first commercial for promoting the T-Mobile […]

A Big Mac, Large Fries, and a Side of Zune Wi-Fi

If you happen to live in a major metropolitan area, there’s a good chance that you can wander in any number of coffee shops or shopping malls and be treated to a never-ending sea of Wi-Fi goodness. In this way, you can bring your notebook PC along with you and make use of some free […]

Griffin Technology Doubles Your Vegas Entertainment

Las Vegas is the kind of town that I can visit on an annual basis without ever getting bored. Bringing a little bit of Vegas to your pocket is the latest iPhone and iPod touch application from Griffin Technology. Dubbed Double Bonus Slots, this game is basically a handheld version of the popular one-armed bandit. […]

Honlai iPhone Dock Projects Your iPhone onto Big Screen

We’ve seen more than our fair share of iPod and iPhone docks in our day, but most of these don’t offer much in terms of a visual experience. They may have a couple of speakers, but if you want to view the videos, you have to make use of some sort of external monitor. Not […]

Feature: Would You Buy an Apple UMPC or MID?

For the longest time, Macs had to play second fiddle to their Microsoft-powered counterparts. Sure, Steve Jobs and crew had a few clever innovations in there, but the market share for an Apple computer was nowhere the same market share experienced by Windows-powered PCs. These days, Windows machines still outnumber Apple machines, but the latter […]

Feature: Controlling the Apple iPhone App Store

When the first Apple iPhone hit the market last year, people got all excited over its slick appearance and the cool list of special features. The accelerometer was pretty neat and it was totally fun to surf the web through the multi-touch interface. And then people started to want more. It was around that time […]

Mobile Apps
Open App Store Coming to T-Mobile Customers

You may have noticed that the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch has been quite the resounding success. Well, T-Mobile has noticed too and that’s why the other American GSM provider is working on something that will compete directly against it. With the Apple App Store, you are limited only to the […]

Holster Charger Keeps iPhone Powered on Your Hip

Don’t you hate it when you’re running around town, doing those errands, and then your iPhone suddenly runs out of power? With this new holster pack, you can not only carry around that piece of Cupertino goodness securely on your hip, but you can also ensure that the battery remains topped up the whole time. […]

Griffin Offers Slots As Far As the Eye Can See

It seems like Griffin Technology is getting pretty excited about the iPhone App Store, because it is continuing with its by gambling ways with yet another release. Following up on video poker, Griffin is now offering Lucky 7 Slots for the iPhone and iPod touch. Griffin’s take on the one-armed bandit crams “Vegas-style slots action […]

Bringing the DJ Skills to iPhone for Free

As I’m sure you have heard by now, the Apple App Store is up and running, providing you with all sorts of cool games and productivity tools for your iPhone. Maybe the abacus tool isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you’d rather rock out in a miniature dance club instead. For those of you who […]

Forget the Tip Calculator, You Need an iPhone Abacus

There are a lot of fun applications for the Apple iPhone and some of them are designed as perfect tip calculators. Maybe you’re not into digital calculations. If that’s the case and you want to kick it a little more traditional-like, then you should definitely check out this abacus app for the iPhone and iPod […]

Griffin Crams a Little Vegas in Your iPhone Pocket

With the arrival of the iTunes App Store, all kinds of companies and individuals are starting to offer some pretty nifty apps for the iPhone. Even Griffin Technology, a company that we know better for iPod accessories, is getting into the software end of things with 5 Card Touch for the iPhone and iPod touch. […]

Video: Dancing Pandas Freak Me Out a Little

Strolling my way through the trade show floor at Computex Taipei 2008, I’m surrounded by a lot of different tech companies offering a wide variety of different products. You’ve got guys that sell laptop stands, others that build LCD panels, and then you’ve got the companies that specialize in dancing pandas, lions, and frogs. The […]

Video: Multi-Device Battle Pong on Apple iPhone

Before there was such a thing as an Italian plumber named Mario, before there was an incredibly hungry orange blob named Pac-Man, there was a phenomenon that swept America that was comprised of little more than two paddles and a bouncing block. It was Pong. And now it’s back. Putting an interesting twist on the […]

iPhone Races Away with Raging Thunder Game

The Apple iPhone and iPod touch is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for homebrew game developers and this latest creation looks like it could be a fair bit of fun. Dubbed Raging Thunder, it’s a racing game designed for Apple’s touchscreen handhelds and the cool thing is that it actually makes use of the […]

Google Android Gets Treated to TuneWiki Prior to Release

Even though there are no commercially available handsets that run on the Google Android platform just yet, that hasn’t stopped people from developing applications for it. The TuneWiki app was initially made famous on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it has already been ported over to Android. With TuneWiki, you play a song and […]

Transforming Windows Mobile into iPhone with iSwish (Video)

If you happen to be rocking a Windows Mobile handheld and you want to get in some crazy iPhone action, the transition has been made easier than ever. The name of the application is iSwish and what it does is swap out the clunky Windows Mobile interface, replacing it with a user experience that mirrors […]

The World’s First Real VoIP App for iPhone

I know what you’re thinking. Other people have already developing VoIP applications for the iPhone and the iPod touch, but Fring is being marketed as the first true iPhone VoIP app. You see, those other programs — like Jah Jah — get you to connect to their analog to VoIP bridge before you can do […]

Three Models of 3G iPhone, Prices Start at $399

While the initial price point won’t surprise too many people out there, it is very notable that Apple could be offering three different versions of the 3G iPhone when it launches in June. You know, assuming that it’s still going to launch in June. The current rumor is that the 3G iPhone will launch at […]

Java on the iPhone? Sun Says Yes

Steve Jobarooni may not be all that interested in getting Java to work on the touchtastic iPhone, but Sun Microsystems is confident that they’ll be bringing a version of the Java Machine over to the iPhone soon, thanks to the wide release of the SDK. Yes, they’ll have to fork over the $99 annual fee […]

Leaked? iPhone 2.0 Firmware Has Contacts Search

Search? On an iPhone? Have pigs suddenly learned to fly? Whatever the case, it seems that the new firmware update for the iPhone could indeed feature a search feature, making it much easier for people with larger than life contact lists. Shown here is a quick shot from last week’s event wherein Steve Jobs formally […]

Hands-On With First GPS Navigation System for iPhone (Video)

I hate getting lost as much as the next person, but like most guys, I’m not so quick to pull over and ask for directions. I’d much rather rely on some piece of technology to point me in the right direction that some schlub working at the local gas station. If you happen to own […]

Christian University Gives Away Free iPhones

When I went to school, all they gave me was a yellow ruler and a #2 pencil. If you decide to enroll at Abilene Christian University, however, they’ll provide you with a free iPod Touch or Apple iPhone. That’s right. Every student gets some Cupertino-flavored love. It’s not that Abilene is trying to improve school […]

iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 Released, To Be Jailbroken Today

These guys who like cracking things have certainly picked up pace lately. Firmware 1.1.4 for the iPhone was only announced earlier today, but word is that it will be jailbroken by the end of the day. As you’d imagine, most people with unlocked and/or jailbroken iPhones are pretty hesitant to upgrade to the latest firmware, […]

Get Two Palms For the Price of One

How would you like to score a free $99 bonus? We all like getting things for free, especially when they’re useful technological gizmos, so this just might be the deal for you. The Palm TX handheld has been kicking around for some time now, so it clearly doesn’t get the same level of attention as […]

iBand Plays Music on iPhones For Real (Video)

You’ve surely seen some of the music apps for the Apple iPhone, but these have largely been designed for an individual experience. Appropriately named iBand, this is the first iPhone band, coming together to play real music using these specialized applications. In the video embedded below, you can see two iPhones playing alongside a single […]

Order Starbucks from iPhone, Avoid Human Contact Altogether

Don’t you hate it when you have to put up with the so-called barista at your local coffee shop? You tell them exactly what you want and they inevitably mess it up. Come on, who can’t make a grande half-caf soy low-sugar vanilla extra hot latte with no whip? It’s so simple! If you’re tired […]

iPhone SDK, Exchange Support to Be Announced February 26th

Apple fans, listen up. You’ve got a very important date to mark on your calendars, because Steve Jobs is scheduling a rather major event on February 26th. And we all know that when Apple plans an event, they’ve got extra juicy announcements for us to drool over, consider, and then drop our money into. There […]

Be a Guitar Hero on the iPhone For Real

What do you get when you cross two of the hottest trends on the market today? The question has now been answered because PocketGuitar has been created for the Apple iPhone, effectively letting you jam out like a real rock star! Developed by Shinya Kasatani and available through the Google Code project, the application mimics […]