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Apple to Rock Out with New iPod Next Week


Although the invitation makes no explicit mention of a new iPod nano (and possibly refreshed iPod touch), it’s pretty clear that the event being planned for next week has a couple of announcements in store for the Apple community. The Cupertino-sourced event, seemingly called “Let’s Rock”, has been scheduled for ...

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When Will Apple Kill the iPod Shuffle?


With the pending launch of the $199 Apple iPhone 3G just around the corner, many people are pondering why they would even bother with the more expensive (though sans contract) iPod touch. After all, why would you spend an extra $200 on what is effectively an iPhone without the phone ...

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iPhone and iTouch Will iPwn with Quake III Arena


While many people look to Doom as the benchmark for emulation greatness, some people are pushing the mobile fragging envelope even further on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With a little hacking, a little slashing, and a touch of good luck, developers have been able to port the legendary ...

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