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REVIEW: Griffin Amplifi 2.1 Sound System for iPod


When it comes to a lot of the iPod speaker docks out there, you are offered sound quality that isn’t much better than a set of el cheapo PC speakers. Sure, they may be jazzed up with some glossy white styling, but if the sound output is no better than a set of bargain computer speakers, what’s the point? Despite ...

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Comprehensive Collection of Griffin Cases for New iPod Models


Now that you can walk into your local Apple Store and nab a new fourth-gen iPod nano or a second-gen iPod touch, you probably want to grab a protective case for that new portable entertainment device too. Griffin is a company that has long since ensconced itself in the iPod accessory market, so it’s not at all surprising that they’re ...

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Feature: Checking Out the New iPod nano at the Apple Store


By now, you’ve surely heard about the Let’s Rock event that Apple held in San Francisco last week. They were really pumping up this gathering and press conference to be something rather monumental and while some people were disappointed to not see a new MacBook (that should be happening at the next Apple event in the fall), music fans got ...

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Best Buy Canada Only Has New iPods for Pre-Order


Canadians tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to technology and the unveiling of the latest generation of iPods is no exception. If you go over to the Best Buy Canada website today, you’ll notice that the big box retailer has already updated its site to include the 4th-gen nano. Unfortunately, there is no “buy ...

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Apple Let’s Rock Event Roundup: New Nano, Touch, iTunes, Etc.


As you may have heard, Steve Jobs and Apple held themselves a little event this morning. There’s a lot of coverage out there, but some of us just want the key details. And that’s exactly what this point is going to provide. I was following the Gizmodo liveblog, so here is what I learned. – iTunes 8: Genius playlists, grid ...

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Fourth-Gen Apple iPod nano: Last Minute Rumors


The Apple “Let’s Rock” event is set to kick off in a few short hours, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to be deprived of iPod insider information until then. You don’t need to wait for Steve Jobs to take the stage, because it seems that the goods have already been leaked onto the Internet. First off, it ...

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Apple to Rock Out with New iPod Next Week


Although the invitation makes no explicit mention of a new iPod nano (and possibly refreshed iPod touch), it’s pretty clear that the event being planned for next week has a couple of announcements in store for the Apple community. The Cupertino-sourced event, seemingly called “Let’s Rock”, has been scheduled for 10 a.m. on September 9 in San Francisco. That’s exactly ...

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Center Console on Chevy Volt is Touch-Sensitive, Glossy White


I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the center console on the upcoming Chevy Volt that reminds me of the white Samsung U700 cell phone. Oh right, it’s that glossy white finish and what appear to be touch-sensitive controls. As you can see in the provided picture, the product Chevy Volt interior is certainly different than what most ...

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My Take on the Kevin Rose iPod Predictions (with Video)


Kevin Rose of Digg.com is the kind of guy that likes to make a lot of bold predictions, but given all the industry contacts that he has, Kevin’s thoughts bear quite a bit of weight. In the past, he’s really gone out of on a limb with some wacky predictions, so when he took to the fourth-generation iPod nano, we ...

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Is a New Dell iPod Fighter in the Works (Again)?


Everyone wants a hearty piece of the MP3 player pie, but Dell already had its shots a few years ago. Even though Dell didn’t do well the last time it tried, there’s word that Dell is jumping back into the portable media player market with an affordable alternative to the iPod nano. Nothing has been etched in stone yet (it’s ...

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Ay Carumba! The Simpsons Make Your iPod Go D’oh


Because it is the most popular portable music player in the world, it’s hard to be terribly original when you are walking around with your Apple iPod. To stand out from the crowd just a little, you may want to invest in some special limited edition iPods that have been engraved with imagery from The Simpsons. As you know, The ...

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REVIEW: Griffin PowerDock Dual Charging Station for iPod and iPhone


Maybe you’ve got siblings that share your passion for all things Cupertino. Maybe you have a spouse or children who are just in love with iPods and iPhones as you are. Whatever the case, having just one charging dock for your favorite portable music player may not be enough and it’s not like you all want to go hunting for ...

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When Will Apple Kill the iPod Shuffle?


With the pending launch of the $199 Apple iPhone 3G just around the corner, many people are pondering why they would even bother with the more expensive (though sans contract) iPod touch. After all, why would you spend an extra $200 on what is effectively an iPhone without the phone part of the equation. iPod touch owners also get shafted ...

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REVIEW: Griffin PowerDuo Universal Car Charger and Wall Charger for iPod


I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks it’s rather strange that there is no wall charger included in the package of the Apple iPod. This phenomenon can also be found several other MP3 players and other personal electronics. Instead of a wall charger, they provide you with a USB cable that is used both for synchronization and charging ...

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iPhone and iTouch Will iPwn with Quake III Arena


While many people look to Doom as the benchmark for emulation greatness, some people are pushing the mobile fragging envelope even further on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With a little hacking, a little slashing, and a touch of good luck, developers have been able to port the legendary Quake 3 Arena to Apple’s touchscreen handhelds. Yes, the CPU ...

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