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Saving Money with Touchscreen Memorex TouchMP Media Player


Is the Apple iPod touch a little too expensive for your blood? Are the touchscreen media players from Samsung still a little too pricey? Memorex has a more affordable option. Usually when it comes to cheaper alternatives, you have to make a lot of huge sacrifices, but this does not appear to be the case with the Memorex TouchMP. Dubbed ...

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REVIEW – Speakal iBoo iPod Speaker Dock


The original idea behind the iPod was that you were able to carry your music with you. While this is still the most popular way for people to use their iPods, the philosophy has quickly expanded into other, more social realms as well. There are plenty of iPod speaker docks and media-based head units for listening to iPod music in ...

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Feature: Looking Again to a Touchscreen Netbook from Apple


And the rumors are back. After neither confirming nor denying earlier reports, it seems that Apple is indeed working on an entry into the netbook market and it could hit Apple Stores as early as this year. According to a report from DigiTimes, everyone’s favorite company from Cupertino has big plans to offer a netbook to the masses, above and ...

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Official Screenshots of Metal Gear Touch Solid for iPhone


The iPhone already has a lot of great casual games for you to enjoy at random points in the day, but we’re really starting to see some fuller titles filling the touchscreen platform as well. If you’re ready to go on a stealthy mission involving a lot of crawling and shooting, then you’ll want to consider the upcoming Metal Gear ...

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REVIEW – Scosche showTIME AV Cable for iPod and iPhone


A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to review the Griffin Component A/V Cables for iPod. In effect, you are able to connect your iPod (or iPhone) to your television through a standard component cable connection, sharing all of those video podcasts and other video content through a much larger display than your squint-worthy iPod. Today, I’m taking ...

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First Look: Microsoft Zune Touch


Whether the guys in Redmond are willing to admit it or not, it’s undeniable that the Microsoft Zune line of portable media players borrows a fair bit of its inspiration from the Apple iPod line from Cupertino. It started out with the first Zune that was akin to the current iPod classic. It expanded to include the Zune Pad (like ...

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Apple iPod Rocks Out Vacuum Style with Rockridge Japan


It’s always interesting when you see the juxtapositioning of cutting-edge technology with something that kicks it much more old school. That’s probably why products from Steampunk are so popular (and appropriately expensive). This is the case today with a speaker dock for the iPod. The ISR-VT02 from Rockridge Japan is a vacuum amplifier-equipped iPod speaker dock, looking like it came ...

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Touchscreen 20-Inch iMac Attached to Sonic Chair Speaker Pod


There are regular iPod speaker docks and then there is the Sonic Chair, a seat that literally engulfs you in your tunes. As if that weren’t enough, the Sonic Chair is now available with a touchscreen iMac upgrade. Sitting in the pod and bobbing your head to your music can be quite the enjoyable experience, but you may get a ...

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Winter Gloves That Are Compatible with iPods!


Brrr… It’s starting to get pretty cold around these parts, so you’ll want to bundle up before you head out into that winter weather. Unfortunately, as soon as you slip on just about any pair of gloves, your nearly frozen fingers cease to work with the click wheel on your Apple iPod. The “click” still works, but the “scroll” does ...

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Might Be Hard to Find an iPod This Holiday Season


The holiday shopping season is upon us and people are flocking to the malls in droves. They rush Toys ‘R’ Us in search of the latest dancing Elmo, trample their way to Best Buy in hopes of finding Wii Fit, and some may just resort to gift cards in the end. Those are always in supply. If you were thinking ...

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New iPod Shuffle Gets Fashionable as Bangle


When Apple held its Let’s Rock event earlier this year, the iPod shuffle somehow got lost in the series of updates. The iPod nano got a shiny new form factor and an accelerometer for your shaking pleasure. The iPod touch got Nike+ integration. What about that poor shuffle? NO love for you? While this is certainly not an official design ...

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Noise-Canceling iPod Earphones Plug into Dock Connector


Why hadn’t they thought of this before? We’ve bot a bevy of speaker docks and FM transmitters that make use of the iPod dock connector, so why can’t headphones do the same thing? I could very well be wrong, but I think these are the first iPod earphones that I have ever seen that actually connect to your Apple music ...

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REVIEW: iLuv iSP100BLK Portable Speakers for iPod and iPhone


Contrary to popular belief, the Apple iPod need not be a solitary experience. Yes, it is marketed as a portable music player and the most common application is to stick those ear buds into your head and bob along to Madonna on your own, but there are a plethora of products out there that allow you to share those tunes ...

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Never-Used First-Gen iPod Lands on eBay


Want to own a piece of history? Over on eBay, you can find a first-generation Apple iPod for sale and the kicker is that it has never been used. Sure, RadioShack may be offering gift cards in exchange for busted tech, but those iPods have been abused and malformed. This one is mostly untouched. This 5GB first-gen iPod has got ...

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More Colors for the iPod shuffle


At Apple’s Let’s Rock event a while ago, the iPod lineup got a big of an extreme makeover. The iPod nano stole the show with its “new” form factor and the iPod touch get treated to some new features as well. Somehow, the iPod shuffle got lost in the mix. Yeah, it got shafted. Paying a little more attention to ...

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