Apple iPhone reads SD cards with ZoomIt accessory

When Steve Jobs took the stage and formally revealed the Apple iPad to the world, one of the first things that left people scratching their heads was the lack of an SD card slot. Then, he showed us that there was an accessory that addressed this need. As it turns out, you can have an SD card reader on the iPhone too.

Amazon Kindle Development Kit to perpetuate new app store

Amazon is contemplating a big move from Apple next week, in an attempt to keep their share of the e-book market they have released a software development kit for the Kindle e-book reader today. Developers will be able to build and eventually sell applications for the device like games, puzzles or other useful applications for a portable handheld tablet style device.

Apple MobileMe Gallery app available free on iTunes

Apple has released their new app that gives subscribers of their MobileMe online service the ability to view photo and movie galleries from either an iPhone or an iPod Touch.  It is also allowing users to share links to their own galleries via email and to view the galleries of other MobileMe members. With the […]

Android and BlackBerry Get Slacker Radio in Canada

Are you looking to get some premium radio going on with your smartphone in Canada? We get stuck behind the curtain of the CRTC a little too often, but at least one service has managed to jump through the right hoops, because Slacker Radio is making its way to Canada via BlackBerry and Android devices. […]

ION keyboard for iPhone gives you squinters a break

ION has announced full-size keyboard that connects to your iPhone designed for those travelers who want to use a large keyboard when writing emails, texting or surfing the web. I’m not sure how well it will fly with the younger generation of iPhone users.

iPhone to go with the FLO.. TV

Thank’s to innovation and excellence, a bit of teamwork and of course, the determination on behalf of the guys and gals at FLO, they have teamed up with Mophie to integrate FLO TV hardware right in to the ever-so-popular Juice Pack.

Flying Saucer with Augmented Reality Air Battles

So, Mobile Magazine’s own Jeff Cutler made his way over to CES Unveiled last night and he was bombarded by all sorts of cool technology. One item that drew quite the crowd was an apparent flying saucer. Its airborne nature may have been enough of a draw already, but this flying machine comes with an […]

Have You Considered the Apple Alternatives?

There’s no denying that Apple has a good hold on the marketplace these days. Many people love the Apple iPhone and for good reason. The same can be said about the MacBook Pro and the iPod nano. They just make good products that look good and work well. However, you shouldn’t forget about the other […]

Timed Offline Alerts with RunPee Movie App Update

We’ve all been there. You’re watching a movie in the theatre and things are going great. The film seems quite fascinating and you’re completely enthralled with every moment on that silver screen. Unfortunately, that jumbo-sized Mountain Dew is wreaking havoc on your bladder. What do you do? Many people already know about the RunPee website. […]

Twitter App for Zune HD Censors Potty Mouths

There are all sorts of places where you can stay up to date with your tweeps and tweets these days. There’s the main Twitter website, a huge range of desktop clients, Twitter apps for smartphones, and even the Twitter thing on the Xbox 360. Well, you can now add the Zune HD to that list, […]

Video: ODROID Android Gaming Handheld Demo

The Google Android platform is turning out to be quite a bit more versatile than some people had first expected it to be. We thought that Android would be for smartphones only, but we’ve already seen it implemented in netbooks too. Well, get ready for the ODROID Android gaming handheld, giving you the opportunity to […]

Rumor: Get Ready for Apple Tablet in Spring 2010

It’s the rumor that just won’t die, because it’s the rumor that keeps picking up more steam. The world is already pretty stoked about the iPhone 3GS, MacBook Pro, and other products coming out of Cupertino, but we want more. Are you ready for a Mac Tablet? Well, it sounds like you may only have […]

All Konami Games for iPhone on Sale for 99 Cents Each

Are you looking for some fresh entertainment on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch? The good people at Konami are offering a special deal this week wherein any of their games in the App Store are being marked down to the bargain basement price of just 99 cents. This includes every Konami title in that […]

Mobile Apps
Apple App Store Hits Six Figures in Apps

There’s an app for that. And that. And that. If you’re rocking an iPod touch or an Apple iPhone, then you’ll know that the App Store is one crazy place to load up on fun, functional, and useless applications. Now the App Store has hit a major milestone, offering a library that now consists of […]

Apple iPhone Gets Dropbox App Too

I signed up for a free Dropbox account earlier this year and I couldn’t be happier with the service it provides. In essence, it allows you to synchronize files across multiple computers in real-time. You can also use it as a file-sharing service to send larger documents to your friends. Up until now, Dropbox has […]

Betting on the Ponies with Your Fingers

Growing up, I accompanied my dad to the horse track on more than one occasion. It’s not that he was a heavy gambler or anything like that, but he did like to play the ponies. I’d get a slice of pizza, tell him who I thought was going to win, and I’d have a wager […]

iLuv i1166 Portable Media Player Launches Next Month

We all know that the iPod family, with the noted exception of the shuffle, is capable of playing video content. However, even when you step up to the bigger screen of an iPod touch or iPhone, the display still isn’t really big enough to enjoy longer movies and television shows. Enter the iLuv i1166 to […]

Microsoft Zune HD Launches Today (Hitler’s Getting One)

Will the Apple iPod finally get dethroned from the top of the MP3 player market? Microsoft certainly hopes so and the Zune HD represents Microsoft’s best challenger to date. This somewhat anticipated device officially launches today, so you can head on over to your favorite retailer to get your hands on some new Zune hotness. […]

News Roundup: It's Only Rock and Roll with Apple
News Roundup: It’s Only Rock and Roll with Apple

As you may already know, Steve Jobs and the team at Apple hosted a special event this morning in San Francisco. The event was dubbed “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It),” so it’s really not at all surprising that there was no announcement of a Mac Tablet. However, the entire iPod lineup […]

Mobile Apps
Go Back to School with Eight Great iPhone Apps

The App Store for the iPod touch and Apple iPhone contains a very impressive collection of mobile applications that can take on a variety of tasks. They go well beyond the best-selling fart apps that everyone seems to download, because these apps can be used for educational purposes too. Vancouver media personality Buzz Bishop has […]

Video: Buster Bros to Burst Bubbles on Apple iPhone

The great thing about the Apple iPhone and other similar handhelds is that they provide the perfect platform for gaming nostalgia. If you go back into the 80s and 90s, you’ll find that the arcade cabinets of the day were no more powerful than what we hold in our smartphones today. Well, another classic is […]

Get Ready for Bigger Mac Tablets from Apple Too

Even though the team in Cupertino has yet to confirm the existence of a true Mac Tablet, we’re reasonably certain that Apple will have a large touchscreen handheld for us some time in the near future. The assumption up until this point is that it’d be a 10-inch device to slot between the iPod touch […]

Apple iPhone Gets Sirius (and XM) in Your Car

So, you’ve got an iPhone (or an iPod touch) and you want to connect it to your car stereo. There are a myriad of solutions that let you run your own iTunes-fueled library, but what about the music from the heavens? That possibility is now a reality with the official announcement of the SkyDock from […]

Zune HD Pricing Confirmed by Amazon and Best Buy

Yesterday, there was a leak from Best Buy that pointed toward the pricing scheme for the upcoming Zune HD portable media player. We took that report with a grain of salt, since it may or may not be 100% accurate. Today, however, those numbers have been duplicated by Amazon, leading us to believe that these […]

Upload Facebook Profile Pictures from Nintendo DSi

You know how the iPod touch is supposed to be so much more than a mere media player? The same thing can be said about the Nintendo DSi, apparently, because Nintendo doesn’t want it to be “just” a portable gaming console. That’s why the big N has just launched some heavy Facebook integration into its […]

iPhone TapStar Game Integrates with iTunes Music Store

If you’re the proud owner of an iPod touch or Apple iPhone, then there is a good chance that you may have played Tap Tap Revenge. That rhythm game gave your a DDR or Guitar Hero-like experience on the touchscreen. Well, TapStar from EpicTilt is tackling the same arena and it’s got something that Tap […]

Facebook Games
Sega Columns for iPhone is Free for ID4

Some people like to celebrate the Fourth of July with a backyard barbecue. Some people like to celebrate Independence Day with a boatload of fireworks. But not the people at Sega. Nope, they like to give stuff out for free. If you have an iPhone (or iPod touch), they’ve got a puzzling gift for you. […]

New Dell Android Smartphone Not Going to Be a Phone?

Ever since Dell abandoned the Axim line of PDAs a few years ago, everyone has been wondering when the computer maker would be entering the handheld market again. More recently, we have been hearing all kinds of rumors about an Android smartphone from Dell, but it seems like they might not be making a phone […]

Microsoft Zune HD to Cost Between $249 and $349?

With some good integration with the Xbox Live service and some better marketing on the part of Microsoft, the upcoming Zune HD could prove to be a real competitor in the portable media player market. But how much will it cost? Well, some leaked info is pointing toward the proposed price points. Some “inside man” […]

The Real Reason why the PSPgo Is Expensive

It’s debatable whether you think the new Sony PSPgo is expensive, because it costs about the same as something like an iPod touch or Nintendo Wii, but many people are not happy with the pricing point for Sony’s latest handheld. After all, it’s not a completely new PSP as much as it is a PSP […]

Schedule DVR Recordings Remotely with iPhone App

So, you find yourself out for a romantic evening with your significant other when you realize that you forgot to set the timer on your DVR for How I Met Your Mother. What can you do? Thanks to a new app for the Apple iPhone, you won’t have to worry about things like that anymore. […]

Five Gadget Gifts for Fathers Day

As with so many other holidays on our calendars these days, Father’s Day may have snuck up on you and now you find yourself scrambling to find just the right gift. I could be completely off the ball here, but I’m thinking that dear ol’ dad doesn’t want to add yet another tie to his […]

Zune HD Could Change Microsoft’s Game Completely

For those of you who have been reading Mobile Magazine for a little while, you may already know my opinion on the whole Zune vs. iPod situation. The Apple iPod is most definitely the dominant force in the portable music player department and for good reason. The devices are arguably the most attractive, the easiest […]

Mobile Apps
Scribbling and Handwriting Recognition for iPhone WritePad Apps

While some people may think that you can only get fart and fake beer apps on the iPhone, the touchscreen cell phone can also be equipped with a wide range of productivity tools and utilities. Continuing with its versatility is the release of a family of WritePad applications from PhatWire. Available for the iPhone and […]

E3 Preview: Will We See a New Sony PSP?

We are just one week away from the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, so that also means that we could be just one week out from several big announcements from some of the biggest companies in the video game industry. It’s there that Microsoft will be showing off its Wii Remote-like motion-sensitive controller, for example, […]

Every Virgin America Plane Will Have In-Flight Wi-Fi

I don’t really mind flying, so long as they’re short trips. I can listen to my iPod or try to get a little work done on my laptop. That said, using my laptop without Internet is like eating a burger without fries. It’s just not the same. Virgin America feels the same way. While some […]

Microsoft Twitter Account “Confirms” Zune Phone This Year?

We’ve been teased and abused for quite some time over the possibility of a Microsoft Zune Phone of some kind, but it seems that the team in Redmond will have something for us very soon. At least that’s what we’re being led to believe. The Twitter account (follow me too!) associated with with the Office […]

Verizon Getting iPhone Lite, Apple Tablet This Summer?

I’ll have to take this rumor with a bit of hesitation for now, but it’s well within the realm of possibility that a new Apple Tablet PC and a new iPhone could be heading over to Verizon Wireless. As far as I recall, it was rumored that Verizon was in the running to get the […]

New iPhone Could Render Apple TV Obsolete

We all know that Apple will be unleashing a new version of the iPhone this summer and this highly anticipated handset is sounding better and better by the moment. We’ve already heard about possible upgrades like a 3-megapixel camera and video calling, but now we’ve got another juicy tidbit to consider. You see, Apple has […]

Is This the New Microsoft Zune HD?

The Microsoft Zune hasn’t quite been as successful as the people from Redmond had hoped, but the next-generation music player could bring a lot more to the table that could turn some customers away from Cupertino. Maybe. This is very much unconfirmed at this point, but we appear to have found some leaked renders of […]

Next-Generation Apple iPhone to Have 802.11n, 3.2MP Camera

It’s no secret that we’ll be getting a new version of the Apple iPhone some time this summer, alongside the launch of the iPhone 3.0 OS update. That’s already known and confirmed. What we don’t know quite yet is what will the new iPhone bring to the table. Will it have a QWERTY keyboard? Will […]

App Store Coming to Nintendo DSi?

One of the new features found on the Nintendo DSi handheld is the SD card slot, providing a place where you can stash pictures, music, and other content. Possibly in an attempt to keep up with the iPhone and iPod touch, it seems that Nintendo is working on an App Store of some kind for […]

Windows Marketplace for Mobile Mirrors Android Market Shopping Bag?

Ever since the App Store launched for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, it seems like every other smartphone manufacturer wants to start selling various applications through a mobile store. The trouble is that cloning process is starting to produce clones of clones. Case in point is the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile. You may […]

Get Behind the Wheel of a Real iPhone Racer (Video)

The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch are bonafide portable gaming machines, so it only makes sense for manufacturers to produce a myriad of gaming accessories for the little touchscreen wonders. Your living room is already filled with plastic instruments and Wii accessories, so why not add to the pile for your iPhone too? Case in […]

Apple iPhone Gets Amazon Kindle Action with New App

Are you totally interested in the Amazon Kindle 2 but don’t want to fork over a few hundred dollars to buy the e-book reader? If you’ve already got an iPhone or an iPod touch, you are now in luck. One of the biggest hurdles to the Amazon Kindle 2 is the initial purchase price and […]

Video: iPhone Enters the Action with Time Crisis Strike

Aside from my infatuation with fighting games, one of my favorite video game genres of all-time has to the on-rails shooter. Games like House of the Dead and Lethal Enforcers (blast from the past!) were mainstays in the arcade during their heyday, but the one series that really stood out had to be Time Crisis. […]

Feature: Google Latitude is the Stuff of Stalkers and Big Brother

About a year and a half ago, I declared that Google has dominated my life. What started out as a relatively simple search engine has quickly grown into the absolute portal through which I digest the Internet. I use Gmail for email, Google Reader for RSS, and Google Analytics for site statistics, all through my […]

Can Calculating Sales Tax Be Fun? Apple Says Yes

I can think of a lot of fun things you can do with an iPhone. You can surf the web. You can update your Twitter account. You can chug down a virtual pint of beer. And now you can calculate sales tax, because there’s nothing more fun that calculating sales tax. One of the latest […]