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iPod Scroll Wheel Getting Multi-Touch Too?


This almost seems like an act in futility, but a recent patent filed by Apple seems to point toward a new click wheel for the iPod that will accept multiple inputs from multiple fingers. Remember when the click wheel was first revealed and everyone thought it was God’s gift to ...

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iPod Nano Clone Has Camera, Touchscreen


We normally turn to China for knockoff products, and although the text looks Korean or Japanese to me, the actual product shown is indeed made in China. The third-generation iPod nano has received a very warm reception from the public for its cool CoverFlow navigation, pipsqueak proportions, and glorious color ...

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Widescreen Touch iPod rumours


Just when you thought the whole Apple iPhone rumor mill had run dry, we have another tidbit for you to munch on. Word on the street is that Steve Jobs is going to announce a new Widescreen Touch iPod at Super Bowl XLI. In other words, this would be the ...

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One-touch recording right to your iPod


It’s OK. You can admit it. You like your iPod, but you don’t like how much time it takes to get those TV shows and movies from their source to your video iPod. First, you have to download them. Then, you have to transfer them to the iPod. And if ...

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Apple files another patent: Touch-sensitive iPod


Touchscreen displays are fun and all, presenting as intuitive an interface as possible, but those greasy fingerprints are a giant turn-off. Apple is working to make navigation a breeze with a new patent that calls for a “touch-sensitive bezel (edge of screen) that can adapt to the screen contents to ...

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Touchscreen iPod coming in December, sources say


So, lately it’s been Zune this and release date that, with Microsoft talking up the touchscreen nature of their new device. Well, seems Apple has that, too. According to sources that seem to be in the know, Apple will release a touchscreen iPod in December. That’s not all. The sources ...

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Kube2 Is The “World’s Smallest Touch MP3 Player”


We have the right device for those of you who have a thing for tiny MP3 players. The music player pictured above, the Kube2 from Singapore technology company Bluetree Electronics, is not as thin as the latest generation iPod shuffles, but it’s being claimed by the makers as the “world’s smallest touch mp3 player”.

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Clean Screens: Prototype Enables Touchless iPhone Hand Gesture Controls


While the Bluetooth headset has allowed people to look like they are talking to imaginary friends, a new device will let iPhone users get in on the action and look like they’re gesturing and talking to no one. A team of researchers at the Hasso-Plattner Institute in Germany have designed an interface that allows you to use apps on your iPhone and answer calls by tapping the palm of your hand.

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Apple Bringing Back Camera for Seventh-Gen iPod Nano?


Let's take a hypothetical look inside the Apple think tank. When they were thinking about what to do with the 6th-gen nano, they thought they wanted to go smaller and they thought they wanted a touchscreen. Then, they thought they wanted to remove the camera from the 5th gen, along with the video support.

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Multitouch screens coming to the iMac?


Apple has confirmed an agreement to fund strategic pre-payments worth $3.9 billion over two years to an unnamed technology during its Q1 results call yesterday. According to company sources, the specific technology won't be named as of yet, though they cite the 2005 flash memory deal as an example of a similar arrangement.

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