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Get an iPod Touch (Clone) For Less Than Half the Price


Many people may be lusting after the iPod Touch this holiday season, but the somewhat hefty asking price can be quite the hurdle to overcome. What if I told you that you could buy a 4GB version for just $109? If you think that it sounds too good to be true, you’re probably right, because this product really has nothing ...

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iPod touch Can Make and Receive Voice Calls


By and large, the iPod Touch can do everything that the iPhone can do except for voice calls. Thanks to a couple of modders, that difference may soon be thrown out the window. You see, “Marian” managed to build a preamped mic for the iPod touch and some guy named “eok” has taken this addition one step further, introducing VoIP ...

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Mugging Victim Describes How Great His iPod Touch Is


At least he has a sense of humor about it. This poor fellow was happily enjoying his iPod Touch when he suddenly got jumped by a couple of goons. The net result was the loss of his beloved handheld and a battered up face. I know. We’re not really supposed to laugh at people who get mugged on the street, ...

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Video: Bring the iPod Touch Experience to Windows Mobile


We’ve already seen several developments that bring an iPhone-like interface to Windows Mobile devices, but Conduits Pocket Player 3.5 takes it one step further, transporting the iPod Touch experience to our Microsoft-powered handhelds. This isn’t just a skin that lays over top a regular Bill Gates interface, you know. Instead, Pocket Player from Conduits is a media playback application that ...

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13-Year-Old Provides GUI Jailbreak for iPod Touch


Anxious to run third-party applications on your iPod Touch, but don’t want to mess with a complicated jailbreak process? 13-year-old AriX has come to rescue, creating a one touch unlock with a slick little GUI, effectively freeing you from Apple’s shackles. Of course, the iPod Touch has been jailbreaked (jailbroken?) already, but the procedure hasn’t been completely user friendly. Now ...

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iPod Touch Hacked to Run iPhone Third-Party Apps


While the latest iPhone firmware seems to lock out most third party applications, the iPod Touch is seemingly all ready to go with all sorts of additional applications, including that awesome NES emulator. A Jailbreak Guide has been developed to walk you through the entire process, but the gist of it is that you can now launch a wide range ...

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Yepp YP-P2: Samsung’s Challenge to the Apple iPod Touch


I personally like the physical design of many Samsung products. The YP-K5 MP3 player, for example, is quite the attractive piece with its slide-out speaker and touch-sensitive controls. Possibly in an effort to compete against the recently announced iPod touch, Samsung has launched the Samsung Yepp YP-P2, a personal media player that boasts a touchscreen display. Surely, these can’t be ...

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Challenge the iPod Touch with the Sony Walkman NW-A919


There are a couple of buttons on the Sony Walkman NW-A919 MP3 player, but the main point of contact for the user will be through the huge 2.4-inch touchscreen display. In this way, you could say that this is Sony’s answer to the iPod Touch, but I doubt that this portable media player boasts any sort of multi-touch technology. It’s ...

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Screen Battle: iPhone Pwns iPod Touch, Despite Same Specs


We were told that the iPod Touch would be everything that the iPhone is, except of course for the phone part. Unfortunately, it turns out that the screen quality on the iPod Touch just isn’t up to snuff. Wilson Rothman of Gizmodo provides a direct comparison between the two units and he’s concluding the the screen on the touch is ...

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Hands-On With the iPod Touch (Shaky Video Included)


The good news is that the new iPod Touch features all the cool features of the iPhone without the actual phone part. The bad news is that the hands-on video done by Jason Chen of Gizmodo will give you a level of motion sickness on par with the Blair Witch Project. According to Chen, the iPod Touch looks very “sexy ...

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Apple Unloads New iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch


On Tuesday, we heard that Apple would be unveiling the new iPod nano. We heard that Wednesday would be the day where Apple fanboys from around the world could rejoice over the latest generation of pocket sized music featuring a click wheel. And they delivered, but Steve Jobs brought more than just a new iPod nano to the table yesterday; ...

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iPod Nano Touch Concept Gets Longer and Smarter


You've already seen the crazy MacBook Pro Touch concept, but what if Apple were to extend the touch to some of its other products. Not to be confused with the iPod touch, what you're looking at here is a concept for the next-generation iPod nano. More specifically, it's being touted as the iPod nano touch for obvious reasons, but it's even smarter than that.

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Improved iPod Nano gets Multitouch


Just when you thought the iPod Nano has already come to the end of the line, think again! The hardware refresh this week adds a multi-touch capability to the iPod family. The nano sports a 1.54” color TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 240 (220 ppi).

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Flickr user adds strap to iPod nano touchscreen: The iWatch is born


Last week Steve Jobs revealed the sixth-generation iPod nano, complete with a tiny touchscreen display. Well, it didn't take long before obvious circumstances came together, and someone found the optimal way to use this new music player: as a watch.

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6th gen iPod Nano has multitouch, $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB


Apple’s new 6th-generation iPod Nano is basically an overgrown stamp with multitouch. No click wheel on this one, the screen is 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its predecessor.

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