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iPod touch Can Make and Receive Voice Calls


By and large, the iPod Touch can do everything that the iPhone can do except for voice calls. Thanks to a couple of modders, that difference may soon be thrown out the window. You see, “Marian” managed to build a preamped mic for the iPod touch and some guy named ...

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Video: Bring the iPod Touch Experience to Windows Mobile


We’ve already seen several developments that bring an iPhone-like interface to Windows Mobile devices, but Conduits Pocket Player 3.5 takes it one step further, transporting the iPod Touch experience to our Microsoft-powered handhelds. This isn’t just a skin that lays over top a regular Bill Gates interface, you know. Instead, ...

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13-Year-Old Provides GUI Jailbreak for iPod Touch


Anxious to run third-party applications on your iPod Touch, but don’t want to mess with a complicated jailbreak process? 13-year-old AriX has come to rescue, creating a one touch unlock with a slick little GUI, effectively freeing you from Apple’s shackles. Of course, the iPod Touch has been jailbreaked (jailbroken?) ...

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iPod Touch Hacked to Run iPhone Third-Party Apps


While the latest iPhone firmware seems to lock out most third party applications, the iPod Touch is seemingly all ready to go with all sorts of additional applications, including that awesome NES emulator. A Jailbreak Guide has been developed to walk you through the entire process, but the gist of ...

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Yepp YP-P2: Samsung’s Challenge to the Apple iPod Touch


I personally like the physical design of many Samsung products. The YP-K5 MP3 player, for example, is quite the attractive piece with its slide-out speaker and touch-sensitive controls. Possibly in an effort to compete against the recently announced iPod touch, Samsung has launched the Samsung Yepp YP-P2, a personal media ...

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iPod Nano Touch Concept Gets Longer and Smarter


You've already seen the crazy MacBook Pro Touch concept, but what if Apple were to extend the touch to some of its other products. Not to be confused with the iPod touch, what you're looking at here is a concept for the next-generation iPod nano. More specifically, it's being touted as the iPod nano touch for obvious reasons, but it's even smarter than that.

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Improved iPod Nano gets Multitouch


Just when you thought the iPod Nano has already come to the end of the line, think again! The hardware refresh this week adds a multi-touch capability to the iPod family. The nano sports a 1.54” color TFT display with a resolution of 240 x 240 (220 ppi).

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