Microsoft Responds to New Apple iPods

While Billy Gates and the rest of his Redmond crew don’t have a new Zune ready for us just yet, they’re hoping to at least stay competitive by offering a $50 price cut on the current Zune. The 30GB multimedia player from Microsoft can now be purchased for a measly $199, but when you place […]

iPhone-Like Interface on 6th-Generation iPod

It has been rumored for some time now that the sixth-generation Apple iPod would probably share the same touchscreen interface as that found on the recently launched iPhone. Now, we’ve come across some proof. DAPReview snagged themselves a preview video of the new user interface, complete with album flicking controls and everything, posting up this […]

New iPod, New iPhone In the Works

Are you ready for a whole wallop of Apple rumors? Well get out your biggest spoon, because this latest round is going to make for a huge scoop of iPod and iPhone-flavored goodness. For starters, a smaller, cheaper iPhone is apparently in the works that will compete directly against the official successor to the Motorola […]

Cowon iAudio 7 DAP: Yup, Another iPod Nano Competitor

Continuing the steady stream of MP3 players with their sights clearly set on the same market as the iPod nano, the iAudio 7 from Cowon is definitely a step up from the iAudio 6 that it replaces. For starters, Cowon has ditched the spinning HDD platters of old for the more stable and shock-resistant flash-based […]

Apple iPod Plated in 24 Karat Gold

Swarovski encrusted music players not your kind of thing? Amousu has come to the rescue with a new line of 24 karat gold iPods. The electronics on the inside have remained untouched, but the backside has been plated in glorious 99.999% pure gold. Yes, just the backside. The front of the iPod looks like how […]

Life Fitness Integrates iPod into Exercise Equipment

Well, this makes sense. I always bring my MP3 player with me when I go for a jog around the park, and I’m sure that most people bring their iPods when they go and hit up the gym, so why not integrate the whole process together in one nice, neat, tight little package. Life Fitness […]

Bluetooth-touting G-Tech messenger bags love iPods too

When you’re making your way around campus or up the mountain during a hike, you don’t want to have to pull out your cell phone or iPod to adjust a few things. Now, you don’t have to. G-Tech has just announced their chic new Bluetooth-enabled Messenger Bags. Making use of Eleksen’s ElekTex smart fabric controls, […]

Video: Transforming a Nintendo DS Lite into an iPod

They both come in super fashionable glossy white cases, so why not merge everyone’s favorite dual-screened gamer with Apple’s ubiquitous music player? A happy modder has designed a homebrew program for the Nintendo DS that provides you with an iPod-like music player, complete with fully functional click wheel. How? Well, you’ll need some sort of […]

Video: Microsoft disses iPod with “Get a Mac” spoof

Everyone knows the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials. Well, I guess Microsoft has followed the advice of “Don’t get mad, get even” with their latest Zune commercial, directly attacking Apple’s iPod. In it, PC is showing Mac just how easy it is load and share music on a Zune (with just the […]

2nd-gen iPod nano gets voice recording from XtremeMac

You love your new-gen Apple iPod nano and for good reason. It’s super skinny (which is all the rage for any portable electronic device), it’s got that nifty click wheel, and it’s rocking a scratch-resistant aluminum body. What else could you possibly ask for? Oh, right, voice recording. You can now add that functionality thanks […]

Rockridge Sound powers VTS-384 iPod dock with vacuum tubes

This isn’t the first time we’ve come across an iPod speaker dock. It’s not even the first time we’ve seen one with vacuum tubes. Well, that’s not completely true. Last time around, the “vacuum tubes” were there strictly for cosmetic reasons (they weren’t real), but with the VTS-384 from Rockridge Sound, each of the stereo […]

Blend Chocolate with iPod = Luxpro Pico

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Steve Jobs should be blushing. Just minutes ago, we reported on an iPod clone that could do GPS, and now we’ve got another Apple player wannabe. Luxpro has unveiled the Pico, a slim MP3 player that sports a similar form factor as the nano, but […]

iPod clone goes landscaping, finds GPS

There’s no mistaking where they got their styling cues from. What do you get when you turn an iPod on its side, toss in a GPS receiver, and add-in touchscreen capabilities? You get this, the Mapod Roller Search Navigator EL-908, which comes complete with a touch-wheel like controller. Powered by Linux, the EL-908 boasts a […]

Fakes: From Ferraris to iPods

Whenever you have a successful product you are inevitably going to see fakes appear. Unscrupulous people looking to make a quick buck or two from suckers will try to come up with something that looks and acts close enough to the real thing. Some of the fakes are perfectly good, and the people who buy […]

It’s Halloween.. Time to dress up that iPod

It’s Halloween time. That means just one thing – costumes. Sure, you can dress up in a costume for yourself, but what would be really fun is a costume for your iPod. After all, if your iPod isn’t dressed up then how will people know how much of a loser you are? I mean, how […]

Elecom Japan gets wood, announces ASP-WP8 iPod dock

Some people enjoy glossy white plastic. Others have a preference for shiny aluminium. Elecom Japan is a little different, opting for a vintage look for their latest iPod speaker dock, the ASP-WP8 made of “high quality wood.” This offering is a touch on the small (220 x 100 x 60mm) and feeble (2 x 5.5 […]

True video iPod by Christmas?

The Apple rumors are never going to go away, so we might as well just acknowledge them. Think Secret is reporting that Apple may start manufacturing a full touch screen video iPod in October. You know, the one that they were supposed to unveil last week. They would be marketed as their own line of […]

Logitech AudioStation is a serious iPod docking station

Another day, another iPod docking station. This one, the AudioStation from Logitech, is pretty impressive though, and it is clearly competing with higher end, higher performance units like the Bose SoundDock and Apple’s own HiFi boombox. It’s packed into an 8 pound box, measuring 16 x 7.25 x 4.25 inches. A removable speaker grille hides […]

I-Deck: iPod dock, album art showcase

Nostalgic for the album art that you’re not seeing on your iPod? Michael Kennedy has the answer for you. Kennedy is an English designer, and he has recently unveiled the I-Deck (not to be confused with the i-Deck), a dock for your iPod that harkens to the days of yore when vinyl ruled the world […]

No new iPods for a while

And here I was hoping that I’d be able to get my hands on an iPod Inviso by the end of the year. It turns out that Steve Jobs and crew over at Apple aren’t quite ready to unleash a new iPod model on the eager public just yet, with these new players being “delayed […]

Sonic Impact K1 adds a 7 inch screen to your iPod

If you’re tired of waiting for Apple to come out with a new iPod with a bigger screen for watching videos, you can take matters into your own hands with the new Sonic Impact K1. In a relatively compact package, the Impact K1 takes your fifth generation iPod and gives it a wide screen 7 […]

Taiwanese iPod clone adds GPS to the mix

They say that the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, and if that is the case, then Steve Jobs and friends should be blushing 24 hours a day. The latest iPod lookalike comes by way of Taiwan from a little known electronics manufacturer called E-Lead. The company’s Mapod (it’s ma pod, not yo pod) doesn’t […]

Infiniti G35 ousts iPods, opts for built-in hard drive

It started with FM transmitters, but quickly progressed to hardwire kits that would allow you to link up your iPod to your car, and jam away to gigabytes worth of tunes. While other car manufacturers like BMW are opting for increased iPod integration, Infiniti is taking a different route for its forthcoming 2007 G35 performance […]

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Games and music: a keyboard with its own iPod dock

We’ve covered the release of a great many iPod accessories on this site, but this one might just be the greatest one yet. It’s a keyboard that has an iPod dock installed in it. It’s made by Razer, better known for gaming peripherals like the Tarantula than for being a Belkin competitor. Nonetheless, it is […]

Philips SRU9600 remote has touchscreen LCD

If you thought that Logitech was the only groovy remote control maker in town, think again. Philips has jumped into the high-tech wireless channel changer market, their device features a touch-sensitive LCD display, complete with buttons that light up to highlight specific functions. The Philips SRU9600 is the latest in the company’s Pronto line of […]

Tom Tom navigators link to your iPod

So maybe the Tom Tom band doesn’t really exist, but that still wont stop them from releasing a groovey navigation solution for your iPod. The expansions of the Dutch company’s award-winning GO series of portable navigation devices include three new models: the GO 510, GO 710 (Europe only model), and GO 910. Each has a […]

Apple files patent application for touchscreen

The patent fest continues at Apple. With a company as secretive as they are, looking at patent filings is almost the only way to get a sense of what they are working on. The latest filing is for a touchscreen control interface. According to the pictures, it looks like an on-screen keyboard. Beyond that, it […]

True Video iPod closer to reality?

Yet another rumor is floating around that would suggest that we are closer to having a true video iPod. Unlike the current version which looks much like any other iPod, the new model will reportedly have a whole new look. To start, it will have a 3.5 inch screen, which will be a big step […]

Koyono offers ‘Made for iPod’ jacket

Interactive clothing for the iPod anyone? Koyono unveils the BlackCoat Work, a male jacket that features control panels on its sleeve for the Apple iPod. The innovation makes the BlackCoat one of the 700 iPod accessories expected to be launched in the market, and one of the four lightweight suits due this Spring that incorporates […]

Apple Brings FM to the iPod

Keeping up with consumer demands for functionality in the amazingly popular iPod, Apple Computer announced on Tuesday the creation of the iPod Radio Remote. The result is an FM radio and remote control iPod, which can pull in FM stations and which also offers instant song or volume control without ever touching the iPod. The […]

XtremeMac’s MicroMemo Uses iPod ‘s High Fidelity, Shows Versatility

XtremeMac thought about everything when they developed the MicroMemo. Using your iPod’s internal battery and attached to the Dock connector, the detachable unit features one touch recording either through its included removable microphone or any compatible 3.5 mm plug-in device. The unit shows great flexibility with one-touch recording that switches from play to record modes […]

Never see your iPod again with the fabric sensor case

MacWorld 2006 has yet to officially open its doors, but the news is already starting to pour in. First up, self-anointed “world leader in touch sensitive interactive textiles for electronics interface design”, Elekson Ltd., has designed a case for the iPod with external controls. That’s right, shove your favourite glossy white (or more recently, glossy […]

All-in-One Card to make the iPod obsolete?

One of latest Chandanlog posts has got quite a few people stirring in their seats. The Sun Microsystems’ rumour guru recently posted up pictures of what he calls the AIO Card, or the All in One Card. A super thin, credit-card shaped device, the AIO Card is powered through its solar panels and has an […]

Your new iPod Nano will be safe now

Either Apple feels bad, or they are sick of getting sued. Either way, they have started shipping their very scratchable iPod Nano with a protective sleeve. They are apparently thin and fabric and much like those that come with the 5G iPods. It’s a nice touch and it will certainly help people who choose to […]

Freestanding Home Entertainment Docking Stations for your iPod

A company called iPort has announced five freestanding iPod docks. You may remember them from the In-Wall docks that they released last year. The new docks feature IR (infrared) control, the ability to synch with your iTunes on a remote PC and bi-directional RS-232 communication (to interact with your house touch panels). The entry level […]

Crestron CEN-IPOD offers 2-Way iPod Interface

Crestron has developed the world’s first 2-way iPod interface. Its CEN-IPOD enables users to recreate the iPod experience on any touch panel display. By providing an interface to any Apple iPod model, a full 2-way touchpanel control of any iPod is possible via the CEN-IPOD controller. The drudgery and trouble of integrating your iPod into […]

Apple Files Patent for iPod like Notebook

Apple has filed a patent for a notebook design that will integrate its ultra-popular iPod mini. According to Patent Application 20040224638, Apple intends the iPod mini to double as the notebook’s touch pad. Actually, the ‘cool’ part does not only speak of the notebook/iPod combo. The patent application is actually covers wireless capabilities for the […]

Apple iPod Photo Unveiled

Apple today unveiled their new iPod Photo player, the new iPod comes in 40GB and 60GB versions and will leave your pockets empty at $499 and $599 USD. Merrill Lynch today claimed that Apple would release offshoots of the popular iPod Mp3 Player by the first half of 2005, looks like it happend a bit […]

Apple Introduces 4th Gen iPod

Apple today introduced the new iPod, the fourth generation of the world’s number one portable digital music player, featuring Apple’s patent pending Click Wheel, which combines the smooth and continuous scrolling of a touch-sensitive wheel with five push buttons for superior one handed navigation. The new iPod also features up to 12 hours battery life […]

Creative Zen Touch 20GB With 24 Hour Battery

Creative has just introduced the Zen Touch, a 20 GB 1.8-inch hard drive-based portable audio player with an astonishing 24-hour battery life. Apple is getting a run for their money this time, Creative has managed to triple the iPod battery life and add a motion Touch Pad interface to the Zen Touch player. With a […]

Apple ships 4GB iPod mini

Apple today announced that iPod mini, the world’s smallest portable music player ever to hold up to 1,000 CD-quality songs, will be available on Friday, February 20 at 6:00 p.m. throughout the U.S. iPod mini is encased in an ultra-portable, lightweight anodized aluminum body and available in a choice of five colors-silver, gold, pink, blue […]

Apple Introduces New 30GB iPods

Apple today introduced its third generation iPods, which hold up to 7,500 songs in a stunning enclosure that is lighter and thinner than two CDs. The new ultra-portable iPods feature completely solid-state “no moving parts” navigation wheel and buttons; an elegant new dock with audio out for fast and easy connection to your computer or […]

Apple Introduces 10GB iPod—2,000 Songs in Your Pocket

Apple® has announced a second model of its groundbreaking iPod® digital music player that features a 10GB hard drive, allowing users to pack an incredible 2,000 CD-quality songs into the iPod’s ultra-portable, 6.5-ounce design. Apple also announced that all iPod owners can now download free software that adds the ability to download and store contact […]

Siri on Mac? New Patent Suggests It May Happen

Siri has now made its way over to the new iPod Touch, and of course its on the 4S and iPhone 5. What about your Mac though? It seems that Apple may eventually bring SIRI abilities over to their desktop and laptop offerings as well.

RedSn0w Protects Jailbreak with iOS 5.1.1 Update

Good news! If you happen to be using the latest version of RedSn0w, you can safely update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5.1.1 without losing your jailbreak status. This has apparently been confirmed by Redmond Pie, as well as another iOS developer.

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Canadians Get Free iPhone Apps from Starbucks Too

You know how when you go into a Starbucks, they sometimes have those promotional cards that let you download free music to your iTunes account? Well, that concept is now being expanded for Canadians who would prefer to get a free app for their iPhone or iPod touch.