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How Can Apple Differentiate the iPod touch?


When the first Apple iPhone was revealed to the world, we were introduced to a whole new world of accelerometers, proximity sensors, multi-touch displays, and the convergence of the iPod with the cell phone. Since then, the iPhone and iPhone 3G have gone on to be resounding successes for the ...

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Hands-On with the Griffin FlexGrip Case for iPod Touch


Although Canadians can’t officially get their hands on an Apple iPhone just yet, they can waltz into just about any electronics retailer to the sans cellular version known as the iPod touch. To keep everything protected, Griffin recently revealed the new FlexGrip protective case for the iPod touch and it ...

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radJacket CHARGE for iPod Touch is Gnarly, Juicy


The name might be a little too surfer-chic for a lot of people, but the functionality behind the radJacket CHARGE case is actually pretty awesome. You might even say it’s gnarly. You see, the radJacket CHARGE is a case for the iPod Touch that will not only protect the touchscreen-equipped ...

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Q3 2008: New iPod Nano, New iPod Touch Coming


I’m totally digging my 3rd-gen iPod nano, but it seems that my favorite portable music player is getting obsolete in a few months. It has been revealed that Apple will be launching new versions of both the iPod nano and the iPod touch some time in the third quarter of ...

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iPod Touch With Camera On Sale For $70


The good news is that this handheld costs a measly 70 bucks. The bad news is that the only relation it has with Apple is in appearance only, because this quite obviously an unauthorized knockoff. Available through ComputerGeeks, the unnamed portable media player invites you to “touch the future of ...

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iPhone, iPod touch Get To Play With Lego Too


Toys. No matter how old I get, I will always want my toys. These days, “toys” would entail things like new video games, cell phones, and other gadgets. When I was quite a bit younger, however, hours on end would be occupied by snapping together a series of plastic blocks, ...

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iPod Touch Lookalike Is Sumvision Ice


There’s something to be said about touchscreen displays, but I personally think that if a multimedia player is going to boast that kind of functionality, the necessity of a stylus pretty much ruins the experience. Think about when you’d want to use it at the gym or while on a ...

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iPhone and iPod Touch To Receive $100 Price Cuts


If you’ve been thinking about buying a new iPod touch or Apple iPhone, it might be in your best interest to hold out for another month or two, because there’s a distinct possibility that Apple could be slashing prices by $100. You could then spend that extra hundred bucks on ...

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What Does a $20 iPod touch Upgrade Buy You?


You could say that the iPod touch is really just the lesser cousin of the iPhone, because it’s almost as good as its cellular-equipped brethren, but not quite. Apple is finally looking to even out the playing field between the iPod touch and the iPhone, announcing an update for the ...

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Video: iPod Touch VoIP Call Demonstration


Realistically, the only thing separating the iPod touch from the Apple iPhone is the simple fact that the latter can make phone calls and the former cannot. That little hurdle has apparently been overcome, because touchmods has come up with the VoIP application for the iPod touch and they’re nice ...

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