Sept 9 iPod Event Confirmed by Apple (Still No iPad)

Even though no one from Cupertino came forward and told us officially, most of us already knew that Apple was brewing up a special event for early next month. Well, the official word has just gone out and we will indeed be seeing a special iPod event on September 9. This is Apple, so it’s […]

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand
REVIEW – LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

A mobile phone is meant to be exactly that: mobile. We take our cell phones and smartphones with us everywhere we go, so it’s easy to get caught up in accessories that mesh with this type of mobile lifestyle. We look at cell phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, and the like. However, cell phones also serve […]

Apple MacBook Touch Tablet PC with 3G Wireless Broadband?

Even though the team in Cupertino is keeping pretty tight-lipped about the possibilities of a large iPod touch, we’re still hearing all sorts of rumors about the so-called MacBook Touch. To further add to our interest, we are now hearing that it’ll come with 3G data connectivity for true wireless freedom. As you may recall, […]

REVIEW - Speakal iPig iPod Speaker Dock
REVIEW – Speakal iPig iPod Speaker Dock

Don’t let its cute appearance fool you into thinking that it’s just some cheap toy for people who don’t care about how anything sounds. The iPig iPod speaker system from Speakal comes with a strong pedigree and it is perfectly capable of handling the entirety of your music collection. Features and Highlights Do you remember […]

Saving Money with Touchscreen Memorex TouchMP Media Player

Is the Apple iPod touch a little too expensive for your blood? Are the touchscreen media players from Samsung still a little too pricey? Memorex has a more affordable option. Usually when it comes to cheaper alternatives, you have to make a lot of huge sacrifices, but this does not appear to be the case […]

REVIEW – Speakal iBoo iPod Speaker Dock

The original idea behind the iPod was that you were able to carry your music with you. While this is still the most popular way for people to use their iPods, the philosophy has quickly expanded into other, more social realms as well. There are plenty of iPod speaker docks and media-based head units for […]

Feature: Looking Again to a Touchscreen Netbook from Apple

And the rumors are back. After neither confirming nor denying earlier reports, it seems that Apple is indeed working on an entry into the netbook market and it could hit Apple Stores as early as this year. According to a report from DigiTimes, everyone’s favorite company from Cupertino has big plans to offer a netbook […]

Official Screenshots of Metal Gear Touch Solid for iPhone

The iPhone already has a lot of great casual games for you to enjoy at random points in the day, but we’re really starting to see some fuller titles filling the touchscreen platform as well. If you’re ready to go on a stealthy mission involving a lot of crawling and shooting, then you’ll want to […]

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REVIEW – Scosche showTIME AV Cable for iPod and iPhone

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to review the Griffin Component A/V Cables for iPod. In effect, you are able to connect your iPod (or iPhone) to your television through a standard component cable connection, sharing all of those video podcasts and other video content through a much larger display than your […]

First Look: Microsoft Zune Touch

Whether the guys in Redmond are willing to admit it or not, it’s undeniable that the Microsoft Zune line of portable media players borrows a fair bit of its inspiration from the Apple iPod line from Cupertino. It started out with the first Zune that was akin to the current iPod classic. It expanded to […]

Apple iPod Rocks Out Vacuum Style with Rockridge Japan

It’s always interesting when you see the juxtapositioning of cutting-edge technology with something that kicks it much more old school. That’s probably why products from Steampunk are so popular (and appropriately expensive). This is the case today with a speaker dock for the iPod. The ISR-VT02 from Rockridge Japan is a vacuum amplifier-equipped iPod speaker […]

Touchscreen 20-Inch iMac Attached to Sonic Chair Speaker Pod

There are regular iPod speaker docks and then there is the Sonic Chair, a seat that literally engulfs you in your tunes. As if that weren’t enough, the Sonic Chair is now available with a touchscreen iMac upgrade. Sitting in the pod and bobbing your head to your music can be quite the enjoyable experience, […]

Winter Gloves That Are Compatible with iPods!

Brrr… It’s starting to get pretty cold around these parts, so you’ll want to bundle up before you head out into that winter weather. Unfortunately, as soon as you slip on just about any pair of gloves, your nearly frozen fingers cease to work with the click wheel on your Apple iPod. The “click” still […]

Might Be Hard to Find an iPod This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us and people are flocking to the malls in droves. They rush Toys ‘R’ Us in search of the latest dancing Elmo, trample their way to Best Buy in hopes of finding Wii Fit, and some may just resort to gift cards in the end. Those are always in […]

New iPod Shuffle Gets Fashionable as Bangle

When Apple held its Let’s Rock event earlier this year, the iPod shuffle somehow got lost in the series of updates. The iPod nano got a shiny new form factor and an accelerometer for your shaking pleasure. The iPod touch got Nike+ integration. What about that poor shuffle? NO love for you? While this is […]

Noise-Canceling iPod Earphones Plug into Dock Connector

Why hadn’t they thought of this before? We’ve bot a bevy of speaker docks and FM transmitters that make use of the iPod dock connector, so why can’t headphones do the same thing? I could very well be wrong, but I think these are the first iPod earphones that I have ever seen that actually […]

Never-Used First-Gen iPod Lands on eBay

Want to own a piece of history? Over on eBay, you can find a first-generation Apple iPod for sale and the kicker is that it has never been used. Sure, RadioShack may be offering gift cards in exchange for busted tech, but those iPods have been abused and malformed. This one is mostly untouched. This […]

More Colors for the iPod shuffle

At Apple’s Let’s Rock event a while ago, the iPod lineup got a big of an extreme makeover. The iPod nano stole the show with its “new” form factor and the iPod touch get treated to some new features as well. Somehow, the iPod shuffle got lost in the mix. Yeah, it got shafted. Paying […]

REVIEW: Griffin Amplifi 2.1 Sound System for iPod

When it comes to a lot of the iPod speaker docks out there, you are offered sound quality that isn’t much better than a set of el cheapo PC speakers. Sure, they may be jazzed up with some glossy white styling, but if the sound output is no better than a set of bargain computer […]

Comprehensive Collection of Griffin Cases for New iPod Models

Now that you can walk into your local Apple Store and nab a new fourth-gen iPod nano or a second-gen iPod touch, you probably want to grab a protective case for that new portable entertainment device too. Griffin is a company that has long since ensconced itself in the iPod accessory market, so it’s not […]

Feature: Checking Out the New iPod nano at the Apple Store

By now, you’ve surely heard about the Let’s Rock event that Apple held in San Francisco last week. They were really pumping up this gathering and press conference to be something rather monumental and while some people were disappointed to not see a new MacBook (that should be happening at the next Apple event in […]

Best Buy Canada Only Has New iPods for Pre-Order

Canadians tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to technology and the unveiling of the latest generation of iPods is no exception. If you go over to the Best Buy Canada website today, you’ll notice that the big box retailer has already updated its site to include the 4th-gen nano. […]

Apple Let’s Rock Event Roundup: New Nano, Touch, iTunes, Etc.

As you may have heard, Steve Jobs and Apple held themselves a little event this morning. There’s a lot of coverage out there, but some of us just want the key details. And that’s exactly what this point is going to provide. I was following the Gizmodo liveblog, so here is what I learned. – […]

Fourth-Gen Apple iPod nano: Last Minute Rumors

The Apple “Let’s Rock” event is set to kick off in a few short hours, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to be deprived of iPod insider information until then. You don’t need to wait for Steve Jobs to take the stage, because it seems that the goods have already been leaked onto […]

Apple to Rock Out with New iPod Next Week

Although the invitation makes no explicit mention of a new iPod nano (and possibly refreshed iPod touch), it’s pretty clear that the event being planned for next week has a couple of announcements in store for the Apple community. The Cupertino-sourced event, seemingly called “Let’s Rock”, has been scheduled for 10 a.m. on September 9 […]

Center Console on Chevy Volt is Touch-Sensitive, Glossy White

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the center console on the upcoming Chevy Volt that reminds me of the white Samsung U700 cell phone. Oh right, it’s that glossy white finish and what appear to be touch-sensitive controls. As you can see in the provided picture, the product Chevy Volt interior is […]

My Take on the Kevin Rose iPod Predictions (with Video)

Kevin Rose of is the kind of guy that likes to make a lot of bold predictions, but given all the industry contacts that he has, Kevin’s thoughts bear quite a bit of weight. In the past, he’s really gone out of on a limb with some wacky predictions, so when he took to […]

Is a New Dell iPod Fighter in the Works (Again)?

Everyone wants a hearty piece of the MP3 player pie, but Dell already had its shots a few years ago. Even though Dell didn’t do well the last time it tried, there’s word that Dell is jumping back into the portable media player market with an affordable alternative to the iPod nano. Nothing has been […]

Ay Carumba! The Simpsons Make Your iPod Go D’oh

Because it is the most popular portable music player in the world, it’s hard to be terribly original when you are walking around with your Apple iPod. To stand out from the crowd just a little, you may want to invest in some special limited edition iPods that have been engraved with imagery from The […]

When Will Apple Kill the iPod Shuffle?

With the pending launch of the $199 Apple iPhone 3G just around the corner, many people are pondering why they would even bother with the more expensive (though sans contract) iPod touch. After all, why would you spend an extra $200 on what is effectively an iPhone without the phone part of the equation. iPod […]

iPhone and iTouch Will iPwn with Quake III Arena

While many people look to Doom as the benchmark for emulation greatness, some people are pushing the mobile fragging envelope even further on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With a little hacking, a little slashing, and a touch of good luck, developers have been able to port the legendary Quake 3 Arena to Apple’s […]

New iPod Gains Access to Old Wood

I was watching a black-and-white movie from the 50s the other night. This wouldn’t seem completely out of the ordinary if it wasn’t for the fact that I was watching said movie on a Sony Bravia 1080p HDTV. It’s this strange mashup of old and new that really threw my head into a tailspin. You […]

Who Wants a Free iPod Shuffle?

We’re not sure how long this deal will last, but if you want to get your hands on a free iPod shuffle from a reputable online store, you might want to act fast. As it turns out, Amazon is going to throw in a free 1GB shuffle if you purchase the 32GB iPod Touch for […]

Transform Your iPhone Into a Wireless PC Touchpad

Do you have your desktop or notebook PC connected to your TV? Don’t you wish that you could have a proper wireless remote so that you can control the whole shi-bang from the comfort of the couch? Now you can and it can be done with a little Apple flair. The appropriately named for […]

Two Touch Wheels on MPIO MG 200 Portable MP3 Player

What do you do when you have to compete against a behemoth like the Apple iPod? You try to one-up them, of course, by including dual navigation wheels! That’s exactly what MPIO has done with their latest creation, the MG200 portable media player. Instead of a single five-way navigator, this player has a couple of […]

DLO iBoom Jukebox Plays Friendly With All iPods

I know what you’re thinking. Another day, another iPod speaker dock, right? Well, one thing that will set the iBoom Jukebox from DLO apart from the competition is that it comes with its own wireless remote that mimics the display on your iPod. The provided remote is almost like having another iPod in your hands, […]

Latest Sony PMP Has a Big Touchscreen Like Apple

I know that the Apple iPod and iPod Touch were not the first handheld devices to feature full-face touchscreen displays, but when any new product gets released today, it inevitably gets compared to the offering coming out of Cupertino. Such is also the case today with a video preview of the Sony Ultraslim PMX-M70 personal […]

Pasen iTouch Clones You Know Who (Video)

If you were to look at the Pasen iTouch by itself, presenting it someone who is not terribly familiar with the real thing, there’s a chance that they might mistake the player for the iPod touch. As soon as you turn it on, however, you’ll discover all sorts of shortcomings that the Pasen device has […]

Video Review: Samsung YP-P2 Touchscreen Media Player

I know. Comparisons to the iPod Touch are inevitable, but it seems that you can get your hands on a Samsung YP-P2 portable media player for less money than its Cupertino-fueled counterpart. Yes, it’s not an iPod, but the Samsung P2 can easily hold its own against many of its contemporaries. For starters, it has […]

miShare simplifies the transfer of content between 2 iPods

I have an iPod and so does my wife (and every other person on the planet). Using them is fantastic, but it is a real pain to share music between them. That’s why the miShare is so exciting. It’s a Linux box that allows you to connect two iPods and share content between them. The […]

Samsung YP-P2 Touchscreen MP3 Player Hits the States

The iPod Touch isn’t the only MP3 player on the market with a full touchscreen display. Samsung is jumping all over this market too with the Samsung YP-P2 portable media player. Unlike other players that mostly rely on physical buttons or perhaps touch-sensitive controls, the Samsung YP-P2 boasts a huge touchscreen display for menu navigation. […]

Tango Studio Audio System Floats a Clock Above Your iPod

You know, making accessories for the iPod just might be more lucrative than making the iPod itself. Take this Tango Studio Audio System, for example. Yes, it looks like just about any other iPod speaker dock, but it’s got two tiny features that may separate it from all the other speakers that came before it. […]

Apple Set To Touch Your Heart with New MacBook Touch

Steve Jobs seems to have acquired a fetish for devices with touchscreen displays. It started with the Apple iPhone and it’s multi-touchtastic wonderfulness. He then translated that device by ripping out the phone part, creating what we now know as the iPod touch. But what about going bigger? What about revisiting the Newton? The latest […]

A Music Player Thinner Than an iPod? Could it Be?

Indeed, it can be, but the ultra slimness is about the only thing going for the USB Flash Card Player. Boasting a mere 4.5mm profile, this amazingly thin wonder comes with 2GB of internal memory and fully supports both MP3 and WMA files. Unlike the iPod, however, it can also double as a USB Flash […]

3rd Generation iPod Nano Video Review

It’s small, it’s cute, and it provides a little video for everyone. But how well does the new iPod nano perform in the real world? This video review should answer all your questions about the tiny new multimedia player. Noah from took the new iPod nano out for a test run and he seems […]

Hands-On With the New iPod Classic (Video)

Ah, a whole new generation of chrome. The iPod classic was revealed alongside the new iPod nano and iPod touch last week, pushing the capacity envelope to as high as 160 gigabytes of portable entertainment. The crew at CNET had a chance to get a first look at the new iPod classic, going hands-on through […]