Get the iPhone To Tell You the News

The handset that has come to be known as the Jesus Phone is never running out of tricks and it really has very little to do with Steve Jobs and Apple. There is such a huge community of developers and enthusiasts that are looking to expand the functionality of the iPhone, so Cupertino can just […]

reQall helps you remember that stuff you always forget

Sometimes I think I am losing my mind. It seems like I often forget something that I knew just seconds before. Maybe reQall is just what I need. It’s a simple but very interesting service. All you have to do anytime there is something you want to remember is call a toll free number and […]

Use the iPhone To Control Home Security Via Vista Sideshow

Getting an NES emulator to work on the iPhone ain’t got nothing on this! Lagotek Corporation and Ikanos Consulting are working together to bring Vista Sideshow technologies to the iPhone and iPod Touch. What makes their application particularly interesting is that you can effectively transform the iPhone into a mobile controller for your home, switching […]

PlayStation Emulator for iPhone Now Available to Public

Earlier this month, we told you about the efforts to build a PlayStation emulator for the iPhone and how they were still ironing out the kinks through the private beta version. We told you that this was a substantial upgrade over the NES emulator, because it was going to bring 32-bit games to the Apple […]

iPhone Gets Streaming Music From Your Home Computer For Free

Among the complaints that people have about the Apple iPhone is its relative lack of capacity. If you’ve grown too accustomed to have 40GB, 60GB, or even 80GB in your pocket, downgrading to a mere 8GB can be a bit of a challenge. No longer… sort of. It is now possible to stream the entire […]

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PlayStation Games Emulated On Apple iPhone

The appropriately named PSX4iPhone homebrew application allows you to enjoy classic PlayStation games from the comfort of your Apple iPhone. As with any emulator software, PSX4iPhone — in and of itself — is not illegal. However, the means by which you acquire PlayStation (PSX, PSone, PS1, whatever you want to call it) ROMs may tread […]

Mobile Apps
Google optimizes apps for iPhone

In their continued and relentless effort to take over the world, Google has optimized more of their applications for use on the iPhone. To begin with GCal and Gdocs were made iPhone friendly, but now the not-very-evil empire has made their whole portal easily and effectively usable on the fancy phones. When iPhone users, or […]

Quick Notes on iPhone Firmware 1.1.2

As you may already know, the version of the iPhone shipping around in Europe is rocking firmware version 1.1.2. Users in the States may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to perform the update. Well, we’ve got the skinny on what you should expect with the new firmware, compared to the version you’re probably running on […]

Intelligent Enterprise Notification and Command Solutions for iPhone

Although the iPhone is apparently not good enough for NASA, the rest of the business community is still trying to welcome the touchtastic mobile phone with open arms. The fact of the matter is, most of the applications being developed for the iPhone are entertainment-minded, rather than being designed with the corporate customer in mind. […]

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Apple Encourages Third-Party iPhone Apps with Official SDK

Steve Jobs and the rest of the crew in Cupertino have done an about face with their view on third party applications for the Apple iPhone. Instead of telling us that independently developed software that has gone unchecked and unverified can fill your iPhone will sorts of viruses, Trojans, and malware, they are now telling […]

Microsoft to Unexpectedly Launch Zune 2 Tomorrow?

If you didn’t see this one coming, you’re not alone. It seems that Microsoft is organizing an impromptu media event tomorrow wherein they will reveal the successor to the current Zune portable media player. As you recall, we heard last month that the next-generation Zune would be revealed this month, but Microsoft neither confirmed nor […]

Next-Gen Zune Expected Next Month, Images Confirmed As Real

The next-generation of Apple iPod players has arrived. People are clamoring over the cuteness of the new iPod nano and the sleekness of the iPod touch. Microsoft must respond to the new iPods and apparently they’re going to do it on October 16th with a new family of Zune portable media players. This is according […]

Initial Impressions of the Z E1: World’s Smallest 4K UHD Camera

Every one of us has cherished that joy of clicking a picture and telling ourselves as what a brilliant shot that is. That’s why more and more people tend to switch to better cameras over a period of time. This is exactly why leading camera manufacturers are facing a stiff competition between themselves which ultimately […]

First 3rd party Lightning Adapters Surface

It was only a matter of time before the first 3rd party Lightning adapters showed up for use in the new iPod Nano, Touch and iPhone 5. The new 9-pin adapters feature a 20cm cord and have a looks a little different from the official Apple adapter.

video games
Retro Game Dock for iPad

Yes, we already know about the iCade, but what about the nostalgic value of curling up with your favorite NES title from the 80s? The newest creation is called the GameDock and it effectively lets you convert your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch into a retro video game console

Parrot Zik Are the Most Advanced Wireless Headphones Ever Created

In a headphone industry first, the Parrot Zik comes with integrated NFC (near field technology) communication. The key advantage here is that you can pair up the headphones with a compatible NFC and Bluetooth-touting device simply by tapping them together. You no longer have to deal with “discovering” new devices and entering passcodes. The NFC tag is in the left ear cup.

Stickable Resin Skin For Your iPhone (Video)

our iPhone certainly allows you to take some good photos and you can take some great shots, but having a way to mount your iPhone would even give you greater opportunities for the perfect shot. That’s exactly where the new Stickable Resin guard for the iPhone 4 or 4S comes in.

Flying Bird Man Is A Total Fake (Video)

Reports about a man flapping his engineered wings and flying are circulating all over the internet. Although there have been mixed reactions from experts around the world, many strongly believed that the video involved was not a fake, probably because everyone loves the idea of flapping their wings and flying to the office or the park. But it appears like the whole thing was without a doubt, a pretty good fake.

iGunCon App turns iPhone 4 into gun for iPad 2 Time Crisis

Easily one of my favorite arcade games of all time is Time Crisis. There were other on-rails shooting games, to be sure, but Time Crisis revolutionized the genre by adding in that pedal for duck-and-cover action. Now, you can have a similar experience when you pair your iPhone with your iPad and make use of the new iGunCon app.

Apple to Samsung: Stop Copying Me (And Give Me Money)

Apple isn’t exactly a stranger to the whole litigation thing. Steve Jobs and his legal team have been dishing out lawsuits like they were going out of style for years and now the latest target happens to be Samsung. The grounds for the suit? Galaxy S devices look too much like the iPhone.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Takes Bull by 700hp Horns

When it comes to supercars, there are a handful of names that immediately come to mind, even if you’re much of an automotive enthusiast. One such name is Lamborghini and the Italian automaker has just revealed the newest bull in its stable: the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4. As you can probably guess from the […]

Archos 70 Internet tablet with Android, 250GB hard drive

The tablet market has really started to heat up this year, but Archos has been doing this kind of thing for years already. Trying to remind you of its pedigree while still offering something new and exciting is the Archos 70 Internet tablet. For starters, it runs on Google Android.

Peel TV adds advanced TV guide remote to iPhone

The growth of iPhone apps just keeps optimizing the devices in our lives. The good folks at Peel (not to be confused with the ZTE Peel) are making a push to banish our remote controls to the technology garbage dump in favor of your iPhone. The new Peel app turns your iPhone into a universal remote while ignoring the idea of a list of channels altogether.

JBL OnStage IV and Micro III iPhone speaker dock is like a flower

A pair of new iPod sound systems from JBL use a new design to create a “surround sound” experience. The On Stage IV and On Stage Micro III have speakers in a strange kind of rotating flower petal layout, this I would assume emits sound at multiple angles providing you with a good listening experience from anywhere. It’s going to work with your iPhone as well, and any other device you can hook up to the aux jack in the back.

Genius offers first wireless graphic tablet: The MousePen M508W

Another option for graphic designers has emerged this week. Genius, makers of tablets and other peripherals have added the first wireless tablet to their roster. The 5 x 8-inch MousePen M508W tablet is just $199 and will ship this September. As for technicals, it gives you 1024-levels of pressure sensitivity, comparable to the Intuos Bamboo pen but twice the LPI, sitting pretty at 4000.

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Review: DryCase keeps your beats going underwater

Hot fun in the summer, oh yah. DryCorp sent us one of their mp3 player cases to check out. It fit quite right with the Apple iPod. I’m still kickin’ it to my 3G model, hence the dated looking thing sealed and protected inside the dry case which helps it evade a nasty inevitable liquid death quite common in the summer months. You can take it in the pool, river, or the shower, the dry case is designed to keep your gear happy in the water.

Apple iPhone 4 revealed
Apple iPhone 4: All you need to know

It’s been leaked, peaked, and sneaked, but now we have it for real, and its got just about everything we expected, with a bit of unsuspected tweaks; the iPhone 4 from Apple. This is Mobile’s definitive guide to the iPhone 4, we hope it helps you understand what is coming; it will change the very way we communicate.

Acer surprise: 7-inch Android tablet

Leading up to Computex Taipei next week, Acer decided to host a little shindig to show off its LumiRead e-book reader. This sounded like yet another Kindle alternative, but then Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci appeared on the stage with something quite different.

Yes, the regular e-book reader was there, but the device in Lanci’s hands was anything but “just another Kindle clone.” In fact, what he held was an unannounced Acer powered Google Android tablet. Even Lanci himself called it a tablet.

Apple iPad next to Apple's Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - Photo: Fabrizio Pilato
Apple iPad review: The future is in your hands

Apple’s mysterious new “magical” device has created a big stir across the world. What are we supposed to do with this thing? Is it going to replace my desktop? Probably not. How about my laptop or netbook? Still no. So what is it good for? Well, that’s the magic of it. It does many things, but it’s not here to step on anyone’s toes.

The name iPad is strangely clever. It probably took Apple an entire 5 minutes to come up with the name. It’s clearly not a notebook computer, and we already have the iBook. How about that other relative, the notepad. Ideas went around, and voila – Apple’s latest thing is the iPad. Names aside, what the heck is this thing good for anyways? What am I supposed to do with this iPad?

Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two: Specs and perspective

The journey has taken longer than any of us expected, but that whole “Project Pink” business at Microsoft finally emerged as something real yesterday when the company revealed the Microsoft Kin line of mobile phones. This release follows the acquisition of Danger and a partnership with Verizon, Sharp, and Vodafone.

To usher in its freshman foray into self-branded cell phone hardware, Microsoft is going to offer two different handsets at launch: the Kin One and the Kin Two. You may have once known these by their respective codenames during the Project Pink development: Turtle and Pure.

All Phones Reviews
Review: We Rule for iPhone and iPad

We Rule is a popular iPhone and iPad game that is tearing up the app store. The full version is available free and has grown with a cult following on facebook and dozens of forums throughout the internet. So what is We Rule all about and how does it generate so much money?

We Rule gives you a virtual interactive medieval kingdom to run. You build houses, roads, businesses, and natural works around your stronghold to create a thriving town. You generate revenue to build these works by planting crops, fixed taxation of houses, and businesses.

Chart Flurry
Google Nexus One smartphone struggles

The results of the smartphone sales race are in. Running the numbers and looking at the charts with Nexus One’s sales figures, things do look a little “slow” off the start for Google. But CEOEric Schmidt’s reports back in February show otherwise.

The Google HTC Nexus One has sold 135,000 units directly from Google since the phone was first launched. During this time period, Verizon sold 1.05 million Android phones while Apple continues to keep pace in the market by selling 1 million units of their original iPhone. The iPhone 3GS continued its market dominance by selling 1.6 million devices in just one week. Apple’s superstar has no reason to slow down and with a new revamped iPhone 4G on the horizon for its loyal customers, one can only assume a continued bright future.

iPhone 4G, rumors, specs, what will it be? Here it is.

Now that the iPad has been unveiled to the public and in the hands of an elite few, what more speculation can we conjure about those crazy kids at Cupertino? It just so happens that I got a call from Aaron Vronko at Rapid Repair. As the service manager, Aaron and his team dissect roughly 500 iPhones and iPods per week. Who better to speak on mythical Apple products than someone who rips their guts out all day?