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New iPod Gains Access to Old Wood


I was watching a black-and-white movie from the 50s the other night. This wouldn’t seem completely out of the ordinary if it wasn’t for the fact that I was watching said movie on a Sony Bravia 1080p HDTV. It’s this strange mashup of old and new that really threw my ...

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Who Wants a Free iPod Shuffle?


We’re not sure how long this deal will last, but if you want to get your hands on a free iPod shuffle from a reputable online store, you might want to act fast. As it turns out, Amazon is going to throw in a free 1GB shuffle if you purchase ...

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Two Touch Wheels on MPIO MG 200 Portable MP3 Player


What do you do when you have to compete against a behemoth like the Apple iPod? You try to one-up them, of course, by including dual navigation wheels! That’s exactly what MPIO has done with their latest creation, the MG200 portable media player. Instead of a single five-way navigator, this ...

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DLO iBoom Jukebox Plays Friendly With All iPods


I know what you’re thinking. Another day, another iPod speaker dock, right? Well, one thing that will set the iBoom Jukebox from DLO apart from the competition is that it comes with its own wireless remote that mimics the display on your iPod. The provided remote is almost like having ...

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Latest Sony PMP Has a Big Touchscreen Like Apple


I know that the Apple iPod and iPod Touch were not the first handheld devices to feature full-face touchscreen displays, but when any new product gets released today, it inevitably gets compared to the offering coming out of Cupertino. Such is also the case today with a video preview of ...

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Pasen iTouch Clones You Know Who (Video)


If you were to look at the Pasen iTouch by itself, presenting it someone who is not terribly familiar with the real thing, there’s a chance that they might mistake the player for the iPod touch. As soon as you turn it on, however, you’ll discover all sorts of shortcomings ...

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Samsung YP-P2 Touchscreen MP3 Player Hits the States


The iPod Touch isn’t the only MP3 player on the market with a full touchscreen display. Samsung is jumping all over this market too with the Samsung YP-P2 portable media player. Unlike other players that mostly rely on physical buttons or perhaps touch-sensitive controls, the Samsung YP-P2 boasts a huge ...

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Apple Set To Touch Your Heart with New MacBook Touch


Steve Jobs seems to have acquired a fetish for devices with touchscreen displays. It started with the Apple iPhone and it’s multi-touchtastic wonderfulness. He then translated that device by ripping out the phone part, creating what we now know as the iPod touch. But what about going bigger? What about ...

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3rd Generation iPod Nano Video Review


It’s small, it’s cute, and it provides a little video for everyone. But how well does the new iPod nano perform in the real world? This video review should answer all your questions about the tiny new multimedia player. Noah from PBCentral.com took the new iPod nano out for a ...

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Hands-On With the New iPod Classic (Video)


Ah, a whole new generation of chrome. The iPod classic was revealed alongside the new iPod nano and iPod touch last week, pushing the capacity envelope to as high as 160 gigabytes of portable entertainment. The crew at CNET had a chance to get a first look at the new ...

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