Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Released

Beta Evernote 5 on the Mac was a good indicator that the team was working on a new version for iOS users, and now only a few days later, we have it.  Evernote 5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is redesigned and released with major functions added, home screen sections, Quick Notes, and Views.

iPod Touch 4th gen “Refurbished” Model now Selling for Only $129

While most of us these days have smartphones that make the idea of a portable media player irrelevant, some consumers like to keep their phone and music/video experiences separately. Some of us also have company phones that they don’t want to do browsing from, or simply have kids that could benefit from a media player that can also browse the net and use apps.

FreedomPop Case Turns Your iPod Touch into a 4G Phone

Imagine if you could have an iPhone with 4G and no monthly required contracts and a low monthly price tag. The new FreedomPop iPod touch case does just that, adding 4G to your iPod Touch which therefore allows it an always-on connection for browsing the net and even making calls through programs such as Skype.

iLaunch Rocket Launcher For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch

Annoying co-workers and unmanageable older brothers causing trouble in your life? Help has finally arrived, provided you own an iPhone 4S/4/3GS, or iPad/iPad2 or iPod touch (or all if you are rich and a bit crazy about all things ‘i’). The iLaunch Rocket Launcher is a weapons system which will allow you to rain darts on those who intrude your personal space and it can be controlled with your iDevice.

Smart Baby Monitor For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch Users (Video)

It’s time you threw away your dumb walkie-talkie style baby monitor and try the “smart” way of keeping an eye on your little ones. The Smart Baby Monitor from French company Withings will allow you to check on your baby through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The sensor-packed web cam was released in the UK last year and now US citizens can finally get their hands on it.

Cards App for iPhone and iPod Touch Announced by Apple

Apple has something in store for you so there is no need to worry. On Tuesday, the company unveiled one of its newest apps, Cards during a media event. Cards is an official Apple product that lets you send greeting cards to your relatives and loved ones all around the world.

Picture 2
Raisoo Peel device turns iPod Touch into iPhone has just recently rolled out a new product, called Raisoo Peel, which transforms an iPod into an iPhone. It is a third generation device from the Yosion Peel 520 II which was released in March. The Raisoo Peel has two versions, the T3 designed for 2nd and 3rd generation iPods and T4 for 4th generation iPods. They both cost $109.

Gingerbread-powered Sony NW-Z1000 Walkman challenges iPod touch

Not everyone needs the “phone” part of a smartphone and that’s why devices like the iPod touch exist. What if you’d prefer to align yourself with the Google side? Sony is doing just that by releasing the company’s first ever Android-powered Walkman media player. Here is the Sony NW-Z1000.

Wrap your iPod touch in plant material-based bioserie case

Our rampant consumerism isn’t exactly having a positive effect on poor Mother Nature. We could talk about using biofuels for our cars and solar panels for our homes, but what about something as small as a protective case? Covering this smaller but relatively important realm is Bioserie, with a new line of iPod touch 4G […]

iPod touch revamped with FaceTime, HD, Retina display and Game Center

The new iPod Touch will come in three versions, an 8GB for $229, 32GB for $299 and a 64GB for $399. You will be able to edit videos, do FaceTime between iPod Touch and iPhone users, or iPod Touch and iPod Touch. The Camera is similar to the iPhone 4s, with VGA on the front, no flash however, but HD Video is possible on the rear camera.

iPod touch 4G to be revealed Sept 1st?

It’s that time of year again. Well, I guess it could be just about any time of year, but Steve Jobs and the Apple crew are planning a special event on September 1st. We have what we believe to be the skinny on what will be revealed. Get ready for a Hulu fighter.

iPod Touch 4G could be a fake, we'll have to wait and see
Another leak reveals iPod touch 4 with 2MP camera, or does it?

The DVT stamp is only added to devices when the design is very close to production-ready. And that makes sense, since the iPod line is probably due for another refresh in time for the new school year in September. What makes me want to yell fake is the fact that it’s based around the old iPhone 3GS shell, wouldn’t the next-generation iPod touch be a bit more resemblant of the iPhone 4?

A case called the Apple Peel 520 claims to convert a typical iPod into a fully fledged cellular phone
Special case converts iPod touch into fully-fledged iPhone?

Up until the launch of the iPhone 4, the aesthetic differences between the iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch have been minimal. The features are largely similar too, except for that whole cellular “phone” part of the equation. Well, you can change all that with a simple new case. At least, that’s what it sounds like with the Apple Peel 520. In effect, you can slap this case onto an iPod touch and it will convert it into a functional Apple iPhone, complete with voice calling and text messaging over a cellular network.

Apple to reveal iPod Touch 4G with camera next month?

Reports of Apple working at launching “something new” through their retail chain of stores got mildly noticed this week. Apple Insider reports indicate an internal news bulletin was sent out to employees, details were scarce but the unknown product or service, which may or may not be the iPod Touch 4G, is expected to make a “big” impact.

Apple Back to School promo starts early
Apple back-to-school promo starts early, free iPod touch with Mac

It may be hard to believe, but Apple has already started its back-to-school marketing campaign; one of the biggest promotions for this campaign is the free iPod touch with the purchase of just about any Mac computer. This is far from a unique promotion, since the Cupertino-based company has been offering the free iPod around the back-to-school time for several years, but this is kind of early, don’t you think? High school students might still be in school and the college kids only got off about a month ago.

Apple iPod touch 4G with 2-megapixel camera “leaked”

For the longest time, there were only a handful of things that separated the iPod touch from the Apple iPhone. The cellular connectivity is an obvious one, but it seems that one of the other differentiating factors is also going to be removed. According to the most recent leaks, the upcoming fourth-generation iPod touch will boast a two-megapixel digital camera. Up until now, the iPod touch has been lacking in the photography department, so this is probably a good change for the better. I don’t think it will cannibalize iPhone sales any more than the current iPod touch does.

Mophie extends Juice Pack Air line to include iPod touch

We’ve seen plenty of products that are designed to extend the battery life of the Apple iPhone, including the incredibly popular Mophie Juice Pack Air. What about all the iPod touch owners in the audience? Well, Mophie’s going to take care of them too.

Today, Mophie announced the launch of the Juice Pack Air for the iPod touch. Like the iPhone version, the iPod touch version of the Juice Pack Air is a combined battery extender and protective case in one.

All Phones Reviews
Tetris with “Magic Mode” for the iPhone and iPod Touch reviewed

Most gamers over the age of ten are sure to have heard of or even played the Tetris game. Tetris of course, is known as the most popular puzzle video games and one of the most popular games of all time. Its sold over 70 million copies throughout the world and is available on almost any gaming device, including the iPhone. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and might have forgotten about the old school favorite, you can download it to your device on iTunes for the only $4.99 (£2.99).

iPod Touch and iPod Nano Prices Drop Ahead of Apple Event

The “It’s only rock and roll” event is currently underway in San Francisco and I’ll have a roundup of the announcements a little later today, but it seems that Apple dropped a bomb on us just before the event went down too. If these price drops are any indication, it means that we are indeed […]

Is Apple Releasing a 64GB iPod Touch for $399?

The new Microsoft Zune HD seems to offer a good value proposition, so you can fully expect the team in Cupertino to come up with some retaliatory measures to respond. We’re probably going to see an updated iPod touch in the months ahead and, based on the latest rumors, it’ll be the biggest iPod Touch […]

Next-Gen iPod Touch to Get Camera, Microphone
Next-Gen iPod Touch to Get Camera, Microphone

I used to tell people that the iPod touch was really just an iPhone in disguise. If Apple were to include the phone part of the equation and integrate a camera in the back, the iPod touch and iPhone would be virtually indistinguishable. It seems that someone in Cupertino was paying attention. This could very […]

Hole-y Cases Point Toward Camera-Equipped iPod touch, iPod nano

Many of the features that you find on the Apple iPhone are also duplicated on the iPod touch, but there are at least two items that are missing from the latter. You don’t get cellular and you don’t get a camera. Well, the picture-taking side of the equation could be changing. What you see here […]

Original Golden Axe Invades Apple iPhone (and iPod touch)

While you could certainly make use of the Apple App Store to get a variety of fart apps and tip calculators, I think the real value comes from the variety of mobile games that you can enjoy on Apple’s touchscreen handhelds. One of the latest to hit the iPhone and iPod touch is the original […]

Apple Selling Just as Many iPod Touch Units as iPhones

I’ve always told myself that if I were to spend the money on buying an iPod touch that I would much rather spend a touch more to get the iPhone. Given the relatively minor price difference (especially when you consider carrier subsidies) and the increased cell phone utility of the iPhone, it seemed like an […]

Upcoming Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Get OLED from LG?

When the first-generation Apple iPhone hit the market, it really revolutionized the way that we approached the cell phone market. When the iPhone 3G arrived, we were introduced to the App Store. We fully expect Apple to unleash a new generation of iPhones this summer and, as it turns out, these new handhelds could come […]

Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 2G the Untethered Way

Are you the proud owner of a second-generation Apple iPod touch, but you’re feeling really left out from all your jailbroken iPhone-owning chums? Well friend, you just may be in luck. It took a little longer than expected, but the trusty crew at the iPhone Dev Team have come forth with a reasonably simple way […]

Sony OLED Walkman Competes Against iPod Touch

Touchscreens seem to be all the rage these days, so Sony is capitalizing on that interest with the pending release of the Sony X1000 Walkman. The kicker? It’s got an OLED touchscreen and not just some regular Joe Schmoe touchscreen. That OLED-ness will make it great for videos, I’m sure. Poking around the Sony Style […]

Mac Tablet Is Big iPod Touch, to Launch Fall ’09

Rumors of an Apple Tablet PC have been swirling around for what seems like an eternity, but we could be getting a lot closer to the official launch of a Mac Tablet. In fact, “three independent sources close to Apple” are saying that we should expect a large screen iPod touch device to hit store […]

Apple iPhone 3G Actually Slower Than 2G iPod touch

Although I own neither device, if I were to pick one up, I’d easily lean toward getting the iPhone, because at least it could pull double duty as my cell phone too. Well, choosing between the iPhone 3G and the second-gen iPod touch just got a little more difficult, because it seems that the latter […]

Feature: Protecting the iPod touch with Griffin Cases

When Apple hosted the Let’s Rock event a while ago, we saw the introduction of the fourth-generation iPod nano and the refreshed iPod touch. While a lot of companies quickly jumped at the opportunity to create a variety of cases for the new nano, not as many have been paying attention to the new touch. […]

Secret Bluetooth Module Found Inside 2nd-Gen iPod Touch

There are a few things that separate the iPod Touch from the iPhone 3G, but it seems that one of these differentiating factors has been thrown out the window. As it turns out, the updated iPod Touch 2G comes with full Bluetooth functionality. It may not have cellular, but it’s got Bluetooth. This is a […]

How Can Apple Differentiate the iPod touch?

When the first Apple iPhone was revealed to the world, we were introduced to a whole new world of accelerometers, proximity sensors, multi-touch displays, and the convergence of the iPod with the cell phone. Since then, the iPhone and iPhone 3G have gone on to be resounding successes for the company based out of Cupertino, […]

Nano Tech
Schematics for New iPod nano, iPod touch Leaked for Your Scrutiny

As we look forward to the momentous Apple event next week, it seems that iLounge has found a set of leaked schematics for the next-generation iPod nano and the somewhat updated iPod touch. There’s no saying how legitimate these schematics are, but they could offer a glimpse into what Cupertino will have in store for […]

Buy an iPod touch for Same Price as iPhone 3G, Sans Contract

As compelling as the iPhone 3G may be, it’s quite possible that you don’t want to lock yourself down to a lengthy contract with one of the pre-selected providers. By and large, the Apple iPod touch is effectively the same device as the iPhone, except for the fact that it doesn’t have the “phone” part […]

Hands-On with the Griffin FlexGrip Case for iPod Touch

Although Canadians can’t officially get their hands on an Apple iPhone just yet, they can waltz into just about any electronics retailer to the sans cellular version known as the iPod touch. To keep everything protected, Griffin recently revealed the new FlexGrip protective case for the iPod touch and it turns out that the silicon […]