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Rumor: Apple Working on $99 Budget Phone and 5.7-inch iPhone

A new rumor is suggesting that Apple is thinking about iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch screens, and also a cheap iPhone which will reportedly cost only $99.

Daily Deal: LifeProof Waterproof iPhone 4/4s case for $50

LifeProof has proven to be one of the best protective cases available for iPhones when considering it's waterproof and dirtproof capabilities, and with the high cost of our mobiles, it’s completely understandable why a protective case like this one is so popular.

Straight Talk Now Offering iPhone 4 and 5 Contract Free

Walmart’s senior vice president of Entertainment has announced that Straight Talk customers can now get their hands on the iPhone 5, without contract.

Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Released

Beta Evernote 5 on the Mac was a good indicator that the team was working on a new version for iOS users, and now only a few days later, we have it.  Evernote 5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is redesigned and released with major functions added, home screen sections, Quick Notes, and Views.

Cricket To Offer Prepaid iPhone 4S with $55 Unlimited Plan

Up until now, the only way to get an iPhone in the United States is through a postpaid plan. That's going to change on June 22, as Cricket is going to offer the Apple iPhone on a prepaid basis. Yes, you can finally get a prepaid iPhone.

The $650 Bulletproof iPhone Case

The iPhone certainly needs protection, but there’s no need for too much of it. Japanese firm Marudai has come out with an iPhone case which appears to be the toughest case ever made, although it’s also the most impractical.

Expect Same 3.5-Inch Screen for New LTE iPhone This Fall

We've heard all sorts of wild rumors about what we can expect from the next iPhone, whether we decide to call it the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5.1, the iPhone HD, the iPhone LTE, or simply the new iPhone. Now, some of those rumors are getting substantiated.

iOS5 Jailbreak Tool for iPad 2 and iPhone 4, Corona, Updated

Saurik, the father of Cydia, highly recommends that everyone that has a jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 should make the upgrade to this latest Corona update. You can choose from two different downloads: one update that runs from Windows and the other directly for upgrading from iOS.

iPhone 4S And iPad 2 Jailbreak For iOS 5 On Its Way

Up until now there has been no viable way to jailbreak Apple's A5 devices (iPhone 4S and the iPad 2) but if Pod2gis correct, this is all about to change.

Redsn0w iOS 5 Tethered Jailbreak Released, Still No Support for iPhone 4s Or iPad...

We gave you the details this past weekend that there was an iOS 5 jailbreak in the works from Pod2g (Chronic Dev-team) and MuscleNerd from (iPhone Dev-team). Well, low and behold, today the group has released Redsn0w 0.9.9b9b, adding native support for iOS 5.0.1 but still unable to crack the iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

Third Man 45 iPhone Case Incorporates A Real 7″ Vinyl Record

A vinyl record certainly makes us nostalgic and takes us back to those good old days. But these records are nowhere to be found these days except in obscure shops hidden in street plazas, museums and in peoples garages.

Thinking of Upgrading Your iPhone to iOS 5?

Shortly after the new iOS 5 update, reports claim that many users have encountered problems when they try to upgrade. Some of these problems include lengthy downloads, deleted contacts, paid apps that disappear and many more. My family and acquaintances have had their share of the problems, with the bricked phone being the most common. They had no choice but to do the factory reset, and the painful result is erased notes, photos, videos, and contacts.

Version 3.5 of Facebook for iPhone includes tagging and photo uploads

Facebook for iPhone version 3.5 has now been revealed and it comes with some nice upgrades. For instance, you'll notice some new sharing options from the compose screen, making it easier for you to get desktop-like Facebook functionality on your iPhone. Other updates include better privacy controls, redesigned Profile and Group walls, and the ability to tag your friends in posts.

Police Can Raid iPhone of all its data in 15 Minutes

A cell phone is a highly personal product. It also contains a treasure trove of personal information that could be used against you in a court of law. The scary thing is that the police can strip your iPhone of everything it knows in 15 seconds flat using just one click of a mouse button.

Second-Gen Apple Peel 520 Really Looks Like The iPhone 4

The first Apple Peel 520 case for the iPod touch proved interesting, but it was certainly not without its problems. Now the second-gen version has been revealed and, at the very least, it looks a lot better.

Google Cloud Print enables iPhone and iPad printing thanks to HTML5

So, you're on vacation on some brilliant beach, casually sipping on an umbrella drink when you get a phone call from your desperate co-worker back home. He needs the TPS report he sent you last week and he needs it right now.

Angry Birds iPhone update adds 15 levels, Retina Display, some call a “pixelated mess”

That crazily addictive bird hocking game Angry Birds has just gotten an upgrade for iPhone. 15 new levels are added, Game Center support, with Retina Display compatibility but they missed the menus, fonts and buttons leaving them a pixelated mess - according to upset gamers.

Apple Peel 520 case for iPod touch reviewed: Stick with the iPhone

About a week ago, we caught a glimpse of the Apple Peel 520 case, which effectively transforms an iPod touch into a nearly functional iPhone. It grants the iPod access to a cellular network for voice calls, text messages, and so on. Well, that Peel case has now been reviewed, and I'm not that excited about it as I initially was.

Canada will sell unlocked iPhone 4s for $659

Despite some of the "death grip" controversy, the iPhone 4 has still managed to do quite well for itself in the United States. It took a little longer than we would have liked, but now the latest iPhone is ready to head north of the border to Canada this Friday. And they're offering it unlocked too.

iPhone dock brings you back 25 years, long live the corded desk phone

Feel like taking a few steps backwards on the technological innovation timeline? It must be nice to have a glorious touchscreen and the freedom of being wireless, but sometimes you like the nostalgic feel of a corded desk phone. Now you can combine the two. At long last, an adapter has been created that is aptly called the Desk Phone iPhone Dock. As you can quite plainly see, it's a dock for your iPhone that effectively converts it to a $10 corded phone you could probably buy from Radio Shack.

City of Edmonton solicits iPhone apps for $50,000 award

There is more to Edmonton than the legacy left behind by one Wayne Gretzky. There's the Valley Zoo where you can find Lucy the Elephant. There's historic Chinatown, where you can buy ethnic produce and eat at some interesting restaurants. The City of Edmonton wants people to know about these things and they're offering cold hard cash. Recognizing the importance of modern technology, the municipal government is running some sort of contest to solicit iPhone applications.

‘Don’t Eat That’ iPhone app lists 1500+ dangerous food ingredients and additives

I started paying attention to the foods that I ate about 9 years ago. I can say today that it's one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Not only do I rarely get sick by avoiding foods that attack my immune system and other vital organs, I also feel better all around.

5 Awesome iPhone Pranks To Fool Your Friends

Buzzfeed did a funny video for April Fools Day to prank your friends on their iPhone. Check out the video below for a fun break on...

Apple Contracts 15 Companies to Build Next-Gen iPhone

Most of us know that a new iPhone will be coming in a couple of months or so, but very little in terms of...

95% of iPhone Users Ditch Apps After One Month

The App Store for the iPhone is both a blessing and a curse, because while there are certainly some useful apps, there is also...

Sony Ericsson TM506 from T-Mobile is Ten Times Faster than iPhone 3G

There is no need to question the robustness of T-Mobile's 3G network, if recent speed tests using the Sony Ericsson TM506 are to be...

Get Voice Dial on iPhone 3G for $25

Even though there was a free app floating around for jailbroken iPhones for some time now, a more official version of Voice Dial for...

Apple cuts cost of iPhone 3G by over $50

The goal of any company is to turn a profit and Apple knows how to do this quite well. When you compare the cost...

Howard from Howard Forums Prefers Nokia N95 over iPhone, Instinct, Bold

Howard Forums is easily home to the largest community of cell phone enthusiasts on the planet and its bold leader, Howard Chui, made an...

Unlimited Browsing on iPhone 3G Costs $56 From Softbank

Some people are saying that the Japanese mobile phone market is not going to be all that receptive to the iPhone 3G, because it...

AT&T is Providing a $500 Rebate on iPhone 3G

We already know that you'll be able to pick up an 8GB Apple iPhone 3G from AT&T for $199 if you sign a two-year...

Upgrade Old iPhone to New 3G iPhone For 50 Euros

While we hear that AT&T might be subsidizing the price of the 3G iPhone when it launches next month, Orange France could let you...

No AT&T Employee Vacations Between June 15 and July 12 = 3G iPhone Coming?

According to an internal memo circulating through AT&T and all of their retail stores, employees are not allowed to take any vacations this year...

Gameloft Promises to Deliver Over 15 iPhone Games This Year

The release of the iPhone SDK could prove to be a excellent move on Apple's part, because they're going to rake in all sorts...

Fido User Gets Dinged With $1500 iPhone Bill

That dog is not being blown away by the 3G high-speed experience. He's being blown away by the bill that a Fido customer has...

Bring Your iPhone Monthly Bill To Under $15

The Apple iPhone is making all sorts of top ten lists around this time of year and for good reason. It is a device...

Which is Better? Apple iPhone or Nokia N95? (Video)

So, you've got several hundred dollars to blow on a shiny new cell phone and you can't decide between the Apple iPhone and the...

Custom iPhone App Allows for 45fps Video Recording

The iPhone is widely regarded as a fairly advanced piece of technology, but it was only after the "enthusiasts" got their hands on the...

HTC Touch vs. Apple iPhone: 25-Minute Video Comparison

There's no denying that HTC was trying to counter Apple's effort when they unleashed the HTC Touch unto the world, but how does their...

Nokia N95 Gets Auto Screen Rotation a la Apple iPhone

Although Nokia is the world's biggest cell phone maker, it has been largely overshadowed these past few months because of a certain handset sprouting...

Unlocked iPhone Traded for Nissan 350Z and Three 8GB iPhones

While I was perfectly aware that people desperately wanted the ability to use their Apple iPhone with a network other than AT&T, I didn't...

LG U990 Viewty Looks Like iPhone, Boasts 5MP Camera

If you thought the LG Prada Phone was a beauty, but you needed just a little more pizazz, then it's time to shift your...

Samsung SGH-P520 Looks like iPhone, LG Prada

The form factor for the new Samsung SGH-P520 isn't exactly new for the company, because they have produced calculator phones in the past, but...

500,000 iPhones Sold Over the Weekend

Well, the momentous day has come and gone, so one of the big questions on everyone's mind is how many of these bad boys...

AT&T SMT5700 Smartphone is The iPhone Alternative

Take a little Motorola Q, add a dash of T-Mobile Dash, toss in some BlackBerry for a bit of sweetness. What do you get?...

LG KE850 touchscreen phone separated at birth from iPhone?

The similarities are undeniable. The LG KE850, also known as the "Prada phone" in some circles, received a Product Design Award for 2007 by...

ColorWare Released a Retro-look Limited Edition for iPhone 7 Plus Which Costs $1,899

Every person the world is equipped with one thing they can never live without: a cell phone. These small, handy gadgets may seem harmless...

These Paid iPhone Apps on Sale are Free to Download for a Time

Beginning Tuesday, some iPhone and iPad apps on sale are now free to download for a limited time. So be sure to dive in...

Having A Hard Time Choosing Between an iPhone or Android Phone? Get an Esti...

With some people having difficulty deciding whether to buy an iPhone or Android, or if to switch from an iPhone to Android, perhaps they...

Apple’s First Ever Still Working Computer will be Auctioned Off at $315,000

Steve Jobs’ first ever computer, a still fully operational Apple 1, will be auctioned off in Germany in the next few days. The rare...