China’s Richest Son Buys His Dog iPhones Worth $9,584

For most people, the new iPhone 7 models are a luxury and the meager paychecks of a regular employee are not going to buy you the cool new iPhones that come in colors such as Jet Black and Matte Black. If you’re an Alaskan Malamute, however, who happens to have a very wealthy owner, you […]

CC BY-NC-ND by pchow98
Leaked Images of HTC’s iPhone Looking Smartphone Go Viral

You may have come across duplicate phones that resemble closely to original phones, but what HTC has just done is something of a whole new level. Latest leaked images suggest that the company has created a smartphone that bears a striking resemblance to iPhone 6. In fact so the phones look so close to each […]

Apple Makes iPhone 6s Shell Sturdy and ‘Bend-Proof’

The iPhone 6 Plus took the world by a storm when it arrived last year. Not only it was the largest phone ever built by Apple, but it was also possibly the best iPhone ever built. However, the unexpected happened a few weeks later after its launch when the 6 Plus simply bent inside a […]

iPhone Encryption Locked-Out Manhattan Cops 74 Times

One can frequently come across statements where law enforcement agencies complain that they can’t break through the full-drive encryption in the latest smartphone operating systems. Till now we didn’t know about how often the police run into that sort of problem, but now we do, thanks to a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. According to […]