Maxfield MAX-JOY MP3 player for kids

Is your child nagging you for an MP3 player? You might consider giving in with the new MAX-JOY MP3 player from Maxfield, which is especially designed for kids aged 6 to 12. MAX-JOY addresses almost all the worries that you may have in allowing your child to use an MP3 player, foremost of which is […]

Archos 104 is a small and cheap HDD MP3 player

Archos has introduced a new MP3 player, the 104, which provides solid performance and capacity at a low price. It replaces their Gmini XS 100 and is priced $100 below the iPod nano. The capacity catches your attention – 4GB on a hard drive. Not huge, but a nice step up from the typical flash […]

Powerful Bluetooth speakers from Parrot

So, you’ve loaded up your favourite music phone with tons and tons of top 40 hits, but you have little option but to listen to them on some dinky little headphones. What can you do to share the tunes when you’re talking about hosting a cocktail party – cough, house party, cough – at your […]

Jabra enters the music scene

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the name Jabra, you think of headsets for cell phones and that’s about it. Well, it seems like the company is now working to be become “a leading brand” in mobile music. They’re already well known for Bluetooth wireless headsets and the like, but now similar technology […]

Ministry of Sound’s tiny 1GB MP3 player

Ministry of Sound has got itself an incredibly small MP3 player – about the size of your index finger – but the MOSMP083X10 certainly won’t win any awards for its name. The 1GB audio player is compatible with MP3s, WMAs, and even DRM content, as well as pulling double duty as a voice recorder. The […]

LG’s 3G U8500 gets FCC go-ahead

With great power comes great responsibility, and it is the FCC that decides which cell phones we can have. The organization recently nodded its head to the LG U8500, indicating the 3G clamshell mobile phone is a-okay. This handset comes with a less than spectacular 20MB of internal memory to store the snapshots you take […]

iPod nano hops onto Griffin Tuneflex’s bendy arm

It might not be the end of the world to have the battery on your iPod nano die during your daily commute, but it certainly makes rush hour gridlock that much more painful. The TuneFlex from Griffin alleviates your power concerns, while at the same time mounting your favourite thin music player on a flexible […]

Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 multimedia laptop

Toshiba unveils the Qosmio G35-AV600, its latest 4-in-1 audio-video entertainment laptop. The new notebook features Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with integrated TV tuner, a digital video recorder, and offers users virtual surround-sound stereo. Adding to the impressiveness of this new laptop is that it is the first in the market to feature […]

iPod chip maker is going wireless

Everyone who has been dreaming of a wireless-enabled iPod might not have to wait much longer. PortalPlayer, the company that makes chips for the iPod, is adding WiFi and Bluetooth support to its chips. They have teamed up with Cambridge Silicon Radio, or CSR, a pioneer in Bluetooth Technology. The two companies will combine PortalPlayer’s […]

Never miss a call again with Blueye earbuds

It’s a shame we only have two ears, isn’t it? Mavizen of the UK has come up with a device wherein you can continuously jam away to your audio player, but still be able to take calls through your Bluetooth-enabled phone. The Blueye connects to the earphone jack of your iPod, Creative Zen, or whatever […]

Motorola goes for high-fidelity sound with JBL

With the proliferation of music phones, sound quality has become an important issue for buyers. Motorola recognizes this growing need and has thus teamed up with JBL to provide what they call “unmatched music and communications experiences.” JBL is a division of Harman International, which also includes such high-end names as Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark […]

Sernivo Purchase order of Calypso’s WiFi VoIP Handets Signals New Era

These days a purchase order for a bunch of phones does not seem exciting. This one for the C750w WiFi VoIP phone, however, implies a new market and new considerations for mobile device users. Hidden in the press release about the purchase order is a description of Claypso’s ASNAP technology. ASNAP facilitates switching between standard […]

iPod Accessories market continues to boom

The sheer number of iPod-related products launched at CES and Macworld is testament to the fact that Apple Computer’s portable music players continue to be eponymous in the marketplace. The Pod is everywhere, from Best Buy and Circuit City to high-priced boutiques, even to convenience stores. Everywhere you look, it seems, you can find something […]

Levi’s to Offer iPod-compatible jeans

Levi Strauss will soon offer jeans with the iPod fan in mind. The Levi’s RedWire FLX Jeans, for men and women, will hit stores this fall, sporting a built-in docking cradle for the iPod, retractable headphones, and a joystick in the watch pocket to control the Pod. It is certainly not the first article of […]

Belkin announces XM Radio receivers and cases

Belkin, the company that seems to make every accessory for every electronic device has released two receivers and two cases for XM Radios. The first receiver turns an XM radio into a portable music device, complete with Antenna headphones (said to offer improved reception) and sleeve with belt-clip. Probably most convenient of its features is […]

Bluetooth video glasses by Orange France

X-Men fans may immediately be reminded of “Cyclops” Scott Summers, and Star Trek: The Next Generation enthusiasts may think of Geordi LaForge, but these new video goggles from Orange France will appeal to the geek and techie in all of us. Who needs a 70” plasma television when you can have a tiny screen less […]

Walkman W810i Combines Music, Phone, Camera

Providing a slight upgrade of existing technology, Sony Ericsson are unveiling at CES on Thursday the new W810i Walkman phone. It’s a music player, a mobile phone, and a cameraÑall in one tiny package. Built on the best-selling W800 model, it sports that offering’s high quality and features, along with EDGE and Quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 […]

Bluetooth dongle for your PSP

It seems like the PSP can do pretty much everything these days. Sony keeps adding new features, and companies are tripping over each other in the race to add accessories that make the little wonder device even more wonderful. The next offering to improve your PSP is the new Bluetooth dongle from Ever-E in China. […]

iPod NaNuNaNu Lands in Apple Family

This hoax on gadget news brought to you by Jennifer Thompson. CEO Steve Jobs “Big Fan” Mork and Mindy Boulder, Colorado: Apple unveiled the highly anticipated next generation iPod, the NaNuNaNu ( the “Nanu2”) just before the popular Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The inspiration for the newest podling is the hit eighties sitcom […]

Ear Buds can Cause Hearing Loss, warns Audiologist

We know your mom probably told you many times, but now its coming from a professional. Dean Garstecki, an audiologist with Northwestern University, has warned that wearing ear bud headphones might increase the chances of hearing loss. He says that the ear buds which are mostly used with devices like iPods, MP3 players, etc, increase […]

Samsung i300 phone with 3GB HDD on o2

As a concept, music phones are great. So many of them so far have been frustrating, though, because they have so little capacity that they are hardly worthwhile. You can only have a few songs to listen to, or you have to spend all your time switching songs in and out. I’m glad to see […]

Bluetooth-enabled Audex Jackets Are Now Ready to Wear

Last month we told you all about the Burton Motorola Audex Bluetooth-enable snowboard jackets. This month, they hit the stores in time for you shredders to hit the slopes. Let’s get pricing and availability out of the way first. The jackets start at an affordable $599.95 USD and can be purchased online at Burton.com or […]

Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth stereo headset Reviewed

With Bluetooth headsets becoming more commonplace in the market, and music phones starting to be pushed by almost all the manufacturers, it seems just about right for that technology to evolve to what most of us would think to be the next logical step – Bluetooth stereo audio. Plantronics thinks that it has the answer […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 6233 is sleek and loaded

The third phone that Nokia unveiled on a very busy day today is the 6233. Its a classic looking stainless steel model for business and entertainment which is compatible with WCDMA, GSM and 3G. It has a 2 megapixel camera and a 320×240 QVGA screen to show your pictures off. A digital music player and […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 6234 is exclusive to Vodafone worldwide

The Nokia 6234, a feature-packed new phone announced today, will be available exclusively worldwide from Vodafone. It’s a phone with a little bit of everything. It has a 2 megapixel camera with 8x zoom, and a 320×240 QVGA screen to show off the pictures you take in style. The 3G-enabled phone with WCDMA and GSM […]

Boost Mobile unveils the Motorola i875

Boost Mobile has a new phone for its customers to play with. The Motorola i875 is now available exclusively to Boost customers. Built around what is ambitiously called a ‘multimedia center’, the i875 lets you listen to MP3s, watch MPEG videos and look at JPEG photos. The phone has dedicated external control keys and comes […]

Thump knockoff from Korea: JoyGlass MP300

Oakley’s Thump shades are not exactly the sexiest looking wearable MP3 glasses to be seen with, but that didn’t stop Seek Sports out of Seoul to make their own. The JoyGlass MP300 is exactly that, a 50g pair of shades with polarized lenses, and here’s why they have one up on Oakley, their one-touch mode […]

Yes! A PMP by Yes…sort of

The ever-popular Portable Media Player (PMP) market has found yet another addition, this time from Yes (no, not the rock band). The Yes PMP-9 comes loaded with a 20 GB hard drive – reportedly enough for up to 85 hours of video or 9000 songs – and for extra storage, a Compact Flash (CF) card […]

Mp3 Reviews
Review: S4 MMR1 Wearable MP3 Player

Likely a developmental offshoot of Apple’s iPod Shuffle and the other flash-memory music drives now available, the S4 Styles Co. MMR1 is a minimalist approach to enjoying your music practically anywhere. When I first saw the futuristic curve of the integrated headband, I thought of Jordi on Star Trek’s The Next Generation series. But don’t […]

Coby’s TF-DVD500 Portable DVD/MP3 Player

Coby’s TF-DVD500 Portable DVD/MP3 Player Looks Good While not exactly a household name, low-end home technology manufacturer Coby Consumer Electronics is making noise with its super-slim TF-DVD500 portable dvd/mp3 player. Turning heads at this year’s CES, the sleek TF-DVD500 took home honorable mention for design and good looks, with its unique adjustable stand. But looks […]

Creative launches new Zen Neeon line, now with flash!

Creative Technology is set to launch a series of new Zen Neeon MP3 players, including a few flash-based players to compete with the highly successful iPod nano. The flash memory players come in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities, but unfortunately do not have colour screens: Creative has opted for dual-tone OLED screens instead, supposedly for […]

FunTwist D-Chord 800 makes Bluetooth fun

Funtwist’s new D-Chord 800 combines two of the hottest trends today: Bluetooth and portable MP3 players. Supporting MP3, WMA and WAV formats, this new digital music player also features 7 equalizers, ID3 tag display, and plenty of life out of its 720mAh Li-Polymer battery. When using the Bluetooth headphones, you get six hours, but when […]

Macally mTUNE-N Headset with iPod Nano dock

Because some people just don’t like cables, there’s the mTune-N stereo headset from Mcally. Taking advantage of the Apple iPod nano’s slim profile, mTune features a dedicated slot on the left ear piece for you to easily dock the nano, and also easily allows you to switch tracks or adjust volume via the exposed control […]

Swissbit combines an MP3 player and Swiss Army knife

Technology is all about making things smaller and having more functions. Swissbit has embraced this philosophy with their line of Swiss Army knives that double as a USB key, and now, the company has taken the next logical step and mated a Swiss Army knife with an MP3 player. The s.beat comes in 1, 2, […]

Motorola SLVR L7 is iTunes ready

It’s hardly news that Motorola has announced a new phone, because they seem to do that every day, but this one has a couple of interesting features. The SLVR L7 has much of what you would expect (and have already seen on the ROKR E1). Bluetooth, VGA digital camera and the usual, though slightly faster, […]

Europe gets Samsung SGH-i300 3GB Music Phone

Samsung Electronics has released the SGH-i300 smart Multimedia phone with built-in 3GB hard drive to Europe. The multimedia phone is being called a ‘super music phone’, mainly because it can store 1,000 music files and play back WMA, MP3, AAC, and WAV. A 3D sound engine and digital power amp maximize sound signal and audio […]

MP3 players trigger a rise in muggings?

Going by the conventional punchlines, MP3 players have normally been associated with two Ms – music and magic. But now a new M has been added to its list of inherent qualities – muggings. This may stump one and all, but according to a newspaper report, MP3 players and internet-enabled mobile phones have led to […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 3250 music phone does the twist

Nokia’s latest 3250 music phone has quite an interesting design, one of their first of this style, and probably not the last. The Nokia 3250 music phone features a twisting bottom half, this lets users switch between the mobile phone and the MP3 player controls with just a snap. Sporting 10 hours of music, with […]

Sony PSP in White hits Japan

Global consumer electronics giant Sony has trundled out its Play Station Portable (PSP) in ceramic white. However, now it is available in Japan only. The Americans and Europeans have to wait a little longer for the iPodesque looking device. The unit will be sold as part of a “Value Pack” at a suggested retail price […]

Bluetooth Stereo Kit from IoGear

IoGear has announced a new Bluetooth Stereo Kit that includes Bluetooth Stereo Headphones and an Adapter that plugs into your portable or stationary devices audio 3.5mm or RCA jack. There have been different adaptations of this technology before, many have failed, so it’s nothing new from IoGear. It doesn’t make sense why they would release […]

Sony Redfines the WALKMAN 26 years later

Sony has released their 20GB (NW-A3000) and 6GB (NW-A1000) portable audio devices, dubbing them as the new face for the Sony WALKMAN name. Sporting an impressive advanced organic EL display, these two players feature new shuffle functions. By selecting ‘My Favorite Shuffle’, the device automatically selects the most listened to 100 songs and plays them […]

Alienware CE-IV digital audio player

Alienware today released their CE-IV MP3 players with 512MB and 1GB of built-in memory. Not the most storage for today’s standards, but enough to keep your trip to the gym or trek to the grocery store a bit interesting. You can also add more via the SD/MMC expansion, or if you still haven’t had enough, […]

Motorola iTunes Cell Phone to be Released on Sept 7

Rumors abound that Motorola and Apple Computer are going to launch the highly anticipated ROKR iPod mobile phone on September 7 in San Francisco. The new mobile phone will feature Apple’s iTunes software, which will enable users to move audio files from their PCs to iPod-like phone and then listen to music files through the […]

Wireless Music Bonanza from Logitech

Here is some good news for all those who love to enjoy digital music wherever they please. Logitech, much known for its anywhere wireless technological expertise, has announced the launch of several new wireless devices to make music listening much more mobile. First is the new Wireless Music System for PC, it’s capable of streaming […]

Servinova begins seamless Wi-Fi-GSM/GPRS VoIP network testing with ASNAP

It was first an idea, then a plan, now it’s reality. Calypso Wireless‘ C1250i dual mode Wi-Fi/GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone will be put into action once tests are complete. Using the Cisco Aironet Access Point and the patented Calypso Wireless ASNAP technology, mobile users will be able to switch back and forth between cellular networks […]

Siemens HHB-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headest

A great addition to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone would be a set of wireless stereo-capable headphones. Siemens has released the handsfree compliant HHB-750 Bluetooth headset, it supports A2DP and AVRC profiles, receives audio information on the single-line backlit blue LCD and controls music playback capabilities like start, stop and skip. Whether this will work […]

Calypso C1250i first WiFi Mobile Phone with ASNAP

Calypso Wireless today announced that their 2-year in the making Wi-Fi/GSM-GPRS mobile phone capable of video conferencing over Wi-Fi has shipped to OEMs today. The Calypso C1250i was first introduced to us in 2003, at that time the market was not ready for a phone of this caliber. Some of the technology had to still […]

Windows Mobile 5.0 to run on Samsung SGH-i300 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 5.0 was unveiled today, the first smartphone to use Microsoft’s new Mobile OS will be the Samsung SGH-i300. When we caught wind of Samsungs latest phone back in March at CeBIT in Germany we knew it would stand out in the crowd. Not only did the 3GB internal harddrive dazzle us, but so […]

Archos Gmini XS 100 3GB MP3 Player

Archos added another variation of their “mini” brand of portable audio players today, the Archos Gmini XS 100. This 3GB music player with 1.7″ gray-scale LCD screen is available in Black, Pink, Blue or Silver. Measuring only 3.6 x 1.7 x 0.5-inches and weighing 2.8 ounces makes this thing very tiny, and will run you […]

GPX SportX First MP3 Player with Transflash Support

SigmaTel has just announced that their audio system-on-chip technology will power the new GPX 128MB portable audio player. The $99 MP3 and WMA player called the GPX SportX is nothing more than a set of headphones, everything is packed inside a small enclosure that sits at the back of your head, the player also comes […]