GrooveRider iPod shirt holds tunes close to your chest

We’re all for making it easier to get your groove on, but this seems a bit much … or does it? It is the grooveRider, an iPod shirt that does away with that clunky scroll wheel and replaces it with buttons, just buttons. The shirt has a special pocket to store your iPod and a […]

Belkin TuneStage II connects iPod, home stereo

This new iPod accessory is yet another hookup for your home entertainment system. The fun here is that you can control the whole thing, including volume, from the iPod. The Belkin TuneStage II is Bluetooth-enabled and can stream music up to 33 feet away. You can also connect to headphones, car stereos, and even other […]

Samsung X838 swivel, click-wheel music phone

The Samsung X838 is, yes, a mobile phone with all kinds of regular-issue phone functionality. It hides that function-driving keypad behind the LCD and click-wheel interface, which can swivel out of the way to make room for mundane things like taking and making calls. (That swivel, in fact, goes all the way around the circle, […]

Creative Xmod: a sound upgrade for digital music

Even better than the real thing. That could be the slogan for the Xmod, a device from Creative that the company says modulates digital files into sound quality that exceeds the original CDs. That sounds like a tall order, but the little machine does deliver. Just plop it in between a music player and a […]

Nikon Coolpix S7c digital camera is Wi-Fi ready

I have enough wires sticking out of my laptop. There’s the cable for the external hard drive, another for the mouse, yet one more for my headphones… it’s all too much. If you’re tired of uploading your pictures to your computer the old fashioned way, then you may want to take a gander at the […]

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Nokia unleashes army of music-centric accessories

The world’s largest cell phone maker is keeping pretty busy these days, and today we turn our attention to an onslaught of new accessories, most of which are designed with music listening in mind. They’ve got plenty of stuff to announce, so let’s not waste any time. The HS-62 (covered earlier today) is a set […]

Samsung YP-T9B – Nano sized with Bluetooth and video

Already confused by the choices available in the PMP market? It’s about to get worse. Samsung has released a new player, the YP-T9B, which does a bunch of tricks that Apple’s newest similar offering can’t do. The 4GB player is less than half an inch thick and it weighs just 1.7 ounces, so it squarely […]

Harman unleashes several iPod accessories

The avalanche of new products for iPod junkies didn’t end yesterday. Harman Multimedia International, the company that makes HK and JBL products, has unleashed a ton of new accessories for iPods (or almost anything else) today. The HK EP 700 Series noise isolating in-ear headphones were developed in partnership with Etymotic Research. The EP 710, […]

Disney iPod skins make your nano fun

If you wondered whether iPods were just for adults, look no further for proof of the reverse. Disney is showing off new iPod cases, and your kids’ favorite Disney characters are the stars of the show. The skins come in two fabrics, silicone and PVC. The PVC are definitely the more colorful ones, but the […]

Toshiba TS808 clamshell: Slim, musical, and hi-res

Inevitably, the Toshiba TS808 flip phone is going to be compared to the Motorola RAZR as it is the latest in a long line of skinny clamshells, just like the Sanyo Katana and Samsung Blade before it. The controls on the outer face indicate that the TS808 is a music phone, complemented by an external […]

iPod Digital Drumsticks – make your own beats

Have you always wanted to be a drummer? Do you feel like there is a rock superstar trapped inside your body? You can prove it with the new iPod Digital Drumsticks. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling the BlueBox MiJam drumsticks for a fair $30. They plug directly into your iPod (or non-Apple variety) and allow you […]

REGEN concept puts an MP3 player in a yo-yo

The Smothers Brothers would be in heaven with the REGEN concept MP3 player. Those yo-yoing freaks would never need batteries or a charger to listen to all of their MP3 tunes. The REGEN MP3 player on the yo-yo is powered just by, well, yo-yoing. 10 or 12 yo-yo tosses per hour are enough to keep […]

Toshiba Gigabeat S Review

It seems every day that about 10 or 20 new DAPs (digital audio players) appear on the market, but try as they might, the iPod reigns supreme. The behemoth known as Microsoft has been trying to get into the market for a while now, with various portable media centers made by Creative and others, but […]

Uptown Clutch carries cash, credit cards, iPod

Here’s an iPod case that serves two useful purposes: hiding and protecting the iPod and also presenting a fashion statement. The company is Pacific Design, and their latest is Uptown Clutch, a wallet that has a built-in iPod holder and even a mesh pocket for storing earbuds or headphones. The wallet part of the enterprise […]

Mobile Edge SecurePack: no exterior zippers

If you’re paranoid about backpack security, then the Mobile Edge SecurePack may be just the thing for you. The concern is that bad guys will open a zipper on your pack while you aren’t looking and slide out your iPod or laptop or something else you don’t want to lose. With this new pack, they […]

REVIEW: Telus Mobile Radio, Powered by XM Canada

XM Satellite Radio isn’t reserved for those standalone units anymore. No longer are you restricted to carrying around an XM-only device to play in your car, while strolling down the street, or even at home… at least if you fall within Telus’ service area in Canada. I had the chance to try out their new […]

Pod Safe: combination lock for your iPod

Here’s something that is all about image. The Pod Safe is a lock for your iPod that certainly locks itself to the device but doesn’t exactly keep someone from stealing the whole thing. You can encase your iPod in the locking device and assign a four-number combination to the lock. The cable is steel and […]

Audex ski helmet brings MP3s, phone to the slopes

So you’re up on the slopes and you want to listen to your tunes. No problem. Motorola and Burton Snowboards have you covered… at least your head. When you have an Audex Helmet on your head, you can plug in an MP3 player or even your mobile phone and use the helmet’s headset to listen […]

Plantronics’ autumn collection of Bluetooth devices

Plantronics is hoping to cover all the bases with the release of no fewer than four new Bluetooth devices for the fall. In true Plantronics fashion, they may not sport the flashiest looks, but they get the job done and (presumably) do it well. For audiophiles, the Pulsar 260 is a “pod” that connects to […]

Sony headset lends an ear (or two) to Bluetooth broadcasts

Sony’s stylish new headset does Bluetooth and then some. It’s actually a pairing device, one that can broadcast the sound from a Bluetooth device to the trendy headphones that attach by wires to the main device. One-button shopping enables you to click right on over from music listening to talking on the phone. The transmission […]

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Nokia 770 Internet tablet does Linux

It’s an Internet tablet and it doesn’t do Windows? Where can I get one?! From Nokia comes the 770, a Linux-driven, Bluetooth-enabled tablet that can connect to the Net via a WLAN of the 802.11b or g variety. It’s certainly larger than than the largest smartphone, by a good bit, with a screen resolution of […]

Refurbished iPods to come with bonuses

Apple’s not content with selling millions of new iPods every month. Now they want to sell thousands of refurbished ones as well. The company has started selling repaired and renewed models of their wildly popular media players. All of the refurbished models are Apple certified, have a limited one year warranty, and ship for free. […]

i.Tech Clip R35 Bluetooth headset for musicphones

So, you think you’re king of the hill with your rockin’ new cell phone. Yeah, it’s got music playback capabilities and built-in A2DP stereo, but you don’t want to invest in a pricey Bluetooth stereo headset? Go pseudo-wireless, then, with the new i.Tech Clip R35 Bluetooth solution. Supporting both mono and stereo mode, the controller […]

iWatch is an iPod watch. Makes sense.

Don’t you go rushing out to your friendly neighbourhood electronics store just yet, because this handy little invention is still in the concept stage. Designed by Peter Burns, the iWatch is exactly what you’d expect it to be: it’s a wristwatch with all the music-playing capabilities (and menus) you’ve grown to know and love from […]

Creative unveils ambient noise-deadening ZEN Aurvana

While there is little doubt in the industry that the big honking DJ-style headphones provide not only the best sound quality but also the best ambient noise deadening performance, they usually aren’t the most portable option avaiable. Who wants to rock giant freaking headphones while going for a jog or working out at the gym? […]

Device enables Skype conference call

This handy conference gadget was manufactured to take advantage of the exceedingly popular VoIP technology known as Skype. The little box has four headphone and microphone ports, so up to four people can plug in and use the same connecting device while using just one Skype account. Buttons on the top allow each individual to […]

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JanSport Alt Pack is a fully wired backpack

JanSport’s newest backpack, the Alt Pack, is unquestionably for the hardcore gadget junky. To begin with, the bag is wired for your iPod. It has a dual port connection that will hook up any iPod 3rd generation or later. You can control the iPod with the remote control integrated into the strap of the pack. […]

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High-end d-JAY ear buds from Jens

You might remember Jens of Sweden for their incredibly overpriced but uber-bling music players, but now Jens (sans the “of Sweden”) is set to take a little more subdued look but still grab a pretty penny out of your coin pouch. Jens Nylander has just unleashed the d-JAY in-ear headphones. While on the surface, they […]

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Sonly looks to vending machines to boost sales

We’ve seen companies try to sell electronics through vending machines before, and some, including Apple with the iPod, have had success. Sony is jumping into the vending machine business in an aggressive way, though. Their new machines are called Sony Access, and they have been launched in partnership with Zoom Systems. So far they have […]

iLuv i1055 – a big display for your iPod, and more

Last week we saw the Sonic Impact K1, which gave you a 7 inch display for your 5G iPod. This week, the iLuv i1055 offers the same eye-pleasing display, but in a different manner. The Sonic version was a folding design, whereas the iLuv is a single screen, tablet style device with a docking station […]

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Pepsi ads that actually talk to you

The latest in the ongoing battle between Pepsi and Coke for soft drink supremacy has gone high-tech, sort of. Brand recognition is huge, so you want your customers to be not only know who you are, but to constantly remind them that you are the better cola. That’s why Pepsi has launched an all new […]

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SCE outfits the PSP with lots of Signature accessories

There is no denying the huge fan following behind Sony’s portable gamer. What sets the PSP apart from the competition, however, is that it is being marketed not only as a video game machine, but an all-in-one entertainment device. Like the Apple iPod, there is never a shortage of accessories for the Sony PlayStation Portable, […]

Griffin TuneBuds nano integrate audio cables into lanyard

Tired of feeling ripped off buying official Apple-branded accessories for your iPod? Well, you can save a few bucks by buying aftermarket stuff from other manufacturers and one of the biggest names in that industry is, of course, Griffin. If you’re in love with the Apple in-ear lanyard headphones designed for the sleek and thin […]

Sony D-VE7000S portable DVD player supports DivX

I’ve been looking for a decent alternative to the Korean-made PMPs for some time now, partly because I find that the 4-inch screens don’t give enough justice to Hollywood blockbusters and other epic flicks. Well, I never thought I’d see the day that Sony shows love for DivX, but it’s happening today, because the Japanese […]

Nike and Apple team up on Nike+iPod Sport kit

The iPod is so hot these days that everyone wants a piece of it. Even mega-corp Nike, the marketing superstars, are teaming up with Apple to sell more product. The first result of the collaboration is the Nike+iPod Sport kit. It consists of a small disc which you slide into your running shoe and a […]

BluNA gives Bluetooth capabilities to iPod nano

Say goodbye to your obsolete FM transmitter. You can now add Bluetooth capabilities to your Apple iPod nano thanks to a handy little adapter from ANYCOM Technologies. Dubbed the BluNa, this device is actually Apple approved, complete with a “Made for iPod” logo, and is the world’s first Bluetooth adapter for the iPod. The BluNa […]

Waterproof MP3 player doubles as pedometer

Here’s a catch-all device whose time has come. It’s an MP3 player that is also a pedometer and just happens to be waterproof. It’s from Oregon Scientific, and 1GB of music space, and an FM tuner as well. You can keep track of how long you’ve walked or run, of course, and you can even […]

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Review: Oakley Thump 2 MP3 Shades

When Oakley first released the Thump line of digital audio eyewear back in December of 2004 they had one thing in mind, to make on-the-go music listening a seamless integration with your daily lifestyle. Now almost 1.5 years later, the Thump has evolved into a new style with a serious hardcore look, dubbed the Oakley […]

Jabra shows off Bluetooth goods at CTIA

Jabra has always been in on the headset game, so it comes as no surprise that they have a bunch of musicphone Bluetooth goodies at CTIA in Las Vegas. The BT620s is a hi-fi stereo headset that switches off to calls when to they come in. With 16 hours of talk time and 14 hours […]

Bluetooth iPod coming soon?

This rumor feels like one of those games of telephone that you used to play as a kid, but it is intriguing enough to talk about. The Register is reporting that Stuff, the British magazine focusing on girls and gadgets, has been told by an unnamed British retailer that a Bluetooth equipped iPod is on […]

Portable DVD player: watch a movie, play a game

When is a car DVD player not a car DVD player? When it’s removable. Axion, a company that specializes in mobile entertainment, has released a dual-widescreen DVD player that you can take with you, especially when you’re on the road. The AXN-6079 sports two 7″ screens, one that can play DVDs and one that can […]

Samsung SBH-300 MP3 player does Bluetooth both ways

Don’t let the “Anycall” moniker fool you, the Samsung SBH-300 Bluetooth digital audio player is not a cell phone, but it can pretend to be one. Leave your real handset in your purse, backpack, or wherever, and use this handy music player as a Bluetooth headset. This gadget also “sends” Bluetooth out to stereo headsets […]

iPod update enables maximum volume setting

It wasn’t that long ago that a study concluded that in-ear headphones were a hazard to your ears’ health. Now, Apple is responding to that claim. The iPod maker has introduced a software update for their wildly popular portable music players that allows for a maximum volume setting. No more worries about blowing out your […]

iPod Vending Machine in the Las Vegas Hilton

Maybe you hate dealing with pushy salespeople, trying to force you into some overpriced extended warranty plan. Maybe buying online is a little too complicated for you, or you don’t want to wait for shipping. Well, if you happen to be in the Las Vegas Hilton, you can just wander on downstairs and hit up […]

Retro speaker set rocks USB input

Here’s a fresh change of pace. There are far too many speaker sets out there that come in silky smooth, glossy white designs, and as tacky as the retro-styled unit from Evergreen may appear, I kind of like it. And get this, it isn’t designed specifically for the player from Steve Jobs either; instead there […]

PSP gets Bluetooth from Bluetake

The world of iPod accessories is a little crowded, with everyone and their mother releasing some neoprene case, wireless headphone, or portable speaker set for the glossy white player, but a relatively untapped market is creating extra peripherals for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Bluetake is jumping all over this opportunity by releasing a version of its […]

Skype, beware: Yahoo Messenger with Voice is here

Yahoo has released a new version of its Messenger service, this one with Voice capability. It means that Yahoo has become a direct competitor to VoIP industry leader Skype. Download the free Yahoo Messenger and you can not only IM and share files but also enter into voice chats with other users, or, using the […]

Maxfield MAX-JOY MP3 player for kids

Is your child nagging you for an MP3 player? You might consider giving in with the new MAX-JOY MP3 player from Maxfield, which is especially designed for kids aged 6 to 12. MAX-JOY addresses almost all the worries that you may have in allowing your child to use an MP3 player, foremost of which is […]