O2 Cocoon Multimedia Phone By Syntes Studio

Although this hot little clamshell is branded as an O2 product, it was actually designed by the team at Syntes Studio. They went through a lot of trouble to not only produce a good-looking handset, but also one that is overflowing with functionality and high-tech doo-dahs. The Syntes Studio website outlines some of the key […]

Samsung T9+ DAP Plays Wireless Games With Other Units

It’s not enough to just play music music anymore. Samsung has once again upgraded its DAP line with the announcement of the T9+. The newest addition is the ability to play games “with any of the devices within a 30-foot radius.” In some ways, this is similar to the WiFi capabilities of the Microsoft Zune, […]

Automated Tour Guide: Orpheo NEO Visitor Digital Assistant

If you’ve ever been to a major tourist attraction, there’s a good chance that they presented you with an opportunity to rent an “audio tour.” This would usually consist of little more than a tape and a set of headphones that would help guide you through the maze of a museum. Well, the whole idea […]

Music Video
Wristwatch Plays Music, Displays Videos

I’m not such a big fan of squinting at a viewscreen. I rather like my videos to be big enough to be seen halfway across the room. But I’m old-fashioned. I do like watches, though, and I particularly like the idea of viewing video images on a watch screen, even it’s only 1.8 inches in […]

Digital Drumsticks for the DAP Crowd

You don’t need an iPod to make these drumsticks work, but that ubiquitous name is in the product title anyway. The iPod Digital Drumsticks are motion-activated and have installed six background rhythms if you want to just go with the flow. If you’re really into banging out the bit, however, access the different buttons that […]

Introducing iPods to Kids While They’re Still Tadpoles

People frown on introducing cigarettes and alcohol to children, but getting them addicted to all things Apple is not a problem at all. Hook them young, they say, and they will never be able to leave. I can see Steve Jobs smiling now. The Tadpole iPod Case by iFrogz makes the otherwise delicate iPod much […]

Tiny MP3 Player Boasts 2GB of Tunes

What’s the size of your fingertip but can contain 2GB of data? It’s the Ultimate Smallest MP3 Player. This tiny device doesn’t have a viewscreen, of course, but that is no longer a vital component. Storage capacity rules the roost, even in something so small. The headphones weigh as much as the player—less than one […]

Fashionable and Functional MP3 Watch by Nathan Davis

I really enjoy the gadgetry that I find on Yanko Design, but it’s always a big downer knowing that the vast majority of things showcased there are never going to make it to production. I hope that this MP3 watch is an exception. Designed with runners in mind, the unnamed wrist MP3 player features an […]

Temco Skull-Rattling Bone-Conduction Bluetooth Headset

Deejay-style headphones can be awfully clunky and even the best silicon ear buds can get a little uncomfortable after a while. This new handsfree Bluetooth headset from Temco is something quite different, sending those pulsing audio waves through your skull rather than through your ears. You see, the HG40SAN-TBT implements bone conduction technology. There are […]

Panasonic Unloads Sixteen Stereo Headsets

I love my music, but I also love keeping my music private. Panasonic has just unveiled sixteen new additions to their audio headset line, spanning tiny ear buds at one end, right up to the huge deejay-style cans on the other end. Yes, sixteen new sets of headphones, just in time for the first day […]

Kyocera Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset and Portable Speaker

Having a Bluetooth headset once meant that you were among the technological elite, just as when you were the first person among your friends to have a camera phone or one that played MP3s. Times have changed and just about everyone has a cell phone with a camera these days — it’s harder to find […]

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Wearable Speakers Shout to the World

This takes wearable speakers to a new level. Whereas those were designed to sort of hide the fact that you were wearing outside speakers, the Soundwalk is designed to blare out not only your music, but also the fact that you’re WEARING SPEAKERS ON YOUR SHOULDERS. Despite the come-hither approach of the ad, the Soundwalk […]

Asus A626 PDA Is Only 1.5cm Thick

You want skinny? Asus has got one of the thinnest PDAs out there for you today in the ASUS A626. Powered by Windows Mobile, the A626 is just 1.5cm thick and tips the scales at a mere 158 grams. You’ll barely notice it in your pocket until you whip it out to stare at the […]

Concept Puts MP3 Player on Zipper

Just so we’re clear, you wouldn’t want to forget about this and run it through the wash. It’s a combination zipper-MP3 player. We don’t have a finished product, but we do have a concept, and it’s a rather novel one at that. First of all, you fasten the zipper to approximate pressing the play button. […]

Apple Patents Lanyard, Fanboys Rejoice

Looks like the team from Cupertino has scored itself another patent, but it’s not for a revolutionary mobile communication device or an all-new portable media player. Nope, today Apple has succeeded in patenting the lanyard, except they call it an “ornamental harness.” But wait, haven’t I seen something like this before? How exactly is this […]

Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player Swims With You

Ready to take a dip in the pool but can’t stand to leave your Bette Midler collection behind? For times like those, there is the Dolphin MP3 player, a completely waterproof musical solution. Sure, it doesn’t have loads of storage (just 1GB) or an incredibly feature-packed interface (no display in sight, in fact), but what […]

Sun Visor Theater is a Drop Down Mobile Entertainment System

Coming in first in the How Many Features Can You Pack into a Car Accessory contest, is the Sun Visor Theater, a complete multimedia suite that hides itself when your passenger is actually watching the road ahead. When that sun visor is turned down, however, it sports an extremely complicated combination of functionality, including a […]

Sony MDR-NC60 cancels noise with a big set of cans

There’s no denying that the absolute best noise-canceling headphones you can get are usually those that look like they belong to a club DJ. And here they are: the Sony MDR-NC60. They claim that this set of cans will offer “increased noise reduction compared to the NC50”, which preceded it. In terms of raw number […]

Presto: myBlu turns iPod into phone

Am I blue because the iPhone is currently vaporware? Are you? We both might be interested in this stopgap measure from Mavizen. It’s the myBlu, and it’s the closest we’re both going to come to an official Apple iPhone for several months now. Actually, it looks more like a Tool Time iPhone, but I’ll take […]

The i-BONE isn’t all that it seems

Either they’ve got their heads in the gutter, or the people at Hanics are completely oblivious to the connotations that their latest product name carries with it. May I present to you, the I-BONE Bluetooth bone conduction headphone. Yes, I understand how the name could have been derived, but due to the nature of things, […]

LG Bluetooth stereo headset for fashionable wireless tunes

I don’t see a microphone anywhere on these cans, so I’m not sure if you can use them with your LG Cherry Chocolate Phone, but hey, that’s the price you pay to look good while jamming away at some high quality tunes. The color scheme found on these Bluetooth stereo headphones from LG Electronics would […]

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REVIEW: Systemax Pursuit 4155 RTS Core 2 Duo Laptop

When it comes to selecting a laptop, you have a lot of options to choose from. Some people will want MacBooks, others will want Dells, Toshibas, or HPs. You may not have ever heard of Systemax prior to this review, but the Pursuit 4155 RTS Notebook can easily hold its own against many of the […]

Wraparound earphones bend to your whim

Bluetrek is back with another set of Bluetooth headphones. This one isn’t waterproof, and it doesn’t change with your mood, but it does have a cool wraparound design and color scheme. It’s the ST1, a set of retro-yet-new black and white earbuds that have the incredibly helpful controls built right in, for super-easy navigation without […]

Walletex developing credit-card sized MP3 player

Forget about trying to make things as small as possible, or trying to pack in as much functionality as you can. Get with the program people: slim is in! Walletex is jumping all over the thin phenomenon with their Wallet MP3 player, a DAP that is literally credit card sized. They’re claiming that this would […]

Bluestreamer connects streaming tunes, chats

There’s something about being everything to everybody that really appeals to gadget-makers. Mobile phone companies and MP3 player manufacturers go out of their way to make their products proprietary, and it can be frustrating sometimes to marry an iPod with a Nokia phone, for instance. This is not a problem if you have the BlueStreamer, […]

Spy on your neighbors in style

Even though this looks like something that could heat up an entire city block, it actually lets you listen in on your neighbors. It’s the Spion Orbiter Electronic Listening Device. That big dish on the front of the gun amplifies the conversations taking place in a 300-foot radius, allowing you to use the larger-than-life headphones […]

Pantech offers widescreen in T-DMB sporting IM-U160

While we here in North America are still pretty slow in adopting any sort of mobile television solution, catching dramas on the go has become a way of life for many Koreans. Pantech is furthering the T-DMB revolution with their all-new IM-U160, a fashionable slider phone that boasts a 15:9 widescreen display. Clearly designed with […]

Kleer offers ten times the battery life of Bluetooth

Move on over, Bluetooth, you’ve got yourself a major competitor on your hands. Kleer Wireless Audio is designed to eschew cables while providing top notch audio. Moreover, it is said to provide ten times the battery life of Bluetooth. Instead of being originally designed for wireless data transfers, Kleer’s architecture “was designed from the ground […]

iTalk Pro now recording in stereo

There’s recording, and then there’s recording in stereo. If you want the latter, one option is Griffin’s new iTalk Pro. An update of the popular iTalk, this version gives you two microphones, one on either side of the device, so you can record in stereo. Plug in your headphones to the underside of the device […]

Pink camouflage phone: all flash, little bling

The eye candy on this model far surpasses the functionality. It’s a camouflage design—in pink, no less—, but behind the flash there’s little bling. I’m thinking that Xena would be someone who would use this kind of thing. Other mobile users who have many skills may be interested as well, although they might opt for […]

Sony patent places wires against your person

You have to wonder about things like this, which seem like such a good idea in theory but which might actually kill you. Such is the case with a new concept allegedly from Sony for a body-wired set of headphones. According to a recent report, Sony’s concept incorporates your very body as a capacitor for […]

iPod nano 2G goes for a dip with OtterBox

Looking for a unique holiday gift that special someone on your list this year? Maybe that loved one just picked up one of those 2nd-gen iPod nanos, but is complaining that it isn’t exactly weatherproof. Why not treat them to an OtterBox? OtterBox, as a company, is well known for making fun cases for a […]

Crayola makes MP3 player, not useful for coloring books

Wow, it seems like everyone and their mother is entering the lucrative MP3 player market these days. Crayola, a company much better known for making top notch crayons, has just created a $50 portable music player clearly targetted at the younger set. To be powered by a single AAA battery, the Crayola MP3 player (YCMW2816) […]

Backseat drivers keep entertained with GPS-powered games

It’s that time of year again. We’re going over the hill and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go (for holiday dinner). Want to keep the kids entertained in a whole new way for that long road trip? Check out the Backseat Playground, a GPS-powered “in-car gaming system.” Instead of the standard fare of […]

Video: Robot gets ‘human soul’

We’re getting ever closer to the sentient robotic age. And we’re not talking The Jetsons here, although this robot does roll around on wheels just like Rosie. The latest entry in that technological development race is a robot out of Germany that takes its instructions directly from a plugged-in human boss. The human part of […]

V-Moda vibe hi-definition ear buds

Some people may be content with the headphones that come standard with their recently purchased MP3 player — there certainly is no shortage of iPod-esque white earbuds out there — but for audiophiles who need the most from their music, there is a fairly substantial market out there. The latest premium earbuds to hit the […]

Rugged iPod case can survive dunks in water

One still-popular Latin phrase is caveat emptor: “Let the buyer beware.” We tend to apply that warning to any sort of product that comes with a lifetime guarantee because it usually means that you’ll be attempting to get a replacement at least once. Well, this new iPod case from Peli, the i1010, comes with that […]

N.Tech Vibe NVP 100 rattles the noggin

I guess people really are tired of experiencing the unsightly ear wax associated with in-ear headphones, so they’re trying to find solutions wherein you can still fully enjoy your music without ever putting anything in or on your ear. N.Tech hopped on over to the Next Generation Computing Show 2006 to reveal the VIBE NVP […]

Best Buy cheers as FCC approves Insignia NS-DVB DAP

Apple may own 75% of the DAP/PMP market with its everywhere-you-look-there-it-is iPod, but Best Buy is taking on that very same segment with the NS-DVB2G, DVB4G, and DVB8G, all of which have just received the almighty FCC stamp of approval. Aesthetically and functionally, all three units are identical with the exception of the on-board storage […]

Earring-style earbuds get jiggy with it

Do you want to feel your music? Like, really feel it? NTech thinks you do, and that’s why they’ve unleashed a set of Bluetooth earbuds that boast a “vibration feature.” Known as the NVE 100B, these earring style headphones do not actually go into your ear canal like conventional buds. Instead, they seem to clip […]

iLuv i1055 is a portable DVD player for the iPod

This is exactly the definition of a multimedia device. It’s the iLuv i1055, a portable DVD player that has an iPod dock on the back. The intuitive use of this is plopping a Video iPod in that dock on the back, running a S-Video cable between the dock and the 7-inch screen, and watching your […]

Dream gadgets you absolutely NEED

Here’s a fun game to play. Imagine you suddenly didn’t have a single gadget. You’d obviously have to run out and stock up immediately before you died of withdrawal. If I found myself in that situation, and I had a reasonable budget of a couple of thousand dollars or so to spend, these are the […]

Review: Archos 604 Portable Multimedia Player

They promised us a review unit a good two months ago, it has taken quite a long time for the electronics maker to finally get it out to us. Let me tell you, though, I couldn’t be more pleased when I cracked open the box. Archos is known for being a leader in the portable […]

Get wireless tunes from your iPod with Etymotic

Why not eschew cables altogether and opt for a kit like the Etymotic Ety8 earphones? These in-canal earbuds boast Bluetooth technology, providing you with between six and nine hours of head bobbing enjoyment, all without the tangle associated with regular headphones. Like most other high-end earpieces, the Ety8 come with a bevy of silicone rubber […]

Six screens in one: Z-Agon Video Cube

Talk about multitasking. The Z-Agon Video Cube is perfect for people who love to channel surf and make optimum use of picture-in-picture, because it boasts not one, not two, but six full-color screens measuring 2.5-inches each. The square PMP doesn’t appear to have any memory of its own, but it’ll catch those multimedia streams via […]

Top Tech of the week – 10.27.2006

It has been another great week for interesting technology. A bunch of items and news stories have been worth checking out, and we’ve carried most of them. As we do every week, we have compiled our choices of the five top gadgets of the week: i-Classic iPod dock With so many docking stations coming out […]

Review: RCA Lyra X3030 PMP / PVR

The 4-inch PMP market is getting awfully crowded these days, with plenty of offerings from Cowon, Archos, Maxian and others. RCA Thomson may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to meeting your mobile entertainment needs, but they’re certainly bringing a lot to the table with the Lyra X3030. After […]

Axxen Playdisc: music that comes with a free MP3 player

I knew that MP3 players were getting cheaper and cheaper these days, and it is incredibly easy to find full albums on the internet for your downloading pleasure (let’s keep it legal folks), but this is taking it to a whole new level. Axxen Korea has developed “Playdisc”, a “new music album” that doubles as […]