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Unique loop headphones soon to be in blue


Audio-Technica’s ATH-CK5 headphones have already hit the market with a unique “loop support feature” that is designed to bend and flex for a perfectly snug fit in your ear, but apparently the company thinks it’s pretty big news that you’ll soon be able to pick up a set in a ...

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Block out the world with Brighton noise-cancelling headphones


So you’re jamming away, listening to your iPod during your daily commute. Inevitably, the bus hits a big traffic jam in the middle of a construction zone: cars are honking, jackhammers are jackhammering, and you can’t hear a bloody thing. Enter Brighton’s over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. These chunky DJ-style headphones have ...

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JVC headphones for the winter season


Well, maybe not that hot, but at least they’re headphones that’ll keep you warm during these dark, cold winter days. JVC has launched a set of headphones that double as ear muffs so you can keep the sides of your head nice and toasty while jamming away with Kanye West ...

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Hearing Loss? Earbud Headphones will do it


Those snug fitting earbud style headphones, although sound great, may be damaging your hearing. According to a study published last year in the journal Ear and Hearing reported results from Dr. Brian Fligor of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Fligor investigated a variety of headphones and found that, on average, the ...

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Digital Age Launches Walk-Free Wireless Headphones


Digital Age prompts you to “unchain the music from your Mac or PC” with the launch of its Walk-Free wireless headset. This device enables you to listen to your favorite audio files, in-and-around your home, place of work or dorm room without bieng tied down. The new headphones run on ...

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Three Logitech Headphones for MP3 Players


Logitech has released three high-quality headphones, the Logitech Wireless, Logitech Identity and Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3. The wireless headphones will work within 30 feet of your Bluetooth device, they feature the latest Bluetooth 1.2 specification and frequency hopping for crystal clear digital audio. They are priced at $129.99. Logitech’s ...

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Logitech Bluetooth Wireless iPod Headphones


Logitech has announced a new set of iPod headphones that run wirelessly off of Bluetooth technology. The new iPod headphones allow users to receive sound from their iPod as far as 30 feet away. The headphones work by connecting a dock to the bottom of your iPod that handles the ...

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Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Headphones


Sony has announced their new noise canceling headphones which reduce “white noise” by 80 percent. The MDR-NC50 is a full ear 40mm headphone set that cancels environmental noise leaving you with clarity of sound. The noise canceling technology uses a built in microphone that detects external noise from low-frequency sources ...

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New Bluetooth Headphones: Nightingale BSH 338


Two companies, touch and i.Tech have a new product that they announced today, the Nightingale BSH 338, a wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones. The headphones allows you to receive sound from any Bluetooth enabled device such as a cell phone. That’s not all; you can plug in the wireless USB dongle ...

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HP Releases Proprietary Bluetooth Headphones


I really don’t understand these companies some times, HP has finally made their Bluetooth stereo headphones available on the HP Shopping website for a really good price of $99, but they will only work with Bluetooth-enabled iPaqs. So far the supported Pocket PCs are the h2200, h4100, h4300, h5100, h5500, ...

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