CES 2010 Wrapup: Sights, Sounds and Reflections

There’s no better way to overload your brain and body than by spending a week in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The event brings together thousands of vendors, tens of thousands of visitors and millions of feet of exhibition space in the most imaginary of locales.

iWave Grass Roots Collection Grows Wood for CES

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off a little later this week in Las Vegas and I fully intend on seeing all there is to see at the show while I am there. It’s going to be a hectic show for sure, but sometimes, you need to just relax and get back to nature. At least, […]

REVIEW - BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone from Rogers Wireless
REVIEW – BlackBerry Bold 9700 from Rogers Wireless

We officially found out a couple of months ago that Rogers Wireless would be carrying the BlackBerry 9700. Well, it is most definitely a part of their holiday lineup and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a review unit to take out for a test drive. If you’re looking for the latest […]

microSD makes a play for music – via SanDisk

The thumbnail-sized microSD card always strikes me as a recipe for lost data. A breeze, a bump on the train, a fumble when loading could all result in that micro flash card disappearing forever. So when I got the ABBA Gold player pack from SanDisk (or should I say Sansa), I was worried that if […]

REVIEW - Maximo iMetal iP-HS5 Isolation Headset
REVIEW – Maximo iMetal iP-HS5 Isolation Headset

Last year, I took a look at the iMetal iP-HS2 Isolation Headset from Maximo Products. This headset was largely catering to the iPhone, but since it used a standard 3.5mm connection, it could be used just as easily for any variety of other audio devices. At the time, I found the sound quality to be […]

REVIEW – Yubz Magnum Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Now that the iPhone can do the stereo Bluetooth thing, I have a burning suspicion that the market for stereo Bluetooth products could be on the rise in the months to follow. You could certainly invest in a set of stereo Bluetooth headphones to enjoy your music, but what if you want to share those […]

Looking Forward to Standard 3.5mm Jacks for HTC Devices

In general, I’d say that I like most of the devices that come out of the HTC camp. My first real smartphone was an HTC and it was through HTC that we were initially introduced to Google Android. However, HTC is not without its quirks. For example, where are the 3.5mm headphone jacks? It seems […]

REVIEW – Maximo iM-590 iMetal Isolation Earphones

As a kid, I was perfectly satisfied with whatever headphones came with my Sony Walkman. All I wanted was the ability to take my favorite mixtapes with me on the go, bobbing my head as I rode the bus to the mall on the weekend. These days, my tastes have changed considerably and my journey […]

CES 2009 – Checking Out the iPod Accessories

The Consumer Electronics Show has just about everything under the sun, but one of the areas that continues to be pretty fun is in the iPod accessory market. Apple’s famous portable music player, as well as the Apple iPhone, continue to provide a lucrative platform on which to expand and grow. As a result, nearly […]

Upgrading Cheap Earphones For Just Thirteen Bucks

Most MP3 players and other portable players come bundled with a pair of pretty cheap headphones, not really giving you the proper aural experience that you deserve. While you may want to invest in a pair of $100+ earphones, you might want to save some money too. The Silicone Acoustibuds adapters serve this very purpose. […]

The Show Review: CES 2009

Like tech reporter Michael Kwan, I spent four+ crazy days on the show floor at CES in Las Vegas as vendors got their game on. I kicked tires – literally – where companies were featuring automotive tech, and I took a ride in an Indy Car simulator. Tech from this simulator is being used by […]

REVIEW: Griffin Component A/V Cables for iPod

With the noted exception of the iPod shuffle, the entire line of iPod portable media players is capable of playing video files. This makes it very convenient to keep up with your favorite television shows, video podcasts, and even feature-length movies if you’re alright with squinting your eyes. That’s all well and good, but what […]

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REVIEW: Griffin TuneBuds Earphones

After taking care of getting a protective case for the iPod, one of the most common upgrades that people consider is getting a new set of headphones. The classic white earbuds that come with the Apple iPod are decent, I suppose, but if you really want to get the most of your portable music experience, […]

Mercedes Splitview Command Display Shows Two Images on One Screen

In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to watch a DVD in your car while driving. That’s why most monitors for DVD-watching are placed behind the driver’s shoulder. It’s also why in-dash DVD players, officially, shouldn’t be run while you are actually on the road. You should pull over and put the vehicle in park. That’s […]

Noise-Canceling iPod Earphones Plug into Dock Connector

Why hadn’t they thought of this before? We’ve bot a bevy of speaker docks and FM transmitters that make use of the iPod dock connector, so why can’t headphones do the same thing? I could very well be wrong, but I think these are the first iPod earphones that I have ever seen that actually […]

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REVIEW: FutureSonics Atrio Premium Earphones

When you pick up a shiny new iPod or some other portable media player, it usually comes bundled with a free set of headphones. These do the job, I suppose, but true audiophiles are far from satisfied with what these pack-in headphones can offer. The sound quality simply cannot be matched against a higher-end set […]

Sony VAIO TT Notebook: Quantum of Solace Edition

What is the ideal laptop for an international super spy who calls himself Bond, James Bond? Is it the one with built-in lasers and a self-destructing mechanism? Apparently not, because the official Quantum of Solace notebook computer is none other than the Sony VAIO TT. Built for worldwide espionage, this laptop has been designed to […]

Musical Toque Keeps Your Head Warm and Bobbing

The winter months are upon us. Maybe you’ve started digging through the closet to rediscover your old scarf and gloves, but what about keeping that head warm? In an effort to not only keep your head nice and warm, but also to keep you mildly entertained at the freezing bus stop is the iLogic Sound […]

LG Rhythm Parties Like Rock Star on Alltel

There’s no mistaking what the LG Rhythm is all about. This slider phone is on its way to Alltel and it’s geared directly at the music lovers in the audience. Got tunes? Get Rhythm. The music-focused slider phone will be available in your choice of black or white and while the integrated MP3 player is […]

New Apple MacBooks Include iPhone Headset Integration

Here’s an interesting little tidbit that flew under the radar during yesterday’s MacBook announcements. As it turns out, the new notebooks from Apple come with integrated support for iPhone headsets. Big deal, right? So you can use a set of standard 3.5mm headphones with a laptop that has a 3.5mm jack, right? Well, the integration […]

No Headphone Jack on Android-Powered T-Mobile G1

Seeing how the T-Mobile G1 with Google is supposed to be a consumer-minded smartphone, it’s awfully strange to find that there is nary a headset jack in sight. HTC didn’t even equip the Dream G1 with a 2.5mm jack, opting instead to only provide us with a miniUSB port. I hate adapters. The T-Mobile G1 […]

Apple Let’s Rock Event Roundup: New Nano, Touch, iTunes, Etc.

As you may have heard, Steve Jobs and Apple held themselves a little event this morning. There’s a lot of coverage out there, but some of us just want the key details. And that’s exactly what this point is going to provide. I was following the Gizmodo liveblog, so here is what I learned. – […]

Thin Sony Walkman Suggests Songs For You

I don’t know too many people who own a Sony Walkman MP3 player, unless you count the people that own a Sony Ericsson cell phone. Although the Walkman brand doesn’t hold quite the same weight as it once did, Sony continues to innovate with its portable media players. The latest media player from Sony is […]

Apple iPhone 3G Gets Unofficial Stereo Bluetooth Support

Although it is now boasting some blazing 3G high-speed data and some nifty GPS navigation, there are still a few pieces missing to complete the ultimate iPhone package. The second coming of the Jesus phone is supposed to replace your regular mobile phone and your iPod, but where is the stereo Bluetooth support? It’s here. […]

iPod Docks Coming to Singapore Airlines Business Class

Sitting through a trans-Pacific flight for 12 hours at a time can be a rather mind-numbing experience, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could be afforded some personalized entertainment? Singapore Airlines is hooking up business class passengers with iPod docks. Yes, these docks will also work with iPhones as well. The initial launch of […]

Does Bruce Wayne Approve of Unofficial Batman MP3 Player?

You could easily opt for something from iRiver, Apple, or whatever other manufacturer of portable music players, but you just wouldn’t be Gotham chic without something like this Batman MP3 player. The Batman MP3 player itself is shaped like a 2.75-inch black batshuriken and it seems to be lacking any sort of display whatsoever. Just […]

Apple iPhone Goes Stealthy Thanks to Colorware

It’s not quite the same thing as the 3G iPhone, but you might be able to fool some of your friends by showing off an iPhone with a matte black finish on the back. The good people at Colorware are back to their color-swapping ways again, this time taking aim at not only the iPhone, […]

Jabra’s Mono A2DP Bluetooth Headset is Exercise in Futility?

You could say that Jabra knows a thing or two about Bluetooth headsets, but this has got to be an industry first. When most people consider listening to music on their cell phones, they’d love the opportunity to cut the cords and listen through a set of wireless headphones. In order for this to work, […]

Blink and Wink Your Way Through New iPod Controls

We’re either getting terribly lazy or we’re running out of useful ideas. It seems that a new iPod controller has been developed in Japan wherein you can skip to the next track simply by blinking an eye. On the one hand, you can see how something like this would be useful for people who have […]

Unloading the Bling Blang Audio Accessories from iLuv

Valentine’s Day is just two days away, so that probably means that more than half the male population is still scratching their respective heads over what to do on that fateful day. Chances are that the flower shops and chocolate stores are close to being wiped clean, so it’s time to up the ante with […]

Motorola EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker Big On Sound

Sometimes, you don’t want to bother holding your cell phone up to your head. Sometimes, you don’t want headphones to stick out of your ears for your music enjoyment experience. Addressing both of these desires is the recently revealed EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker from the people at Motorola. It’s certainly a little larger than some […]

BT-03i Touch Panel Headset Is Not Absolute Genius

I might be alone on this front, but I’m not a big fan of the whole touch-sensitive control phenomenon. You’ll notice these slick non-buttons on everything from LG cell phones to Samsung printers these days, and the idea is that they can hide the controls behind a piano black finish. No ugly buttons and only […]

Share Music Five Ways For Only 20 Bucks

What do you do when there’s only one iPod between five friends? There are plenty of headphone splitters on the market, but most of them only split the input into two output jacks. The Belkin RockStar goes so much further than that, helping you share those tunes with four other friends. The six-pronged device can […]

Official Asus Eee PC Accessories Make It Easier Than Ever

Asus has been telling us that their Asus Eee PC is supposed to be easy to work, easy to learn, and easy to play, but without a full complement of accessories, it can’t be that easy to use right? Although you probably still have a hard time finding a unit in stores, the Asus Eee […]

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Nokia Cell Phones Getting Magnetized Ports

One of the cool features that people like to talk about is the magnetized power cord included with Apple MacBook computers. That same feature is reportedly heading to a series of Nokia mobile phones. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that Nokia cell phones typically have two ports that are quite close to one another: […]

Princeton PTM-BAH2S Bluetooth Headphone Adapter For Regular Joes

I can’t say for certain, but I think what the PTM-BAH2S Bluetooth headphone adapter by Princeton Japan is meant to do is to provide you with wireless freedom to your cell phone while still letting you use whatever 3.5mm headphones you’d like. It acts as a Bluetooth controller, easily hooking up with your mobile phone […]

Tok Tak MP3 Player Same Size As Audio Adapter

And you thought the clip-tastic iPod shuffle was small. Designer Tae-wan Kim has come up with an MP3 player that’s about as tiny as it gets, looking more like an audio jack adapter than a full-fledged music player. To a random passer-by, it’ll look like you just have a set of headphones dangling from your […]

Apple Leopard Confirmed With A2DP Stereo Bluetooth

Although the Apple iPhone doesn’t seem to have any stereo Bluetooth support, the Cupertino-based company is happy to cut the wires on their new computer operating system, codenamed Leopard. Mac OS X Tiger lacked any sort of A2DP Bluetooth audio profile support, so it’s nice that Steve Jobs and the rest of the produce-fueled team […]

Samsung YP-T10 MP3 Player Looks Familiar

When I came across this supposedly new digital audio player from Samsung, I swore that I’ve seen the YP-T10 before. It just looks so familiar and then it dawned on me: isn’t the YP-T10 basically the same as the Samsung YP-K3. Sure, it falls under the T-series rather than the K-series, but when you check […]

iPhone Adapter Bundled in With iSkin CERULEAN X1 Earphones

The recessed earphone jack on the Apple iPhone has been the cause of many audiophile headaches as they cannot use their favorite set of headphones. If your favorite set of earphones happens to be the CERULEAN X1 from iSkin, your worries are now over, because the company is now including an iPhone adapter with their […]

Yepp YP-P2: Samsung’s Challenge to the Apple iPod Touch

I personally like the physical design of many Samsung products. The YP-K5 MP3 player, for example, is quite the attractive piece with its slide-out speaker and touch-sensitive controls. Possibly in an effort to compete against the recently announced iPod touch, Samsung has launched the Samsung Yepp YP-P2, a personal media player that boasts a touchscreen […]

Naming Gone Wrong: Trekstor iBeat Blaxx MP3 Player

I’m hoping that the department at Trekstor responsible for naming the iBeat Blaxx MP3 player is just ignorant, because if they did this on purpose, they’re going to get some serious backlash from the public. Like, what were they thinking? The name of this product sounds like it could be the IM username of a […]

Rock Out With Rockit! iPod Shuffle Clone

Loving the clip-tastic form factor of the iPod shuffle, but not impressed with the measly one gigabyte of storage? Enter the Rockit! Mini player, a unit that boasts either 2GB or 4GB of capacity. In just about every other way, the Rockit! Mini player is identical to the unit marketed by Cupertino, measuring 1 1/4″ […]

iPod Skirt Encourages Sporty Movement

No, women have not been left out of the iPod-specific clothing market. Proof of that is this product, a “skort” that can accommodate that little MP3 player within a hidden pocket. (For that matter, you can hide your cell phone in there, too.) The Skirt Sports Built-in Shorties Skirt is a skirt-biker shorts combination that […]

O2 Cocoon Multimedia Phone By Syntes Studio

Although this hot little clamshell is branded as an O2 product, it was actually designed by the team at Syntes Studio. They went through a lot of trouble to not only produce a good-looking handset, but also one that is overflowing with functionality and high-tech doo-dahs. The Syntes Studio website outlines some of the key […]