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Nokia HS-62 Advanced Music Headphones for the NSeries


Nokia came out with a pile of accessories this week, and one of the most interesting is the Nokia HS-62 Advanced Music Headphones. There a set of full sized, ear covering headphones designed for use with the NSeries multimedia computers and other Nokia devices. They have 40mm stereo speakers inside, ...

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BeCell’s vibrating headphones pump up the bass


From a company called BeCell comes the VSG160G, a pair of headphones that rocks the ability to really shake up your world. It’s a built-in motorless vibration system, something that you might find enjoyable for music, movies, or games. The VSG160G is compatible with most devices, including DVD players. The ...

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Elecom Ear Drops: Faux bling headphones


It’s funny, really, because when we see the latest Nokia Vertu phone or the even Jaren Goh’s $300,000 Black Diamond, we drool at the bling and wish we had that kind of money to waste on something so trivial. Then, something more affordable like the Elecom Ear Drops earbuds pop ...

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Bose goes smaller with QuietComfort 3 headphones


Bose QuietComfort 2 Noise Cancelling headphones are unquestionably effective, but the problem for some people is that they aren’t exactly streamlined. In fact, they’re kind of huge. The company has addressed that situation with the release of the new Bose QuietComfort 3 Noise Cancelling headphones. The company’s goal was to ...

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Bluetooth headphones offer streaming stereo


Not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for clever names. This company certainly has one: It’s Blue Ant, and it’s out of Australia. Its latest product is a stereo bluetooth headset, the X5. This rather large yet handy headset does what you would expect it to—connect to an audio ...

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Soundwalk speaker vest eliminates headphones


No, we’re not reporting on the latest bulletproof vest technology coming out of Asia that packs RFID tags, DMB TV or anything like that. Instead, this SWAT gear-looking article of clothing is a speaker set that you wear. Dubbed the “Soundwalk”, it appears to be designed for use in the ...

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Bass-heavy headphones


Some of us like a little more bass in our musical-listening lives. It’s not enough to hear the melody and the drums. It’s the bass that really drives a tune, even a show tune. The folks at V-MODA have us bass freaks in mind. They’ve become quite the bass-focused manufacturer ...

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Waterproof headphones from H2O Audio


What good are waterproof cases for your iPod when you don’t have a set of headphones to go along with them? A shocking experience, I know. That’s why Otterbox and H2O Audio came around with the announcement of their new waterproof headphones. A perfect complement to the Otterbox waterproof iPod ...

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17 new headphones from Sennheiser


You’re only as good as your next pair of headphones. That’s the mantra of Sennheiser, who are poised to show off 17 new models in the next couple weeks. Some of the new models sport a small rubber attachment that you can hook around your ear, making sure that your ...

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Six speakers crammed in a set of headphones


WaveOn isn’t going to win any awards for the aesthetic design of its ‘aon, but the USB headphones certainly are innovative, shoving six speakers in there for true 7.1 channel sound. According to AVING.net, each ear will be treated to a speaker dedicated front/center, one for the rear, and, of ...

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$3,100 Ultrasone Edition 7 headphones


If you have a load of cash laying around and are a fan of really, really good sound, then you might want to check out Ultrasone’s Edition 7 luxury headphones. They are very high end headphones that are individually serial numbered from 1 to just 999, so chances are very ...

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