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Logitec LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth Headphones Look Comfy


We’ve got ourselves some spiffy looking Bluetooth headphones coming down the hatch, this time from the engineers at Logitec (that’s the company without the H). Logitec Japan, not to be confused with the company that made my computer mouse, has just unveiled the LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth clip-style headphones. Compatible with A2DP ...

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Shure announces triple driver in-ear headphones


And I thought the V-Moda Vibe modaphones I reviewed were pretty good already. Shure is surely one of the most respected names in the premium earbud segment, and they’re keeping a good thing going by announcing four new additions to their noise-cancelling lineup: the SE210, SE310, SE420, and SE530. On ...

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Stylish and wireless: Creative SE2300 stereo headphones


It’s just a touch of a misnomer to call the Creative SE2300 headphones “wireless”, because while the connection to the actual audio device doesn’t require a cable, there is that black stringy thing that connects the two earpieces. Operating on Bluetooth technology, these headphones feature a clip-on design coupled with ...

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Sexy earrings double as headphones


Technology is just as much about fashion as it is function. The latest gadget is oftentimes lusted after as a fashion accessory. Such may be the case today, as Earmecca has announced the BiJE EP series, “pink-color jewelry-style earphones” with a clip to hold onto your ear lobe. The little ...

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iLuv Bluetooth headphones cuts the cord


I don’t know about you, but my idea of a good time is to eschew any and all cables I possibly can, and that includes my music-enjoying sessions. iLuv has a couple of new Bluetooth headphones coming down the chute, and they’re both iPod and musicphone compatible. The i903 is ...

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Jaw-rattling headphones from Audiobone


Yuck. That’s usually the first reaction people get to earbuds that come encrusted with some nasty ear wax. Now you can avoid that disgusting problem altogether with the Audiobone MGD-04, a set of headphones that “delivers sound through the cheek bone” rather than into your ears. The speakers are placed ...

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One MP3 player, two headphones


Microsoft may be emphasizing the communal properties of the upcoming Zune media player, but what if you could share your music in a much more direct way? CAU Digital Corporation has come up with a slim MP3 player that boasts some unique functionality: it allows two people to listen to ...

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