BeCell’s vibrating headphones pump up the bass

From a company called BeCell comes the VSG160G, a pair of headphones that rocks the ability to really shake up your world. It’s a built-in motorless vibration system, something that you might find enjoyable for music, movies, or games. The VSG160G is compatible with most devices, including DVD players. The vibration level is adjustable, so […]

Elecom Ear Drops: Faux bling headphones

It’s funny, really, because when we see the latest Nokia Vertu phone or the even Jaren Goh’s $300,000 Black Diamond, we drool at the bling and wish we had that kind of money to waste on something so trivial. Then, something more affordable like the Elecom Ear Drops earbuds pop up and everyone scoffs at […]

Bose goes smaller with QuietComfort 3 headphones

Bose QuietComfort 2 Noise Cancelling headphones are unquestionably effective, but the problem for some people is that they aren’t exactly streamlined. In fact, they’re kind of huge. The company has addressed that situation with the release of the new Bose QuietComfort 3 Noise Cancelling headphones. The company’s goal was to create a smaller, more portable […]

Bluetooth headphones offer streaming stereo

Not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for clever names. This company certainly has one: It’s Blue Ant, and it’s out of Australia. Its latest product is a stereo bluetooth headset, the X5. This rather large yet handy headset does what you would expect it to—connect to an audio device, portable or not, via […]

Soundwalk speaker vest eliminates headphones

No, we’re not reporting on the latest bulletproof vest technology coming out of Asia that packs RFID tags, DMB TV or anything like that. Instead, this SWAT gear-looking article of clothing is a speaker set that you wear. Dubbed the “Soundwalk”, it appears to be designed for use in the great outdoors, perfect for disturbing […]

Bass-heavy headphones

Some of us like a little more bass in our musical-listening lives. It’s not enough to hear the melody and the drums. It’s the bass that really drives a tune, even a show tune. The folks at V-MODA have us bass freaks in mind. They’ve become quite the bass-focused manufacturer of late, and now they’ve […]

Aiwa’s UZ-PS128 headphones with built-in MP3 player

To some people, Aiwa “is and always was a lower-end brand of Sony”, but I grew up listening to my Aiwa-branded record player and I loved it. The name brand is still alive and kicking, and this time they’re pushing the technology just a touch beyond what is currently available. When you’re going for a […]

Waterproof headphones from H2O Audio

What good are waterproof cases for your iPod when you don’t have a set of headphones to go along with them? A shocking experience, I know. That’s why Otterbox and H2O Audio came around with the announcement of their new waterproof headphones. A perfect complement to the Otterbox waterproof iPod cases, these headphones provide high-fidelity […]

17 new headphones from Sennheiser

You’re only as good as your next pair of headphones. That’s the mantra of Sennheiser, who are poised to show off 17 new models in the next couple weeks. Some of the new models sport a small rubber attachment that you can hook around your ear, making sure that your stubborn ears don’t reject the […]

GEiL armband MP3 player with wireless headphones

Nearly all small form-factor MP3 players these days either come with an armband accessory, or one is available for purchase. Armbands are great for when you’re at the gym or going for a run, and now GEiL of Taiwan has made an audio player that is built right into a flexy-looking armband. Unveiled at CeBIT […]

Six speakers crammed in a set of headphones

WaveOn isn’t going to win any awards for the aesthetic design of its ‘aon, but the USB headphones certainly are innovative, shoving six speakers in there for true 7.1 channel sound. According to AVING.net, each ear will be treated to a speaker dedicated front/center, one for the rear, and, of course, the all important subwoofer. […]

$3,100 Ultrasone Edition 7 headphones

If you have a load of cash laying around and are a fan of really, really good sound, then you might want to check out Ultrasone’s Edition 7 luxury headphones. They are very high end headphones that are individually serial numbered from 1 to just 999, so chances are very good that the guy sitting […]

Koss Tügo MP3 headphones

I think it would be nice to have some nice big, comfortable noise blocking headphones that I could wear around without having to worry about wires or having a pocket for my MP3 player. Koss must think so too, because that’s exactly what their new Tügo headphones are. They are a player, controls, battery and […]

Victor wireless headphones help you untangle the wires

A bunch of new wireless headphone systems have been unveiled by JVC-Victor in Japan. Sporting some uber-lightweight infrared technology, the HP-ALW600 (not to be confused with your friends over at Hewlett Packard) weighs in at a mere 2.8 ounces. The lack of mass will serve you well for those long Radiohead sessions. If you’re more […]

Unique loop headphones soon to be in blue

Audio-Technica’s ATH-CK5 headphones have already hit the market with a unique “loop support feature” that is designed to bend and flex for a perfectly snug fit in your ear, but apparently the company thinks it’s pretty big news that you’ll soon be able to pick up a set in a navy bluish colour. The loop […]

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Block out the world with Brighton noise-cancelling headphones

So you’re jamming away, listening to your iPod during your daily commute. Inevitably, the bus hits a big traffic jam in the middle of a construction zone: cars are honking, jackhammers are jackhammering, and you can’t hear a bloody thing. Enter Brighton’s over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. These chunky DJ-style headphones have active isolation of up to […]

LTB Audio System launches True 5.1 wireless headphones at CES 2006

LTB Audio System ups the ante a bit as far as wireless headgear is concerned with the True 5.1 wireless headphones, which is scheduled to be launched at the CES next year. The new headphones function in the 2.4GHz frequency range and produce six-channel, distortion-free audio quality that video gamers and home theater patrons will […]

JVC headphones for the winter season

Well, maybe not that hot, but at least they’re headphones that’ll keep you warm during these dark, cold winter days. JVC has launched a set of headphones that double as ear muffs so you can keep the sides of your head nice and toasty while jamming away with Kanye West or Kelly Clarkson, whoever floats […]

Alienized Plantronics MX100s iPod and Cell Phone headphones

What looks to be like some extra-terrestrial implants, are what Plantronics is calling the MX100s. These are the latest in iPod listening, styling and efficiency accessories to hit the streets. They are designed to fit into a 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm headphone jack simultaneously, that means your normal iPod (or mp3 player) and a […]

Sony MDR DS6000 and MDR RF5000K Wireless Headphones

Sony presents two new wireless headphones, the MDR DS6000 and the MDR RF5000K. These both function on the 2.4 GHz band for the wireless part so you are able to enjoy surround sound anywhere within 30m of the transmitter even through walls. The MDR-DS6000 has virtual 5.1 surround and it’s DTS, Dolby NR Pro Logic […]

Hearing Loss? Earbud Headphones will do it

Those snug fitting earbud style headphones, although sound great, may be damaging your hearing. According to a study published last year in the journal Ear and Hearing reported results from Dr. Brian Fligor of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Fligor investigated a variety of headphones and found that, on average, the smaller they were and the […]

Digital Age Launches Walk-Free Wireless Headphones

Digital Age prompts you to “unchain the music from your Mac or PC” with the launch of its Walk-Free wireless headset. This device enables you to listen to your favorite audio files, in-and-around your home, place of work or dorm room without bieng tied down. The new headphones run on the 2.4 GHz frequency, allowing […]

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Three Logitech Headphones for MP3 Players

Logitech has released three high-quality headphones, the Logitech Wireless, Logitech Identity and Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3. The wireless headphones will work within 30 feet of your Bluetooth device, they feature the latest Bluetooth 1.2 specification and frequency hopping for crystal clear digital audio. They are priced at $129.99. Logitech’s Identity headphones allow you to […]

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless iPod Headphones

Logitech has announced a new set of iPod headphones that run wirelessly off of Bluetooth technology. The new iPod headphones allow users to receive sound from their iPod as far as 30 feet away. The headphones work by connecting a dock to the bottom of your iPod that handles the Bluetooth wireless. The headphones contain […]

Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Headphones

Sony has announced their new noise canceling headphones which reduce “white noise” by 80 percent. The MDR-NC50 is a full ear 40mm headphone set that cancels environmental noise leaving you with clarity of sound. The noise canceling technology uses a built in microphone that detects external noise from low-frequency sources (20-1500hz). Then it creates an […]

New Bluetooth Headphones: Nightingale BSH 338

Two companies, touch and i.Tech have a new product that they announced today, the Nightingale BSH 338, a wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones. The headphones allows you to receive sound from any Bluetooth enabled device such as a cell phone. That’s not all; you can plug in the wireless USB dongle to any device, such as […]

HP Releases Proprietary Bluetooth Headphones

I really don’t understand these companies some times, HP has finally made their Bluetooth stereo headphones available on the HP Shopping website for a really good price of $99, but they will only work with Bluetooth-enabled iPaqs. So far the supported Pocket PCs are the h2200, h4100, h4300, h5100, h5500, h6300, rx3000, and hx4700. Why […]

Skullcandy LINK Headphones and Stereo Hands-Free Cellular Adapter

Skullcandy, a US based company out of Utah has developed a state-of-the-art headphone and stereo hands-free cellular adapter. This will allow you to use 1 set for all. Simply connect the sleek LINK console to answer your cell phone, reduce music volume, and complete calls, while never missing a beat of music. Each of the […]

Matsushita Communication Develops 3-D Sound Technology for Headphones

Panasonic has anounced that it has jointly developed with Kobe University three-dimensional sound reproduction technology for headphones. This technology allows listeners to enjoy surround sound (5.1 CH) and stereo sound (2 CH) quality reproductions similar to the acoustics heard in home cinema entertainment rooms and movie theaters using ordinary headphones. While surround sound (5.1 CH) […]

Xiaomi is Eager to Launch a Laptop Next Year

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. is having a ride of their life, thanks to the growing popularity of their smartphones amongst buyers all over the globe. The company has sold millions of handsets since they were launched and are expanding their product base aggressively so as to strengthen their presence in the market. This is […]

LG’s Flagship Phones will Now be Able to Stream High Quality Audio

It looks like LG is all geared up to give its premium smartphone users a unique experience. We did hear some speculations earlier that LG might introduce some ‘speciality’ features just for its premium device holders and now it’s finally true. LG just launched their hi-fi music service through the company’s SmartWorld app for those […]

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the budget-conscious mid-segment phone market. However, in this ocean of cellular devices, some phones gain a lot of attention and popularity because they combine the features of both these segments – features […]

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the budget-conscious mid-segment phone market. However, in this ocean of cellular devices, some phones gain a lot of attention and popularity because they combine the features of both these segments – features […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review: A Great Upgrade to The Z2

It’s quite evident from the devices that Sony has unveiled in the recent years that the company has become quite mature and experimental. No matter what market share they hold, the thing is that their phones and tablets have certainly become better over the years (and costlier too). Refinement the products has always been their […]

Apple iOS 9- Release Date, Review, Spec, Features (Video)

Apple’s upcoming operating system ‘iOS 9’ will soon hit the market! The operating system that is applicable for the iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad was first introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 8. Backed with impressive design changes and refined features, Apple’s latest operating system is all about innovative […]

Apple Releases 15-Inch MacBook Pro 2015- Review, Release, and Features!

Weeks before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple released the latest version of MacBook Pro that is powered with a 15-Inch screen and Retina Display. With super fast flash storage, durable battery backup, Force Touch Trackpad and power packed GPU, the new MacBook Pro is all that you need! The upgraded version of MacBook Pro […]