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enTourage eDGe dual screen tablet reads Android style

The enTourage eDGe is the world's first e-reader and netbook hybrid device to hit the market, and it begins shipping next week. With dual displays, the eDGe has a 9.7-inch E-Ink screen on the left, and a 10.1-inch touchscreen LCD with 1024 x 600 resolution on the right. The specifications are quite abundant, much to offer in an eReader, but the real eye catcher is that it runs on the Google Android OS.

Pixel Qi’s Transflective LCD kills e-Ink

It’s just one screen with multiple modes - a bright full color LCD, reflective E-Ink black and white quality, and transflective LCD mode. That's pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

Papyrus Reborn as Samsung SNE-50K E-Book Reader

Just as the iPod was not the first MP3 player to hit the market, the Amazon Kindle also was not the first e-book reader...

OCR for your mobile phone

Now here's something that I might have to go out and get right now. It's OCR for your mobile phone. OCR, of course, is optical...