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e-reader sales to reach $8.2 billion by 2014


As it stands, global e-book reader sales were recorded at about $1.9 billion last year with a total of just under 11 million units sold. According to Yankee Group, those numbers will increase to $8.2 billion and nearly 72 million units, respectively, by 2014. That's a lot of growth.

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Victorinox Swiss Army flash drives in flight-friendly versions too

Victorinox Slim Blue

For many people, a USB flash drive is like any other USB flash drive. Then there are people who want something that can more easily blend in with the rest of their gear, like a Swiss Army knife. That's where the Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo drives come into place, but what about when you're about to hitch a flight across the country?

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Sony brings back flower power with solar windows


Unveiled at the Eco Products 2010 exhibition in Tokyo last weekend, the "dye-sensitized solar cell" windows can be screen-printed with custom designs, allowing future consumers to make their homes more artsy while lowering their electricity bills.

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Disposable electronic displays made possible with paper


The proposed e-paper uses electrowetting (a process of moving colored pigments from pixel to pixel using electronic charges) on a paper substrate. Electrowetting consumes lesser power and outperforms the present day E-ink electrophoretic screens in terms of better color, faster response times and video capability.

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The Page: e-ink newspaper concept takes eReading to another level


The whole e-book situation really started to get serious when the Amazon Kindle was released. It got kicked up a notch with the Apple iPad, but what about newspapers? You can read them on your iPad or Kindle, but neither formats are quite the same as what the Page concept is trying to accomplish.Rather than use solid displays like other smartbooks, the Page makes use of flexible and foldable e-paper technology.

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Live Look at Asus DR-950 Touchscreen E-Book Reader


Sure, you could join the fold with an Amazon Kindle. Maybe you want the secondary display of the Barnes & Noble Nook. Or you can take the Taiwanese approach with the newly revealed Asus DR-950 e-book reader. Unlike many other units, this one has a touchscreen! To be fair, the Asus DR-950 is not the first e-book reader to feature ...

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Skiff Reader Offers Big eBooks in Thin Package


The original Amazon Kindle wasn’t the first ebook reader to market, but it was the one that popularized the format. Amazon went a little further it released the Kindle DX, going with a bigger screen. Going even further is the Skiff Reader with its 11.5-inch display. This doesn’t get the same integration with the online Amazon store as the Kindle, ...

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First Flexible E-Book Reader Coming from Bridgestone?

This whole e-ink thing was around before the Amazon Kindle hit the scene, but the same can be said about MP3 players before we saw the first Apple iPod. It seems that e-book readers could be the next big thing, but they’re all so stiff. Ironically enough, the first flexible e-reader could be coming from Bridgestone. Yes, the same Bridgestone ...

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What if Amazon Kindle Did Braille for Blind People?


This e-ink and e-paper technology is pretty cool, because it mimics the appearance of real paper and it only consumes power when the display needs to change, but this doesn’t sound all that useful to someone who is visually impaired. Yes, I know that the Amazon Kindle and other similar e-books can have text-to-speech features, but wouldn’t it be interesting ...

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Packet Concept Phone Folds Up, Inspired by Origami


If you like the flipping action of a clamshell but want to take it a whole new level, you might want to check out this funky Packet cell phone concept. Designed by Emir Rafat, the Packet concept seems to implement some form of e-paper technology and you can completely fold it up like a napkin when not in use. Unraveling ...

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The Future of Cell Phones: Nokia Morph Concept (Video)


The future of cell phones is obviously a little unclear, because there are so many directions that the industry can take. If you were to ask someone a few years back about what would become the most popular user interface of 2007, it’s unlikely that they would have mentioned anything about an Apple-brand multi-touch display. Even so, Nokia has decided ...

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NEC Concept Phone Powered by Liquid Fuel Cell That Drains When Used


This is probably one of the most creative concept phones that I’ve come across in some time, because the external casing on the NEC Flask phone is completely transparent, letting you see the liquid fuel cell power housed within. What makes this handset even more interesting is that this liquid inside actually drains as you use the phone, giving you ...

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P-Per Design Concept Could Be Best Cell Phone Ever (Video)


Having a touchscreen display occupy most of the front of your phone is one thing, but when you wrap the entire freaking phone — front and back — with touchable e-paper technology, you’ve got something pretty incredible. That’s exactly what the folks at Chocolate Design Agency have decided to do with their P-Per mobile phone concept. Based on the same ...

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Data Locker external HDD locks your data up tight


Security is obviously a huge concern for external hard drives, and the Data Locker looks like it takes security seriously. The 2.5 inch drive has a digital keypad on the front of the drive for you to type in your password. Enter the right password and you can access your data, but if you don’t then the data is locked ...

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One More Step Toward the Invisible Transistor


Transistors don’t have to be visible to be effective. That is certainly true for a new technology developed at the Birck Nanotechnology Center. The Purdue University center has produced a combination of nanowires, glass, and flexible plastic that meshes functions to simulate a transistor. The wires are such that they have properties of zinc oxide or indium oxide, which are ...

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