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Evoke creative studio concept is slim, powerful, portable

The crazy crew at Yanko Design are at it again, dreaming up some rather innovative gizmos and gadgets that we may or may not ever see hit the marketplace. Meant to provide a creative studio on the go, the Evoke concept is incredibly compact, making it an easily portable solution for all your music making […]

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“Turnover” E-Reader concept is a real page turner

One of the most common complaints about e-paper is that it takes away from the tactile experience of turning a page when reading a book. Timothy Yeoh, however, has come up with the “Turnover” E-Reader concept that “humanizes” the experience of reading an electronic book or newspaper, and as a result lets you “lose yourself […]

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Nokia Open concept fans open “scrollable touch screen”

As if Nokia wasn’t busy enough today with an announced merger with Siemens and the unveiling of five new handsets, here’s an oddity for you to muse over. I suppose it’s only fitting that the site breaking this news is called SCI FI Tech, since I don’t foresee the Nokia Open concept phone hitting the […]

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Epson reveals latest in electronic paper process

It’s not just weapons, medicine and classroom pointers that utilize lasers anymore. Now, they are being used to make a kind of paper. Epson has unveiled a technology to create electronic paper using lasers. The requisite acronym is SUFTLA, which stands for surface-free technology by laser annealing. The process employed a super-thin film transistor LCD […]

Samsung X11 expands with a core duo

Samsung’s X11 laptop now comes with an Intel Core Duo, a 1.66Ghz processor set that ramps up speed by 30 percent, the company has announced. All of the standard features are still standard: the 14.1″ screen, the 512MB of RAM, the 80GM hard drive, and the wireless capability. The main difference is the Core Duo […]

Seiko Releases watch of the future

Seiko has deicded to take the Revolutionary technology of E-Ink and add it to a new line of watches. For those of you who don’t know E-ink, they are the makers of Electronic Paper, or E-paper. Makers of displays that are on “Paper” thin plastic. When an electrical charge is supplied to the E-paper, the […]

Electronic paper prepares for video

By Ivan Noble, BBC News Online science staff — “Flexible paper-like colour computer displays that can show moving video are under development by the Dutch electronics giant Philips. Two scientists at the company’s research facility in Eindhoven describe the latest step forward in e-paper technology in the journal Nature. Philips – and other firms like […]

E-Fabric Jacket

Imagine a flexible piece of cloth with the display capabilities of your television screen, using liquid crystals or LEDs. This concept, commonly called “E-paper,” is all about creative flexible displays. Lunar Design is realizing this notion and incorporating it into a design concept called Blu. Blu is a jacket which would be made of an […]