i2R e-paper is re-writable with heat, works without electricity

Even though many people have started to use tablets, the e-paper technology found within several e-readers is still quite remarkable. A group of scientists from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute have developed a new form of rewritable electronic paper that does not require any electricity at all.

iPhone Patents Show Smart Bezel and Hybrid E-Paper Display

That’s right. We’ve got two Apple patents for the price of one, both of which could point toward what we should be expecting from the upcoming iPhone 5. Bear in mind that these are just patents and the folks in Cupertino may not necessarily follow through on these design cues. So, which will it be? Smart bezels or an e-paper hybrid?

A Nemoptic ePaper price tag
Stores soon to get cheap e-Paper price tags

With oil prices fluctuating daily effecting food prices across the board, how do retailers manage to keep their pricing relevant without too much man power? Nempotic, maker of a high-tech display called Binem Active Matrix E-Paper has been supplying European and Asian grocery stores with these tiny remotely updatable price tags, which also happen to be a tree-free solution.

Western Digital My Passport Studio gets e-Paper technology, FireWire 800

Who would have thought an ex-Motorola employee who founded Western Digital back in the 70’s would grow it to become the second largest hard disk manufacturer in the world?

Western Digital’s capitalizing on the surge in demand for external hard drives, with their recent rollout of external drives like the My Passport Studio, a 2.5-inch Passport ultra-portable enclosure that has hit the market targeting Mac users.

Waterproof MP3 Player Boasts Color E-Paper Display

Devices like the Amazon Kindle may come with e-paper displays, but they’re restricted to the grayscale end of things. Rocking out in full color e-paper is the this Freestyle Audio MP3 player. The player itself isn’t all that exciting, but it does replace the conventional screen with a color-capable e-ink display. Think about this. The […]

Enhancing E-Paper Technology with LG-Philips

Some people are saying that flexible electronic paper technology is the wave of the future and these flexible displays will one day replace paper altogether. LG-Philips LCD seems to agree, because they have once again pushed the envelope and they are set to unveil their most advanced prototype to date at CES. The new electronic […]

Rolling out with Philips READUS e-paper demo videos

One of the drawbacks to carrying around a PMP with a large vibrant display is that the device is necessarily a little bulky. The Philips READUS addresses that issue with its unique roll-out screen, and we’ve got a couple more videos of this fantastic solution in action. Although you won’t exactly be able to enjoy […]

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World’s thinnest e-paper from Bridgestone

You might only think of Bridgestone as the company that makes the tires for your car, but apparently they have a lot more on the go than that. Bridgestone has unveiled the world’s thinnest e-paper display. Not much thicker than a piece of paper, it also resembles paper in that it is completely bendable. It […]

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DVD concept with folding e-paper screen

Here’s a concept which lets you watch DVD movies on the go, with a screen that won’t make you go blind from squinting, and you won’t get a sore back from carrying it around. It’s a DVD player with an e-paper screen which folds out like some fancy origami project when you want to watch […]

E-paper applications from Fujitsu

The details are still pretty slim, but we do know that the crew over at Fujitsu Computer Systems – the makers of all those great notebooks and other good stuff – are working on some e-paper technology that they hope to launch into the marketplace under a variety of guises. The prototype was shown off […]

Express yourself with Chameleon E-Paper Bag

E-Paper is one hot invention. It’s a flexible material that can change appearance, making it perfect for newspaper or e-book reading, but now it seems like the technology is being implemented into fashion as well. The Chameleon E-Paper carry bag uses the material as its main body, and makes use of simple lines “to emphasize […]

Philips may be first to mass produce e-Paper

Philips Electronics announced Monday that they are preparing to mass-produce a slim digital paper. Philips is also working on a more advanced paper that will be able to display video, but at this time the new e-paper to come will only display monochrome images and text. Consumers will be able to download newspapers and magazines […]

PaperDude VR: The Awesome Paperboy Game (Video)

While the combination of the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect is capable of giving you the scariest experiences ever, it seems that a bit of nostalgia can also be achieved. If you grew up playing the Paperboy game, you would certainly love to try the new PaperDude VR developed by Globacore.

Google patent points to their own augmented-reality smartwatch

Google wants to surround your entire body with tons of computing devices, it seems. First we have the smartphone, which Google already controls through Android. Next we have the Project Glass computerized glasses. It’s not enough to have a computer in your pocket (your phone, duh) and a computer in your glasses, now they want your wrist, too.

Looking for a Voice-powered Smartwatch? Check out the Martian Smartwatch

The Pebble smartwatch is still one of the most success projects to ever generate funds through Kickstarter, although the Ouya almost did as well. The smartwatch is certainly a unique market, and even though solutions using the iPad Nano already somewhat exist- many people enjoy the idea of having a smartwatch that interacts with their iPhones and Android devices.

New Backlit Kindle e-Reader On Its Way?

The world of e-paper and e-readers has had a lot of new changes heading towards it recently, this includes color technology and now even an e-Ink Kindle that has a built-in backlit display. According to Devin Coldewey at TechCrunch, who managed to catch a glimpse of the device, it’s light was a real game-changer for reading in the dark but it was a much softer glow than the harsh lighting that it found with typical backlit LCD screens.

The Next Wave Of ePaper

The next wave of ePaper may be losing some of that old fashioned appeal. Current ePaper readers such as the Kindle need light in order to be read, just like when you’re looking over an actual newspaper. With an increasing amount of eReaders (tablets) boasting backlight displays, most of us like to keep eInk a bit more traditional; like having to read with the aid of other light. Reading without backlighting is also easier on the eyes.

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Rewritable Reusable ePaper In The Making

ITRI, Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech research and development institutions have introduced the I2R e-Paper. The first electronic paper ever proven to be re-writable, re-usable and environmentally friendly. This is the real deal – the “electronic paper” is the latest entry to the attempt to end our overwhelming use of traditional paper.

e-reader sales to reach $8.2 billion by 2014

As it stands, global e-book reader sales were recorded at about $1.9 billion last year with a total of just under 11 million units sold. According to Yankee Group, those numbers will increase to $8.2 billion and nearly 72 million units, respectively, by 2014. That’s a lot of growth.

Victorinox Slim Blue
Victorinox Swiss Army flash drives in flight-friendly versions too

For many people, a USB flash drive is like any other USB flash drive. Then there are people who want something that can more easily blend in with the rest of their gear, like a Swiss Army knife. That’s where the Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo drives come into place, but what about when you’re about to hitch a flight across the country?

Sony brings back flower power with solar windows

Unveiled at the Eco Products 2010 exhibition in Tokyo last weekend, the “dye-sensitized solar cell” windows can be screen-printed with custom designs, allowing future consumers to make their homes more artsy while lowering their electricity bills.

Disposable electronic displays made possible with paper

The proposed e-paper uses electrowetting (a process of moving colored pigments from pixel to pixel using electronic charges) on a paper substrate. Electrowetting consumes lesser power and outperforms the present day E-ink electrophoretic screens in terms of better color, faster response times and video capability.

The Page: e-ink newspaper concept takes eReading to another level

The whole e-book situation really started to get serious when the Amazon Kindle was released. It got kicked up a notch with the Apple iPad, but what about newspapers? You can read them on your iPad or Kindle, but neither formats are quite the same as what the Page concept is trying to accomplish.

Rather than use solid displays like other smartbooks, the Page makes use of flexible and foldable e-paper technology.

Live Look at Asus DR-950 Touchscreen E-Book Reader

Sure, you could join the fold with an Amazon Kindle. Maybe you want the secondary display of the Barnes & Noble Nook. Or you can take the Taiwanese approach with the newly revealed Asus DR-950 e-book reader. Unlike many other units, this one has a touchscreen! To be fair, the Asus DR-950 is not the […]

Skiff Reader Offers Big eBooks in Thin Package

The original Amazon Kindle wasn’t the first ebook reader to market, but it was the one that popularized the format. Amazon went a little further it released the Kindle DX, going with a bigger screen. Going even further is the Skiff Reader with its 11.5-inch display. This doesn’t get the same integration with the online […]

First Flexible E-Book Reader Coming from Bridgestone?

This whole e-ink thing was around before the Amazon Kindle hit the scene, but the same can be said about MP3 players before we saw the first Apple iPod. It seems that e-book readers could be the next big thing, but they’re all so stiff. Ironically enough, the first flexible e-reader could be coming from […]

What if Amazon Kindle Did Braille for Blind People?

This e-ink and e-paper technology is pretty cool, because it mimics the appearance of real paper and it only consumes power when the display needs to change, but this doesn’t sound all that useful to someone who is visually impaired. Yes, I know that the Amazon Kindle and other similar e-books can have text-to-speech features, […]

Packet Concept Phone Folds Up, Inspired by Origami

If you like the flipping action of a clamshell but want to take it a whole new level, you might want to check out this funky Packet cell phone concept. Designed by Emir Rafat, the Packet concept seems to implement some form of e-paper technology and you can completely fold it up like a napkin […]

microsoft phones
The Future of Cell Phones: Nokia Morph Concept (Video)

The future of cell phones is obviously a little unclear, because there are so many directions that the industry can take. If you were to ask someone a few years back about what would become the most popular user interface of 2007, it’s unlikely that they would have mentioned anything about an Apple-brand multi-touch display. […]

NEC Concept Phone Powered by Liquid Fuel Cell That Drains When Used

This is probably one of the most creative concept phones that I’ve come across in some time, because the external casing on the NEC Flask phone is completely transparent, letting you see the liquid fuel cell power housed within. What makes this handset even more interesting is that this liquid inside actually drains as you […]

P-Per Design Concept Could Be Best Cell Phone Ever (Video)

Having a touchscreen display occupy most of the front of your phone is one thing, but when you wrap the entire freaking phone — front and back — with touchable e-paper technology, you’ve got something pretty incredible. That’s exactly what the folks at Chocolate Design Agency have decided to do with their P-Per mobile phone […]

Data Locker external HDD locks your data up tight

Security is obviously a huge concern for external hard drives, and the Data Locker looks like it takes security seriously. The 2.5 inch drive has a digital keypad on the front of the drive for you to type in your password. Enter the right password and you can access your data, but if you don’t […]

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One More Step Toward the Invisible Transistor

Transistors don’t have to be visible to be effective. That is certainly true for a new technology developed at the Birck Nanotechnology Center. The Purdue University center has produced a combination of nanowires, glass, and flexible plastic that meshes functions to simulate a transistor. The wires are such that they have properties of zinc oxide […]

Samsung shaves 0.07mm off world’s thinnest mobile LCD

Oh here we go again. Samsung is back to their anorexic ways. Instead of going after their usual “world’s first” crowns, today marks another “world’s thinnest” for the Korean giant: Samsung has unveiled an LCD panel measuring 0.82mm thick. That’s less than a millimeter folks. E-paper, you are next. This latest innovation shaves 0.07mm off […]

Top five concept phones

I’m basically numb to new mobile phones these days. Every day we see new phones, but yet another flip phone, clamshell, or slider doesn’t do too much to get me excited, regardless of the features it boasts or the number of megapixels in the camera. To get me really excited, a phone, or even a […]

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The feather-light e-Book reader from Fujitsu

I certainly hope that this doesn’t make use of a flaming Sony battery. Now that the Sony Reader is delayed (again), you may be desperately seeking another e-paper solution. Fujitsu has you covered with their offering, an e-book reader that weighs in at just 177 grams. That’s less than half a pound, people. I’m totally […]

Flexible e-book hits new 14.1-inch WXGA frontier

Regular LCDs seem so yesterday. Everyone is jumping onto the widescreen bandwagon, but even that is starting to get a little blasé. The next frontier is taking your color display and making it flexible, and LG Philips has just unveiled the biggest in that field: a prototype of a 14.1-inch WXGA flexible E-book. Too bad […]