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iPhone Patents Show Smart Bezel and Hybrid E-Paper Display


That's right. We've got two Apple patents for the price of one, both of which could point toward what we should be expecting from the upcoming iPhone 5. Bear in mind that these are just patents and the folks in Cupertino may not necessarily follow through on these design cues. So, which will it be? Smart bezels or an e-paper hybrid?

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Stores soon to get cheap e-Paper price tags

A Nemoptic ePaper price tag

With oil prices fluctuating daily effecting food prices across the board, how do retailers manage to keep their pricing relevant without too much man power? Nempotic, maker of a high-tech display called Binem Active Matrix E-Paper has been supplying European and Asian grocery stores with these tiny remotely updatable price tags, which also happen to be a tree-free solution.

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Western Digital My Passport Studio gets e-Paper technology, FireWire 800


Who would have thought an ex-Motorola employee who founded Western Digital back in the 70’s would grow it to become the second largest hard disk manufacturer in the world? Western Digital’s capitalizing on the surge in demand for external hard drives, with their recent rollout of external drives like the My Passport Studio, a 2.5-inch Passport ultra-portable enclosure that has hit the market targeting Mac users.

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Waterproof MP3 Player Boasts Color E-Paper Display


Devices like the Amazon Kindle may come with e-paper displays, but they’re restricted to the grayscale end of things. Rocking out in full color e-paper is the this Freestyle Audio MP3 player. The player itself isn’t all that exciting, but it does replace the conventional screen with a color-capable e-ink ...

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Enhancing E-Paper Technology with LG-Philips


Some people are saying that flexible electronic paper technology is the wave of the future and these flexible displays will one day replace paper altogether. LG-Philips LCD seems to agree, because they have once again pushed the envelope and they are set to unveil their most advanced prototype to date ...

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Rolling out with Philips READUS e-paper demo videos


One of the drawbacks to carrying around a PMP with a large vibrant display is that the device is necessarily a little bulky. The Philips READUS addresses that issue with its unique roll-out screen, and we’ve got a couple more videos of this fantastic solution in action. Although you won’t ...

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World’s thinnest e-paper from Bridgestone


You might only think of Bridgestone as the company that makes the tires for your car, but apparently they have a lot more on the go than that. Bridgestone has unveiled the world’s thinnest e-paper display. Not much thicker than a piece of paper, it also resembles paper in that ...

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DVD concept with folding e-paper screen


Here’s a concept which lets you watch DVD movies on the go, with a screen that won’t make you go blind from squinting, and you won’t get a sore back from carrying it around. It’s a DVD player with an e-paper screen which folds out like some fancy origami project ...

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E-paper applications from Fujitsu


The details are still pretty slim, but we do know that the crew over at Fujitsu Computer Systems – the makers of all those great notebooks and other good stuff – are working on some e-paper technology that they hope to launch into the marketplace under a variety of guises. ...

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