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Apple Secret Car Project Hit Its Brakes; Dozens Lost Job

Apple never really acknowledged that they are working on a project related to cars. It has been an open secret in Silicon Valley that they are working on a so-called Project Titan primarily working on an Apple secret car project design. According to a report by the New York Times,  the Apple secret car project […]

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Apple AirPods Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

When the Apple AirPods were unveiled last week, a lot of people seemed divided by it. Some people say that it looks hip and modern. On the other hand, there is a group of people who thinks they look like globs of glue dangling on your earlobes. No matter which group you side with a […]

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Spotify Vs Apple Music: Choosing The Right Music Service For You

Gone are the days when there was only one true giant in the musical streaming service category. Spotify dominated the scene, and if you look at the figures still continues to be. But when Apple music made its debut last year, Spotify suddenly had a worthy adversary. Apple began with a rocky start, but finally […]

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Samsung May Invest In Apple?

If rumours are true, your iPhone screen might get even more beautiful, very soon. According to some sources, Apple has already decided to buff up their new iPhones with an OLED screen and is about to strike a deal with it’s greatest rival in smartphone market (and outside), Samsung. Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, […]

New Wave of Rumours Rise for Apple’s September 9 Event

We’ve been hearing the rumour related to Apple’s upcoming September 9 event from quite some time. Now, when only a few days are left for the ‘big day’ we are finally able to distinguish amongst the rumours who have a solid case of making appearance on Apple’s official event and which ones will see the […]

Apple and Cisco form a Strategic Business Partnership

Over the years lots of big multinational companies have formed partnership so as to help each other thrive in a better way without eating each other’s market. This is exactly the same reason why Apple Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc.. have decided to enter into a business partnership so as to collectively cater to a […]

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All That You Need to Know About Apple’s Upcoming Event

It’s that time of year when we come across a new rumour regarding Apple’s upcoming event almost every day. While some might turn out to be true, others just end up being crap. Over the years the content of these rumours have changed drastically and so has their chances of being true. We’ve been hearing […]

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Apple Surprises All by Forming the ‘Death Cross’ Pattern

Apple is clearly the biggest company in terms of market capitalization amongst the S&P 500. The company recently surprised the Wall Street by forming a popular ‘death cross’ which is basically an indicator that’s often used by tech analysts as a signal for selling. Recent sell-off in the market during the past week worsened the […]

What All to Expect From the New Apple TV

Apple’s traditional September media events have always seen the new launch of upcoming iPhones, Macs or latest versions of iOS. While this year too, the company will possibly do the same as the whole world eagerly waits for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, however, apart from that the much awaited next-gen Apple TV […]

Apple Makes it Easier for You to Run Windows 10 On Your Mac

If you ever wondered what it feels like to run Windows 10 on an Apple machine then it looks like God’s finally answered your prayer. Apple recently updated their Boot Camp which has made it possible for users to install Windows 10 on their Macs’. Apple has released a long list of ifs’ and buts’ […]

Xiaomi Retakes Top Position in China’s Smartphone Market as Apple Slips

It seems like Apple’s timeshare of staying at the top of China’s smartphone market was short lived. Research done at Canalys says that the local brand Xiaomi has again become country’s smartphone market leader. Reports also suggest that Xiaomi snagged 15.9 percent of the total shipments during this year’s second quarter. The story doesn’t finish […]

Apple Reportedly Wants to Turn Siri Into Your Receptionist

Apple is nowadays testing a service which will enable Siri to take your calls, even record them and even transcribe them to text. It is also said that the company is currently referring to it as iCloud Voicemail and it might even be a bit similar to the current visual voicemail service. However this time, […]

Apple Makes iPhone 6s Shell Sturdy and ‘Bend-Proof’

The iPhone 6 Plus took the world by a storm when it arrived last year. Not only it was the largest phone ever built by Apple, but it was also possibly the best iPhone ever built. However, the unexpected happened a few weeks later after its launch when the 6 Plus simply bent inside a […]

Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 5 Early so as to Beat Apple

According to sources, Samsung is believed to launch their phablet Galaxy Note 5 a few weeks before their previously scheduled date in order to beat Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6s. Wall Street Journal also adds that the Korean giant will launch its much anticipated addition to the Galaxy Note series in August and get it […]

Apple Pay Makes Its Way to the UK, to be Launched on July 14

Apple Pay, Apple’s payment service, which was launched in the U.S. last year, is now making its way to the UK as stated at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple Pay, if you may remember, made waves last year when it was launched. It is said to be one of the most robust and successful […]

Here’s How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription After Your Free Trial

Apple’s latest music streaming service offers its consumers a ‘free three month trial’ so as to attract them before they actually begin charging them for these services. There are chances that you might not be into Apple Music or you might not be interested to spend money for this service. Cancelling your subscription of Apple […]

Apple iOS 9- Release Date, Review, Spec, Features (Video)

Apple’s upcoming operating system ‘iOS 9’ will soon hit the market! The operating system that is applicable for the iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad was first introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 8. Backed with impressive design changes and refined features, Apple’s latest operating system is all about innovative […]

Apple’s Bitcode- The Future of Processor Architecture!

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) came up with the variety of news that was both exciting and interesting. While the world was busy discovering Apple’s ideas and upcoming technology, the conference somehow neglected the subtle change that Apple intended to present. The name of the change is ‘Bitcode’, and it is something that you cannot […]

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Apple Watch to be available at Apple Retail Stores in a Week’s Time

The day has arrived, and the wait is finally over! Soon this week, Apple will start selling the much-awaited Apple Watch that will be available through the extensive network of Apple retail stores. June 17 is the day when Apple will initiate the ‘reserve and pick up’ system for Watches in countries like Australia and […]

Apple Releases 15-Inch MacBook Pro 2015- Review, Release, and Features!

Weeks before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple released the latest version of MacBook Pro that is powered with a 15-Inch screen and Retina Display. With super fast flash storage, durable battery backup, Force Touch Trackpad and power packed GPU, the new MacBook Pro is all that you need! The upgraded version of MacBook Pro […]

CEO Tim Cook Talks about Apple’s Take on Privacy and Encryption!

The occasion was Electronic Privacy Information Center’s (EPIC) ‘Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner ceremony’, and the heartfelt speaker was Tim Cook, the insightful CEO for Apple.Inc! Addressing fellow listeners in an engaging manner, Tim Cook discussed the uneasy ambience for Privacy amidst the technologically influenced space! The ‘Champions of Freedom Awards Dinner Ceremony’ presented by […]

Apple Has Dropped Its Plans for High Definition TV Sets

  Almost a year ago, we heard that Apple is planning to launch their in-house Television sets! Keeping aside all the rumors and self-proclaimed perceptions, a latest research presented by Wall Street Journal has nullified the news about Apple’s planning to build or sell TV sets. Brace yourself and get ready to accept the news- […]

Apple Acquires GPS Firm Coherent Navigation To Boost Location Mapping

  So you love Google Maps because they are more technically sound than Apple Maps, right? And as an Apple user you might be jealous of those who are awarded with the accuracy of Google maps. Well, it’s time for some good news, Apple is going to improve the navigation technology in an all new […]

Google’s First Apple Watch App is a Huge Disappointment

Joining the league of 3,500 apps (that would be available soon after the launch of Apple Watch), Google has declared the onset of its maiden smartwatch application “Google News & Weather” in Apple’s latest platform. The App will be joining the league of some infamous brands like Instagram, Twitter, Evernote, etc. Google’s new app will be […]

Wow! Apple Has US$ 194 Billion in Cash

It was only yesterday when we were discussing Apple and its winsome growth rate in  the revenue generation game. So today Apple is up with a revelation that will blow your mind! In their Apple Press Release  on April 27th, 2015, they shared with the world that they have around US$ 194 Billion in cash […]