Firefox Home for iPhone is not complete, but a good start

I’m pretty content with Mobile Safari, I don’t need a full-fledged browser for my smartphone and I highly doubt Apple will allow something to go above and beyond the current native offering. We’ve seen Fennec (FireFox Mobile) get released for Android, and Windows devices, so naturally Apple iOS should be next.

Light Pool phone features 22 triangular LEDs, perfect for aircraft controllers

When things blink and flash they are cool, when they are in a particular sequence with multiple colors and sound, they are rad. You could say the same for the KDDI Light Pool clamshell phone. On the outside, you’ll see a total of twenty-two LEDs in the shape of triangular windows arranged in a criss-crossing grid-like pattern. These LEDs are meant to display a touch of personality, lighting up in 100 different patterns sequenced with music. Patterns can indicate an incoming call, email, or whatever you prefer.

Hanvon Chairman: e-Readers to replace cell phones

Chinese company Hanvon, makers of the Touchpad B10 tablet, are also known as Hanwang. Chairman Yingjian Liu during a keynote speech at Computex 2010, discussed the increasing popularity and evolution of the e-book reader. He proclaimed the strengths of the e-ink format and how his company was leading the way in his home country of China. Then, his declarations got very bold. He called the e-book reader the “fourth screen,” referring to TV, PC, and cell phone as the other three screens. He observed that some people say the mobile phone will replace the e-reader, but he responded by saying that the e-ink book reader will replace cell phones instead.

Samsung Wave Bada OS Smartphone
First Bada OS smartphone launched with the Samsung Wave

Samsung’s bada OS has finally reached retail and is making its initial debut with the Samsung Wave smartphone, adding another option to the ever-growing list of devices.

The bada OS platform was originally announced back in November of last year, but now we’ve got some actual hardware running it and ready for purchase. The Wave takes Samsung’s lineup beyond Windows Mobile, Android, and even the TouchWiz-equipped feature phones. I think they’ve still got Symbian going on somewhere too.

HTC Wildfire
Going ablaze with Android-powered HTC Wildfire smartphone

It looks like HTC is continuing with its old bag of tricks. Just as the company released several seemingly similar Windows Mobile smartphones for a number of years, it’s doing the same with the Android platform too. The latest addition is the HTC Wildfire.

At first glance, you could very easily mistake the HTC Wildfire for a number of other touchscreen-focused Android phones from the Taiwanese manufacturer. There really isn’t all that much that separates this phone from the pack, aside from its less than top-tier specifications.

Sanyo Juno QWERTY phone gets colorful on Boost Mobile

I haven’t seen a new Kyocera phone for some time, but it seems that the Japanese company is still around and kicking. The newest phone doesn’t carry direct Kyocera branding, per se, but it is the Sanyo Juno by Kyocera and it’s heading to Boost Mobile.

From what I can see, the Juno is not a smartphone. Instead, it’s another one of those QWERTY-packing messaging phones designed for texting enthusiasts and other people who can’t be bothered with full smartphone functionality.

New Symbian smartphone to join Samsung lineup after all

Samsung is a huge company and it seems like they’re always looking to diversify. You’ll find the Samsung name on all sorts of consumer electronics, ranging from HDTVs and Blu-ray players to multifunction printers and digital cameras. Even within the cell phone range, they’re being pretty darn diverse.

While Research in Motion sticks to BlackBerry OS and Apple does nothing but iPhone, Samsung is different. Even so, we thought that the Korean giant was done with Symbian. Apparently not.

Hacker runs Google Android on Apple iPhone
Video: Hacker runs Google Android on first-gen iPhone

Just because you have an Apple iPhone doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself to the iPhone OS. Just as people have been able to hack their Windows Mobile smartphones to run on alternate operating systems, it seems that the iPhone is worthy for some hacking as well.

In the video below, you’ll see that “planetbeing” has been able to modify his first generation Apple iPhone to run Google Android. I don’t know why you would want to put Android on an iPhone (why not just buy an Android phone?), but it is an exercise in what is possible.

Get ready for yet another smartphone OS from HTC

HTC got its start in the smartphone business by creating a wide range of Windows Mobile handsets under a variety of different banners. More recently, the company has developed a good number of Google Android phones too. Well, it seems that HTC Has yet another card up its sleeve: its own smartphone OS.

Cheng Hui-ming is the chief financial officer of HTC and he recently had an interview with Bloomberg wherein he revealed that the company is developing its own smartphone platform. As if Android and Windows Mobile weren’t enough, they want to add yet another OS to the mix.

Fennec Mobile (FireFox Mobile) Beta for Android devices
Google Android smartphones get loaded with Firefox Mobile

People got pretty excited when the Mozilla crew said they’d be making a mobile version of the popular Firefox web browser. Unfortunately, the versions released were for less popular platforms. That’s changing, because they now have Fennec for Android and it’s available for download today.

As you may recall, the first version of “Firefox Mobile” (Fennec) was made available for Nokia Internet tablets, but not too many people are rocking those just yet. Then, they shifted their attention to Windows Mobile, but few people are using those smartphones too. Android is on the rise, so it seems that Mozilla has it right this time.

Apple patent shows Motion Sensing Technology for future 4th generation iPhone

Apple, in its never ending quest to make their gadgets more James Bond like with each generation, has bought a patent involving motion sensing controls through a camera. This would allow the user of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, more control over the device in a much more “touchy” way. If applicable to the next generation of Apple products, it could be a major coup for Apple.

The patent, according to Patently Apple, will allow for almost total control of the iPhone through motion sensors in the devices camera.

iPhone Explorer turns iPhone into a remote memory drive, so there!

Ok that was fast. Not even 10 hours ago we reported on how the iPhone practically sucked because it couldn’t run apps off a memory chip. Well, it still cant, but it can act as a portable memory drive so that’s gotta count for something.

A new desktop utility called iPhone Explorer (IE), basically turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a flash drive, and no, you don’t have to be jail broken but it does provide a few benefits if you are.

Microsoft to let you install mobile apps on memory cards, sticks one to iPhone

When Apple came forward with the App Store for the iPhone, everyone got pretty excited. At the same time apps had already existed on other platforms; just not in a unified storefront. The other trouble was that other smartphones did not have the same kind of internal storage capacity as the iPhone.

As a result, it has been more difficult to install quite as large a number of applications on other smartphones because of internal memory limitations.

Microsoft still going ahead with Project Pink phone?

A few days ago, we caught our first glimpse of Windows Phone 7 and we assumed it would represent the immediate future of Microsoft-powered smartphones. As it turns out, there could be an alternate path for the Redmond, Washington giant too. Remember Project Pink? Apparently, that’s still a go.

Sony Ericsson Aspen first to run Windows Mobile 6.5.3

It has arrived with a vengence, the holy grail of Microsoft’s mobile efforts: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and it’s on the Sony Ericsson Aspen. Once known as the Faith, the sleek looking QWERTY smartphone with 2.4-inch QVGA TFT touchscreen LCD, multi-tasking, organizing and adapting the panels just the way you like it.

CableJive duaLink sync cable for iPod, iPhone doubles the fun

CableJive has introduced its new duaLink. The duaLink is a nine-inch splitter cable that houses a micro-sized custom USB hub right in the connector. This provides two dock connectors that allows connecting, syncing and charging of both your iPhone and iPod from a single USB port, wall or auto charger at one time.

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Nintendo Game Boy

April Fools’ jokes have taken on a whole new meaning lately in the tech world. What started as a mere joke on April 1st this year, has now turned into a fabulous market testing strategy. What are we talking about? Well,  it’s called a “Smart Boy”, a particular concept art that is mentioned as an upcoming […]

New Android and webOS Smartphones Coming to AT&T

AT&T held a press conference earlier today, announcing that they’ll have a few new additions to the family in the coming year. The newest bundles of joy to join the stable already inhabited by the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile will take on a new look, thanks to Google Android and Palm’s webOS. They […]

Windows Mobile to Be Integrated with Xbox Live

The smartphone arena has gotten awfully competitive in recent years, seeing the emergence of the iPhone, Palm Pre, Google Android, and other viable alternatives. Windows Mobile has certainly lost some market share as a result, but does that mean that Microsoft is going to sit idly by? No! They could be coming back with a […]

Telus Mobility Releases LG IQ Smartphone

Maybe you like the iPhone 3GS. Maybe you like the HTC Hero. Well, Telus Mobility has another smartphone for you to consider and it has some crazy features that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. There’s a reason why it’s called the LG IQ, because this handset is meant to be pretty darn […]

First Acer Android Smartphone Ready to Ship This Week

Even though HTC got the clear head start on the Android thing, it seems that a lot of other companies are finally getting in on the Google smartphone action. We already know about the Motorola Droid, among others, but now we are getting our hands on the Acer A1 Liquid, the first Android phone from […]

Upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 Update Comes with New Virtual Keyboard

The people over at HTC can develop their own on-screen keyboard to go with their TouchFLO 3D interface, as can the the Samsung folks with the TouchWiz UI, but what about a native Windows Mobile installation? Well, it seems that the newest build of Windows Mobile 6.5 will come with a new virtual keyboard and […]

First Look at First Samsung Bada Smartphone

Looks like I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all the Samsung fans in the audience. Remember how Samsung announced its new bada mobile OS earlier this week and how they were planning on equipping some handsets with the new platform? Well, it seems like we’re getting our first glimpse at the […]

Bodily Functions Invade Windows Mobile with MyFart

It’s a little sad, really, how the most popular apps on the Apple iPhone involve bodily functions and other crude forms of humor. Yes, we all know that flatulence can be funny at times, but this has sparked up a whole new genre of apps across all platforms. Including Windows Mobile. If you’re rocking a […]

Amazon Kindle for PC to Invade Windows 7 Tablets

You know how the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader was announced earlier this week? It seems that the crew at Amazon are fighting back, but it’s not without another piece of hardware; it’s with eBook software for your Windows-based computer instead. Barnes & Noble already had a software solution that allowed people to buy […]

Samsung Giorgio Armani with Windows Mobile 6.5

What do you get when you borrow some styling inspiration from the Nokia N97 mini and a little more inspiration for the HTC Touch Pro 2? What if you were to add in a huge dash of prestigious class and slap on a clothing label? It seems you end up with the new Giorgio Armani […]

Microsoft Pink Leaked as New Turtle and Pure Smartphones?

Ever since Microsoft decided to acquire Danger, we’ve wondered what they were planning on doing in the cell phone market. Rumors swirled around about some sort of crazy amalgamation that would comebine the Sidekick thing from Danger, Windows Mobile as the OS, and something to do with Zune for media. It was dubbed Microsoft Pink […]

Google Sync Extends to Gmail Push, Including iPhone

I’ve been using my Nokia E71 smartphone for several months now and I’m quite pleased with what this little phone can do. I’m also very happy to have found Google Sync, which allows me to synchronize the calendar and contacts on my phone with their equivalents through the Google suite of services. Well, that suite […]

Windows Mobile Gets Capactive Multitouch with HTC Leo (Video)
Windows Mobile Gets Capactive Multitouch with HTC Leo (Video)

There are many reasons to get excited about the pending launch of the HTC Leo smartphone. It’s going to get a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Windows Mobile 6.5, and a huge 4.3-inch touchscreen. To make matters even more interesting, that giant display is going to be a capacitive multitouch to boot! This is a major boon […]

HTC Leo: Windows Mobile 6.5, 1GHz Snapdragon, 4.3-Inch Touchscreen

Prepare to be impressed. We caught a few glimpses of this phone through some shady and blurry spy shots, but now it seems that the upcoming HTC Leo smartphone is not only real, but the rumored spec sheet is even better than you could have possibly imagined. Just don’t expect this phone to be particularly […]

No More Windows Mobile for Sony Ericsson?

So, Sony Ericsson wanted to give smartphones a try and so they turned to the world of Windows Mobile to produce the first XPERIA X1. For the upcoming Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2, this dedication to Microsoft’s mobile platform is continuing, but it seems that is where the relationship is going to end. Nope, Sony Ericsson […]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Smartphone Officially Revealed

We’ve been able to find a good number of spy shots. We’ve been able to hear some insider information from ninjas deep within the confines of their labs. We’ve been reasonably confident that this phone was indeed real and it was going to be on its way soon. And we’d be right. Here is the […]

Microsoft Confirms Oct 6 Launch of Windows Mobile 6.5

While all the guys on the Apple side of things are still getting all excited about the recently released Snow Leopard for their Macs, the Microsoft side has a little announcement of its own. This doesn’t relate to Windows 7, but the mobile industry has another date to circle on their calendars. We were reasonably […]

Windows Mobile and Google Android, Together At Last

So, you’re in the market for a new smartphone and you can’t decide on which operating system you’d prefer. There are certainly some merits to Windows Mobile, but Google Android looks mighty intriguing as well. What is a discerning consumer to do? Get both, of course! The Sunno S880 is actually a dual-boot smartphone. Just […]

SaskTel Gets Hot New Palm Smartphone (Sort Of)

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for the citizens of Saskatchewan. While you don’t get to bask in the glory of Corner Gas anymore, the guys at SaskTel are going to treat you to a hot new smartphone from Palm. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s not going […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 to Co-Exist?

Normally, when you see different versions of the same operating system, the assumption is that the bigger number is the newer one and probably the one that you want. With each successive iteration, you get new features and other improvements, so this only makes sense. Microsoft, however, seems to be taking a wholly different approach […]

More Sub-$99 Smartphones from Verizon Point to New Hotness

While there are some signs that the economy might be turning itself around, many people are still struggling with the current financial situation. Verizon is apparently offering some recession relief by dropping the price on “almost all existing smartphones” to under $99. That sounds like a deal to me. If you’re looking to save a […]

HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Launches at T-Mobile Next Month
HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Launches at T-Mobile Next Month

I don’t know too many people who are still interested in Windows Mobile 6.1, but the smartphone platform still exists and it could still be quite popular. Turning our attention over to T-Mobile, you will soon have the opportunity to pick up the latest hotness from HTC. No, I’m not talking about the Android-powered HTC […]

More Than Half of HTC’s Smartphones Will Be Android

I have a feeling that a few guys over in Redmond aren’t going to be happy to hear this. HTC has long since been a champion of Windows Mobile-powered smartphones, but the Taiwanese company has recently shifted its focus over to the side of Google’s Android platform. And they’re liking it. In fact, HTC is […]