Bringing an iPhone-Like UI to Windows Mobile (Video)

Sneaky. A teaser site has been erected, seemingly counting down to the new year. This normally wouldn’t be all that interesting, but on that teaser site, they also have links to a photostream on Flickr and a video on YouTube. And what do these teasers reveal? Well, it turns out that a new mobile application […]

Microsoft Wants Windows Mobile Smartphones For Under $100

Everyone is talking about the iPhone. We’ve got iPhone hacks spewing in every which direction and iPhone accessories creeping out of the woodwork. Amidst all this ongoing iPhone buzz, Microsoft doesn’t want you to forget who is the world’s largest software maker. In fact, Bill Gates’ company is reportedly working on a series of Windows […]

HTC To Produce Windows Mobile Smartphones for Sony Ericsson

This has got to be the biggest news of the day because it really involves two stories all rolled up into one. Commercial Times of Taiwan is reporting that HTC has received ODM orders from Sony Ericsson to produce Windows Mobile-based smartphones. HTC is known to manufacture a variety of handsets under countless under other […]

Secret Vodafone Slider Phone Boasts Windows Mobile 6

Don’t you love it when a company drops a little inkling of information for us to nibble on, only to provide absolutely nothing else to satiate our appetite for hot new gadgetry? Well, Vodafone has just uploaded a new image into your archive of a mysterious black-and-white slider phone and the only tidbit of info […]

Asus P750 Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6

We don’t see Asus smartphones around these parts all that much, so it’s always a treat when one of these handheld computers shows up and actually gets confirmed. The Asus P750 smartphone is powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional, backed up by a Marvel 520MHz PXA27x processor and a huge host of wireless radios. For […]

Windows Mobile 6 on Asus P526 Smartphone

Hurray for Computex. Over in Taipei, they’re being treated to all sorts of goodies from a number of different manufacturers, and one of the biggest — you might know them better for their motherboards and laptops — has just launched one powerful smartphone. The Asus P526 looks a little like smartphones that the company has […]

Make Your Windows Mobile Phone a Blackberry

You won’t be able to instantly identify a Blackberry anymore. Research in Motion, makes of the wildly popular multimedia phone, are going to start sharing some of their software with other mobile phone makers, specifically those that make phones that run Windows Mobile 6.0. If you have one of those phones, you can download RIM’s […]

Windows Mobile smartphones love Skype Mobile 2.2

When it comes time to get some Skype action on the road, you’ll now have another software package to enjoy. Skype Mobile 2.2 has just been released, it plays super friendly with phones of the more intelligent variety. Smartphones — like the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur), and Cingular BlackJack (Samsung i607) — can […]

Windows Live search now on Sprint phones

Score one more for Redmond. Microsoft, at least its search engine, has muscled its way onto Sprint mobile phones in a big way. If you have a Sprint phone, you might want to check it now for a Windows Live search bar. (That assumes that you have more than the bare-bones phone, of course.) You […]

AXIA markets A308 as “world’s smallest” Windows Mobile phone

The HTC Tornado Smartphone might be just a touch smaller than the 0.8×1.9×4.5-inch AXIA A308 PDA phone, but that didn’t stop the Malaysian manufacturer from marketing its product as the “world’s smallest PDA Phone on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 featuring Wifi connectivity.” The design leaves much to be desired – it isn’t exactly the most […]

Cingular Unveils Phone Running Windows Mobile Via Dial Pad

Cingular Wireless is now selling a cellular phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software. The wireless company on Wednesday unveiled the 2125 Smartphone, which has a typical cell phone dial pad instead of a keyboard. This model, the first of its kind, is aimed at consumers more than business customers, said Cingular spokesman John Kampfe. […]

Wi-Fi for your Windows CE phone

If you have a Windows SmartPhone and the lack of Wi-Fi is getting you down, then you need to check out the new Wi-Fi CF Card by Sophia Systems. The Compact Flash card just slips into the slot and presto, you have Wi-Fi access. The card also allows access into the PHS Net. The card […]

Samsung SCH-M600 Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Official

Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung SCH-M600 multi-function Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 smartphone. The SCH-M600 is Samsungs answer to the many music phones emerging on the market, it’s most notable feature is the 3GB of internal hard drive space for playing, storing and creating MP3s, VOD and MOD files. Samsung SCH-M600 Specifications – Microsoft Windows […]

ComVu offers Mobile Phone-casting for Windows Mobile 5

ComVu of Canada has created the world’s first live video broadcast solution from a mobile device to a global audience. With the push of a button on a camera phone, bloggers, citizen reporters, family members, friends and corporate professionals can broadcast live events to their communities that can then watch the live feed on mobile […]

First Windows Mobile Wi-Fi Smartphones

Qtek has just unveiled two new versions of mobile smartphones which have the inherent feature of running Windows Mobile 5 with Wireless networking capabilities. Christened as the Qtek 8300 and 8310 models, these phones promise to be the first one in their segment to carry Wi- Fi features along with regular cellular protocols. In addition […]

Windows Mobile 5.0 to run on Samsung SGH-i300 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 5.0 was unveiled today, the first smartphone to use Microsoft’s new Mobile OS will be the Samsung SGH-i300. When we caught wind of Samsungs latest phone back in March at CeBIT in Germany we knew it would stand out in the crowd. Not only did the 3GB internal harddrive dazzle us, but so […]

Pointsec Security Solution now for Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003

Pointsec has added support for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones to their data security solution today. Pointsec for Smartphone software will encrypt data in files or folders as well as Email and SMS in real time on the fly. Increasing numbers of smartphones are being used in corporate environments, sensitive information is accessed and transmitted by […]

Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile SE Smartphone on AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless is now carrying the Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile-based smartphone in the USA. Powered by Windows Mobile 2003 SE it will allow seamless media transfers from an XP PC to your phone, the base price is set at $199.00. This could be a direct competitor for the Motorola MPx220 flip-style phone, the SMT5600 features […]

Opera On Smartphones Powered By Windows Mobile

Opera will soon be available for mobile phones powered by Windows Mobile software. Opera uses a neat technology that enables them to view regular pages on the small screen such as a mobile phone. See press release below. Opera Software today announced that its revolutionary Opera smartphone browser will soon become available for Microsoft Windows […]

MiTAC unveils 8390 smartphone with Windows Mobile 2003

Mio Technology Corp. has launched the much anticipated Mio 8390 smartphone in Taiwan. Integrating Windows Mobile 2003 software for smartphone and Intel PXA262 application process, the Mio 8390 is a tri-band phone that provides the ability to handle both information and communications. In addition to all the features users expect from a state-of-the-art mobile phone—including […]

MiTAC Mio 8380 First Windows Powered Clamshell Smartphone

MiTAC International Corporation’s revolutionary smartphone made a dazzling debut at Grand Hyatt Hotel today. Differing from traditional phones with their near-exclusive focus on voice calls, the Mio 8380 exemplifies MiTAC’s innovative approach to wireless communications products, as the company has developed a device that is truly at the forefront of technology advances. The Mio 8380 […]

TeliaSonera first to launch Windows Smartphone services in Sweden

TeliaSonera is the first operator in Sweden to launch mobile business services based on Microsoft Windows® Powered Smartphone. With the subscriptions Telia Work or Telia Executive, business customers will now have access to their e-mail, calendar, address book and Internet through their mobile phone. From June 2nd , Qtek 7070, a mobile phone based on […]

Microsoft and Intel Unveil Windows Powered Smartphone Concept

Today at 3GSM World Congress 2003, Microsoft Corp. and Intel announced the immediate availability of the first Microsoft and Intel Windows® Powered Smartphone concept design based on the Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA). The joint hardware-software concept design allows manufacturers to expedite development and reduce the cost of bringing advanced, data-enabled handsets to […]

Smart Announces Tri-Band Windows Powered Phone

The Philippines’ leading mobile operator SMART Communications Inc. (SMART) announced today the introduction of the “Smart Amazing Phone” – the first Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone in Asia that promises to open the door to a world of advanced wireless and mobile internet services. The phone, which will be available at SMART retail outlets soon, will […]

Microsoft Unveils Windows Powered Smartphone And Pocket PC Software for CDMA Networks

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of its Windows® Powered Smartphone and Pocket PC software for CDMA and broadband CDMA (1xRTT) networks. The new release delivers the same compelling Pocket PC and Smartphone software available for GSM/GPRS networks. Now CDMA-focused device manufacturers and mobile operators can ready Smartphone and Pocket PC products for market delivery. […]

Latest Upcoming Smartphones In 2016
Latest Upcoming Smartphones In 2016

As good as 2015 was to the phone lovers, 2016 is going to be even better. With a few smartphones already released, iPhone 5SE releasing this month, and plenty more coming in the following months, we can easily say that this year is going to be an extravaganza of smartphones. With each passing day, handsets […]

Windows 10 Is Running Solid On 75 Million Devices

It’s just a month old since it was released and Windows 10 has already arrived on 75 million devices. This figure thus reflects the total number of worldwide downloads of the OS which is free for upgrade for the time being. This also reflects that Windows 10 is the most substantial update from Microsoft for […]

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French Smartphone Maker Archos Discloses Three New Smartphones

Archos, French smartphone maker, , don’t really hold a promising spot in the list of world’s leading smartphone manufacturers but they surely are big in their homeground. Archos has always got a unique excitement in releasing multiple devices at the same time and now it looks like they’ve done it yet again. The company has […]

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

  Technology can do some pretty amazing things. Take cellphones, for example. We use them to check our email, communicate a message to our friends on Facebook, and record our workout sessions at the gym. But, did you know that you can use your smartphone as a wi-fi hotspot? Well, you can, and it might […]

Windows 10 Release Date, Review and Features (Video)

Microsoft has finally announced the official arrival of Windows 10 and the day is July 29th, 2015! Right from the day of release, Windows 10 will be awarded as a ‘free upgrade’ option to the Windows 7 and 8.1 users – and as said, the free upgrade will be accessible for the duration of a […]