CoolPad 728B touchscreen smartphone adds GPS to the mix

China’s got another touchscreen PDA phone for us, but this one looks eerily familiar. The CoolPad 728B is the follow-up to the CoolPad 728 we saw several months back. From what we can gather, the main difference is simply GPS navigation, though there could be more than meets the eye, especially considering the wallet-busting price. […]

Samsung unveils SPH-M8100 WiBro IMS handset, not a cell phone

Technically speaking, the SPH-M8100 is not a cell phone at all, as there are no CDMA or GSM radios on this thing. Instead, its primary connection is via WiMAX (or WiBro as it is called in Korea) and IMS, providing you with SIP-based VoIP. IMS, if you recall, stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem. This combination […]

Byd Auto F8 hardtop convertible destined for U.S.

They say that China is going to be the next big market, both in terms of production and consumption. Set for unraveling at the Beijing Auto Show is the F8 hardtop convertible from China’s own Byd Auto. The F8 certainly has some Mercedes SL influence, but they are reporting that this vehicle is the first […]

OCZ Mega-Kart offers 8GB in credit card-sized form factor

Thumb drives are great, because they’re so pocketable, but what if you want to be a little more discrete? OCZ has you covered with their latest flash drive: the Mega-Kart has the same footprint as your American Express but instead of putting you in debt, it’ll store up to 8 gigs of invaluable data. The […]

iMacs already using 802.11n standard?

The next generation 802.11n wireless standard isn’t supposed to be out in products for a while yet, but rumors are flying that Apple may already be using the draft 802.11n standard in the new iMacs. The reports are that when the new machines are booted with a pre-release version of Windows Vista the wireless card […]

Gigabyte gSmart i128 is a feature-ful PDA phone

There are plenty of options out there if you’re in the market for a PDA phone powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone edition (what a mouthful), so why would you look at this particular offering over another? Well, looking up and down the spec sheet, the Gigabyte gSmart i128 can do […]

MobiTV headed for Windows Mobile

MobiTV is now available for Windows Mobile devices. It’s about time, too. Mobile TV is dominating the tech airwaves these days, and it’s only natural that Windows Mobile phones and smartphones be able to take advantage of the new technology. If you have one of these devices, you know what I mean. Speaking of which, […]

Centrix unveils GPS PMP running on Windows CE

Quite a jump in features and functionality from the Centrix MVP100 we took a look at last year. Well, the Korean manufacturer Sitec Systems has gone and mated a GPS navigation system with a PMP, the result, the MVP150. Unlike so many other PMPs on the market, Centrix has set this handy 4-inch screened (480×272) […]

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Cingular 8125 and 2125 to receive Direct Push Technology

Whenever the term “push email” comes up, the first company that always comes to mind is Canada’s Research in Motion and their legendary BlackBerry device. However, devices that run on Windows Mobile 5.0 don’t want to be left out of the picture either, and if you happen to be a Cingular subscriber, you won’t need […]

Samsung SCH-B570 packs T-DMB, 8GB HDD

Okay, are you ready for your daily dose of Samsung mobile phone goodness? The latest out of the South Korean electronics manufacturer is the SCH-B570, a follow-up to the hot i310 music phone, except this time around, they add T-DMB mobile television to the package. Our guess is that other than this upgrade, the features […]

Kyocera to launch K822 multimedia phone

Not to be lost in the mix of new Samsung, LG, and Motorola handsets, Kyocera is trying to recapture its part of the pie with the K822 multimedia phone. Its outward appearance won’t win any awards, as it looks like any generic internal-antenna’d clamshell, but this ain’t one of those handsets you’ll get for free […]

Geely, the $10,000 Chinese car, coming to U.S. in 2008

American car makers are already struggling to make it work, but now they face another low cost competitor in the U.S. market to further erode the margins on cheap cars. Geely, the Chinese car maker, will be selling vehicles in the U.S. starting, if all goes to plan, in the fall of 2008. The cars […]

Samsung SGH-i310 phone has 8GB HDD

Just having a music phone just isn’t enough these days. You need to rock a multi-megapixel camera and a whole slew of other features before you’ll catch anyone’s attention. Samsung Electronics, the top cell phone manufacturer in Korea, is at it again, this time with the SGH-i310, a smartphone with an 8GB hard disk drive […]

Microsoft outlines Windows Vista for 2006

Microsoft Corp. today announced the lineup for its upcoming Windows Vista operating system, the new variants are due out in the second half of this year Microsoft has outlined the most innovative features to their OS, but still following slowly behind Apple. The 64-bit platform has a new interface named Windows Aero, this is designed […]

Mozilla updates Minimo for Windows Mobile devices

The new Minimo is here. That would be the latest version of the Mozilla open source browser for handhelds. It’s Version 013, and it works on smartphones and PDS that are running Windows Mobile. Building on the success of its larger-screen cousins, it offers tabs for multiple open pages and a left-side screen bar with […]

Cingular adds 8125 and 8100 smartphones to lineup

Following the success of the hugely popular Cingular 2125, the mobile service provider is rolling out a couple more re-badged HTC smartphones to its lineup. Based on the HTC Wizard, the Cingular 8125 and 8100 do the quad-band worldphone dance, while at the same time shooting data your way via Wi-Fi (802.11b), Bluetooth, and EDGE. […]

Cingular 8125 Smartphone for businesses

If your company has a deal set up with Cingular, you can finally get your hands on one hot Smartphone from the nation’s largest carrier. The company’s new 8125 is basically a re-badged HTC Wizard complete with a suite of Mobile Microsoft products, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer. Running on Windows Mobile […]

I/OMagic unveils ‘tiny’ 8GB portable USB drive

It just keeps getting smaller and smaller… I/OMagic introduces the GigaBank 8.0, a diminutive USB drive that belies its huge 8GB storage capacity. It is very easy to carry around too, weighing just 56.69g. Connectivity is via USB 2.0. This makes the GigaBank extremely suitable for large data transfers and storage of music files, images, […]

Review: Sprint PPC-6700 with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

Smart phones. The phrase evokes both sneers and smiles from the technocrats among us. The beauty of a device that does everything in one hand-held package is that it simplifies your life. The possible detriment is that it doesn’t do everything as well as the individual dedicated devices. Well, you’ve heard those comments before…let’s see […]

Cingular Unveils Phone Running Windows Mobile Via Dial Pad

Cingular Wireless is now selling a cellular phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software. The wireless company on Wednesday unveiled the 2125 Smartphone, which has a typical cell phone dial pad instead of a keyboard. This model, the first of its kind, is aimed at consumers more than business customers, said Cingular spokesman John Kampfe. […]

Verizon confirms launch of Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700w

The Treo 700w smartphone has been officially announced to take advantage of the Verizon Wireless’ BroadbandAccess service on its EV-DO network. In addition to employing Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, Palm has added its own software suite to improve usability. Along with a 1.3 megapixel camera, the Treo 700w includes Bluetooth, and WiFi through Verizon’s EV-DO […]

DualCor cPC – Windows Mobile and XP on one device

If you have the DualCor cPC, you may never have to go to your office again. It’s a PDA with Windows Mobile 5.0, but it also happens to run Windows XP when you want it to. It has dual processors as well – a Via 1.5 GHz processor for XP and an Intel chipset for […]

LG PM80 PDA features digital TV on the go

LG has a new PDA the horizon and you won’t have to miss your favorite TV shows to use it. The new line is called the PM80. It features Digital Media Broadcast (DMB) functionality, that means digital TV on your PDA. You can watch it on the 3.5 inch QVGA LCD display, so it should […]

Cicero brings VoIP to Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

For those who are eagerly awaiting for VoIP to come out for their cellphones, the wait is now over. On Thursday, Cicero Networks Ltd. announced the launch of a smartphone version of its CiceroPhone which offers converged VoIP features. Going a step further, Cicero also announced a new Call Continuity server, a major new enhancement […]

The Samsung SCH-i830 is almost here

Have you noticed that there is a new Samsung product to talk about every day? Well, today is no exception. This time it is the SCH-i830 communicator. It’s a slider, which I have loved ever since Jack Nicholson had one in As Good As It Gets. He’s so cool. As the numbering would lead you […]

JJS Ascend PEC-A8 PDA switches to PMP

The latest gadget from China is the PMP/PDA, this is a standard looking personal media player, it can switch into personal digital assistant mode, they call it “switch2pmp”. When in PDA mode you are in a Windows CE OS, not the most exciting OS one could ask for in a PDA, but nonetheless, they are […]

Transcend Massive 8GB JetFlash USB flash drive

Transcend’s new 8GB JetFlash is the very latest of the bulk in high-speed USB memory. Not only does it have a massive amount of storage space, its pretty darn quick with read speeds of up to 21MB/second and write speeds of 11MB/ second were achieved by adopting dual channel technology. As a loss prevention measure, […]

Amoi E800 WM5 Smartphone is feature packed

Amoi out of China has announced the E800 WM5 Smartphone, it is loaded with goodies and looks to have every feature covered. It’s a clamshell model, like the Nokia 9300 Communicator which is finally coming to the U.S. from Europe (were hoping it isn’t quite as big as that one), but with a bit more […]

Samsung SCH-M600 Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Official

Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung SCH-M600 multi-function Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 smartphone. The SCH-M600 is Samsungs answer to the many music phones emerging on the market, it’s most notable feature is the 3GB of internal hard drive space for playing, storing and creating MP3s, VOD and MOD files. Samsung SCH-M600 Specifications – Microsoft Windows […]

OQO launches smallest mobile windows XP computer

For those who were mesmerized by OQO’s WiFI-enabled model 01 personal computer, giving you access to Windows XP while on move last year, here is some good news. The company has now come out with an upgraded version branded as OQO model 01+ which is being projected as the smallest (with pocket size designing) and […]

Sprint PPC-6700, First Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA in US

Sprint has officially just let loose the first Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA in the US. It’s called the Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device, PPC-6700, and features EV-DO, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Many will drool over it’s CDMA and Wi-Fi capabilities, it even sports a 1.3 megapixel camera with full video capabilities. With Evolution Data Optimized […]

Microsoft Set to Unveil 7 Versions of Windows Vista

Microsoft is all set to unveil as many as seven editions of their next PC operating system; Windows Vista. These editions have been particularly construed to cater to home and business requirements with various levels of functionality depending on the specific version. Out of the seven new product editions, four of these – Windows Vista […]

T-Mobile MDA Pro Pocket Communicator with Windows Mobile 5.0

The MDA Pro, available now from T-Mobile Deutschland, combines innovative technology, optimal functionality and ultimate convenience in a small space. It retails at € 499.95 with a 24 month post-pay contract or at the Relax 100 rate of € 430.99 (net) with a contract. The mobile communicator is one of the first mobile devices worldwide […]

First Windows Mobile Wi-Fi Smartphones

Qtek has just unveiled two new versions of mobile smartphones which have the inherent feature of running Windows Mobile 5 with Wireless networking capabilities. Christened as the Qtek 8300 and 8310 models, these phones promise to be the first one in their segment to carry Wi- Fi features along with regular cellular protocols. In addition […]

Motorola A910 WiFi Handset, A728 and A732 Unveiled

Motorola has just revealed new handsets geared to deliver seamless mobile office connectivity for the mobile professional. The Motorola A910 with WiFi, A728 and A732 are all Linux-based handsets despite the recent release of the Windows Mobile powered Motorola Q handset with QWERTY keyboard. From Motorola’s Announcement Motorola A910 With Motorola’s next generation user interface, […]

Pantech Launches the PH-S8000T, Korea’s First Microsoft-based smartphone

Now, Koreans have their first Microsoft-based smartphone as Pantech brings to market the PH-S8000T. The handset is targeted at “mobile professionals” or “knowledge workers” and those who are into entertainment multimedia. Developed in close cooperation with Microsoft and Intel, the PH-S8000T comes with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and an Intel Mobile Processor. It features […]

Windows Mobile 5.0 to run on Samsung SGH-i300 Smartphone

Windows Mobile 5.0 was unveiled today, the first smartphone to use Microsoft’s new Mobile OS will be the Samsung SGH-i300. When we caught wind of Samsungs latest phone back in March at CeBIT in Germany we knew it would stand out in the crowd. Not only did the 3GB internal harddrive dazzle us, but so […]

Windows Mobile 5.0 Officially Announced

Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system for Smartphones and Pocket PC’s has finally been officially announced. You may recall the previous names “Magneto” and “Windows Mobile 2005”, but forget those names 5.0 is all you are getting. The entire regular suite has been upgraded, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile Viewer. Additional support […]

Mio 168RS Pocket PC GPS adds Stronger Antenna

Mio Technology has released their new upgraded Mio 168RS handheld running on Windows Mobile Pocket PC SE. It features an advanced integrated GPS receiver with flip up antenna, more powerful and accurate than the original 168 antenna, which has now been discontinued. Mio informed MobileMag this was due to an overwhelming amount of issues for […]

Digital Mind Corp’s DMC 8280, 30GB Digital Audio Player

Digital Mind Corporation today announced their new hard-disk based MP3 player with plenty of storage but without the hefty price tag. The DMC 8280 will come with 30GB of storage and measures in at 3.9 X 2.6 X 0.7 inches and weights 6.3 ounces. The player supports MP3, WMA, and OGG file formats as well […]

Acer Travelmate 8100 first with ATI Radeon X700

One of the first few notebooks to come out with the new ATI Mobility Radeon X600 and X700 graphics chips will be the Acer Travelmate 8100 series. The slightly lower end X600 will go inside the TravelMate 4600 and 4100 and Aspire 1690 and 1800 notebooks. The powerhouse Travelmate 8100 series will ship with up […]

New Bluetooth Headphones: Nightingale BSH 338

Two companies, touch and i.Tech have a new product that they announced today, the Nightingale BSH 338, a wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones. The headphones allows you to receive sound from any Bluetooth enabled device such as a cell phone. That’s not all; you can plug in the wireless USB dongle to any device, such as […]

Lexar to Showcase 2 New MP3 Players: The LDP-200 and LDP-800

Lexar will showcase 2 of their new MP3 music players at CES2005. The LDP-200 and LDP-800 will be joining the LDP-400 and LDP-600 players. The LDP-200 will be their economical player which is a 0 MB version at a suggested retail price of $39.99. The player comes with a SD slot which enables you to […]

Linux Laptops for $498 at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Corporation breaks out the price savings again with a $498 Linux laptop running on Linspire. The 1.0 GHz system powered by the VIA C3 processor comes with 128MB RAM, expandable up to 512MB, a 14.1-inch LCD display, 30GB hard drive, 4 USB 2.0 ports and a complete suite of applications from Open Office to […]

Madden NFL 2005 for Palm OS and Windows Mobile

Mobile Digital Media (MDM) has announced an agreement with EA sports to deliver Madden NFL 2005 for Palm OS and Windows Mobile-based devices. Madden 2005 has the latest data and stats for the new season and will be offered on plug-and-play SD/MMC cards or online download this month for $39.99. Madden NFL 2005 features: — […]

Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile SE Smartphone on AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless is now carrying the Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Mobile-based smartphone in the USA. Powered by Windows Mobile 2003 SE it will allow seamless media transfers from an XP PC to your phone, the base price is set at $199.00. This could be a direct competitor for the Motorola MPx220 flip-style phone, the SMT5600 features […]

Vodafone launches Wi-Fi Windows Mobile VPA III

Vodafone today announced a Windows Mobile-based device dubbed the Vodafone Personal Assistant III, or VPA III, with superior connectivity via W-LAN hotspots or GPRS data. The Vodafone Personal Assistant III is a communicator type device, similar to the Blackberry and Treo handhelds. The integrated quad-band GSM/GPRS radio will support any GSM network in the world […]

Opera On Smartphones Powered By Windows Mobile

Opera will soon be available for mobile phones powered by Windows Mobile software. Opera uses a neat technology that enables them to view regular pages on the small screen such as a mobile phone. See press release below. Opera Software today announced that its revolutionary Opera smartphone browser will soon become available for Microsoft Windows […]

Motorola V551, A780 and MPx220 Coming Q4 2004

In a surge of press announcements today, Motorola unveiled several new phones today, the V551 EDGE phone, the A780 mobile office PDA and the official announcement of the MPx220 1.3 megapixel camera phone. The V551 is a slim and sexy phone with the speed and flexibility of EDGE technology to enable rapid data exchange making […]