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2008 Summer Olympic Games Say No to Windows Vista


Here’s a twist of fate for you. While the news is getting bombarded with stories of poisoned this and poisoned that coming out of China, the Olympic organizing committee in that country has decided to cast aside what they consider to be unsafe too. According to Lenovo, the 2008 Olympic ...

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Toshiba e800 Windows Mobile 2003 SE so Called Update


An update patch posted on the Toshiba support site will allow Toshiba e800 owners to update to Windows Mobile 2003 SE, but do they really want to? The free download is an 18.7 MB zip with an update guide and revision list, the new ROM is nk-e800-2.0000.0409-wm2003se-bt.bin that will uncompress ...

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MiTAC unveils 8390 smartphone with Windows Mobile 2003


Mio Technology Corp. has launched the much anticipated Mio 8390 smartphone in Taiwan. Integrating Windows Mobile 2003 software for smartphone and Intel PXA262 application process, the Mio 8390 is a tri-band phone that provides the ability to handle both information and communications. In addition to all the features users expect ...

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MiTAC Mio 8380 First Windows Powered Clamshell Smartphone


MiTAC International Corporation’s revolutionary smartphone made a dazzling debut at Grand Hyatt Hotel today. Differing from traditional phones with their near-exclusive focus on voice calls, the Mio 8380 exemplifies MiTAC’s innovative approach to wireless communications products, as the company has developed a device that is truly at the forefront of ...

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