Video: Unboxing Sony Xperia X1 Windows Mobile Smartphone

Windows Mobile may be getting lost in the mix with the continuing rise of the iPhone and the recent launch of Google Android, but the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 could seriously change things for Microsoft’s mobile platform. David Ciccone of Mobility Today was lucky enough to get his hands on a brand new Sony Xperia […]

Sneak Peek at Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots

We’re not quite ready for Windows Mobile 7 just yet, but Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has officially confirmed that the company will be releasing Windows Mobile 6.5. Just as WM 6.1 brought all sorts of upgrades over WM 6.0, we can expect all sorts of interesting updates for WM 6.5. So, how will this new mobile […]

Fujitsu U820 LifeBook UMPC Powered by Intel Atom

The netbook market is a terribly confusing place. The first Asus Eee PC was a seven-incher, but there has been a recent push toward 8.9-inch and 10-inch model. Dell has taken it even further by offering a 12-inch Inspiron Mini, making netbooks bigger than ever. Fujitsu, on the other hand, is taking netbooks in the […]

FCC Approves Samung C6620 Windows Mobile Smartphone

What’s this? Another BlackJack? The Samsung C6620 Windows Mobile smartphone takes on a similar candybar form factor as the BlackJack, but it appears to have some slightly different styling cues. Among the features on this phone are tri-band GSM, QVGA display, HSDPA support, QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel camera, 20MB internal memory, memory card expansion, Windows […]

Apple iPhone 3G Powered by Windows Mobile (Video)

In a bite of bitter irony, it is now possible for you to run Windows Mobile on your Apple iPhone, much in the same way that you can run Windows on your Apple MacBook. I thought the biggest appeal of the iPhone was the Cupertino-sourced user interface? The Windows Mobile hack, courtesy of developer Erik […]

HP Oak Windows Mobile Smartphone Has Slide-Out QWERTY

Get a load of this. HTC isn’t the only company that knows how to produce Windows Mobile smartphones that happen to have horizontally-sliding QWERTY keyboards. Hewlett Packard’s line of handsets may not be quite as popular as the older iPAQs may have been, but this new HP Oak could certainly attract some attention. Set to […]

Microsoft Makes No Mistake About Its Windows Mobile Motivations

While Google doesn’t seem to have a problem with giving away a bunch of stuff for free — everything from Gmail to Google Docs doesn’t cost you a penny — the guys at Microsoft don’t quite feel the same way. The always quotable Steve Ballmer went on the record in saying that the company doesn’t […]

Next iPhone Firmware to Offer Windows Mobile Today Screen?

Although there is already a homebrew application that can offer similar functionality to jailbroken handsets, Apple is apparently working on an official update to the iPhone that would create a more Windows Mobile-like experience. One of the things that has been holding me back from picking up an iPhone 3G is that the phone doesn’t […]

HTC Touch HD Smartphone Has 800×480 Touchscreen

There’s no denying that HTC has really taken some massive strides in recent years, really establishing its brand as the premiere manufacturer of Windows Mobile smartphones. We’ve already seen the HTC Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, so let’s add another Touch to the mix with the HTC Touch HD. As its name […]

Live Shots of HTC S740 Windows Mobile Smartphone

HTC is keeping itself pretty busy these days with the upcoming Android-powered G1 and the Palm-branded Treo Pro, but it’s got a few tricks up its own sleeve as well. We’ve already seen product renders of the HTC S740, but now we’ve been treated to a couple of live photographs as well. As you recall, […]

Chrome and Silver Motorola Q9h with Windows Mobile 6.1

Not digging the Apple iPhone 3G? No fan of the BlackBerry Bold? Well, it looks like AT&T will soon have another smartphone option coming your way. The Motorola Q9h isn’t exactly a new device, per se, but this version dressed up in silver and chrome is slightly novel in its approach. Aside from the flashy […]

Motorola Q9h Receives Official Windows Mobile 6.1 Update

Maybe you’ve been bouncing around the office with a Motorola Q9h smartphone for some time now, but you’re itching to get your hands on a faster phone. You might want to hold your horses there for a moment, though, because the official Windows Mobile 6.1 update for your smartphone has arrived. Bumping the Motorola Q9h […]

BlackBerry Gets Official Windows Live Messenger Client

As if CrackBerry addicts didn’t already have enough ways to stay connected and bust out QWERTY-powered messages, Microsoft has just released an official Windows Live Messenger Client for BlackBerry devices. Up until now, you’ve been able to do the Windows Live thing through third party messengers, but this is the first time that Microsoft has […]

Samsung BlackJack III (i788) Slated for October Launch?

In many ways, it started with the original Samsung BlackJack. It wasn’t exactly a BlackBerry, but the QWERTY-packing smartphone offered a great option for people who wanted a slim Windows Mobile smartphone. Things got a touch better when they unleashed the Samsung BlackJack II, even though the form factor and design remained much the same. […]

Palm Treo 800w Smartphone “Isn’t a Bad Choice”

There’s something to be said about having a physical keyboard. The recent wave of touchscreen phones are fun and all, but if you’re firing off a lot of emails, it’s just easier when you have a real QWERTY keypad in front of you. Yes, the new Palm Treo 800w from Sprint is not the prettiest […]

Verizon Getting Motorola Q9 Napolean, Works with GSM 850/1900

CDMA smartphones that work with international GSM providers are nothing new, but this is the first time that I’ve heard about a CDMA world phone that comes with North America-friendly GSM 850/1900. This special Verizon version of the MOtorola Q9 is called “Napolean” and it does both CDMA and GSM. The CDMA side of things […]

Get Your Hands on Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta for Windows Mobile

Ask just about anyone who owns and uses a Windows Mobile device on a consistent basis and chances are that they’ll say they’re not exactly pleased with Pocket Internet Explorer. For this reason, it is not uncommon for people to start looking at other mobile browsing options. Opera 9.5 for your home computer launched a […]

OLPC XO Laptop Dual-Booting with Sugar OS and Windows XP

We were told that this was going to happen, but this is the first time that we’ve been able to see a real working OLPC XO laptop doing the dual boot dance. In the video posted over at Gizmodo, you’ll be able to see that green and white wonder running the semi-retired Windows XP operating […]

Samsung i788 (BlackJack III) with Touchscreen Coming to AT&T

It started with the first Samsung BlackJack. It continued with a mildly updated Samsung BlackJack II. It is only a matter of time before we get the spiritual successor known as the Samsung i788. By and large, you could probably say that this QWERTY-packing smartphone is the BlackJack III. Rumor is floating around that AT&T […]

Intel Centrino Atom Shoved into Compact Gigabyte M528 UMPC

Although everyone is talking about the inclusion of the Atom in the area of subnotebooks, Intel is also getting that thing plunked into all sorts of other things. They say that Intel Atom will work just fine with smartphones, for example, or in UMPCs like the Gigabyte M528. Powered by an Intel Centrino Atom 800MHz […]

Asus M930 Smartphone Clones LG enV, Runs Windows Mobile

As much as I like the build quality on the smartphones offered by Asus, the one thing that has largely been missing from their portfolio is a full QWERTY keyboard. The M930 addresses this very niche, much to the applause of email junkies and other QWERTY lovers around the world. On display at Computex Taipei […]

Buy the HTC Touch Diamond Right Now for $780

The official launch date of the iPhone-killing HTC Touch Diamond is still a little way’s away, but if you want to get your hands on the device, you can. The catch is that you could be paying a rather hefty premium for the Windows Mobile-infused touchscreen smartphone. A number of online stores are not only […]

More Specs on Palm Treo 850, Including Wi-Fi

We spotted the Palm Treo 850 earlier this month, noting its Centro-like appearance and full QWERTY keyboard. While it may not be able to dethrone the BlackBerry devices of the world, Palm might have itself a decent contender in the Treo 850w, especially since we now know a little more about what this Windows Mobile […]

Live Pictures of Palm Treo 850w Smartphone

What do you get when you take the Palm Centro, let it pack on some extra girth, and throw Windows Mobile into the fold? The answer, it seems, is the upcoming Palm Treo 850. Although the Palm brand isn’t nearly as popular as it was several years ago, it seems that the Treo line is […]

Palm Treo 800w Retro Without Knowing It

Even though the Palm Centro has managed to achieve a modest level of success, the Treo branding is starting to get a little old and a little stale. Far too many people have left their Palm Treos behind in favor of another company’s Windows Mobile device, a BlackBerry, or some other smartphone. The company really […]

Fido Slashes Prices on Windows Mobile Smartphones

I was flipping through my local newspaper today when I saw a full page ad for Fido. Even though the Windows Mobile smartphones from Fido haven’t even been out for that long, the Canadian dog is quickly slashing prices on the devices. The Samsung JACK, for example, can now be snatched up for a mere […]

Somewhat Crippled Windows XP to Sell for $25 to PC Makers

It’s obvious enough that Microsoft wants us to upgrade all of our main computers to Vista, but they don’t have too much of a problem with running Windows XP on our el cheapo subnotebooks. In order to help keep costs down for low-cost PCs like the Asus Eee PC, Microsoft is getting ready to offer […]

Verizon Nabs Motorola Q9c Windows Mobile Smartphone

The GSM providers got first dibs on the upgraded Motorola Q9h, but the CDMA guys are starting to catch up. Verizon Wireless has announced that they are now the proud providers of the Motorola Q9c, a Windows Mobile smartphone that made its debut at CTIA earlier this year in Las Vegas. By and large, the […]

REVIEW: BlackBerry Curve 8330 from Bell Mobility

The BlackBerry Curve, in all of its different incarnations, has been available to GSM providers for quite a while now and it is only recently that Research in Motion decided to plunk a CDMA radio into the thing. Bell Mobility, one of Canada’s two biggest CDMA service providers, has snatched up the BlackBerry Curve 8330 […]

microsoft phones
Rogers Officially Announces Nokia N95 8GB, Coming Next Tuesday

We had a pretty good idea that this was coming and now it has been officially confirmed. Rogers Wireless will be launching the Nokia N95 8GB on May 6th. That’s this coming Tuesday for anyone keeping score at home. This makes Rogers the first North American carrier to officially support Nokia’s flagship smartphone. There’s no […]

Transforming Windows Mobile into iPhone with iSwish (Video)

If you happen to be rocking a Windows Mobile handheld and you want to get in some crazy iPhone action, the transition has been made easier than ever. The name of the application is iSwish and what it does is swap out the clunky Windows Mobile interface, replacing it with a user experience that mirrors […]

Video: Gigabyte Smart Touch UI Makes Windows Mobile Thumb-Friendly

Many people complain about the interface on a standard Windows Mobile cell phone, so it seems that the hardware manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to improve the user experience. HTC has already created what they call TouchFLO and now Gigabyte wants to be a little more intelligent with the release of the Smart Touch […]

microsoft phones
Ubuntu Coming to Nokia N800-Series Internet Tablets

The Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets are wonderful little devices, because they give you virtually the same online experience as a laptop but in a much smaller form factor. The operating system on these handhelds, however, is starting to get a little dated. We already know that Nokia isn’t going to make the leap […]

OLPC XO Laptop Abandons Linux Sugar In Favor of Windows XP

Just when you thought that Linux was finally starting to make some major headway into the mainstream, all the subnotebook makers in the world are shifting their focus toward a more widely recognizable operating system. You can get the Asus Eee PC with XP pre-loaded and now it seems that Negroponte and the One Laptop […]

Elektrobit Windows Mobile Smartphone Does Satellite and GSM

Here’s a dual mode phone of a different breed. Instead of marrying a CDMA radio with a GSM radio, Elektrobit is working on a Windows Mobile smartphone that will be able to both connect to GSM networks and operate over a satellite connection. The unnamed QWERTY-boasting phone is currently slated for a 2009 launch. The […]

Support for Windows XP Through 2012 From Dell

Some of us are just hesitant to join the party known as Windows Vista. Others just haven’t purchased a new computer since the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Whatever the case, if you happen to be rocking an XP-powered computer from Dell, you will only continue to get support for that OS through to […]

Full QWERTY Keyboard Slides Out of Pantech UTStarcom TXT8010

We’ve seen slider phones with QWERTY keyboards before, bub the usual configuration calls for a horizontal sliding mechanism. You know, like the AT&T Tilt and countless other HTC smartphones. Pantech is taking a slightly different approach to QWERTY with the seemingly compact UTStarcom TXT8010. The slider is vertical, which makes the TXT8010 more similar in […]

MWg Set to Invade Europe with Windows Mobile Smartphones

You may not be all that familiar with the MWg brand and that’s because it didn’t really exist until just recently. Before taking on the MWg name, the company was previously known as O2 Asia. To my knowledge, they were simply rebranding Windows Mobile smartphones that were manufactured by the good people at HTC. After […]

World’s First Windows Mobile 5 Wristwatch

We’ve seen Windows Mobile devices before. We’ve also seen watch phones. Now the two worlds are finally colliding with the arrival of the Epoq EGP-WP98B. Yes, the name is the catchiest thing in the world, but it is pretty cool to be the first Windows Mobile 5-based watch. Naturally, you may have some trouble making […]

Revealed: Samsung i900, U800, L870

Samsung has just announced a trio of new cell phones apparently for the Dutch telecom market and the styling is right in line with what we’ve come to expect from the Sammy team. On the far left is the Samsung i900. It appears to be similar to the North American model, but they’ve swapped out […]

Asus Eee PC with Windows XP Has Hidden Shortcomings

Remember yesterday when we discovered that the Windows-powered Asus Eee PC would cost the same as its Linux-powered counterpart? Well, while the two units may bear the same outward appearance and come attached with the same price tag, the XP-powered Eee PC actually has a few disadvantages compared to its Linux-powered counterpart. There is a […]

Samsung SCH-M470 Windows Mobile Smartphone is First with HSUPA

We all know that Samsung knows a thing or two about producing slim slider smartphones and now they’re pushing the uploading envelope with the announcement of the SCH-M470, the company’s first HSUPA handset. As you recall, HSDPA is for high-speed downloads, but what about when you want to upload massive files through the wireless network? […]

Windows Mobile to Rock Out with Guitar Hero III

Rhythm games seem to have hit the world by storm, especially since the mainstream now has access to games beyond Dance Dance Revolution. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have been monumental successes on home gaming consoles, but what about when you want to rock on the road? Well, it turns out that Guitar Hero III […]