Dell Lightning strikes with Windows Phone 7

Not particularly impressed with the Dell Mini 3i? Don’t really want anything to do with the Dell Streak series? That doesn’t mean that the giant computer maker isn’t going to go after your smartphone dollars with yet another offering. In a very exciting move, it seems that we could be getting our hands on the Dell Lightning smartphone.

While the hardware looks pretty slick (and I’ll get into that a little further in just a moment), the real news is that this will be powered by Windows Phone 7. Windows Mobile has really fallen into the background these last couple of years, getting overshadowed by the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android (and even webOS from Palm to an extent), so this could be a major boon for Microsoft.

Intel ships “optimized” Windows 7 solid-state drive, quicker bootups

Intel has begun shipping the latest edition to their high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) lineup, the Intel X25-V Value SATA SSD. It’s quick, small, durable and costs nearly 25 times the price of current magnetic platter harddrives, but when speed, ruggedness and durability are key, money isn’t everything.

The SSD market is quite small at the moment, this is due to the high cost per gigabyte, making it more of a high-end addon for performance-sensitive devices such as servers, high-end netbooks, laptops, smartbooks, and gaming computers.

Opera Mini 5 beta out for Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphones, no more java

What the Safari browser is to the iPhone, the Opera browser shall be to Windows Mobile devices. Today Opera Software announced a native version of Opera Mini 5 beta 2 for Windows Mobile 5 and 6-based smartphones. Opera on your Windows Mobile will give you a dramatic increase in browsing speed, tabs, and no more java.

How the browser works is by compressing up to 90 percent of the data traffic coming from websites before they get to your handset, thus delivering you a really fast browsing experience, and ultimately lowering your data fees.

Motorola open to launching Windows Phone 7 devices

It’s no secret how Bill Gates views Google and its Android operating system. One fine afternoon Gates, while browsing the web discovered that Google was recruiting ex-Microsoft employees. That’s when the penny dropped – Google was competing with the ‘Big Boys’ in the OS market.

Still alive: Windows Mobile 6.5 now Windows Phone Classic

With the recent launch of Windows Phone 7 Series, many Windows Mobile 6.5 (and Windows Mobile 6.53) owners cringed at the thought they would be dropped without a second thought. Contrary to those thoughts, Microsoft has announced that the OS will stay on board and will be re-badged as Windows Phone Classic. Why? Well, it’s still popular and Microsoft doesn’t want to turn their back on such an important core group of users.

Windows Phone 7 Series first look, HTC on-board, not enough cowbell

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the companies next-generation of Windows for smartphones today: Windows Phone 7 Series. Microsoft is adapting to consumer demand and tailoring the new OS to have a “smart design” and integrated experiences between web and other applications. The have also have managed to bring Xbox Live games and Zune music and video to the mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson Aspen first to run Windows Mobile 6.5.3

It has arrived with a vengence, the holy grail of Microsoft’s mobile efforts: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and it’s on the Sony Ericsson Aspen. Once known as the Faith, the sleek looking QWERTY smartphone with 2.4-inch QVGA TFT touchscreen LCD, multi-tasking, organizing and adapting the panels just the way you like it.

Windows Mobile to Be Integrated with Xbox Live

The smartphone arena has gotten awfully competitive in recent years, seeing the emergence of the iPhone, Palm Pre, Google Android, and other viable alternatives. Windows Mobile has certainly lost some market share as a result, but does that mean that Microsoft is going to sit idly by? No! They could be coming back with a […]

New Windows Mobile, Android, Palm Pre Smartphones Coming to Verizon

It sounds like Verizon Wireless is poised to make a major run at the market early next year. Everyone is already pretty excited about the Motorola Droid that launched a short while ago, but there are rumblings of at least three new smartphones that’ll be hitting the shelves of Big Red in the very early […]

Asus Eee PC 1008P with Pine Trail Atom CPU

As if there weren’t enough variations within the Asus Eee PC line of netbooks already, here’s another one for your buying consideration. If you can get past the loud pink paintjob, you’ll discover that this could be the most powerful Eee PC to date, thanks to the next-generation Pine Trail Intel Atom processor. The Pine […]

Upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 Update Comes with New Virtual Keyboard

The people over at HTC can develop their own on-screen keyboard to go with their TouchFLO 3D interface, as can the the Samsung folks with the TouchWiz UI, but what about a native Windows Mobile installation? Well, it seems that the newest build of Windows Mobile 6.5 will come with a new virtual keyboard and […]

Much-Discussed ITG xpPhone Will Do Windows 7 Too

Do you remember that ITG xpPhone? Remember how it was supposed to be one crazy smartphone that got powered by a full build of Windows XP? Well, ITG is going further, because they’re going to plop Windows 7 into that frame. We all know that Windows 7 is supposed to be more efficient than Windows […]

Bodily Functions Invade Windows Mobile with MyFart

It’s a little sad, really, how the most popular apps on the Apple iPhone involve bodily functions and other crude forms of humor. Yes, we all know that flatulence can be funny at times, but this has sparked up a whole new genre of apps across all platforms. Including Windows Mobile. If you’re rocking a […]

18.4-Inch Acer AS8940G-6865 Core i7 Laptop Goes Big

Some people choose to buy a notebook for its portability. These are the kind of people that would likely value a 13-inch ultraportable subnotebook. The new Acer AS8940G-6865 is not for these kind of people. Instead, the 18.4-inch monster of a laptop is very much a desktop replacement machine and it has the horsepower to […]

Asus Wins Battle of Sub-$800 Win7 13-Inch Notebooks

Yes, I realize that many people would much rather consider the newly upgraded white MacBook or even the 13-inch MacBook Pro at this size, but both of those are priced higher than the four machines battling it out in this Gizmodo-sourced comparison. For me, a 13-inch notebook hits that perfect sweet spot between functionality and […]

Amazon Kindle for PC to Invade Windows 7 Tablets

You know how the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader was announced earlier this week? It seems that the crew at Amazon are fighting back, but it’s not without another piece of hardware; it’s with eBook software for your Windows-based computer instead. Barnes & Noble already had a software solution that allowed people to buy […]

Samsung Giorgio Armani with Windows Mobile 6.5

What do you get when you borrow some styling inspiration from the Nokia N97 mini and a little more inspiration for the HTC Touch Pro 2? What if you were to add in a huge dash of prestigious class and slap on a clothing label? It seems you end up with the new Giorgio Armani […]

Get a Netbook with Any Windows 7 Version You Want

Several months ago, Microsoft made a formal announcement saying that it would restrict what version of Windows 7 could be installed on certain computers. In addition to the minimum specs required for each version of Windows 7, Microsoft also defined the maximum specs allowed. Well, that has now changed. Initially, it seemed that the vast […]

Onslaught of Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphones This Year

So, we all know that Windows Mobile 6.5 will officially be launching next month and handset manufacturers will be able to produce smartphones that come pre-loaded with the new platform right out of the box. This is supposed to represent a major leap forward from Windows Mobile 6.1, but how many phones will get this […]

Pre-Orders Taken for ITG xpPhone with Windows XP

BlackBerry OS? iPhone OS? Symbian OS? These are all perfectly viable mobile platforms, but they still don’t offer the same kind of utility that you’d be able to extract from a true desktop operating system. That’s why ITG has decided to create a new smartphone that is powered by a full build of Windows XP. […]

HTC Leo: Windows Mobile 6.5, 1GHz Snapdragon, 4.3-Inch Touchscreen

Prepare to be impressed. We caught a few glimpses of this phone through some shady and blurry spy shots, but now it seems that the upcoming HTC Leo smartphone is not only real, but the rumored spec sheet is even better than you could have possibly imagined. Just don’t expect this phone to be particularly […]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Gets Windows Mobile 6.5

Even though everyone else is still bandying around with Windows Mobile 6.1 and we’re on the eve of a release of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2, the XPERIA X1 could be in for a very pleasant surprise very soon. Based on some rogue developing, the XPERIA X1 may soon be getting its virtual hands on […]

Windows Mobile and Google Android, Together At Last

So, you’re in the market for a new smartphone and you can’t decide on which operating system you’d prefer. There are certainly some merits to Windows Mobile, but Google Android looks mighty intriguing as well. What is a discerning consumer to do? Get both, of course! The Sunno S880 is actually a dual-boot smartphone. Just […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 to Co-Exist?

Normally, when you see different versions of the same operating system, the assumption is that the bigger number is the newer one and probably the one that you want. With each successive iteration, you get new features and other improvements, so this only makes sense. Microsoft, however, seems to be taking a wholly different approach […]

Upgraded Sony Vaio P Lifestyle PC Downgrades to Windows XP

It may cost a fair bit more than some of the MSI Winds and Dell Minis of the world, but the Sony VAIO P “lifestyle PC” is also meant to be a step above the rest of the netbook fold. Well, Sony Japan is stepping up to another level with the announcement of the new […]

Dell Mini 11 Netbook Available with Windows Vista

Dell’s roadmap for upcoming netbooks has been leaked onto the Internet and it comes with quite the notable surprise. Not only have we been introduced to the upcoming Dell Mini 11, but we’re also learning that it can be loaded with Windows Vista. Now, the Dell Mini 11 certainly won’t be the first netbook to […]

ICQ for Windows Mobile, But Why?

While Twitter and Facebook make up a good deal of my social networking online, there is still very much a place for instant messengers. You don’t want all of your conversations to be public and being able to chat in real-time with your online friends is a definite plus. It makes sense that Windows Mobile […]

AMOLED-Equipped Samsung A877 to Hit AT&T This Month?

What if you want to get your hands on a QWERTY-equipped handset but don’t want to deal with the complexities of a smartphone operating system? What if you want to have a brilliant display that you can tap with your finger? If you’re over at AT&T, you may be in luck by the end of […]

Windows Marketplace for Mobile Mirrors Android Market Shopping Bag?

Ever since the App Store launched for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, it seems like every other smartphone manufacturer wants to start selling various applications through a mobile store. The trouble is that cloning process is starting to produce clones of clones. Case in point is the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile. You may […]

Get Ready for 10 Versions of Windows 7

In case you haven’t noticed, most netbooks on the market today are running on Windows XP. By contrast, “full” laptops and desktops get their OS juice from Windows Vista. When Windows 7 finally arrives, Microsoft plans on having different versions catered to the two different environments. This way, you still get a similar user experience […]

Good Facebook App Arrives on Windows Mobile

What’s the point of having a smartphone if you can’t poke your friends on the go? For those of you rocking a Windows Mobile handset, you can now get your hands on a pretty good Facebook application and, as far as I can tell, the app is completely free for you to enjoy. John Herman […]

Challenging the MacBook Air with Ultra Slim Asus 1008HA

You didn’t think that Asus was just going to sit idly by while fellow netbook enthusiast MSI challenged the MacBook Air in thinness with the MSI X-Slim Series, did you? Keeping notebooks and netbooks as thin as possible is still very much the rage, so Asus is offering its entry in the form of the […]

Roughing It with Nautiz X5 Rugged Windows Mobile Handheld

Some people like their electronics to be as slick and sleek as possible, but other people value the ability for their gadgets to withstand the harshest of conditions. Clearly, this product caters to the latter. Coming from the folks at Handheld Europe is the new Nautiz X5, a super rugged PDA that will survive just […]

Hands-On Video with Samsung Omnia HD i8910

People just aren’t satisfied with regular touchscreen cell phones anymore, because they want those displays to be in high-definition. The Samsung Omnia HD i8910 addresses this desire and we found this great video that demonstrates its HD touchscreen. As you may recall, the Omnia HD i8910 does not get its juice through a Windows Mobile […]

Marketplace Integration Confirmed for Windows Mobile 6.5?

In addition to the new honeycomb-like menu system, one of the more exciting features to be introduced in Windows Mobile 6.5 has to the be the marketplace integration. It seems that just about every smartphone has some variation of this functionality already or it will very soon. The App Store for the iPhone has been […]

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20 with Windows Mobile 6.1

We already have some familiarity with the nuvifone G60, but they did say that the partnership between GPS guru Garmin and smartphone extraordinaire Asus would result in more than just one handset. That expansion on the nuvifone line has now occured. Joining the nuvifone G60 is the all-new Garmin-Asus M20, a colorful smartphone powered by […]

PocketGear Launches App Store for Windows Mobile

As smartphones continue to gain in popularity among the masses, so will the popularity of third-party applications. Following in this philosophy is the launch of the App Store for Windows Mobile, powered by the good people at PocketGear. This is the same company that launched the Palm App Store in December 2008, making it incredibly […]

Download Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta for Free

It may not be quite the same thing as finally getting our hands on Windows Mobile 7, but we are getting a little closer to that day with the leaked release of a Windows Mobile 6.5 beta. Yes, this is still the beta version of the new operating system, so it will surely come with […]

Leaked Look at HTC lolite Windows Mobile Smartphone

The good guys at HTC are doing it again with the release of yet another touchscreen Windows Mobile smartphone outfitted with TouchFLO 3D. If you’re not quite satisfied with the HTC Touch Diamond or the HTC Touch HD, you may want to check out the upcoming launch of the HTC lolite. Personally, I find the […]

Three Great Innovations from 2008

Despite the credit crisis and all the problems that seem to have afflicted just about every industry on the planet, mobile technology still managed to come forward with several fantastic innovations. This moves the industry in the right direction and offers us plenty of promise and new toys in the future. The three great innovations […]

Windows Mobile Gets Dressed Up (Again), This Time By i-mate

As robust and widely used as Windows Mobile may be, many people are not happy with the clunky user interface. Joining several other cellular manufacturers, i-mate is set to offer a new skin for its Windows Mobile phones, potentially making the OS more attractive and user-friendly. This follows in the trend that is currently being […]