Dell Unveils the Inspiron 8200 Notebooks With Advanced Mobile Technology

Dell today introduced two new notebook computers powered by Intel’s Mobile Pentium® 4 processors-M, bringing desktop-like performance to consumers and business mobile users alike. The wireless-ready InspironTM 8200 and LatitudeTM C840 notebooks come with Intel’s new Mobile Pentium 4 processors-M, NVIDIA’s new GeForce4 440 Go graphics controllers, large 15-inch high-resolution displays and multiple high-speed optical […]

GiveMePower Launches PowerCAD CE World’s First Full-Powered 2 and 3D CAD Line for Windows CE

Nearly two years of preparation and millions of dollars in product development have preceded the official commercial launch of GiveMePower Corporation and its PowerCAD CE™ – the world’s first full-powered 2 and 3 dimensional CAD line for the exploding world of Windows CE® based portable/wireless computing. For the first time, full-featured CAD processing is available […]

NEC and MIPS Technologies Announce Windows CE Operating System Support for 64-Bit Microprocessors

Reflecting increased market acceptance of high-performance, power-efficient 64-bit embedded processors, NEC Corporation and its semiconductor affiliate in the United States, NEC Electronics Inc., and MIPS Technologies, Inc. today announced that the new Microsoft® Windows® CE “Talisker” Beta 2 operating system includes 64-bit support. Microsoft announced the availability of “Talisker” Beta 2 on August 13, 2001. […]

Sotec to Launch Sales of Windows CE 3.0 Pen PC Before 2002

Sotec Co., Ltd. is exhibiting at the World PCExpo 2001 its new pen-input computer, the “A-1,” installed with the Windows CE 3.0 operating system. It is slated to be on the market by the end of the year. Usage of computers with pens, or styluses, to input data is more usually associated with business users, […]

MP3 Server for Wireless 802.11b and Bluetooth Networks – Free Beta Online

Sensate Inc. today announced the launch of 2nR-Musiker for RealNetworks’ RealJukebox. 2nR-Musiker for RealJukebox allows consumers to download, upload, and stream MP3 music to wireless and wired network devices running Windows or PocketPC. 2nR-Musiker™ supports popular existing wired IP networks, and wireless networks that are based on the HomeRF, IrDA, Bluetooth, or 802.11b standards offered […]

FujiFilm Brings Advanced Features to Newst FinePix 2800 Zoom Digital Camera

The leader in digital photography innovation and design, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today debuts the FinePix 2800 Zoom, the company’s latest mid-range digital camera. Incorporating some of the fun and useful features found in Fujifilm’s high-end consumer cameras, the FinePix 2800 Zoom is a user-friendly, point-and-shoot model that can make the novice photographer feel […]

Linksys Enables Affordable and Dependable Wireless Connectivity with New Instant Wireless 802.11b LAN Solutions

Linksys, a leading manufacturer of broadband and networking hardware for the home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small/Medium Business (SMB) and enterprise markets, has announced its Instant Wireless line of IEEE 802.11b LAN solutions, including Access Points, PC Cards, PCI Adapters, USB Adapters and Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Routers. These wireless devices perform at 11Mbps, […]

FujiFilm Announces the New FinePix 4800 Zoom & 6800 Zoom

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today unveiled the two newest models in its signature series of digital cameras, the FinePix 6800 Zoom and the FinePix 4800 Zoom, thus ushering in a new era of digital picture-taking, multifunction and design. The new FinePix cameras will make their first North American appearance at the Photo Marketing Association […]

Samsung’s IZZI Web a Windows CE Internet Appliance

Samsung’s IZZI web is the latest addition to a new and upcoming breed of Windows CE 3.0-based Internet appliances, and features a 10.4-inch LCD screen, a 200 MHz processor and 32 MB RAM. As Samsung rolls out its new IZZI web webpad, the company joins a range of other so-called Internet appliance manufacturers that all […]

Save $200 on ViewSonic TD2420 24-Inch Multitouch LED Monitor

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your computer to Windows 8 and now you’re finding that you really want to have a touchscreen to take advantage of all those gestures. There are plenty of laptops and tablets out there with touchscreens, but what about your desktop? Thankfully, there are touchscreen monitors too and they can be quite reasonably priced.

Vizio 7-inch Tegra 3 Tablet Features Stock Android Experience

Earlier today we mentioned Vizio was introducing its first Windows 8 tablet, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some Android-related news for us as well. Vizio has now announced a new 7-inch tablet featuring a Tegra 3 processor and pure Android experience without the bloat. Interestingly enough, one of the key features of the Windows 8 tablet was it was also a pure Windows 8 experience, with no vendor-specific junk thrown in.

Microsoft Office app coming to iOS

While Microsoft Office currently offers Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT a major advantage against mobile competitors, this is about to change. Apparently Microsoft has made the decision to brings its Office technology over to iOS in the form of “Office Mobile”.

Is A Microsoft Xbox Surface Tablet in the Works?

While we’ve seen 10-inch Windows 8 tablets and even Microsoft’s own Surface RT, what about 7-inch devices? So far Microsoft doesn’t seem interested in that category, but that might be because they are readying their own 7-inch Xbox Surface.

Samsung Nexus 10 versus Apple iPad: Which is right for you?

When it comes to 10-inch tablets, most consumers certainly think of iPad as the most powerful option out there. Sure, there are other high-end 10-inch tablets that are running on Android or Windows 8/RT, but they don’t have the display power of the Retina and probably aren’t as cutting-edge in processing and graphics as the newest 4th generation Apple iPad. This dynamic is now crashing down thanks to the newly announced Samsung Nexus 10.

iPad Mini plans to beat the Surface to the Punch?

The Microsoft Surface preorders are already starting to go pretty well. If you were Apple, how would you possibly slow the Surface down? Announce the iPad Mini, that’s how. Apparently rumors now suggest that Apple will release its new smaller tablet on October 23rd. For those who don’t know, that’s three days before the Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface release event.

Microsoft Entering The Tablet Market With Its Own Hardware?

Windows 8 is on its way out at this end of this year and is Microsoft’s way of attempting to enter into the tablet wars. Microsoft’s approach is certainly unique since they are using the existing PC Windows as the basis of their tablet entry, instead of adopting Windows Phone like Apple did with iPhone OS.

Facebook App Center Launches

These days it seems that “app stores” are all the rage, from Apple’s AppStore to GooglePlay and even the upcoming Microsoft App Store in Windows 8. Feeling a little left out I suppose, Facebook announced its own store, the App Center.

Ultrabook Hybrids On Their Way

A new feature article by PC Magazine discusses the future of ‘convertible’ style tablets. Essentially the article focuses on how convertibles have existed for a while, but with changes in technology and the introduction of Windows 8, they are finally becoming feasible.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 15

Dell is certainly not only the most popular brand for laptops worldwide but has also over the time become the default choice of millions of shoppers. While Dell’s premium laptops like the XPS are amazingly fast and solid performers, the Inspiron 15 7000, on the other hand, is designed for those budget-conscious buyers. Amongst all […]

HP Elite x2 1011 G1

HP recently made a smart move by unveiling its Elite x2 1011 G1 which is a two-piece hybrid device which you can use in both ways i.e. as a notebook and as a tablet. However, it feels much more like some old heavy notebook when you take it in your hands and start using it. […]