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REVIEW: Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Portable PDF Scanner


It’s time to go portable. We’ve gone mobile with just about every aspect of your home computers. There are notebook mice that you can stuff in your pocket. There are webcams that can easily fit into the smallest of laptop bags. But what about scanners? Scanners have typically been quite ...

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Gigabyte g-Smart i120 smartphone with unique keypad


Smartphones can take on many different forms. Some prefer to boast full QWERTY keyboards in some fashion, maybe with a sliding device. Others prefer a touchscreen interface. The latest smartphone from Gigabyte, the g-Smart i120, does something I don’t think I’ve seen before: the five way navigator is beside the ...

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The skinny on the Pentax Optio T20


Pentax has got a skinny digital camera coming down the assembly line and they’re claiming it is the world’s slimmest with the three-inch LCD class. The Optio T20 is just 19.5mm (0.77″) thick, after all. You won’t find any advanced DSLR-type things here, as the T20 is designed with point-and-shooters ...

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Bouncing Ball camera by Satugo


We’ve seen 39-megapixel cameras, ones that can go underwater, even those that can withstand being run above by cars, but those people in R&D never run out of ideas, do they? SatuGo has launched a digital camera that is designed to bounce along the ground and take high quality pictures. ...

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SanDisk launches new MP3 Sansa Players


SanDisk seems to be leaving no stone unturned to give you that wow feeling if you happen to visit their booth 30329 at CES, Las Vegas. It has a new USB drive for video game lovers, and is also offering for music enthusiasts, top-of-the-line Sansa MP3 players. On Thursday, the ...

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Three more phones from Samsung


Samsung keeps pumping out the phones, launching 164 handsets this year, and they just added three more CDMA DMB units to their ever-growing collection. This time around, they’re launching the SCH-B300 swiveling phone (pictured), the SCH-B360 slider, and the SCH-B330 flip phone. The spiffy looking SCH-B300 comes with a twisting ...

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Sony DCR-PC1000 3-CMOS Camcorder


Sony launches its DCR-PC1000 3-CMOS, which offers users better color images while actually consuming less energy. The PC1000 makes use of 3 CMOS chips as opposed to the standard 1 CCD, enabling the new camcorder to capture a true 16:9 image and use less power. The Sony PC1000 also sports ...

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TST Launches Ultra-Slim Tablet PCs


Tatung Science and Technology (TST) has released two light weight and ultra-slim tablets for applications in healthcare, insurance, education, inventory management, manufacturing and other areas that require users to carry units for long periods of time. The two new models released are the TTAB-A12D and TTAB-910E. The TTAB-A12D is about ...

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Asus W5A Notebook Computer Reviewed


The Asus W5A is one of the most compact and stylish notebook computers ever released by ASUSTeK Computer. It has the solid functioning characteristics of the well-known IBM Thinkpad, with the soft and simple elegance of the Apple iBook. The W5A (aka Asus W5 and ASUS W5000A) is manufactured in ...

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Creative DiVi CAM 428 does it all


Creative Technology has put out an affordable multi-format digital camcorder that aims to replace the clutter of gadgets in your pocket, it offers a video recorder, digital camera, voice recorder and MP3 player all-in-one. The 4-megapixel DiVi CAM 428, matte finished is priced at a fraction of regular video cameras. ...

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Creative DiVi CAM 316 All-in-One Digital Wonder


Creative is going all out with the introduction of their new all-in-one DiVi CAM 316, this DiVi CAM attempts to integrate almost every portable device on the market. Unfortunately, most of these all-in-one devices add an MP3 player or voice recorder to make up for the fact that the video ...

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