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TomTom Personal Travel Information Software


TomTom is a unique personalised locations-based service for use while preparing a journey and while travelling. TomTom plans the users’ route for them and gives information about their location and nearby places of interest. The service will cover Western Europe, including the whole of the UK, by the summer. TomTom ...

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The Nike+ sportwatch GPS will nag you into shape


If you're having trouble keeping up with the exercise routine you've suddenly imposed upon yourself for the New Year, you might want to check out the new Nike+ sportwatch. Not only will it add a new layer of technological novelty to something as old-fashioned as jogging, but it will even nag at you when you haven't gone for a run in a few days.

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iPhone 4.0 is official: Apple brings you multitasking and more


iPhone OS 4 was announced today at Apple's live press event, and out comes a rabbit from the hat. Seven major updates are coming to the iPhone 3G and 3GS models, iPod Touch 2G and 3G, with seven major improvements including multitasking, and 100 other minor ones ranging from searchable MMS/SMS to 5x digital zoom for your camera. The major feature we have all been waiting for is multitasking, our iPhone 4G poll showed over 52% of iPhone owners would like multitasking, and Apple delivered. Improved Battery Life topped the charts at 61%, but with added multitasking this may only worsen performance.

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Get going with the Magellan RoadMate iPhone app


Following in the footsteps of offerings like the TomTom app, Magellan has announced an iPhone app of its own geared toward people who need to find their way around town. The Magellan RoadMate app works with the Apple iPhone, of course, as well as the iPod touch. The kicker is that you need to purchase the required Magellen Premium Car Kit in order to get any real functionality of the kit. This is quite different from the TomTom version where the kit is recommended but optional.

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Google Maps Navigation for Android Announced

Ever since I picked up my Nokia E71 and loaded it with the Google Maps application, I haven’t used my standalone Garmin GPS navigation device. The regular mobile Google Maps app can give directions, but it doesn’t do turn-by-turn. Well, that’s changing with Google Maps Navigation. And, like its predecessors, ...

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Are Standalone GPS Devices Going the Way of the PDA?

You’ve probably noticed that most of us love the idea of convergence devices. Our cell phones used to be for just voice calls, but now we use them for taking pictures, listening to music, checking email, surfing the web, managing our schedules, and so much more. We’re also increasingly using ...

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Palm Looks to Garmin for Next GPS Navigator


To develop a new Palm GPS Navigator, the Treo maker has inked a deal with Garmin, effectively ousting TomTom, their previous partner in the navigating enterprise. If you’re rocking one of Palm’s handheld computers — like the Treo and the Centro — you can now “enjoy access to over 6 ...

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Portable GPS Makers Set to Create Mobile Phones Too?


Cell phone manufacturers have stepped on quite a few toes by spreading their wings. Cell phones are capable of taking pictures, surfing the web, and even navigating you through unfamiliar territory. Well, GPS makers just aren’t going to take it anymore. Both TomTom and Garmin are reportedly working on mobile ...

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Tom Tom Handheld Boasts Wiki Future


Think of it as social networking for the navigation crowd. The TomTom GO 720 can create a network of users who can share navigation data with other users, including instances such as sudden road closures. The device has the TomTom voice-recognition feature as well as traffic and weather forecasts, so ...

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Switzerland Bans GPS Use to Detect Speedtraps


So we recently told you about a GPS device that doubles as a radar detector. Well, don’t take that to Switzerland with you, ’cause they’ll confiscate it from your vehicle and slap you with a big heavy fine. The Alpine country on January 10 began enforcing a law that bans ...

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