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TomTom Signs Strategic Deal with Samsung


A new agreement has been forged between TomTom and Samsung that will bring the Wave 3 “Bada” smartphone access to the company's GPS-related services.

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TomTom Caught Selling Customer Driving Activity Data


We already know that your iPhone secretly records your geolocation data, but it's largely keeping this information between it and your computer. Such does not appear to be the case with TomTom personal GPS navigation devices.

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TomTom iPhone app gets Google local search, real-time traffic


I'm not much of one to use standalone GPS navigation devices, I can't even recall the last time I needed one as I prefer to use the free Google Maps application on my Nokia smartphone. But that's not to say traditional GPS makers aren't gonna go down without a fight. TomTom, still one of the world's leading providers of navigation solutions and digital maps, is shifting their focus to the world of smartphones. More specifically, enhancementsfor the iPhone TomTom app.TomTom's press announcement explains how full real-time traffic information will be available from the TomTom iPhone app (version 1.3), getting you around those nasty traffic jams rather than taking what is suggested as the fastest route.

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TomTom Releases Homer Simpson Voice Pack for GPS Devices


Whether you’re cruising around in your own town or you’re trying not to get lost in a foreign land, having a reliable GPS device in the car is quite the worthy investment. However, the pre-installed voices may not be the most interesting things in the world. Thankfully, for all the TomTom owners in the audience, everyone’s favorite nuclear plant worker ...

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Google Search and Real-Time Traffic for TomTom GO 940 LIVE


Just providing you with accurate location information and turn-by-turn directions isn’t enough to be a hot-selling GPS navigation device anymore, but thankfully the new TomTom GO 940 LIVE brings quite a bit more into the picture. For starters, this handy little gadget comes with the “Live” package, which provides UK users with a subscription to HD Traffic, Safety database, and ...

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GPS Navigating On the Cheap: TomTom for $99


It used to be that these standalone GPS navigation devices were pricey little numbers and most people could justify spending that kind of money. As with all other kinds of technology, times have changed and now you can spin around foreign cities with the best of them. If you’ve been itching to get in on some GPS action, now might ...

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TomTom Brings Real GPS Navigation to Apple iPhone


The Apple iPhone seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. When Steve Jobs first announced the device nearly one year ago, we were stunned by its beauty and enthralled by its multi-touch interface. As modders and hackers got their hands on the handheld, they developed all sorts of applications that emulate retro gaming machines and even bring VoIP ...

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TomTom Go 715 GPS Has Mobile Broadband


Now that the price of portable GPS units has come down so much, they are becoming much more mainstream. As a result, the competition is fierce to grab market share and manufacturers need to do something to capture a customer’s attention. They’ve increased screen size, included MP3 playback, or tossed in some Bluetooth for wireless conversations. The TomTom Go 715 ...

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TomTom Go 715 All-in-One GPS with Cell Phone Functionality


The flow usually heads in the opposite direction with cell phones transforming into Swiss Army knives, but today we’re going to head a little upstream. The TomTom Go 715 is being touted as an all-in-one GPS unit, but it’s got a little something extra that other GPSers are lacking: cell phone functionality. When you plunk your SIM card into the ...

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TomTom Gets Back to Bases with Celebrity Voice-Overs


Looking to differentiate itself from the crowd, TomTom has gone even further into left field with its celebrity voice-overs, recruiting Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to record a handful of instructions and announcements in his chosen parlance, baseball-ese, to replace such mundane announcements as “You are approaching your destination.” Instead, once you plunk down your US$12.95 and download the ...

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TomTom navigator mount doubles as FM transmitter


I’m not sure if they’re the first ones to do this, but I would certainly like to see more products like this. One of the major complaints people have about portable GPS navigation devices is that the on-board speaker can be a little too quiet to hear those turn-by-turn directions, especially with all that wind noise and such. TomTom has ...

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Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition with TomTom technology


If navigation isn’t your strong suit, then Palm and TomTom have something for you. It’s the Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition, featuring TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software. Hook it all up inside your vehicle, and you can get voice-guided, turn-by-turn instructions for how to get to even the most mundane of Points B. Millions of points of interest are included, including ...

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TomTom Rider, GPS for your Harley


TomTom, a company that specializes in navigation solutions, has announced a new product today called the TomTom Rider. The Rider is a portable all-in-one GPS that can easily mount on your motorbike or scooter. The device can also communicate with your GRPS enabled phone to provide information services such as traffic and weather conditions through its TomTom Plus service. The ...

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TomTom GPS Navigation Pre-Loaded with All USA Maps


TomTom today announced the TomTom GO GPS Navigation system pre-loaded with all maps of the USA. The colour 3D navigation views make it easy to view, and for the safest way of travel, voice-guided routing instructions. See press release below. TomTom Expands Product Line to Include New TomTom Go Pre-Loaded With Maps of the Entire United States All-in-one Portable In-Car ...

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Maps on the go With TomTom


TomTom has released an alternative to paper maps for Series 60-based smartphones. The Nokia 7650, 3650 and 6600 now have a clear route when navigating major cities. See press release below. TomTom, a Dutch company behind several popular map and navigation solutions for Pocket PC, Palm OS and Series 80 platforms today announced the availability of CityMaps for Series 60 ...

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