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Sirius’s new bare-bones satellite receiver


Satellite radio is fast becoming a thing of convenience, yet the demand for more basic features is still there. Sirius has a new bare-bones plug-and-play receiver for your vehicle of choice, the InV SV2-TK1. It’s about as basic as you can get, with a price to match: US$49. It has 10 channel presets, which is more than the average FM ...

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Sirius Stiletto 100 portable satellite and Wi-Fi radio player


Sirius is meeting XM’s challenge in the portable satellite radio market with the Stiletto 100, a pocket-sized device that has the dual functionality of giving you satellite radio and Web radio in one. That’s a lot for the little Sirius dog to deliver, yet he does. The Stiletto 100 can store up to 100 hours of MP3s or WMA files ...

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Leaked: Sirius Stiletto 100 – portable live radio


Sirius and XM are in a war which will likely ultimately kill one of them. Up to this point, XM has had a real advantage over Sirius on at least one front – Sirius hasn’t offered live satellite radio on the go when you are outside of your car, while XM has with the Inno and Helix. Sirius seems poised ...

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Sirius Satellite Video due before end of year?


More rumblings on the internet, but this time it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin stated in a conference call today that “we are close to signing deals to offer the best video programming for kids as part of our OEM offering in the second half of the year.” If I read that right, it means ...

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FCC forces Sirius to pull some radios from shelves


Sirius has told some of the companies that make radios for them… to stop making them. The problem is that some models do not comply with FCC radio emission regulations. The governing body is reportedly reviewing some more Sirius products to see if they give off too much electronic interference. Despite the situation, Sirius is confident that their business will ...

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Sirius updates player line with Sportster 4


If you’ve been waiting for the right device to come along before you commit to satellite radio, maybe the Sirius Sportster 4 will put you over the top. It continues in the tradition of the Sportster line, but adds some attractive new functionality. It has a 44 minute buffer which will give you something to listen to as you move ...

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Sirius to offer live streaming video


Sirius Video will have live, streaming video after all, according to executives at the satellite radio company. Such a move has been expected for some time, but the timetable has now been announced. Bigwigs at Sirius say that the live video service will be available soon after CES next year. This is a bit later than what had been anticipated. ...

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VW/Audi ditches XM, adopts Sirius


If you’re in the market for a new Jetta, Golf, or Passat, know that you will no longer be able to get an XM radio in your new Volkswagen as you leave the showroom, because the automaker – including its Audi sub-brand – has signed an exclusive deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. XM Radio is currently on top of the ...

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Sirific releases single-chip CMOS HSDPA/WEDGE RF transceiver


Manufacturers are in a crazy race to cram more and more onto a single ship these days. Sirific Wireless Limited, which innovates in the field of single-chip CMOS RF transceivers, has thrown their latest effort into the ring. They have created the first single-chip CMOS HSDPA/WEDGE RF transceiver for the mobile industry, which they call the SW3200. The transceiver supports ...

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Sirius S50 has sirius limitations


When the Sirius S50 was announced a while back, satellite radio aficionados were drooling. It was a way for you to record satellite radio and take it with you wherever you went. Well, now it is out and people aren’t as happy about it anymore. The RIAA, everybody’s favorite fun wreckers, apparently had some issues about the capabilities of the ...

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Sirius Satellite Radio reveals Sirius Canada broadcasting with not alot of Canada in it


Sirius Satellite Radio today revealed its offerings as it gets ready to launch Sirius Canada broadcasting next month. The line up will consist of 100 channels which will include 60 channels of commercial-free rock, pop and classical music and 40 channels of news, sports and entertainment. The new programming will include 10 Canadian music and information stations such as CBC ...

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Sirius S50 Wearable Satellite Radio to make its debut in October


Sirius Satellite Radio is all set to make a debut with their first wearable satellite radio player. The company has made a formal announcement in this regard and its first wearable satellite radio will be called the SIRIUS S50. Apart from providing the facility of storing up to 50 hours of SIRIUS content, the S50 will also consist of MP3 ...

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Panasonic Launches its First Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver


Panasonic today announced the launch of its first Sirius Satellite Radio receiver products. Beginning this month, consumers can buy a universal adaptor kit, model CR-SRF100, that connects to most car audio systems through an existing FM tuner, enabling those vehicles with an FM radio to receive Sirius 100 channel audio entertainment service from Sirius. The Panasonic universal adaptor kit consists ...

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Sony Xperia Z2 For Verizon


Waiting for the Verizon version of the Sony Xperia Z2? We have got more info about the device here.

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Steve Wozniak Wants Giant Smartphones, Apple and Google to Partner Up


When it comes to the world of tech and consumer electronics, there are few names and personalities that reach the same kind of level as the Woz. The Apple co-founder sat down for an interview BBC Click where he discussed some of his thoughts on Google, Apple, smartphones and the rest of the tech industry.

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