Lenovo Android Smart TVs Now Available in China

Decades ago, no one would have thought that the idiot box would evolve into something smarter. We are in the era of the smart TV, and companies like Apple and Samsung are already heavyweights in this segment. The latest machine to enter the market is from Lenovo, who have just launched their Android powered K91 smart TV in China.

iPhone 5 Getting A Self-Destruct Feature? (Video)

There have been a ton of rumors about upcoming features in the iPhone 5, but here’s one that probably isn’t going to be happening. A humorous little video has hit the net that shows a new feature of the iPhone that should keep theft down to a minimum.

New iPhone 5 Concept Renderings

The iPhone 5, or the “New iPhone” which some people are calling it, will most likely come with a larger screen, thinner form factor and 4G LTE.  But in all reality, we have no idea what it will look like. Perhaps Apple will go towards a more iPod-esque design, reverting back to the natural curves of the 3GS, or they may go with a larger, boxy iPhone 4 style.  ADR has come up with their latest vision of how the iPhone 5 will look like, and they are also speculating on some of its features.

iOS 5.1 Screenshots Reveal New Features

Just in case you are wondering, you have to double press the home button for summoning up the camera button in current versions. There were rumors flying around earlier that suggested Siri will be supporting Japanese iPhone 4S owners in the future. The above screenshot of Siri’s settings is evidence on the matter. As you already know, Nuance is the driving force behind Siri and it’s worth noting that Nuance’s Dragon Dictation already supports Japanese. So a Japanese Siri is certainly not far away.

Review: LG Spectrum with Verizon 4G LTE

LG’s newest flagship device has arrived on Verizon, but haven’t we seen this device before? Essentially, the LG Spectrum is in fact very similar to the 4G LTE supporting LG Nitro HD on AT&T and the LG Optimus LTE north of the border with Bell. Beneath it’s 4.5-inch IPS display beats the heart of a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1,830mAh battery and 4GB of internal storage, supplemented by 16GB of microSD memory.

Samsung’s New Touchscreen Remote Understands Your Voice Commands

TVs these days are as smart as many computers out there. And it appears like the remotes accompanying those are also becoming more complex. The size of the remote is already smaller than before and now the devices are becoming much smarter as well. The device that you see above is a new remote from Samsung which comes equipped with a touchpad and a Siri-like voice control system. Yes, no more unnecessary buttons.

3D Printing
Apple Patent Reveals Possible iPhone 5 3D Gesture UI

Sure, can talk to your iPhone with Siri. But what if you could wave to it as well? It appears like you will be able to do just that sometime in the future. From the latest info available via a patent application from Apple, we have got hints of a new 3D GUI for iOS mobile devices.

Lost The Remote? There Is No Remote: Samsung Smart TV

Are you getting fed up with constantly searching for the remote control for your TV? If you are, welcome to the group. But the answer to our troubles appears to have arrived. With the newly unveiled Samsung Smart TV, we will be able to finally forget that old-school remote and do much, much more.

iPhone 5 Could Have Quad-Core A6: Code Found In iOS 5.1 Beta

Will we hear about an iPhone 5 announcement soon with a typical June launch date? Will that iPhone 5 have a dual-core A6 processor? All are speculation at this time, Apple could have put this code in to make competitors nervous, but Apple is a company that actually does things rather than make it look like their doing things.

Verizon iPhone Sales Double Over Holidays

Then, on top of that, Verizon had this setback with three separate outages of their 4G/LTE network in December alone, and it’s unclear whether customers will be receiving a credit on their accounts because of the outage or whether the 4G/LTE network will be able to support additional devices like the iPhone 5.

The 2011 iPhone 5 Rumor Collection And Prediction Wrap Up

Apple in its iPhone design has a success stories that have had a tremendous impact on what the company’s next phone designs might look like. In other words, most probably, you won’t see a QWERTY keyboard, or a slider as a design target for the iPhone 5. What is highly expected though, is a screen size of over 4″, or even 4.3″ diagonally.

A Beautiful Dream Of An Apple iTV

The news of the device has sparked the imaginations of many, including Guilherme M. Schasiepen who has created a fantastic concept design for what he believes an Apple Television should look like. The concept is named the “iTV” and features a super-thin, minimalistic styling that is decisively Apple-esque. According to the concept the device would offer abilities such as Siri Voice Control, multi-touch, FaceTime HD, AirPlay, and no-glasses 3D technology.

190 Million Android Devices Shipped: Thats $2.25 Billion For Google

According to the latest financial figures of the company, over 190 million Android devices have sold around the world, with CEO Larry Page at the ship’s wheel. While 190 million is quite a large number, more importantly is the other one; 2.25 billion dollars, which sums up Android’s success and Google’s alike. Larry Page also declared […]

Samsung was selling Galaxy S II for $2 next door to iPhone 4S launch

The launch of the iPhone 4S at the Apple Store in Sydney is going to be the first place in the world where people will be able to buy the new smartphone, but Samsung is looking to steal some of that thunder. You see, they ambushed the event by setting up a temporary “pop up” store just a few shops over. And they’re selling smartphones for two bucks.

Grace Audio’s $170 battery-powered Wi-Fi Internet radio system

This is the first box I have seen that has everything the Allegro portable wireless internet radio does. It’s compatible with MP3, WMA, Real Audio, WAV music formats, controllable from your iPhone or iPod with Grace Digital’s Remote App which is free at iTunes, quite the beast. What it is missing though, is the ability to stream your audio from your home computer, to your iPhone. Now that would make sense, but the iPhone app is just a remote control.

iPhone Gets XM Radio with uXM

You didn’t think that Sirius would get the monopoly on streaming satellite radio over to the iPhone, did you? Following in the footsteps of the uSirius application, uXM is an application for the iPhone that effectively gives you streaming access to XM Satellite Radio. As before, you’re not connecting directly to the satellites up in […]

Go Musical With Bell Mobility’s LG Muziq

Not to be confused with LG Fusic, this “new” flip phone from LG Electronics also has a definite multimedia slant to its feature set. The LG Muziq clamshell was recently added to Bell Mobility’s lineup, offering music aficionados another option when it comes to external media controls and tune-enjoying on the go. In many ways, […]

XM Canada Just Got a Lot More Expensive

If this is a side effect (or a direct effect) of the XM/Sirius merger, consumers have very little to look forward to. The base price for XM Satellite Radio in Canada seems to be holding steady for the time being, but they’re hiking up the rates from the internet side of things from the current […]

Wi-Fi TV Looks to Expand into Cars, Mobile Phones

Wi-Fi TV is coming to your car—and your mobile. The Internet TV provider is looking to expand its market to compete with the newly bolstered satellite radio behemoth Sirius-XM. It already has subscribers to its Social Internet TV service from more than 180 countries. Members can IM and SMS while watching the same TV show, […]

Alpine Car Stereo Designed for iPods Only

If you’re looking for a CD slot on the Alpine iDA-X001, you won’t find one. Instead, there is a single built-in audio source that links up to your iPod and displays that familiar interface on its 320 x 240 pixel color TFT display. Sure, you can still hop on over to the regular AM and […]

ESA to Recycle Satellites for In-Vehicle TV

XM and Sirius, meet ESA. A prototype for a new in-car satellite radio system has been unveiled in Europe, developed by the European Space Agency and piggybacking on existing technology to deliver enhanced audio performance. The system had its first public viewing at Holland’s Noordwjk Space Expo. The European system will use decommissioned TV satellites […]

Alpine stereo system hides GPS

Press one button, and you discover the hidden GPS unit in the latest Alpine dash entertainment suite. The folks at CES were so wowed by the hideaway qualities of the Alpine IVA-W205’s GPS slot that they gave it a Best of Innovators award. First, though, we have that IVA-W205, which sports a boatload of features, […]

Sandisk Sansa Connect: Zune isn’t the only WiFi DAP

Sandisk is keeping busy these days, but I guess that makes sense with some show in Vegas going on. They already snuck in the Express and View and today they’ve got something even better. The Sandisk Sansa Connect takes a page out of the Microsoft Zune‘s book and tosses WiFi into the MP3-playing fray. Unlike […]

DrivePlay+2: build your own MP3 channels

You see a name like Harman Kardon and you expect something out of the ordinary. That is certainly the case with the Drive+Play 2, an update of an existing gadget that blows its predecessor out of the water. First of all, this device has a wireless navigation knob, so that iPod, Zune, or other kind […]

Top Tech of the week – 12.22.2006

We were able to land a major exclusive this week with one of the busiest men on the planet, and also incredibly reclusive one. Yes, we got an interview with the one and only Santa Claus. He’s a difficult man to get inside the head of, but we did learn some interesting things – despite […]

Pioneer goes all in with AVIC D3 GPS deck

You want the kitchen sink? Pioneer delivers. The AVIC D3 is the latest incarnation in all-around entertainment/navigation from one of the leaders in car stereos and communication devices. Its features include iPod and Bluetooth connectivity and a larger touch screen than its predecessor. Your iPod has never been so easy to connect to your vehicles […]

Zing Music Player does WiFi too

The next big thing in the portable music player market appears to be WiFi connectivity, with the Sirius Stiletto and Microsoft Zune both packing wireless capabilities. While not yet officially announced, the Zing Music Player is attacking the same market as the Stiletto. It’s smaller than its competitor, but still uses WiFi to download internet […]

XM Radio standard in all 2007 Acura vehicles

On the plus side, XM Satellite Radio will see their service offered as standard equipment across an entire line of cars made by a manufacturer. The downside is that the maker is only Acura. There’s nothing wrong with Acura (there’s a lot right about them, actually), but they aren’t the biggest company out there. Still, […]

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Jaguar announces 2007 XKR Coupe and Convertible pricing

At first glance, you may think that it looks like an Aston Martin, but this fast cat is ready to gobble up James Bond’s favourite sports car. Jaguar has just announced pricing for their 2007 XKR Coupe and Convertible, as well as a number of optional packages to spruce up the vehicle. With 420 horses […]

MusicDock – listen to satellite radio on your mobile device

Satellite radio is an amazing toy, but it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have your satellite receiver with you. Until now, that is, thanks to a new online service called MusicDock. It lets you listen to your satellite radio, if you have a subscription, on any mobile device that is compatible with […]

More Microsoft Zune details unearthed

It’s amazing how much is starting to pop up about this reported “iPod killer” from Billy Gates and friends over at Microsoft, given that the company hasn’t even made any kind of formal announcement about the thing. When we first caught word of this project, we were told that it was codenamed “Argo”. Since then, […]

2007 Chrysler Sebring now official, elicits a few cheers and yawns

Chrysler has gone official with the 2007 Sebring – look how happy the engineers and such are in the supplied picture – and they’ve thrown in a healthy sampling of extra incentives to entice buyers. Among the highlights are a Harmon/Kardon navigation system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, an integrated 20GB hard drive for tunes, Sirius […]

Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster turns 50

If a particular model of car makes it 10 years without being renamed, reworked or replaced it’s a bit of a miracle these days. The longevity is what makes the 50th anniversary model of the Mercedes-Benz SL550 so impressive. The 2007 model of the SL Roadster will mark the fiftieth anniversary since the cars first […]

XM Satellite Radio ups the ante to 170+ channels

The battle between Sirius and XM doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, with the nation’s leading satellite radio company opening ten new commercial-free music channels, seven regional news stations, and even a new talk channel featuring “Oprah & Friends.” XM Radio currently has more than six million subscribers nationwide, and they hope to […]