Apple Reportedly Wants to Turn Siri Into Your Receptionist

Apple is nowadays testing a service which will enable Siri to take your calls, even record them and even transcribe them to text. It is also said that the company is currently referring to it as iCloud Voicemail and it might even be a bit similar to the current visual voicemail service. However this time, […]

Siri-Like Voice Control Coming to Xbox 720

The current Xbox 360 already has some rudimentary voice controls by way of the Kinect accessory, but they’re very menu-based and they’re very restrictive. We’re hearing that the next-generation Xbox, whether it’s called the Xbox 720 or something else, will have better natural language processing capabilities, not unlike what you experience with Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

Using Google Maps with Siri, is it Possible?

When it comes to Siri, you get an excellent voice assistant. That said, it isn’t perfect. One of its flaws could arguably be that it uses Apple Maps. What if you really want to use Google Maps instead? Don’t worry, easy enough without a jailbreak.

Mobile Apps
Siri and Maps Expected in Mac OS X 10.9

While we’re not yet sure which jungle cat they’re going to choose next, we’re hearing rumblings that Apple is planning to integrate both the Siri voice assistant and Apple Maps into the newest build of Mac OS X. This is based on early test builds of OS X 10.9, the retail version of which should be launching next year.

Siri on Mac? New Patent Suggests It May Happen

Siri has now made its way over to the new iPod Touch, and of course its on the 4S and iPhone 5. What about your Mac though? It seems that Apple may eventually bring SIRI abilities over to their desktop and laptop offerings as well.

Apple Maps Has Its Own Turn-By-Turn Navigation Using SIRI For Narration

No longer content with letting Google control the mapping world with Google Maps, Apple announced it was diving in with its own solution. Taking a closer look at the new map system, Apple Maps has Apple doing all the cartography itself, has turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6 with narration from SIRI and also has full integration with Yelp.

Most People Just Use Siri for Calls and Text

When Siri on the iPhone 4S was revealed to the world, many people marvelled at the possibilities. They were ecstatic that they could simply talk to their phones in regular language and Siri would respond with weather reports, restaurant recommedations, and useful facts. But that’s not how most people actually use Siri on a day-to-day basis.

Google Assistant for Android to Challenge iPhone’s Siri

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, then you’ll know that voice search is already an integrated feature in Google’s mobile OS. The Siri voice assistant in the iPhone 4S is stealing some serious thunder, so it looks like Google wants to fight back with something simply named Assistant.

Evi app
Apple Plans To Pull Siri Competitor, Evi, From The App Store

While it is hard to find a voice assistant even close to being as stable and capable as Siri, there is one app that actually comes pretty close, and that’s True Knowledge’s Evi. While the device has been known for having server connection problems here and there, I can attest to the fact that at least the Android version is very good, when I can get it to connect the server properly.

Apple Blocks Siri On Jailbroken Non-iPhone 4S Devices

Many believe that Apple’s decision to keep Siri away from non-4S iOS devices is part of their marketing strategy, while some believe that the company is simply unable to provide the service to the whole iOS population. But whatever the reason is behind it, it appears like Apple will always be deciding on who all will be playing with the voice assistant. They have killed Siri on jailbroken iOS devices other than the iPhone 4S.

Siri Meet Evi, The Voice Assistant For Android And iOS

It looks like Siri now has a sister. A sister that is smarter, faster, and more resourceful. A sister that is more social too, playing friendly with both Android and iOS people. The sister’s name is Evi and this cross-platform voice assistant looks to be a serious challenger to Siri.

Siri And Crestron Means Softly Spoken Home Automation

With help from Crestron’s AMS-AIP home automation equipment and an intermediary proxy server, Apple iPhone 4S Siri can take over the highly intelligent voice control of lighting, temperature, home theater equipment and more; commanding your home’s WiFi thermostat by voice.

Android’s Siri “Clone” Removed From Android Market

One of the latest apps to join this “fake app” bandwagon comes from a developer called “Official App” which is no doubt designed to fool inexperienced Android users. This so-called “developer” has recently put up an app called “Siri on the Android Market, fooling people into thinking it’s the real thing.

Getting Siri On The iPhone 4

Siri functionality has gained enormous popularity since day one of its appearance on the iPhone 4s. For “some reason”, the Siri service is not officially available for the owners of original iPhone 4.

A New Plug-In Allows SIRI To Start Your Car

If you’ve ever wished that you could use SIRI to start you car, your wish has been granted. Brandon Fiquett, a developer and engineer, figured out a way to combine Viper’s SmartStart program with SIRI, which lets him start his Acura through his phone.

Talking And Touching Siri While Driving Could Get You In Trouble

Bad news is coming your way if you’re in California, perhaps its behind you right now with lights flashing. If you’ve nabbed the latest iPhone 4S and love talking to Siri, even while driving, you might find yourself in big trouble with the law. Apparently, using Siri when driving in the state isn’t exactly legal because it isn’t completely hands free.

IRIS 9000: The HAL Controller Dock For iPhone 4S’ Siri

I don’t know how they make it happen, but the ThinkGeek crew has just given birth to another gadget-wonder for the world. I, for one, would like to welcome the new IRIS 9000 voice control module for Siri, which pretty much will assimilate.. er turn your trusty iPhone 4S into HAL 9000.

Siri Ported to iPhone 4, Apple Blocking Devices?

It has been 18 since Apple ventured into the handheld electronics world. They kicked it off with devices like the Newton Message Pad and now we have the advanced iPhone 4 with iOS 5. You can do almost anything on your smartphone these days and the advent of smartphones like Android devices and iPhone iterations, and most recently tablets have spelled the demise of the PDA.

BlackBerry to get Sirius XM, shhh

Sirius XM Radio for the Blackberry has been outed. Initially it will roll out to the BlackBerry Storm 1 – Series 9530 and Storm 2 – Series 9550, the BlackBerry Bold – Series 9000, 9700, the Tour..

Apple iPhone Gets Sirius (and XM) in Your Car

So, you’ve got an iPhone (or an iPod touch) and you want to connect it to your car stereo. There are a myriad of solutions that let you run your own iTunes-fueled library, but what about the music from the heavens? That possibility is now a reality with the official announcement of the SkyDock from […]

XM and Sirius Officially Merge, Now Called Sirius XM Radio

Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face, because after what seemed like an eternity, the merger between Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio has finally been completed. The FCC approval came a short while back, but the papers were not signed until this past weekend. To be totally technical, the relationship […]

Apple iPhone Gets Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio

In case you weren’t already getting enough entertainment from your own iTunes music library, you can now enjoy live streaming satellite radio from Sirius thanks to an application called uSirius. The app works in much the same way as iRadio. You aren’t connecting directly to the Sirius satellites, of course, seeing how the iPhone doesn’t […]

Three Rules for XM-Sirius Satellite Radio Merger

The merger between the nation’s two favorite satellite radio providers has not yet been officially approved, but FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is all for the move, so long as the two parties adhere to no fewer than three ground rules. First, the resulting company (it’s unclear whether they will continue to operate separately or as […]

Justice Department Approves Sirius Purchase of XM Satellite Radio

This news was a looooong time coming. After jumping through all sorts of hoops and hurdles, the merger between Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio has finally been approved by the US Justice Department. Sirius is buying XM for a sum of about $5 billion. Part of what has been holding back the approval […]

Score a Serious Deal on Sirius Stileto 100 Receiver

I’m sure that Howard Stern approves this message, because saving $100 on a Sirius satellite radio receiver means that he’s going to nab himself a few more listeners. Those listeners go great with midgets and boobies, right? Right. If you’re tired of all the commercials and useless banter on conventional radio, now might be the […]

Polk Audio miDock Portfolio Puts Halo Around Sirius Stiletto

We’ve seen speaker docks like this designed for the Apple iPod, but this is the first time that I’ve seen a set that seems to enshrine the Sirius Stiletto. Compatible with the Stiletto 10, Stiletto 100, and the Stiletto 2, the Polk Audio miDock Portfolio is meant to be a portable speaker system so that […]

Sirius to Offer Tiered Listings

On-demand satellite radio it isn’t, but the kind of service outlined by Sirius’s Mel Karmazin before a House committee recently is a step in that direction. The kind of packages he was talking about were of the tier variety, where you can subscribe to a group of music stations or a group of talk stations […]

Sirius to Merge with XM Radio Tomorrow

It’s official. We’re about to experience the greatest merger in the history of satellite radio. The Howard Stern-backed Sirius is officially partnering up with Oprah & Friends-loving XM Satellite Radio. Welcome the new monopoly. A press conference will likely be held tomorrow, wherein we will find out that Sirius head Mel Karmazin will take on […]

XM-Sirius merger: the satellite radio monopoly

We’ve been hearing about the possibilities of a merger between XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio for some time now, but it seems that we may be that much closer to it becoming a reality. The infrastructure costs, should the merger actually happen, could be shared between the two firms, meaning that they would both […]

Sirius’s new bare-bones satellite receiver

Satellite radio is fast becoming a thing of convenience, yet the demand for more basic features is still there. Sirius has a new bare-bones plug-and-play receiver for your vehicle of choice, the InV SV2-TK1. It’s about as basic as you can get, with a price to match: US$49. It has 10 channel presets, which is […]

Sirius Stiletto 100 portable satellite and Wi-Fi radio player

Sirius is meeting XM’s challenge in the portable satellite radio market with the Stiletto 100, a pocket-sized device that has the dual functionality of giving you satellite radio and Web radio in one. That’s a lot for the little Sirius dog to deliver, yet he does. The Stiletto 100 can store up to 100 hours […]

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Leaked: Sirius Stiletto 100 – portable live radio

Sirius and XM are in a war which will likely ultimately kill one of them. Up to this point, XM has had a real advantage over Sirius on at least one front – Sirius hasn’t offered live satellite radio on the go when you are outside of your car, while XM has with the Inno […]

Sirius Satellite Video due before end of year?

More rumblings on the internet, but this time it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin stated in a conference call today that “we are close to signing deals to offer the best video programming for kids as part of our OEM offering in the second half of the year.” If I […]

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FCC forces Sirius to pull some radios from shelves

Sirius has told some of the companies that make radios for them… to stop making them. The problem is that some models do not comply with FCC radio emission regulations. The governing body is reportedly reviewing some more Sirius products to see if they give off too much electronic interference. Despite the situation, Sirius is […]