MWC 2012: HTC One X

As expected, HTC has just introduced their Quad-core Tegra 3 handset and the flagship phone appears to be one of the most impressive Android devices ever designed. The One X, which will be part of the company’s new “One” series, comes with awesome specs.

Windows Phone 8 Details Leaked and Confirmed

While Windows Phone hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success as iOS and Android up to this point, it is still a very solid, if not sometimes misunderstood, operating system. Luckily, a new leak regarding WP8 shows that Microsoft is wasting no time in adding many great new features that might further push Windows Phone adoption beyond their highest expectations.

Getting A Closer Look At The Blackberry Porsche P9981 (Video)

Porsche met Blackberry back in October with their P’9981 concept, an interesting looking device that is essentially just a standard Blackberry that has been beautified with Porsche styling. For many, you will find that there is little reason to own this model, either because of price, or just because you can get a better phone for even less.

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 Tablet Requirements

The truth is that Vista wasn’t that bad if you had the right hardware, unfortunately Microsoft didn’t enforce any minimums and so most of us never really saw the ‘good side’ of Vista (though Windows 7 cured many of these problems). Microsoft isn’t repeating any of these mistakes with its Windows 8 tablets, and has already set some specific hardware requirements that all Win8 tablets will have to meet.

Sony Xperia Smartphones From CES 2012 (Hands-On Videos)

It’s raining smartphones at the ongoing CES 2012 and Sony has also jumped in on the action with their latest additions into the company’s popular Xperia line of smartphones. The four new smartphones, two among which will be released overseas in the coming months, have been beautifully designed and appear to be targeted at all the shutterbugs out there.

The 2011 iPhone 5 Rumor Collection And Prediction Wrap Up

Apple in its iPhone design has a success stories that have had a tremendous impact on what the company’s next phone designs might look like. In other words, most probably, you won’t see a QWERTY keyboard, or a slider as a design target for the iPhone 5. What is highly expected though, is a screen size of over 4″, or even 4.3″ diagonally.

The BlackBerry 7 lineup coming to AT&T and Sprint

I’m not at all convinced that the updated platform will somehow skyrocket RIM out of its current woes, but I guess it can’t hurt that much either. BlackBerry OS 7 is just around the corner and both AT&T and Sprint want to be the first ones to offer the American public a taste of the new operating system… so, they’ve announced their upcoming BB7 phones.

Pay for your frappalatte with Android

I’ll admit it, I am a coffee addict. The pot is usually on about as often as it rains here in Vancouver, but from time to time id sure like to treat myself to something special from the barista. No more fumbling change, now too like my iPhone friends, I can pull out an Android smartphone and pay up at the Starbucks before sitting down to write some news.

RIP Credit Cards: Google Wallet To Change Mobile Payments

Google Wallet is a free mobile app that stores virtual versions of your credit cards, debit cards and coupons, eliminating the need for plastic and replacing your wallet with your phone. It will be compatible with none other than the Nexus S 4G, on Sprint. The app will launch “soon” but we’ve learned a great deal about it in the meantime.

Rumor: iPhone 4S to Lack LTE Because of Qualcomm?

If you belief the reports and hearsay, Apple wanted to order LTE chips from Qualcomm for use inside the next iPhone, but Qualcomm has been struggling to get production up to speed. As a result, there aren’t enough chips being made to satisfy Apple’s requests and, thus, there is no LTE in the iPhone 4S.

BlackBerry Touch to Replace BlackBerry Storm

Wait. Isn’t that the same thing? That’s what I was thinking when I first heard that notion, but I guess RIM is trying to distance itself from the less than hugely successful Storm line. The new BlackBerry Touch — codenamed BlackBerry Monaco for Verizon and BlackBerry Monza for GSM — is set to make its official debut next month.

Google Effectively Kills QR Codes for Good

You’ve seen them everywhere. Those weird 2D barcodes have made their way onto business cards, bus shelter advertisements, product packaging and into the newspaper. And now, the age of the QR code just might be coming to an end even before it ever really made any real mainstream impact. You can thank Google for that.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Offers Pure Google Experience to Sprint

The official Google phone is now rocking some 4G connectivity… depending on your exact definition of what it means to have 4G. The Google Nexus S has been available since December of last year, but the American version only played friendly with T-Mobile’s bands. That’s changed, since Sprint has picked up its own version in the form of the Samsung Nexus S 4G.

Global Mobile Transactions To Reach $1 Trillion by 2014

Yankee Group, a research firm from Boston, MA, has presented extensive research on the future of mobile usage and mobile transactions. Their research shows that at the conclusion of 2010, total value of global mobile transactions was at $162 billion, and they anticipate that it will be $984 billion by 2014.

Apple iPhone to replace your entire wallet?

Apple’s latest acquisition of Benjamin Vigier, a man who specializes in near field communications may be the one of the most brilliant moves the California company has ever made. Catapulting the primarily computer-focused business model of Apple, into the world of financial institutions. The day your smartphone replaces your entire wallet is coming very soon, and the iPhone could be the first to take us there.

Transactions 2.0: Using a mobile phone to pay your restaurant bill

Leaders from varios mobile payment companies met in a panel discussion at the 8th AlwaysOn & STVP Summit at Stanford to discuss the newest wave of payment since the credit card. The discussion, titled Transactions 2.0, was hosted by Randy V. Sabbet J.D., CISSP, Partner, Internet & Data Protection, Sonnenschein. The group covered topics regarding the safety and use of electronic signatures, using a cell phone to pay bills, online payments made by entering a cell phone number instead of a credit card, and a single-click check out process for credit cards using our mobile phones.

Apple to reveal iPod Touch 4G with camera next month?

Reports of Apple working at launching “something new” through their retail chain of stores got mildly noticed this week. Apple Insider reports indicate an internal news bulletin was sent out to employees, details were scarce but the unknown product or service, which may or may not be the iPod Touch 4G, is expected to make a “big” impact.

Visa Pay Photo: Tech Crunch
Visa iPhone case to change how we pay

The history of our monetary system is a long and exciting tale; barter turning to the use of gold in some places, wampum (shell beads) in others. Sixty years ago the first credit card, Diners Club, came into existence. Today almost all North Americans are packing plastic, if not credit then certainly debit. Within the past fifteen years we’ve seen the rise of e-commerce with companies like PayPal, creating economies within economies. So what’s next on our path of monetary madness? Well if you’ve recently been to Japan, or are dating a Japanese lady (recommended) you probably already know the answer: wireless payment via your cell phones.

Phones Reviews
HTC Desire 816G

Meant to be the best-in-class mid segment phone, HTC’s Desire 816G lacks shiny aluminium body its expensive sibling, the One M8. But that surely doesn’t make this phone feel cheap. Hold one of these and surely get to know that the plastic used for this phone’s construction is a high quality one. In terms of […]

Japanese Movie Posters with Near Field Communication

Having worked at a movie theatre at one point in my life, I can appreciate a good movie poster when I see one. That said, I have yet to encounter one that really speaks to me. Japan is about to change that. No, I’m not talking about some sort of unique art style or a […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 6131 With RFID For Tap-And-Go Payment

On the surface, the Nokia 6131 looks like a budget-minded cell phone, but when you integrate an RFID chip under the hood, the unassuming mobile gains a rather interesting function. The modified version has been dubbed the Nokia 6131 NFC for Near Field Communication. Using the RFID chip housed within, the cell phone effectively gets […]

Payment by Cell Phone Coming to Canada

We’re catching up! While many of us may think that Canadians and Americans are in a relative stone age when it comes to mobile phone technology, especially when compared to our counterparts in Japan and Korea, it should be noted that strides are being made in the right direction. For example, Royal Bank has teamed […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 6131i With Near Field Communication Technology

Big deal, right? It’s just another flip phone with a rather standard set of features? Wrong! The Nokia 6131i is pretty darn special, because it is the world’s first business mobile phone integrated with Near Field Communication technology. Set for launch in China (Xiamen, Guangzhou and Beijing), the Nokia 6131i can use its Near Field […]

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Visa, Nokia team up on mobile wallet plan

That credit card wallet will be in full force sooner than you think. Visa, holding their own at CES, announced a deal with Nokia to make millions of phones into wallets around the world. The full details of the deal have yet to be announced, but we do know that you will be able to […]

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Cingular, Nokia testing pay by mobile in N.Y.

Well, we have yet another way to keep extra careful about not losing our mobile phones. Seems Cingular, MasterCard, and Nokia have gotten together to test a contactless payment program for mobile phones. A few select Citi MasterCard holders will receive a Nokia mobile phone equipped with the MasterCard PayPass payment function and with NFC […]

Sony, NXP prepare chip for mobile payments

NXP Semiconductors and Sony are getting together on a joint venture to develop short-range wireless chips for PCs and portable electronic devices. The agreement between the Japanese electronics giant and the former Philips unit will be in mid-2007, work on a near-field communications (NFC) chip that will play nice with certain kinds of NFC-compatible phones, […]

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Portable diabetes device produces easy, accurate insulin delivery

It’s getting better all the time to be a diabetes sufferer. Despite the constant need for insulin, there’s an ever-growing market of technological innovations to aid that process. The latest innovation is from Cambridge Consultants, and it’s a device that helps monitor glucose levels and other medical information, but it also works as an insulin […]

More security for mobile phone payments

SanDisk and Philips are getting together to make your mobile phone payments even more secure. The so-called “contactless” payment methods made popular by Near Field Communications are fast being a hit among those who use drive-through windows and checkout counters. Just wave your equipped phone near the sensor, and your payment is made. It’s wireless […]

Philips courts policy-makers’ RFID nod

Philips Semiconductors is putting its weight behind a lobbying effort aimed at convincing policy-makers to adopt RFID tag technology. The global consumer electronic giant is fully convinced that RFID will become the most prevalent “electronic-based intelligence” technology of the 21st century. RFID will link machines, goods and people, helping companies gauge consumer preferences. Speaking at […]

Wireless Dynamics Announces First Ever SDiD RFID Reader/Writer SD Card

Wireless Dynamics out of Calgary, Ablerta has announced their innovative new SDiD Card, the first RFID (Radio Frequnecy Identification) Reader/Writer and SD card to be designed. Almost any device supporting an SD expansion card can now be used as a portable RFID terminal. The applications are limitless, from health-care to logistics even homeland security; any […]