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Ultracompact and portable: LG Xnote Z1 series laptop


I don’t know if I’d recommend taking your lappy with you when you decide to hit the slopes this winter, but sometimes you just need to stay connected and approve all those friends requests on your MySpace account. You’ve got to appreciate the styling on the Xnote Z1 series laptops from LG, and they certainly don’t disappoint with what they ...

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LG gets slim with XNote ultraportables


That swivel action on the LG XNote C1 really has us excited. But let’s back up. LG has launched a pair of new notebooks, the XNote A1 and C1. Both are super-slim and lightweight, but the C1 is slightly heavier at 2.8 pounds, no doubt because of the parts required to enable swiveling. Both sport the latest in tech specs, ...

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LG surrounds Xnote AV notebooks with 5.1 sound


Don’t get caught with an Excel spreadsheet open on this thing, because it is clearly designed with multimedia entertainment in mind. After all, the Xnote AV line of laptops from LG sport things like integrated DMB, EV-DO connectivity, and even 5.1 surround sound. The ultraportable notebooks appear to be Korea-only launches and come powered by the latest Intel Core 2 ...

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LG’s ultra-portable Xnote TX notebook


Now here’s what I think a true notebook computer should be. I’m not looking for an incredibly potent graphics engine, a humungous 19-inch screen, or a battery that only lasts a couple of hours. The new Xnote TX from LG may not be the most powerful laptop in the world, but it sports an ultra-slim design, and is as light ...

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Stylish Xnote S1 laptop by LG


If you’re looking to get your Core Duo on, LG has got another option for you to consider. The sleekly designed, ultra thin Xnote S1 comes in a black-and-white motif that just screams, “I’ve got style.” The most notable feature is, of course, the Intel Dual Core CPU (there’s no explicit mention of a clock speed), but that’s not to ...

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LG’s “Super Ultrabook” Z330 Is The Skinnest MacBook Clone Yet


You might be wondering what is so super about LG's “ new “Super Ultrabooks”. For starters, the 13.3” Xnote Z330 is the skinniest laptop around and the 14” Z430 isn't far behind.

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Top Tech of the week – 10.20.2006


As we do each week, Mobile Magazine has reported on dozens of new and interesting gadgets, vehicles and developments. Some of them were pretty silly, some were pretty cool, and some will be forgotten about by everyone but their makers by next week. Of all the tech we covered this week, here are the five that we have crowned our ...

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