Sony Ericsson K620i is a vibrant blue candybar

Sony Ericsson has two main lines of cell phones targetted at the general public. The W (Walkman) series caters to the MP3-loving folks, whereas the K series is typically more photo-oriented. The new K620i, in this respect, does not fail to impress. Look beyond the ridiculously bright blue casing and you’ll discover a formidable 3.2 […]

Science & Tech
Plug-in electrics right around the corner?

If like me, you’re tired of hearing vague promises about the plug-in future of electric vehicles and you just want something real you can hold onto and actually buy, then take heart. According to MIT’s Technology Review, the day when you can commonly recharge your car overnight just by plugging into a wall outlet in […]

Musicphones love Plantronics MHS213 stereo headset

Granted, they don’t boast Bluetooth connectivity, but at just $40, the Plantronics MHS213 mobile stereo headset is a pretty good solution for listening to music on the go. As can be expected, you can switch over to voice calls on the fly, temporarily pausing the tunes as you chat it up with your significant other. […]

“Ai” RAZR-like phone coming from Sony Ericsson

Not content with having thousands of people lineup several days in advance for the PlayStation 3, Sony (with Ericsson) wants you to go a little nutty over this new cell phone project: a RAZR-like clamshell with Walkman functionality. Naturally, this “ultra-slim, high-end” clamshell will boast plenty of multimedia functionalty, in addition to a decent camera […]

Sony Ericsson flips out with W44S dual-hinged phone

Nokia and Samsung aren’t the only folks who know how to make a clamshell flip both ways. Sony Ericsson is adding its name to the dual-hinged party with the W44S multimedia phone. The vibrant QVGA display can be oriented either in portrait or landscape mode, but you’ll probably want to opt for the latter when […]

Plantronics Discovery 655 gets AAA battery boost

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to tether yourself to a wall outlet or USB port to juice up your favorite Bluetooth device. With the Plantronics Discovery 655, you won’t need to. You see, it comes bundled with this tubular accessory that draws power from a single AAA battery and shoots that energy over to the […]

Sliding in with a video review: Sony Ericsson W850i

I’m in the market for a new cell phone myself, and I’m considering a Walkman phone because I’ve heard that they’re one of the best things out there if you want to pump tunes out of your mobile handset. I also have a significant soft spot for slider phones. By all indications, the W850i fits […]

Schneider-Kreuznach to provide optics for LG cameraphones

We all know that LG has us covered when it comes to releasing some absolutely delicious-looking cell phones, and they’re more than happy to equip them with plenty of music-playing capabilities, but what about that integrated camera? The major Korean mobile phone maker has partnered up with Germany’s Schneider-Kreuznach: the latter is to provide the […]

Nexx NF-810 DAP mimics nano, but does video too

Slim candybar form factor? Check. Round, click wheel-like navigation? Check. Squinty-eyed color display? Check. Yup, looks like we got ourselves another iPod nano wannabe. The NF-810 from Nexx is clearly borrowing some of its styling cues from Apple, but it’s got a slight leg up on its hugely popular counterpart. The NF-810 is capable of […]

Chip accurately mimics retinal functions

A group of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have crafted a silicon chip that could go a long way toward reducing blindness due to retinal dysfunction. The chip has light sensors and circuitry that approximate the neural functions of human retinas. It is a tiny but not too tiny thing, measuring 3.5 x 3.3 […]

Use your mobile to control home electronics, security

The rather mobile-sounding name is a clue to what RoamCon can do. You can use your mobile phone to control security and electrical features of your home, even (and especially) when you’re not there. First and foremost, you can peek in via your home’s webcam to make sure that no one is stealing your laptop […]

Next Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phone only 2 megapixels?

In an age where most manufacturers are aiming to push more megapixels into their cameraphones, there’s a distinct possibility that Sony Ericsson is working on the lower end of the market with their next offering. This spy photo depicts what appears to be a new cell phone that will fit in above the K610, but […]

Hands-on with the Sony Ericsson W850i slider

Sony Ericsson and their Walkman line of handsets may not have the same level of domination as the iPod, but they are certainly doing quite well for themselves in the musicphone department. One of the latest SE releases is the W850i, a fashionable slider phone that packs plenty of tune-playing punch. Mobile-review picked up a […]

Read comics (or manga) on your Nintendo DS

The homebrew wizards are at it again. When the Nintendo DS hit the market, people scoffed at its inability to do anything other than play some kick-ass games. The Sony PSP was a portable multimedia machine, pulling double and triple duty as a MP3 player and PMP. My, how homebrew changes things. We’re already enjoying […]

Sony Ericsson Adriana DVB-H concept: Look Ma! No keypad!

I know what you’re thinking: the “Adriana” concept from Sony Ericsson seems to look and act much like the Sony Mylo. One big difference, though, is that the Adriana appears to be missing a conventional keypad, opting for a 3.5-inch touchscreen. With Sony Ericsson badging, you’d also expect some cellular radios, so that is definitely […]

Getting touchy-feely with the Synaptics Onyx concept phone (Video)

I love touchscreen interfaces. They’re just so nifty (and so versatile). The Synaptics Mobile concept phone — dubbed the Onyx in some circles — is one high-tech device, packing in touch-sensitive capacitors and, of course, that wonderful touchscreen. Add gesture recognition to that package and you’ve surely got a winner, right? After all, it runs […]

Delphi to show off a ton of new vehicle electronics

Delphi may be in a world of financial hurt, but they haven’t given up. They will be showing off the future of vehicle electronics at the SAE Convergence Show in Detroit. Among what we will see are OEM radios with iPod connectivity, HD Radio and DVB-T for entertainment, a wide range of safety features including […]

Sony Ericsson Z588i – flip phone with stylus

The Sony Ericsson Z558i may look like just another flip phone at first glance, but this handset does a trick we haven’t seen much before. It has a touch screen and a stylus, as well as handwriting recognition. Besides that, the phone is much like the Z550, a phone for the Chinese market. It has […]

Sony Ericsson W810i stumbles into Cingular lineup

It’s only fitting. The mobile service provider with an orange goop of a mascot is getting a musicphone that sports a lot of orange-colored accents. At long last, the Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone is marching over to Cingular kiosks. Took you guys long enough. As you recall, this compact candybar is a quad-band GSM […]

Three shutter-happy bargain phones from Sony Ericsson

If those four sexy new phones announced earlier today are a little too rich for your blood, fret not. Sony Ericsson has three new entry-level handsets that will certainly satisfy the average user with their simple styling and camera-centric tendencies: the K510, K310, and Z530. The K510 candybar — available in Midnight Black or Polished […]

Sony Ericsson hits up the higher end with four new phones

Nokia had their day in the sun earlier this week, and now it’s someone else’s turn. Sony Ericsson is release happy today, with no fewer than four new mid- to high-end handsets: Z558, Z550a, W958, and W830. The Z558 and Z550a clamshells are functionally and aesthetically identical, except that the latter is quad-band GSM with […]

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch controls your music

Just because you have a little bit of geek in you doesn’t mean that you need to look the part. Sony Ericsson knows that you love their Walkman phones, but they also realize that you don’t want to have to whip it out each time you want to change the track. That’s why the cell […]

M-Buzz – Sony Ericsson’s new mobile music service

Sony Ericsson has been rumored to be developing a mobile music download system, and now it has a name and a launch date – M-Buzz will appear on October 2. It’s not just another music service, though. You won’t find the big name, big label music here. Instead, M-Buzz will be a source for new […]

Sony Ericsson developing online music store

Pretty soon the list of companies that don’t have their own online music store will be shorter than those that do. The latest company to hint that they are about to offer their own retail experience online is Sony Ericsson. This move likely comes about as a result of Nokia recently buying Loudeye to launch […]

Sony Ericsson unveils W710i, W850i Walkman phones

If anybody is leading the charge with the infiltration of musicphones, it’s got to be Sony Ericsson with their unmistakable Walkman line of cell phones. Tune-jamming and head-bobbing feature most prominently here, and the folks at SE are gearing up for a couple of new additions: the W710i and W850i. The FM radio touting W710i […]

Go glow or get out: Sony Ericsson W43S mobile phone

A phone with big chrome accents? A large external color display? Blinking lights? Pfft, you ain’t got nothing unless you pick up the Sony Ericsson W43S: the cell phone that glows. You’ll surely be the life of the party with his number, as there are no fewer than 16 different skins available — from wood […]

M-Cody M22 mimics iPod nano, but plays OGG

We’ve got ourselves yet another iPod lookalike coming down the DAP chute and this time it comes from a lesser known company called M-Cody. The M22 rocks a skinny 7.5mm profile, glossy white casing, and an attractive set of minimalist blue buttons. It doesn’t seem to have a chrome back, though. It’s a shame that […]

Sony Ericsson HCB-100 Bluetooth Car Speaker

Sony Ericsson is a caring company – they don’t want you to kill yourself or someone else when you are talking on the phone when you should be driving. Their new HCB-100 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone provides a new option for speaking on your mobile phone handsfree without sacrificing sound quality. You can put the device […]

Social Media
Clothing, keyboards: ‘Smart fabrics’ expanding worldwide

Italy and the U.K. are getting on the “smart fabric” bandwagon. Luminex, an Italian company, is making shirts, pants, and shawls packed with cabling and high-efficiency LEDs that really light up a room. The most-mentioned use of this clothing is at night or in other situations with low visibility, such as smoke-filled rooms or foggy […]

Sony Ericsson unveils the simply stunning Z610 clamshell

If you thought worrying about getting your iPod nano scratched was your biggest concern, you’ll soon have another thing coming. The Sony Ericsson Z610 is one of the most gorgeous phones I’ve seen in a while, rocking a similar “hide the display” glossy exterior as Sony’s MP3 players. It looks pretty darn slick, regardless of […]

Cameraphones get clear pics with “close-up filter”

As we become more dependent on the picture-takers found on our cell phones, leaving our standalone digital cameras at home much of the time, we start looking for accessories to feed our spur-of-the-moment snapshot needs. When it comes to cameraphones, it can be quite hard taking a crisp picture when your subject is only a […]

Social Media
China to broadcast Beijing Olympics on DMB

China has more mobile phone users than any country in the world — 431 million — and organizers of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics are looking to capitalize on that fact to broadcast the games to Chinese users. Trials of a DMB system for TV broadcasting will start in China next year to prepare for […]

Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 BT headset goes in your ear

The bulk of the Bluetooth headsets on the market — say, from the folks at Motorola, for example — take on much the same form factor: they loop around your ear. This design ensures that the earpiece won’t just go flying off unexpectedly, but it does make sunglass-wearing a little cumbersome. Sony Ericsson has overcome […]

Sony Ericsson K800i now brown like chocolate

Okay, so Verizon has got everyone drooling over the LG Chocolate phone, but I’m not all that big of a fan of dark (you could almost say black) chocolate. If you’re in the mood for a milk chocolate phone, Sony Ericsson has you covered with their K800i, which will soon be clad in a “Allure […]

Health care
Diabetics can check blood sugar with GlucoPhone

With so many gadgets kicking around these days, it can be hard to stash that many things in your pants pocket. You’ve got your MP3 player, PDA, cell phone, PMP, USB thumb drive, and countless other items. If you happen to be diabetic, you’ve also got to pack a glucometer everywhere you go, but thanks […]

USRobotics unveils two new Skype phones

USRobotics has come up with a couple more ways for us to easily use Skype, but the two new phones that they unveiled both lack a catchy name: the USR9602 and USR9601A. The USR9602 is also known as the USB Mini Internet Phone. You can plug it into either the USB 1.1 or 2.0 ports […]

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General Dynamics GoBook XR-1 built military tough

Having a laptop with beefy specs and a flashy appareance just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our personal electronics take a heck of a beating these days, especially when they are deployed by the army, navy, air force or the marines in their duties overseas. Want to have a high-level notebook that can withstand just about […]

Sony Ericsson unveils blog-ready K618 candybar

On the surface, the K618 candybar may appear to be just any other cell phone rolling off of the Sony Ericsson assembly line, but if you delve a little deeper, you’ll discover that it comes with a little something extra. The 2.0 megapixel camera is great with its 2.5x digital zoom and video recording, but […]

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No more 4-speed automatics by 2015

I may still be driving around in a car with a four-speed automatic, but if transmission supplier Jatco Ltd. is right, that gearbox will be completely obsolete by 2015. Instead, newer technologies like 6-speed automatics and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) will be the norm, according to Jatco president Shigeo Ishida. More isn’t always better, but […]

Plantronics’ autumn collection of Bluetooth devices

Plantronics is hoping to cover all the bases with the release of no fewer than four new Bluetooth devices for the fall. In true Plantronics fashion, they may not sport the flashiest looks, but they get the job done and (presumably) do it well. For audiophiles, the Pulsar 260 is a “pod” that connects to […]

Black Diamond phone to be limited edition, not Sony Ericsson

Remember back in March when we caught a glimpse of the Black Diamond concept designed by one Jaren Goh? Well, it turns out that although he may have been inspired by Sony Ericsson, this smoother-than-ice handset isn’t destined for the electronics giant, and is rather being marketed under a different brand altogether. Jaren Goh has […]

Sony Ericsson HCB-700 outfits your car with Bluetooth

Several higher end vehicles these days come equipped from the factory with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing drivers to have seamless, handsfree conversations. Not all of us have the kind of bankroll to pick up a Mercedes, though, so Sony Ericsson has jumped into the mix and is offering the HCB-700 Bluetooth device for the rest […]

Sony Ericsson rides Walkman phones to very strong quarter

The Walkman music phones have been very kind to Sony Ericsson’s bottom line. Net profits jumped by 91% over the same quarter last year, from 75 million Euros to 143 million Euros. The profits came from a 41% improvement in sales, reaching a total of 2.27 billion Euros, or about $2.29 billion American. The joint […]

Sony Ericsson concept reinvents the flip phone

Sony Ericsson has been quite the prosperous partnership, most recently with the popular Walkman line, and now it seems that the cell phone maker is ready to reinvent the flip phone with a cool new concept heading to the patent office. There’s something that everyone loves about clamshells. It could be the emphatic snapping sound […]

Sony Ericsson P990i finally gets FFC approval

Since last fall we’ve been teased by the new Sony Ericsson P990i. From the very beginning we were told that it is the smartphone to beat all smartphones. Unfortunately, it has been a long wait. We should finally get it in our hands soon, though, since the FCC has finally given it the stamp of […]

Microsoft strides into robotics fray

Microsoft is getting into the robotics game, with a whole toolkit of Windows-based resources and a fistful of funding for a research group to support it all. The idea, according to the folks at Microsoft, is to create a starting point for commercial and individual developers. Tandy Trower, general manager of the Microsoft Robotics Group, […]