Three Ways to Call on Plantronics Calisto Pro

In an effort to stay connected with the world around you, you have unwittingly signed yourself up to far too many services. The Plantronics Calisto Pro phone series streamlines your life by allowing you to take incoming and make outgoing calls from your landline, cell phone, and Skype through a single wireless device. There’s a […]

Is Sony Ericsson Cooking Up a Cyber-shot Slider Phone?

As if a skinny Cyber-shot phone wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, it seems that Sony Ericsson may finally be working on a sliding variant of its popular Cyber-shot line of mobile phones. What you see here is far from being an official rendering, so we’ll have to take this report with a grain of […]

Sony Ericsson K770i Cyber-shot Phone is 14.5mm Thick

Sony Ericsson didn’t really embrace the whole skinny phenomenon right away, but now that they have, they’re really starting to produce some rather attractive numbers. The Sony Ericsson K770i isn’t the skinniest candybar on the block at 14.5mm, but it’s one of the slimmest phones to offer an impressive 3.2 megapixel camera. This is a […]

Sony Ericsson P3i Smartphone is One Sexy Beast

Between the giant touchscreen display and the beautiful slide-out keyboard, the oft-rumored Sony Ericsson P3i smartphone is quite the looker. Of course, the renderings which you see to the right aren’t actual photographs of an actual cell phone, so it’s hard to say whether this is a concept that is currently floating around the offices […]

Fido Clams It Up with Sony Ericsson Z310a

Fido is the oft-forgotten mobile service provider in Canada, because it typically receives cell phones that nobody wants. The pooch of a phone operator usually gets cheap phones with less than flattering feature sets and the trend is continuing with the decidedly entry-level Sony Ericsson Z310a. Fido has had a recent infatuation with Sony Ericsson […]

No More In-Car Electronics, Fines On the Way

According to USA Today, states like Texas and New York are considering issuing fines to people who are driving with portable electronics in the car. Many states already ban the use of handheld devices, but they allow you to still chatter away on your phone via a Bluetooth handsfree speaker, for example. The new laws […]

Video Review: Sony Ericsson K810i

If it wasn’t for the fact that this latest Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot cameraphone is a tri-band unit, I might be much more interested in picking it up. I can’t live without 850MHz. For people that aren’t quite so interested in the 850MHz band, the Sony Ericsson K810i seems like a very powerful handset that will […]

Luxium Marries Laptop, External Graphics Card

Want a laptop but don’t want to sacrifice high-intensity graphics? Now you don’t have to, with Luxium, a full-bore graphics card from MSI. Luxium is an external interface that can connect your notebook to a graphics card while also offering a few USB ports and a few other handy features, such as a USB to […]

Wallet Shows Your Pics Digitally

You definitely wouldn’t want to have this wallet stolen. You’d lose not only your money and credit cards but also all those cute photos of your friends and family, all 55 of them. That’s photos, not friends and family, and carrying around that many photos won’t bore a hole in your pocket or pocketbook because […]

Leaked! Sony Ericsson W970 Walkman Phone

Well, this is the last thing I need: another cell phone to tempt my credit card. What you see before you is the W970 Walkman phone from the good people at Sony Ericsson. The leaked pictures, although clearly Photoshopped, may have some truth to them. It’s most likely a swivel/switchblade design, much like the old […]

Sony Ericsson W999i Slider: Is This The End?

It took a little while for Sony Ericsson to enter the skinny phone market, but now that they have, they’re unleashing some of pretty hot handsets. Unlike other Walkman phones that came before it, the Sony Ericsson W999i goes with a green motif, rather than the usual orange that we’ve come to associate with the […]

Sony Ericsson P700i Smartphone: First Look

Sony Ericsson has done a wonderful job with addressing every segment of the market, from the near feature-less entry-level handsets to cell phones catering to music lovers, shutterbugs, and business users alike. The recently spied Sony Ericsson P700i smartphone is catering to power users who not only seek high-end functionality, but also high-end looks. None […]

Commercialized: Sony Ericsson W880i is Romantic

Ushering in the Sony Ericsson W880i slim candybar phone is the first commercial by the folks at Sony. We get to see a budget-minded couple get together in a secluded area with some greasy burgers, fries, and soda… but where does the Walkman phone come into play? Well, not only does it provide the romantic […]

Video: Sony Ericsson W580i Pedometer in Action

The Sony Ericsson W580i sliding Walkman phone is designed to be a slimmer, more affordable version of the beefier (and presumably more powerful) W850. It shares the same glossy white appearance, fun event lights, and signature orange highlights, but one of the cooler features on the W580i is that it has a built-in pedometer, making […]

Video: Sony Ericsson W580 Sliding Walkman Phone

Designed to be a more affordable (and slim) version of the W850, the Sony Ericsson W580i takes on the same sliding form factor and a fairly similar setup in terms of keys and features. And it’s coming to the States… first. That’s right, Sony Ericsson has actually created an attractive-looking handset that’ll make its worldwide […]

UTStarcom Goes Back to Basics with CDM7026, CDM7076

One the one hand, you have Swiss Army knife-like phones that do everything but cook you dinner. On the other hand, you have ultra basic handsets like the newly revealed CDM7026 and CDM7076 from UTStarcom. You won’t find any fancy jewels or over-the-top features on either one of these phones. Nope, what you get are […]

Mobile music with Plantronics Pulsar 260 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Set to make its official debut at CTIA Wireless 2007, the Pulsar 260 Stereo Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics sports a pendant-style design for ease of use. The controller dangles from your neck so you can quickly adjust the volume and change tracks, automatically switching to inbound phone calls when necessary. In this way, it’s quite […]

Sony Ericsson Demonstrates MSA-Compliant Java Platform 8

As our phones become more powerful and as the public demands more functionality out of them, cell phone makers have to continually up the ante to meet these needs. Sony Ericsson has just announced their first phone to support Mobile Services Architecture (MSA), allowing consumers to do all sorts of things they couldn’t have before. […]

Sony Ericsson MPS-75 Snaps Speaker Onto Music Phones

Got yourself a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone and fancy the opportunity to share your Cher collection with your friends? Look no further than the rubber boot-like MPS-75 portable snap-on speaker set. Compatible with all Sony Ericsson phones incorporating the Fast port connection, the MPS-75 was first seen when they announced the W660i cell phone last […]

Battery-Operated NicStic Cigarettes Have No Smoke

Smoke-less smokes, imagine that. NicStics are battery-operated nicotine dispensers, meant to mimic the experience of smoking actual cigarettes without all that nasty tar and other bad stuff. Instead, it just pumps you full of nicotine when you take a drag. You won’t feel the burn in your lungs and there will be no smoke emitted […]

Sony Ericsson M610i Smartphone Gets a 3.2MP Camera

One of the biggest knocks against the Sony Ericsson M600i is that it lacks a camera. The same cannot be said about its successor, the M610i smartphone. Some pictures of the upcoming handset have just been leaked and they were accompanied with a few juicy tidbits. For starters, that’s a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus […]

Sony Ericsson W660i Walkman Phone Is A True Ghetto Blaster

Sony Ericsson announced another handset to add to their Walkman phone collection today. The W660i is a mid-tier mobile, and there is an optional portable speaker that plugs into the bottom, essentially transforming the music phone into the world’s ghetto-est ghetto blaster. Some have even said that it looks almost like a rubber boot on […]

AMD to Create Xbox 360-Like Graphics on Cell Phones

Mobile gaming is about to get a big boost in the graphics department because AMD has created a toolkit specifically for cell phones that is said to bring Xbox 360-like graphics to the palm of your hand. The exact details are pretty slim at this point, but given that AMD is all tied up with […]

Computer Model Mimics Biological Vision Experience

The computers at MIT can see nearly as well as you can, at least in part. A team of neuroscientists at the venerable Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built a computer model that approximates our vision system and can accurately see and classify cars, people, and other objects in a busy street scene. Such differentiation […]

Quadriplegics Use Their Tongues to Work Computers

One thing that quadriplegics haven’t lost is their ability to use their tongue. That’s what these scientists are counting on. They’re the inventors of a new system that would let those who have lost use of their arms and legs perform basic computer functions by dictating instructions to the machine with their tongues. The prototype—and […]

First Mobile Device with nVIDIA GoForce 5500 Graphics Chipset

nVidia has everyone clamoring over their new GoForce 5500 chipset for mobile devices, and today we’re treated to one of the first handhelds to rock the technology. The EM ONE comes powered by a PXA270 520MHz processor, runs on Windows Mobile 5, and most importantly of all, it has that “amazing GoForce 5500 chipset” under […]

Music Bluetooth Headsets from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson sure is spreading the love today with about ten new handsets attacking all segments of the cell phone market. But wait, there’s more. In addition to the new phones they revealed earlier today, Sony Ericsson also has three new handsfree accessories, with one catering specifically to mobile music. The HBH-PV702 is a Bluetooth […]

Two New Sony Ericsson CyberShot Camera… Phones

More phones from Sony Ericsson. Let’s make sure we get all the bases covered. They’ve got three new Walkman phones and four new entry-level candybar handsets, so what’s missing? Oh right, picture-taking! And so here we are with a couple of new Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot cameras, both of which pack plenty of heat when you […]

Simple Sony Ericsson Candybars Are Still Sweet

Sony Ericsson is pretty darn busy today, having held back these past couple of months in terms of new handsets. In addition to the three Walkman phones they already have coming down the chute are these four candybars. The K200, K220, J110, and J120 are clearly targeted at the lower end of the market, and […]

Sony Ericsson Reveals Ultra-Slim Walkman Phones

We’ve been bombarded with all sorts of leaked pictures and conjecture-powered specs, but now it’s official: the Sony Ericsson W880/W888 super slim Walkman phone is here, and it’s bringing its W610 cousin along for a ride. Previously known as the Ai, the W880/W888 is the slimmest Sony Ericsson phone to date. Measuring just 9.4mm thick, […]

Virtual makeup shows the many faces of cosmetics technology

Not long ago, we told you about the Magic Mirror on the wall, a dressing room specialty that turned a wall mirror into a computerized interface, showing a virtual you wearing virtual outfits to faraway family and friends. The same idea powers Virtual Makeup, an in-store product by Fujitsu, Misukoshi, and Shiseido that shows what […]

Plantronics literally outfits you with Bluetooth

Don’t just use technology, wear it! That is apparently the latest mantra coming out of the Plantronics camp as the accessory maker has decided to plunk Bluetooth technology into a selection of Quiksilver and Roxy apparel. We’ve seen Bluetooth watches and iPod shirts in the past, and Plantronics is keeping that growing tradition alive with […]

Welcome the invasion: Graphics-hungry Alienware m5790 Area-51 laptop

What’s this, a “special” laptop from Alienware that doesn’t come with an ultra bold design, flaring colors and blinking lights? The new m5790 Area-51 Special Edition laptop looks more like a Dell than an Alienware offering, but it’s what’s under the hood of this high-powered machine that makes it deserve that Alienware badge. Designed not […]

Korean electronics giants shift into new areas

Taking a cue from Bill Gates, Korean giants like Samsung, LG, and SK are beginning to manufacture products that you wouldn’t normally associate them with making. One big area that Samsung, especially, is wading into is automotive-related industries. Specifically, Samsung is about to shift into high gear making auto computer chips. If you think that […]

ZVUE 260 PMP mimics iPod Video, gets priced at under $100

Just because the ZVUE 260 personal media player is going to be priced starting at under $100 doesn’t mean that it comes up short in terms of functionality. In fact, it’s got a few niceties that even the iPod Video doesn’t rock. For example, the 260 is the first ZVUE player to feature an on-board […]

CarMD brings vehicle diagnostics to the masses

There’s no such thing as too much information, especially when you’re up against car repair and you haven’t a clue whether that mechanic is gouging you. Enter CarMD, a handheld device that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars by doing a quick and dirty diagnosis on your sick vehicle and suggest not only a […]

Sony Ericsson MBR100 picks up musicphone tunes via Bluetooth

FM transmitters are fun and all, but then you’ve got to deal with all that static and interference, and in the end, the sound quality can be pretty sub-par at best. Bluetooth can keep data a whole purer, and that’s exactly the standard that the Sony Ericsson MBR100 uses to broadcast your musicphone’s tunes to […]

Specs revealed for Sony Ericsson W880i Ai

It’s amazing how much attention this yet unannounced phone has garnered. First, we heard that the Ai would be RAZR-thin, then we discovered that it would be named the W880 and would take on a very metallic candybar form factor. Now, we’ve finally managed to scrounge up a spec sheet for the highly anticipated Sony […]

Spy pics: BlackBerry Pearl without SureType, with QWERTY

While the BlackBerry Pearl has got to be the most fashionable handset in RIM’s lineup, a big knock on it is that it has that fugly SureType keyboard that isn’t quite up to snuff with hardcore Crackberry users. Apparently, Research in Motion has heard your cries. Spotted among us is a new BlackBerry that comes […]

Sony Ericsson W200i prototype spotted in the wild

Concept pictures are one thing, but it’s another altogether when you find yourself an actual working prototype. That’s the case today with the forthcoming Sony Ericsson W200i candybar. As its model number would suggest, the W200i is quite the entry-level handset, though it does seem to boast the full Walkman MP3 playing package (version 1.0 […]

Zune to get synchronized lyrics and podcasting support?

Firmware upgrades can go a long way in adding extra functionality and features. Just take a look at the Sony PSP. Microsoft isn’t immune to the firmware bug either, and it seems that the Zune is capable of much more than what’s currently rocking. One of those techie types went in with a resource hacker […]

Trailer: Dual-hinged Sony Ericsson W44S with BRAVIA technology

As increasing numbers of people are enjoying multimedia content on their cell phones these days, Sony Ericsson is capitalizing on this growing market with a spiffy little number. The Sony Ericsson W44S is a dual-hinged wonder that is clearly designed with mobile video in mind, complete with 1Seg TV tuner. They just released the first […]

Sony Ericsson W200a caught naked at FCC

Everyone is keeping pretty tight-lipped about this apparently new budgetphone from Sony Ericsson, but we manage to snag a pic of the W200a in the nude. As the document is housed on the FCC website, we have reason to believe that it has already been approved (they seem to be discussing where to place the […]

Sony Ericsson W880 “Ai” spotted in the flesh

From what we can gather, the W880 is the follow-up the hugely popular W810i candybar and W850 slider phones, and it apparently adds 3G connectivity into the mix. Check out the pictures below: you’ll notice that the camera on the back has gotten considerably smaller since the W810 days, but there is a very videocall-tastic […]

Fully submersible watercraft mimics a dolphin (Videos)

Why go swimming with the dolphins, when you can ride in one? That’s the question that no one asked, but INNESPACE answered with their “fully submersible watercraft.” Shaped like everyone’s favorite aquatic mammal, this tiny submarine (seemingly with room for only one passenger) is naturally buoyant and takes advantage of the same mechanics that allow […]

Funky color effects with Sony Ericsson Z310

While everyone else is jumping on the “let’s make our phones as thin and monochrome as possible”, Sony is taking a different approach. For the Sony Ericsson Z310, they have not only implemented a spiffy mirror finish, not only a vibrant paint job, but also an external display that performs “eye-catching colored lighting effects that […]