Confirmed: Windows Mobile 6.1 Powers Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

We were already pretty certain that the Sony XPERIA X1 would get its operating system from Microsoft, but now we’ve received confirmation that the smartphone is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1. This is a small step forward for Sony Ericsson’s initial foray into the world of Windows Mobile and it’s a step in the right […]

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset For Trendy Types

Fashion is just as important as function to the people at Plantronics, as evidenced by their latest creation. The Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset is a designer piece that comes with all sorts of technological gizmos as well. For example, it comes with a unique VFrame design that is structured to “follow the contours of the […]

LG-SH240 Slider Cell Phone Mimics Human Skin

Are you lonesome tonight… Do you miss me tonight… LG has taken Korean weirdness to a whole new level with the creation of the LG-SH240 cell phone. The main selling point of this handset is that the keypad mimics the feel of real human skin. I understand that there is a certain appeal to ditching […]

Sony Ericsson T303 Fashion Phone Is Terribly Retro

Although Sony Ericsson is going around referring to the newly revealed T303 slider as a fashion phone, it doesn’t exactly bring anything new in the design department. Instead, because of its T-series branding, the T303 looks an entry-level phone that would have originally launched in 1999 or something. On the plus side, the Sony Ericsson […]

Crazy Cell Phone Graphics Coming From NVIDIA GeForce APX 2500 Chip

Let’s face it. As much fun as cell phone games can be, the graphical prowess of most mobile phones is pretty freaking anemic. You’re left with heavily pixelated and lowly-detailed images, forcing you to whip the DS Lite or PSP for yet another mobile gaming session. Nokia’s new N-Gage engine might be working to rectify […]

Hands-On: Sony Ericsson G700 Touchscreen Phone (Video)

We discovered this phone yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it seemed like such an intriguing idea. At first glance, the Sony Ericsson G700 looks just like any other candybar phone, but what makes it so special is that the display is actually a touchscreen, opening a whole new world of menu […]

Rugged Plantronics Explorer 370 BT Headset is Military Grade

Tough and tumble. Sometimes you find yourself in less than ideal conditions, trudging through the torrential rainfall, crawling through the muddy terrain. For times where you need a little extra protection, Plantronics offers the Explorer 370 Bluetooth headset, a device that adheres to military grade ruggedness standards. Following in the same line of thought as […]

Sony Ericsson G700, G900 Love To Get Touched

Should we be blaming Apple for this? Ever since the iPhone hit the market, it seems like every manufacturer has started scrambling to produce a touchscreen-equipped phone for the average consumer. Up until then, touchscreen smartphones — like the bevy of PocketPC devices from HTC — had been marketed at corporate and business types. That […]

Next-Gen PSP Concept Mimics iPhone, Hides Controls

The Sony PlayStation 3 is slowly gaining back some market share, thanks largely to an expanded library of games and a reduced price point. The portable variant, on the other hand, is starting to look a little stagnant in the marketplace, so we can all start to dream about what the next-generation of Sony-fueled mobile […]

Sony Ericsson C902 Likes Taking Pictures

True to the Cyber-shot branding on its backside, the newly announced Sony Ericsson C902 has a definite focus on digital photography, thanks largely to its 5 megapixel camera. And this isn’t just any regular five megapixel image capturer either. Revealed at Mobile World Congress (previously known as 3GSM), the Sony Ericsson C902 has a camera […]

High-Speed, Flipping Crazy with Sony Ericsson Z770

The Z-series from Sony Ericsson seems to be reserved for clamshells, and the Sony Ericsson Z770 is no exception. They’ve kept the profile incredibly slender and the brushed aluminum finish will certainly turn a few minimalistic heads. Perhaps the most notable feature on this classically-styled handset, however, is the high-speed Internet access via HSDPA. The […]

Reviewed: Sony Ericsson W890i is Perfect for Music Lovers

Sony Ericsson has phones to suit all sorts of preferences, but it’s obvious enough that the W890i Walkman phone was designed from the ground-up for people who are particular inclined toward music. That’s the final word coming out a recent review of the handset conducted by the folks at TestFreaks, computing an average score of […]

Pair of G-Series Sony Ericsson Phones Destined for 3GSM

Sony Ericsson has several lines of phones, each of which are targeting a particular segment of the market. They’ve got the Walkman line (W-series) that focuses on music, the Cyber-shot line (K-series) that likes to take pictures, and so forth. And now it seems like they’ve got another series on the way. Sony Ericsson is […]

Rogers Grabs Sony Ericsson K850i As Promised

Late last month, there was a leak from Sony Ericsson that pointed toward the launch of three new phones in Canada with the most likely recipients being either Fido or Rogers. At least one of those leaks has come to fruition, because Rogers Wireless has officially added the Sony Ericsson K850i candybar mobile phone to […]

Mark Chinese New Year with Red Sony Ericsson K530i

Maybe a red BlackBerry isn’t your kind of thing, but you do appreciate that devilish splash of paint. For the less smartphone-inclined, there is a red hot Sony Ericsson K530i, a candybar that has received a new paintjob just in time for Chinese New Year. Yeah, the red coat isn’t for Valentine’s (that’s what the […]

Three New Sony Ericsson Phones Heading to Rogers, Fido

Nothing has been confirmed by Rogers Wireless or Fido just yet, but a leak has come out of Sony Ericsson Canada indicating that at least three new handsets are on their way to the GSM providers. As expected, these phones either fall under the Walkman moniker or the Cyber-shot branding for music-listening and photo-taking, respectively. […]

Sony Ericsson Focuses on AM/FM Radio For Emerging Markets

When you visit emerging markets like India and China, you may find the same level of high-end cell phone proliferation as you find in more developed markets. They may or may not have the same access to online music services and over-the-air music downloads. But these folks still want to be entertained, right? Sony Ericsson […]

Sony Ericsson C1i Concept Phone Boasts Full Touchscreen

Everyone seems to love touchscreen displays these days, especially those with multi-touch capabilities. The functionality has long since been available on PDA-type devices, but it has only been recently that the touchscreen functionality migrated over to a more consumer-level device rather than just for business users. Sony Ericsson has yet to plunge into this emerging […]

KDDI Nabs Sony Ericsson W61S, W62S For Japanese Shutterbugs

While I was over in Tokyo late last year, I noticed that Japanese users typically don’t do much in terms of voice calls, relying instead on email, text messages, and other data-reliant services. Users in Japan probably use MMS extensively too, so the newly revealed Sony Ericsson W61S slider and W62S clamshell — both of […]

Sony Ericsson Approaches Emerging Markets with T270, T280

Around these parts, we tend to drool more over the hottest and most powerful handsets that the cell phone makers are pumping out. We want more on-board storage, more megapixels, and more functionality. A touchscreen or two can’t hurt either. This strategy is all well and good, but it’s not enough for a company to […]

Video: Liquid-Inspired Sony Ericsson Z660i Gets Commercialized

We’ve caught glimpse of this new flip phone from Sony Ericsson before, but now we’ve managed to find a leaked commercial for the Sony Ericsson Z660i. The ad, which is embedded below, shows some guy using the phone, receiving an email about an upcoming dinner reservation. It still doesn’t reveal much in terms of specs, […]

Sony Ericsson K850i Quicksilver Black Edition Is Not Green With Envy

The Sony Ericsson K850i cell phone is already a little quirky, because the traditional five-way navigator that you use to dabble through the menus wraps all the way around the 2 and 5 keys, rather than being placed above them. Current versions of the K850i are available with blue or green highlights, but if you’re […]

Secret Sony Ericsson CyberShot Camera Boasts Five Megapixels

It seems that Sony Ericsson will be revealing a new phone any day now, but we’ve managed to come across a couple of spy shots of this secret K-series CyberShot camera phone. The model number has yet to be confirmed, but we have reason to believe that it’ll either be a part of the K700 […]

Sony Ericsson W520i Concept Has Got The Touch

I’m going to try and avoid the inevitable comparison to a certain handset coming out of Cupertino, but you can probably see the parallels with this cool concept phone dreamed up by Muhammad-Oli of Esato. The Sony Ericsson W520i concept phone eschews a regular keypad in favor of a large touchscreen display, complemented by a […]

Maria Sharapova Dumps Motorola, Falls For Sony Ericsson

I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova has apparently jumped off the Motorola bandwagon so that she can serve as the global brand ambassador for Sony Ericsson. The exclusive sponsorship agreement means that the 20-year-old cannot get involved with another telecommunications company. At least that’s how I […]

Live Shots of Sony Ericsson W350 Walkman Phone

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane. Let’s go back to before there were cameras on our phones, before they even implemented color displays. You may recall a handset called the Motorola MicroTAC Elite, a flip phone that was about as fashionable as it got at the time. The form factor featured the display […]

Sony Ericsson unveils three new phones for the U.S. market

Sony Ericsson has been under-serving the U.S. market, but that looks like it might be about to end. The company has unveiled three new phones for the U.S. market at CES. The W760 is the first truly global Walkman phone, with quad-band EDGE and tri-band HSDPA. It features built-in navigation with Wayfinder Navigator and Google […]

Freedom Phone Brings It Back To Basics, Lacks Display

Mobile phones are getting more advanced by the day and manufacturers are trying to shove as much functionality as they can into the tiniest of packages. Lost in the mix are folks that just want a simple handset that does nothing more than make voice calls. There is push toward simplicity and it doesn’t get […]

Sony Ericsson Finally Addresses RAZR With Z660i

You know, it’s almost like Sony Ericsson was making a conscious effort to avoid the skinny phone segment for so long, despite the rising popularity in shrinking our mobile’s waistline. Maybe they didn’t want to come off as a Motorola copycat or something. Whatever the case, SE is slowly creeping into the thin market. They […]

Sony Ericsson P5i Spied in the Wild

A beta tester of the Sony Ericsson P5i has reportedly leaked out a picture of the hotly anticipated handset, giving us just a glimpse at the Symbian 9.1-powered slider. While most of this is still conjecture at this point, we managed to rummage up a few rumored specs and details to tickle your fancy. For […]

Sony Ericsson W580i Is Pretty in Pink, Metro Pink

And the onslaught of pink electronics continues. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, here is the Sony Ericsson W580i in Metro Pink. We already know that a handset like this will appeal to the ladies, but with the word “metro” in its name, you’ve got to wonder if Sony Ericsson is targeting folks […]

Full-Size USB Port on Sony Ericsson Concept Phone

While the rest of the technological world is aiming to shrink things down to microscopic proportions, there are still companies that aim more toward giving us actually useful functionality. This new Sony Ericsson concept phone ditches the miniUSB connectors that certain phones have and replaces it with a full-size USB port, effectively letting you connect […]

Official: Here Are the Sony Ericsson W380i, K660i, W890i

On Monday, we told you that Sony Ericsson was planning a trio of new cell phones. The handset-maker has followed through on those rumors, because here are the officially unveiled Sony Ericsson W380i and W890i Walkman phones, as well as the K660i Cyber-shot phone. The specs are pretty much on line with what we were […]

Coming Tomorrow: Sony Ericsson W890i, W380i, K660i

Sony Ericsson is preparing a minor onslaught of cell phones for us some time this week and tomorrow seems like the most likely candidate. We’re getting treated to the W890i and W380i Walkman phones as well as the K660i Cyber-shot phone. Shown here is the Sony Ericsson W890i, a candybar phone that was first leaked […]

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Sony Ericsson K770i Cyber-shot Camera Video Review

We ask a lot of our cell phones these days and Sony Ericsson is perfectly capable of tackling most of our multi-tasking needs. Sony Ericsson has the Cyber-shot line of mobile phones to satisfy the shutterbugs in the audience and one of the latest entries is the SE K770i candybar phone. Boasting a decent 1.9-inch […]

Isn’t This a Clie? Sony Ericsson PXi Touchscreen Phone

Prior to getting my T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard), I used my Sony Clie PDA quite extensively to keep track of contacts and appointments. It wasn’t the most powerful device in the world, but it got the job done. Designer Bence Bogar has seemingly taken the core design behind the Clie PDA and transformed it into […]

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Live Spy Pics: Nokia N82 Imaging Phone

I’m a pretty big fan of the N-series of cell phones from Nokia, so you can probably imagine my excitement to see the Nokia N82 live and in person. Well, not completely live, but these real world spy pics are the next best thing. As you can quite plainly see through the trio of photographs, […]

Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch Looks Conventional

Sometimes, you want to proclaim your geekdom with pride. Other times, you want to be a little more discrete and for times like those, there is the Sony Ericsson BMW-150 Bluetooth watch. On the surface, this wristwatch looks like any other you’d pick up from the local department store. It’s got a fairly nondescript black […]

Sony Ericsson W890i Spec’d, Pic’d, US-bound?

For people who enjoy music as much as they enjoy chatting on their cell phones, the Walkman line from Sony Ericsson is a solid choice. One of the latest additions to the series is the Sony Ericsson W890i Walkman phone and we’ve got the candybar’s official spec sheet. Looking quite similar to the W810i, the […]

FCC Smiles Kindly Upon Sony Ericsson K850i

The FCC has a lot of power. They tell us what gadgets we’re allowed to play with and which ones are banished from the land. Thankfully, the Sony Ericsson K850i recently crossed over to the land of the former rather than the latter. Receiving the all-important FCC stamp of approval, this compact candybar integrates its […]

Motorola Buys 50% of Sony Ericsson, Sort of

No, you won’t be seeing a Sony Ericsson RAZR or a Motorola Walkman any time soon, but the two companies are actually partnering up for a joint venture. UI Holdings BV is the parent company of UIQ Technology AB, the latter of which is wholly owned by Sony Ericsson. Well, Motorola wants a piece of […]

PC-like Web Surfing with Turbo 3G-Equipped Sony Ericsson K630i

Lugging around your laptop can be quite the chore and that’s why the Sony Ericsson K630i with Turbo 3G wants to deliver “a PC-like web surfing experience in a pocket-sized frame.” Barely tipping the scales at 97 grams, the K630i is the latest high-powered candybar to come out of the Sony Ericsson camp. You can […]

Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Roadmap for 2008

On the plus side, we’ve come across a poster that is said to depict a series of new Sony Ericsson cell phones scheduled for release some time in 2008. On the down side, whoever found this poster failed to come back with any sort of spec sheet. Based on their predecessors, however, it shouldn’t be […]

Getting Back in Black with the Sony Ericsson W880i

Didn’t you know that black is the new, er, black? While most people have seen the slim Sony Ericsson W880i in its silver and orange motif, this is the first time that the phone has been spotted in a pure black chassis. This should come as little surprise, given the popularity of black cell phones […]

Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Phone Drags Feet to AT&T

Although it does feel a little cheap in your hands, the Sony Ericsson W580i is probably one of the better values out there if you’re in the market for a music phone. The relatively slim slider phone has been available through Rogers Wireless in Canada for some time now, so it’s rather interesting that fate […]

BlackBerry 9000 Mimics iPhone, Lacks Buttons

What’s this, a BlackBerry that doesn’t even have a SureType keyboard? That appears to be the case, because here is a sneak peek at the BlackBerry 9xxx and there is nary a button in sight. Instead, the handheld seems to boast a full touchscreen display a la the Apple iPhone. I guess Research in Motion […]

HTC To Produce Windows Mobile Smartphones for Sony Ericsson

This has got to be the biggest news of the day because it really involves two stories all rolled up into one. Commercial Times of Taiwan is reporting that HTC has received ODM orders from Sony Ericsson to produce Windows Mobile-based smartphones. HTC is known to manufacture a variety of handsets under countless under other […]

Sony Ericsson Konan Phone Is Suprisingly Serene

You know, with a name like Konan, you would think that this concept phone would be big, muscular, and absolutely foreboding. In truth, it seems to boast the exact opposite qualities. The Sony Ericsson Konan concept phone is said to even carry a marketing tagline that reads: Beauty Renaissance 2.0. Because it’s so pretty, you […]

Beijing Olympics Phone Sprouts a Giant Head

There’s a lot of ways that you can go about promoting a world event like the 2008 Summer Olympics. Cect Mobile has decided that they’re going to rebrand a Nokia Series 40 phone to commemorate the games, but I feel the giant head popping out the top could be a little distracting. That and it’s […]