Dedicated Graphics Definitely Coming to Asus Eee PC

The Asus Eee PC netbook is largely marketed as a secondary computer for web surfing on the go, but people are really starting to demand a more powerful machine in the same small form factor. Addressing this growing demand, Asus has declared that it will definitely be bringing dedicated graphics to select Eee PC units. […]

Sony Ericsson Hikaru Set to Challenge Touchscreen Phone Market

Everyone seems to be in love with touchscreens these days. We’ve got devices like the HTC Touch Diamond, LG Vu, BlackBerry Storm, and the iPhone 3G. More recently, the Nokia Tube made its official debut, but what about Sony Ericsson? That’s a pretty big phone company too, right? Well, while there is yet to be […]

MacBook Air Update Includes Graphics Bump, More Storage

You may have heard about Apple’s little laptop event that is going on today and it should be filled with all sorts of notable announcements. One of the unveilings at today’s Apple event is the updated MacBook Air. As expected, the Cupertino crew did not recreate the MacBook Air altogether; instead, they just gave it […]

Sony Ericsson W760a Introduces 3G to Walkman Line for AT&T

Finding a cell phone equipped with 3G connectivity isn’t that out of the ordinary. Finding a Walkman phone that has 3G is a different matter altogether. Making its way to AT&T is the newly revealed Sony Ericsson W760a. This is the first 3G-capable Walkman phone to make its way into the United States, at least […]

Super Slick Tunes from Sony Ericsson W595 Music Phone

If there is one brand that immediately comes to mind when it comes to portable music enjoyment, it has to be iPod Walkman. The old school Walkman cassette players and the Discman CD players were all the rage back in the day, and Sony Ericsson is trying to continue that market dominance with the W585 […]

HP dv3500t Compact Notebook Offers Dedicated Graphics for Under a Grand

There seems to be a significant price difference between equivalently-equipped compact notebooks and their slightly larger brethren. Generally speaking, it can sometimes be tough to find a smaller laptop with dedicated graphics for under a grand, but that’s exactly the case with the new HP dv3500t. Featuring a 13.3-inch widescreen display, the HP dv3500t notebook […]

Upcoming MacBook to Get Graphics from NVIDIA

Steve Jobs and Apple are staying pretty mum on the matter, as usual, but we just caught word that the new Apple MacBooks will not get their graphics from Intel anymore, opting instead for a chipset from NVIDIA. Most people would probably agree that getting NVIDIA graphics is a significant improvement over Intel integrated graphics, […]

Next-Gen Sony Ericsson Xperia Smartphone Will Not Be Windows Mobile

Even though the first Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone is not officially available to the public just yet, it seems that Sony Ericsson already has its sights set on future Xperia handsets. More specifically, word on the street is that Sony Ericsson is considering other operating systems for the next generation of Xperia, casting Windows […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Launches on September 30

It’s official. After months of rumors and speculation, Sony Ericsson has officially announced that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone will be ready for mass consumption on September 30. The Windows Mobile-powered smartphone is actually built by HTC and comes equipped with a unique user interface that makes Windows Mobile a little more aesthetically attractive. […]

First Digital Picture Frame from Sony Ericsson

Much like the subnotebook market, it seems that everyone is offering something in the realm of digital picture frames these days and Sony Ericsson is no exception. Bringing those digital memories to your mantlepiece is the Sony Ericsson IDP-100, the first digital photo frame for the cellular phone company. Getting those priceless memories onto the […]

Announcing the Sony Ericsson G705 Kumiko Phone

For a while, HTC had a habit of naming its phones after mythological figures. Sony Ericsson has taken a different approach with the Sony Ericsson G705 Kumiko, naming it after a random Japanese girl. At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface. In any case, what you see here is the Sony Ericsson […]

Nano Tech
Schematics for New iPod nano, iPod touch Leaked for Your Scrutiny

As we look forward to the momentous Apple event next week, it seems that iLounge has found a set of leaked schematics for the next-generation iPod nano and the somewhat updated iPod touch. There’s no saying how legitimate these schematics are, but they could offer a glimpse into what Cupertino will have in store for […]

Possible Delay on Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, Pushed to January?

According to a recent shot of the Sony Ericsson road map, the highly anticipated Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 smartphone may not be ready for consumer consumption until early next year. This is very unfortunate, given the public’s rising interest in smartphones like the HTC Touch Pro, Palm Treo Pro, and BlackBerry Bold. A product rep […]

Sony Ericsson TM506 from T-Mobile is Ten Times Faster than iPhone 3G

There is no need to question the robustness of T-Mobile’s 3G network, if recent speed tests using the Sony Ericsson TM506 are to be believed. When Gizmodo’s John Mahoney took the thin clamshell, T-Mobile’s first 3G handset, out for a test drive, he discovered that it was “lightning fast”. While the iPhone 3G, operating on […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Coming October 30th

Aside from the Android-powered HTC Dream that I wrote about a few minutes ago, the only highly anticipated HTC device coming out this year has to be the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. In fact, the Xperia X1 looks even more impressive than the HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro. Chalk another one up in the […]

Rogers Prepaid Adds Samsung J706 and Sony Ericsson W200a

Just because you want to be on a “Pay as you Go” plan with your Rogers phone doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with a crappy handset. To help usher in the back to school season, Rogers has added a couple of youthful handsets to the prepaid collection. Presented in a “magazine style […]

Remi Revealed as the Sony Ericsson T700

Not to be confused with a couple of digital cameras also announced earlier today, the Sony Ericsson T700 cell phone is the same handset that you may be seen previously as the Sony Eicsson Remi. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking mobile phone, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a solid option for […]

Absolutely No Privacy in Beijing Taxis During Olympics

The Chinese government promised that international press would be able to cover the 2008 Olympic Games however they like, but that doesn’t mean that the higher-ups aren’t keeping a close eye on every outside visitor. They’re also keeping close tabs on their own people as well. As it turns out, each and every taxi cab […]

Sneak Peek at Sony Ericsson G705 Slider Phone

Although the language pack currently being displayed on the leaked unit is clearly not English, these pictures do provide an excellent look at a yet unannounced phone by Sony Ericsson. A slick sliding phone with likely multimedia-minded features, the Sony Ericsson G705 seems to boast an interesting two tone design. The top half is a […]

Three New Walkman Phones Announced by Sony Ericsson

It’s a little hard to believe, but the Walkman line of mobile phones from Sony Ericsson has been around for three whole years already. To celebrate this triumphant milestone, Sony Ericsson has officially announced no fewer than three new Walkman phones. Starting from the left, we have the Sony Ericsson W302. The musical candybar comes […]

Sony Ericsson W902 Walkman Phone Officially Unveiled

Let the music enjoyment continue! Sony Ericsson is continuing its long line of Walkman success with the introduction of the Sony Ericsson W902. This higher-end candybar, although just announced, has already been reviewed by According to the Google translation (the original text is in Russian), the Sony Ericsson W902 has 152MB of internal memory, […]

Live Look at Sony Ericsson W302 “Feng”

Cell phone companies are typically pretty creative when it comes to the codenames for their upcoming handsets. HTC is known for calling its phones everything from Hermes to Wizard. RIM is working on the BlackBerry Thunder and Javelin. Sony Ericsson was supposed to bring us Paris, but now it has apparently turned its musical attention […]

Sony Ericsson W595 Linda Follows in Footsteps of W580

Sliding its way into the realm of spyshot superstars is the Sony Ericsson W595 Linda. Sony Ericsson has already proven that it has a long pedigree of fantastic music phones and the Linda appears to be no exception. The W595 looks to be the spiritual, if not official successor the W580, a phone that is […]

Fido Launches Sony Ericsson W380a Flip Phone

Maybe you’re not at all interested in paying an arm and a leg for an iPhone 3G. Maybe you don’t like touchscreens. Maybe you just like flip phones better. Whatever the case, Fido has alternative for any music phone fans out there. The Sony Ericsson W380a was just added to the Fido lineup and the […]

Sony Ericsson Paris Gets Canned For Good

You know, I had high hopes for the Sony Eicsson Paris. By the look of things, the sliding smartphone had a lot of promise. You got a SureType keyboard for texting and email, but you also got the compact footprint of a slider. The design looked pretty sleek and it could have been a good […]

Sony PSP Phone Coming Next Year, Sans Ericsson Branding

We’ve been sitting around waiting for a proper gaming phone from Sony Ericsson for quite some time now, especially since they have already concocted a wide variety of handsets that cater to music lovers, shutterbugs, and business users. As it turns out, Sony is reportedly working on a PSP phone and it should be ready […]

Sony Ericsson Returns to T-Mobile with AWS-Equipped TM506

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen a new Sony Ericsson phone join the ranks of T-Mobile USA, so it’s nice to see that their triumphant return to T-Mo is being accompanied by some high-speed greatness. The Sony Ericsson TM506 is a brightly-colored clamshell that happens to get support for T-Mobile’s AWS (1700MHz) […]

Phones Reviews
In-Depth Review of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Smartphone

The Sony XPERIA X1 may be one of the most hotly anticipated Windows Mobile smartphones of the year and the lucky dug at The Boy Genius managed to snag himself a review unit. Having put the slick touchscreen device through its paces for a few days, his overall impression of the XPERIA X1 is quite […]

Sony Ericsson C905 is Basically a Real Digital Camera

The lines between what is a camera and what is a phone are really starting to get blurred. Pushing the envelope that much further is the Sony Ericsson C905, the first 8.1 megapixel camera phone from the popular handset-maker. It’s not like the resolution of your snapshots will be the only thing that will astound […]

Take Pics Affordably with Sony Ericsson S302 Snapshot

Although the handset is said to boast a premium look, the idea behind the Sony Ericsson S302 is that it can take reasonable camera phone pictures at an affordable price. The S302 ushers in a new line of Cyber-shot phones from Sony Ericsson called the Snapshot series. You can expect cheaper and better camera phones […]

USB Dongle From Sony Ericsson Does HSPA, Card Reading, GPS Receiving

Talk about some crazy convergence. Why would you bother with three separate devices hogging up three separate USB ports on your computer when this latest Sony Ericsson offering handles all three of the features mentioned in the title of this post? The primary functionality on the Sony Ericsson MD400 and MD400g is that they act […]

Sony Ericsson F305, now Motion Gaming-enabled

Following the popularity of the Nintendo Wii, many companies are including motion sensing in their devices. These devices range from game controllers and laptops, and now to mobile phones. Sony Ericsson’s F305 is the first phone branded with ‘motion gaming’ abilities but that doesn’t warrant you the right to flail your arms around in public […]

Eight Megapixels of Camera Phone Goodness in Sony Ericsson C905

As much as camera phones have improved over the years, they’re still not quite up to snuff with their standalone digital camera counterparts. The Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot camera phone, however, is getting us that much closer to photographic greatness. Boasting an integrated camera with an impressive 8.1 megapixel image sensor, this Cyber-shot phone looks […]

Sony Ericsson Alicia Walkman Phone is the Key

One of the best R&B singers on the face of the planet today is Alicia Keys, but the songstress has absolutely nothing to do with the latest rumored handset coming out of the Sony Ericsson camp. What we see here is an unofficial look at the yet unannounced Sony Ericsson Alicia cell phone. Clearly boasting […]

New Phones from Sony Ericsson Coming June 17

A press event has been scheduled by the good folks at Sony Ericsson on June 17 in Amsterdam and the web is slowly getting a little abuzz over what announcement could be coming from the well-respected phone maker. It is also during this time, from June 17 to 20, that Communicasia is being held in […]

One Minute Alone with the Sony Ericsson Paris (Video)

We’ve seen our fair share of Sony Ericsson Paris spy shots, so it’s about time that we get to see this sliding smartphone in action. Video is just oh so much better than blurry stills, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not exactly an honest hands-on session, because the video embedded below is a leaked promotional spot […]

Sony Ericsson Preparing Convergence in Reverse

Here’s an interesting twist of fate for you. We’ve been bombarded with all sorts of camera phones, but what if I told you that Sony Ericsson was looking to create a phone camera? Some people may think that it’s the same thing, but you’ve got to realize the kind of philosophy or strategy that goes […]

Sony Ericsson Paris Lights My World

It hasn’t officially been announced yet and while it’s not attracting the same level of fervor as the 3G iPhone, there’s no denying that this upcoming handset is catching our attention every time it makes an appearance. What we have here is yet another look at the upcoming Sony Ericsson Paris slider phone, this time […]

Dell Next-Gen Notebooks Getting HSPA Courtesy of Ericsson

It’s nice to stay connected to the web anywhere you go, especially if you don’t have to deal with any messy PC cards or USB dongles. To keep things tidy and speedy, Dell will begin to offer laptop computers with built-in HSPA mobile broadband modules starting in Q2 2008. This high-speed connectivity will come courtesy […]

Minimum Sound Levels To Be Mandated For Hybrids and Electrics

It might sound a little strange to put legislation in place for minimum sound levels, but based on the events that took place over the weekend, we’re starting to be believers. You may have heard earlier this year about how the U.S. House of Representatives is consider a minimum sound level for hybrid and electric […]

Yet Another Look at the Sony Ericsson Paris

The guys at Sony Ericsson have yet to formally acknowledge the existence of the Sony Ericsson Paris, but that hasn’t stopped the never-ending deluge of spy pics and leaked information. Details are still pretty scarce at this point, but a good number of pictures have found their way onto the Internet. In the image shown […]

FCC Approves Sony Ericsson R300 Mobile Phone

The almighty FCC is back to their approving and disapproving ways again, this time giving the go-ahead to a music-minded candybar from the good folks at Sony Ericsson. The Sony Ericsson R300 mobile phone seems to have a musical focus with its TrackID functionality, a free music recognition service that allows you to search for […]

Sony Ericsson Z750i Flips Out at Fido

Canadians on the lookout for another clamshell can now turn their attention to the dog, because Fido has announced the availability of the Sony Ericsson Z750i. Adding to Fido’s 3G collection, the Sony Ericsson Z750i boasts HSDPA connectivity for all your high-speed data needs. It’s no smartphone, but that also means that you can take […]

AT&T Green with Envy Over Sony Ericsson W580i

It’s far from being the most exciting phone in their lineup, but the Sony Ericsson W580i presents one of the best values to AT&T customers. And now you can express yourself with it a little more. It may be a little late to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but that hasn’t stopped AT&T from unveiling a […]

Surf the Web with HSDPA-Enabled Sony Ericsson G502

Somehow I find this a little hard to believe, but they’re saying that the Sony Ericsson G502 is the first model in the company’s lineup to boast high-speed HSDPA connectivity. I guess it’s better to be a little late to the party than to never come at all. In addition to UMTS/HSDPA 2100, this candybar […]

FCC Gives Thumbs Up to Sony Ericsson G700

The FCC has a lot of power. They determine what goodies are a-okay for the American market and which are probably not so nice. Thankfully for any Sony Ericsson fans in the audience, the FCC has given the go-ahead to the Sony Ericsson G700. That stamp of approval must feel pretty nice. As you may […]

Closer Look at Sony Ericsson Z780 Clamshell

The feature set on the upcoming Sony Ericsson Z780 isn’t going to floor anyone, but this low- to mid-range handset will certainly be attractive to people who want a good looking phone at a reasonable price. What we see here is a reasonably good picture of the Z780, which will serve as the appropriate successor […]

Save Pics from Safari with New iPhone Firmware

Surfing the Internet on your Jesus phone is a reasonably enjoyable experience, but there are just certain features that have been missing from Apple’s take on the mobile web. The most recent version of the iPhone firmware — 1.2.0 beta — comes with the ability to save pictures directly from Safari and into the Photo […]

Is That SureType on the Sony Ericsson P5 Slider?

We caught a sneak peek at the Sony Ericsson P5 late last week, and now we’ve received another teaser picture. In the latest leaked photo, we get to take a closer look at the keypad that is hidden within the Sony Ericsson P5 “Paris” slider phone and it doesn’t look like a standard 12-key numeric. […]

Sneak Peek at Sony Ericsson Paris P5 Slider Phone

Not only has a picture of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Paris P5 cell phone been leaked onto the Internet, a series of specs has been revealed as well. As you can tell from the provided picture, the Paris P5 is going to be a sliding smartphone, powered by UIQ 3.3. From this angle, it appears […]