Google Ups Security with Bouncer for Android Market

That’s why Google has come forward to announce a new service called “Bouncer.” Yeah, Android Market is the hippest night club in town and it’s not going to put up with belligerant drunks and would-be thieves. Get out, buddy. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Google unleashes next-gen Android Market

Up until now, the only real way you could access Android Market was through your smartphone, but that’s changing. Google has just revamped its Android Market website and it pretty much lets you do everything you’d do on your phone, only through your PC instead.

Google hides laptop giveaway in marketing video

While watching the video for the new Cr-48; “How to remain calm despite what’s about to happen to your Chrome notebook,” Zimmer says he noticed a long mathematical equation on a chalkboard at the 2:23 mark in the video.

Google’s Android Market about to get an extreme makeover

I don’t think that Google has to do very much to spark some new interest in the Android Market, because the app developers are already recognizing the huge potential that it offers since it opened up to global markets, but that’s not stopping the search engine giant from giving the app marketplace a small overhaul. Even Google needs a new wardrobe from time to time.

Google’s Android Marketplace to unleash a wrath on Apple’s iPhone

A leaked legal document distributed by the digital freedom crusaders EFF, discovered the legal red tape Apple binds its iPhone developers by. Truly draconian in nature the contractual documentation that Apple uses with developers for its systems allows it to reject any application developed even if the application meets the iPhone’s requirements.

Absolutely no reverse engineering for the iPhone’s operating system, nor any reverse engineering for the iPhone software development kit is permitted.

Google Dev Phone 1 Banned from Android Market Paid Apps

In one of the stranger twists of irony in recent memory, it seems Google has decided that owners of the Android-powered Google Dev Phone 1 will not be able to purchase paid applications from Android Market. Yes, the exact same applications that they are developing and selling through said market. As you may have heard, […]

A Live-ish Look at the Google Android Market

With the App Store for the iPhone, Apple has to approve the application before it becomes live to the public. With the Google Android Market, however, it’s an absolute free-for-all, simultaneously providing both its greatest strength and greatest weakness. As expected, Google showed off the Android Market alongside the new T-Mobile G1 today and we […]

Google Adsense Goes Mobile, Can Affiliate Marketing Be Far Behind?

Google Adsense is on the biggest earners on my personal blog, despite me dabbling in other advertising networks and avenues. It seems that everyone who wants to make money blogging will do it, at least initially, with Adsense. And now the popular ad network is going mobile. Yesterday, Google announced the availability of Adsense for […]

Yahoo Go for Mobile beats Google to market

Think back, oh about 6 or 7 years ago. Yahoo! was king of the hill when it came to your web surfing needs. They had the email service, quick news headlines, and an industry leading search engine. Then along came a little giant in the making known as Google. While Yahoo may have lost significant […]

Google Logo
Google Messaging Application Allo Launched: Find Out How It Works

Google just launched its newest messaging application, “Allo” and everyone’s excited about it! Touted as a “smart messaging app”, this application has its very own Google Assistant, which is a virtual assistant powered by AI that helps answers questions of users and even suggests restaurants close at hand. One great feature of this App is […]

Google Gets a New Logo and the World is in Love with it

Like many companies, Google too has made many modifications with time in its logo so as to keep it abreast with time. While some have simply been slight alterations, others ended up being a drastic change over the others. The search giant last changed its logo in 2013 when it made very slight colour and […]

Amazon Takes Google, Dropbox Head-On, Releases its Own Mobile Cloud App

Amazon has revealed its dedicated mobile app which will allows its users to access their documents and files that will be saved on its Cloud Drive. This move from Amazon is regarded as a sensible one since the mobile cloud storage market has now increasingly become hot and is currently being ruled by big players […]

Binary Format WebAssembly Binds Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others Together

Lately, Google along with Microsoft, Mozilla, and other influential firms has announced to work together for launching the new binary format, WebAssembly. The idea of introducing this latest binary format is to revolutionize the concept of compiling web applications for the web. JavaScript has been the programming language that the web has adored for long! […]

Google’s First Apple Watch App is a Huge Disappointment

Joining the league of 3,500 apps (that would be available soon after the launch of Apple Watch), Google has declared the onset of its maiden smartwatch application “Google News & Weather” in Apple’s latest platform. The App will be joining the league of some infamous brands like Instagram, Twitter, Evernote, etc. Google’s new app will be […]

Google’s Nexus 5 2015 (2nd Gen) Rumors, Features & Specs.

  The rumors that you might have heard about the latest flagship of Nexus is true to a larger extend!  Though unofficially, yet the estimations are out, and they are ready to express much about the prospective plans of Nexus in lieu with the second generation or Nexus 5 2015 devices. Huawei, a China based […]

google babble
Google Plans to Combine All of Its Chat Services into Google Babble

Many aren’t too keen on the purported name for Google’s rumored integrated chat system, but there is no denying that Google Babble is simply a great idea. If you use Google’s various chat services — which include Hangouts, Messenger, Google Voice or Google Drive’s chat function — you might find incompatibility between the services quite annoying. Luckily […]

Google Plus Second Most Popular Social Network

The social networking world has changed quite a bit since it first emerged. MySpace has come and went, and returned again. Facebook has grown to be the most powerful offering on the market, and now it seems that Google’s relative newcomer Google+ is now in second place for control over the social market.

LG Blames Google for Nexus 4 Shortages

LG is pointing the finger at Google yet again for shortcomings in the UK Nexus 4 Supply, and really in the supply across the entire Globe. Google’s reply is it had no idea the demand would be so high.

LG Overtakes Apple in U.S. Handset Market Sales

When it comes to United States smartphone sales, Apple is clearly king controlling a record 53 % of US smartphone market. Looking at the bigger picture of all handset sales (feature and smartphone combined), Apple has solidly kept in second place ever since the release of the iPhone 4S– until now. A new report suggests that LG has taken the 2nd place spot, knocking Apple to third overall.

Google Pulls Plug on Nexus Q

The end has come for the Nexus Q as Google has pulled the plug.  Today, the Nexus Q’s status in the Google play store has been changed from “not for sale at this time” to “no longer available for sale.”  This is the final nail in the coffin for the device.

Hisense XT780-580-75
Hisense Unveils New Google Integrated TV at CES

Hisense has unveiled a new Google TV this year at CES, the XT780. While Hisense may not be a make you are familiar with, they are quickly trying to change that. Hisense first got into the Google TV market back in 2012 at IFA in Berlin. They unveiled the Pulse set top box, add-on hardware similar to the Roku series.