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Google Wallet Available On More Smartphones (Video)


Google Wallet is now available on more smartphones including the HTC One and Galaxy S4 on Sprint. Google has also announced that they are integrating Google Wallet with Gmail.

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Google Announces Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” at Google I/O


This year's Google I/O keynote didn't see hardly any hardware announcements, but it does mark the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Google Edition”.

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Google I/O Conference: Music Streaming Service, Google Glass, and More


The 2013 Google I/O conference begins in a few hours and we are taking a look at what all things are expected to be shown off at the event.

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A Look At Possible Future Uses for Google Glass (Video)


An interesting new video takes a look at some of the potential future uses for Google Glass. What do you hope to see Glass do in the not-too-distant future?

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Using Google Now On The Galaxy S4 (Video)


Here are the ways with which you can access Google Now on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Not Surprisingly, Caesars Palace Won’t Allow Google Glass To Be Used While Gambling


Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has officially confirmed that Google Glass will not be permitted, at least for those that are gambling.

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Twitter App For Google Glass


A Twitter app for Google Glass could be in the works, as indicated by a recently twitted image.

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Google Now For iOS (Video)


Google Now is now available for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.

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Swype Now Available In The Google Play Store


Swype is finally losing its Beta tag and is currently available in the Google Play store as a 30 day free trial version and a 99c version.

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Google Glass Battery Life Might Not Be So Great After All


Google Glass is now arrived in the hands of developers and early adopters, with a wider commercial release expected in about a year.

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Google X Phone Allegedly Turns Up In Benchmark


For months now the net has been ablaze with rumors about the so-called Motorola X Phone. Now a new AnTuTu benchmark screenshot has surfaced for the handset.

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Google Glass to Be Consumer Ready Within A Year, Says Eric Schmidt

Google Glass

When does Google see the product becoming a true consumer item? According to Eric Schmidt, about a year from now.

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Google 32GB Nexus 4 With LTE Might Arrive In May


Google might introduce the Nexus 4 with more storage and upgraded network capabilities at Google I/O in May.

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Google Very Strict About The Use Of Google Glasses


Google’s terms of service regarding the use of the Google Glasses suggest that the developers won’t be allowed to resell or loan the device without the company’s permission.

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Google Android Was Really Meant for Smart Cameras from the Beginning


In an economic forum in Tokyo, Android-co-founder Andy Rubin said, "The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones."

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