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Google Messaging Application Allo Launched: Find Out How It Works

Google just launched its newest messaging application, “Allo” and everyone’s excited about it! Touted as a “smart messaging app”, this application has its very own Google Assistant, which is a virtual assistant powered by AI that helps answers questions of users and even suggests restaurants close at hand. One great feature of this App is […]

Google Accused of Manipulating Search Advertising in India

We all know the role Google plays when it comes to internet advertising. Almost all businesses around the world depend upon the might of the search engine giant to get their ranking and thus more business through their paid advertising platforms. However, Google’s advertising methodologies have been a target of various accusations too over the […]

Google Gets a New Logo and the World is in Love with it

Like many companies, Google too has made many modifications with time in its logo so as to keep it abreast with time. While some have simply been slight alterations, others ended up being a drastic change over the others. The search giant last changed its logo in 2013 when it made very slight colour and […]

Now Google to Block Adobe Flash’s ads on its Chrome Browser

Earlier we reported that Amazon is planning to kill Adobe’s Flash advertisements in September because they were causing unnecessary harm to the browsing experience. Before that, Apple, Mozilla and Facebook decided to steer away from Flash and now it looks like it is losing out another companion – Google. The search giant has finally broken […]

Google’s Big Plans to Help You Stream Faster & Sharper Videos

YouTube has evolved by huge amounts since it started. Google saw a huge potential in it and then ended up making the right decision of buying it. Today, there are millions of people who have their own channel on YouTube. It’s an encyclopaedia of videos. If you can’t find it on YouTube, you won’t find […]

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16 year-old Designs a Search Engine that’s 47% More Accurate than Google

When Google started as a search engine company, there wasn’t much competition around them except Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN. However, Google emerged to be the best amongst all because of their accurate algorithms. Today, Google isn’t just a search engine. It impacts our lives directly or indirectly and is present everywhere around us. However, 16 […]

Google Announces Q2 Earnings. Profits Up, Thanks to Mobile and YouTube

Although Google has enjoyed consistent financial growth for a while now, but it too saw a downfall during the last two quarters as they didn’t live up to the expectations of the Wall Street. . However, in the recent Q2’s earning announcement, Google reported that it has made a remarkable stride towards rectifying their reputation. […]

Google Now Makes a Smart Wi-Fi Router Named OnHub

Google has tried its hands in making various household products in the past years. While some turned out to be super successful, others just ended up being in the trash. Amongst those items were thermostats, speakers, smoke detectors and even TVs and now the tech giant seems fully determined in making yet another product – […]

Facebook, Not Google, is the Best Traffic Source for News

Those who are associated with news related websites or publishers will definitely acknowledge the importance of social referrals, the links that people share on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Undoubtedly, they have become extremely important when it’s about reliable sources for incoming traffic and this can now be proved from the fact that […]

Google’s Next Android Update Will be Called Marshmallow

Google has been teasing the launch of Android M for quite some time. We all know that Google names its Android version based on eatables and thus the world went crazy guessing what could M stand for. However, the company has now made it clear that Android’s upcoming update will be called Marshmallow. The software, […]

Google’s Modular Ara Phone Delayed Until Next Year

Remember the time when you could assemble your PC on your own. Bundle a hard disk of your choice with a different RAM and tweak its processor and make it fit according to your needs. Well, something similar might just arrive for smartphones too. We all know Google shared its plans regarding their project called […]

Everything You Need to Know About the BIG Changes Happening in Google

The last few years have had a strong impact on the way we lead our lives today. Information from all around the world became easily accessible, smartphones became smarter with brand new user-intuitive features and data around us became a lot more organised. One company that played a big role in making all that happen […]

Google Reportedly Tried to Buy Impossible Foods

We all know that Google buys a lot of start-ups and companies, especially those that feature the society and people related services. Lately they’ve even explored those grounds that have almost nothing to do with internet searches, however sources claim that this time the company went in a completely different direction which was – the […]

Google Clarifies on What They Intend to Do With Google+ Photos

Anil Sabharwal, head of Google Photos, made an announcement recently that Google+ Photos will now change to Google Photos. However, it looks like this hasn’t gone down well with some Google+ users as the company has since then received a humungous amount of backlash from their angry users. This led Anil Sabharwal to release yet […]

Google Announces Q2 Earnings. Profits Up, Thanks to Mobile and YouTube

Although Google has enjoyed consistent financial growth for a while now, but it too saw a downfall during the last two quarters as they didn’t live up to the expectations of the Wall Street. However, in the recent Q2’s earning announcement, Google reported that it has made a remarkable stride towards rectifying their reputation. In […]

Google Might Help You Find a Plumber or a Painter Soon

It looks like Google is all set to enter the growing home services realm since the search giant recently recruited around 20 employees of Homejoy, a start-up, which helped home owners and apartment-dwellers to find cleaners, plumbers and many more. Google confirmed this news just hours after officials of Homejoy announced that they were going […]

Google Makes Use of AI to Help You Get Rid Your Gmail Inbox of More Spam

Spam can definitely be annoying and in some situations can prove to be disastrous too. Google, however, has now unveiled an artificial and neural network which could stop more of these ‘good-for-nothing’ mails from showing up in your Gmail inbox. Google hinted earlier that they were up to something similar and now they have finally […]

Amazon Takes Google, Dropbox Head-On, Releases its Own Mobile Cloud App

Amazon has revealed its dedicated mobile app which will allows its users to access their documents and files that will be saved on its Cloud Drive. This move from Amazon is regarded as a sensible one since the mobile cloud storage market has now increasingly become hot and is currently being ruled by big players […]

Binary Format WebAssembly Binds Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others Together

Lately, Google along with Microsoft, Mozilla, and other influential firms has announced to work together for launching the new binary format, WebAssembly. The idea of introducing this latest binary format is to revolutionize the concept of compiling web applications for the web. JavaScript has been the programming language that the web has adored for long! […]

Google I/O 2015- Day 1 and Announcements!

The keynote day for Google I/O conference 2015 was geared with the excitement of much-awaited announcements- the world was waiting, and Google was ready to share the idea of innovation with everyone around. The entire day was absolutely dedicated to Google’s upcoming trends, projects, ideas and constructive strategies- you might have missed most of it […]

The Google Twitter Deal is Now Live. Tweets To Show Up in Search Results.

People follow what Google declares to be ‘TRENDING’! What if you find a tweet trending on Google’s fresh carousel format? What amount of traffic will Twitter earn from this latest development? Well, the news is good for Twitter (and for Google) as the later has finally implemented the deal signed with the micro blogging site- […]

Google’s First Apple Watch App is a Huge Disappointment

Joining the league of 3,500 apps (that would be available soon after the launch of Apple Watch), Google has declared the onset of its maiden smartwatch application “Google News & Weather” in Apple’s latest platform. The App will be joining the league of some infamous brands like Instagram, Twitter, Evernote, etc. Google’s new app will be […]

Google’s Nexus 5 2015 (2nd Gen) Rumors, Features & Specs.

  The rumors that you might have heard about the latest flagship of Nexus is true to a larger extend!  Though unofficially, yet the estimations are out, and they are ready to express much about the prospective plans of Nexus in lieu with the second generation or Nexus 5 2015 devices. Huawei, a China based […]

Google Acquires Mobile App Timeful To Improve Time Management.

Google has acquired Timeful, a promising young time management startup that is designed to make your calendar scheduling easier by helping you focus on your big goals. It was just last year in July, when this iOS app was launched and in just a short time has caught Google’s eyes to be acquired to better […]