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Rumor: RIM PlayBook to be delayed over battery concern

The BlackBerry PlayBook is late to the tablet party, having been beaten to the punch by Apple's iPad and then subsequently missing the holiday shopping season. That may or may not be an issue for the "corporate tablet" deceivingly named with a fun word; but it looks like RIM is enroute to missing another opportunity. And the PlayBook has apparently been hit with another delay.

More Apple iPad 2 design rumors rise to the surface

Rise, Lord Vader. Rise! As always, we should take these rumors with a serious grain of salt, but a whole slew of rumored features have now been leaked out on the Internet pertaining to the upcoming iPad 2 from Steve Jobs and crew at Apple.

BlackBerry PlayBook rumored to start at just $399 sans contract?

Chalk this one up in the rumor mill for now, but it sounds like RIM is going to sell three different versions of its QNX-powered PlayBook and the starting price is just $399. There's no mention of a contract in the rumor, so this could very well be the unsubsidized price.

iPad 2 in April 2011?

iPad 2 is rumored to be launched in the first quarter of 2011 itself. However, speculations are already running high regarding the impact iPad 2 may have on the market for iPad related products.

Fivepoint conductive fingertip gloves for cold winter touchscreen tapping

If you’re not one to be caught perverting your capacitive touchscreen device with a sausage, perhaps these magic finger gloves would be more "proper."

Balsillie guarantees PlayBook to be under $500

Some people might say that Research in Motion is a little late to the tablet party if it can't release the PlayBook in time for the holidays. I don't think that's true. If it's a compelling product and it's marketed correctly, it could be a hit. It helps if the price is right too.

Windows Phone 7 incentives give some a free Xbox and others a Zune Pass

That's what you call synergy. Or leveraging your other brands. Or going all out with your marketing. Whatever you want to call it, it seems that Microsoft is taking this whole Windows Phone 7 business pretty seriously and it's not afraid to give out some free stuff to attract your interest.

Rogers customers to get Dell Streak November

Rogers is taking shape to be a leader of Android handset offerings. We know the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate should be launching shortly, and now we know it's getting hitched up next to the Dell Streak. Rogers could be called the AT&T of Canada.

Android to get Qik video calls like FaceTime

Unlike FaceTime, which only (officially) works over a Wi-Fi connection, Qik says that you'll be able to use its video call service over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The interface will be similar to FaceTime with a full screen of the person you're talking to, shoving you into a smaller window in the corner.

Dedicated e-book readers dead? Some say not yet

When the Amazon Kindle first hit the market, we were all amazed by its e-ink display and its ability to seamlessly integrate through WhisperNet to Amazon's online store. And then, the iPad came along and reminded us that we most prefer multifunction devices. Does that mean the standalone e-reader is dead? No, not necessarily.

Disney will Make More Star Wars Stories for another Decade and More

At the recent SCALE: The Future of Tech and Entertainment Conference last March 23 in Santa Monica, California, Disney CEO Bob Iger talked about...

In the World of Streamed Music, Voltra Hopes to Bring Back Genuine Music Ownership

Voltra is a digital music player and shop for people who want to truly own their own music. They are dedicated to making products...

Pebby is the BEST Smart Toy for Your Dogs

If we have Kuri, the adorable smart home robot then our pets also has Pebby. Pebby is a smart collar and ball system that...

Samsung is Unstoppable in Making the First Foldable Phone is History

Do you want phones with a really big screen but are pocket sized? According to Korea Herald, Samsung is working on a phone with...

NASA and European Astronomers Discover 7 Earth-like Planets that May Have Alien Life

According to NASA and European astronomers, they have discovered not one, not two, but seven earth-like planets orbiting a dwarf star that could potentially...

Samsung Triumphs Over Apple in Supreme Court Appeal

On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a lower court’s judgment in a unanimous decision that involved a supposedly $399 million lower court...

These Exciting New Tech Products Might be Greeting You in 2017

This year will soon be over in a matter of weeks so anything that technology churned out are by now available in time as...

Elon Musk Discloses How His Rocket SpaceX Can Bring People to Mars

Tech billionaire and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is hatching an ambitious plan to eventually colonize Mars, possibly with thousands of people almost en masse,...
Improving Your Gaming Experience

Play on the Small Screen: Improving Your Gaming Experience on a Smartphone

Game makers are clawing for a share of the smartphone market because it offers companies a bevy potential revenue streams. Is it possible to...
android apps

7 Android apps you will never uninstall from your phone

There are so many android apps releasing everyday on the Play Store, yet not adding to the usability of its customers. However, very few...

Moto X Pure Edition Review – Raising the Bar Like Never Before

When Motorola ffirst released the Moto X it took the world by surprise. The phone was a flagship in its unique way. It offered...

Xiaomi is Eager to Launch a Laptop Next Year

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. is having a ride of their life, thanks to the growing popularity of their smartphones amongst buyers all over...

Review of Google’s OnHub Router – An Eye-Catchy Router with Lots of Potential

Unless and until you are a tech enthusiast who takes his devices and pieces of hardware pretty seriously and is obsessed with figures, chances...

Review of ZTE Axon – A Power-Packed Budget Phone

Recently, a new company called ‘Axon’ about which no one had heard before promised to launch a shiny and impressive $450 smartphone. The company...

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the...

Initial Impressions of the UBIK UNO: An Affordable Flagship Phone

Every year scores of new phones are launched. While some turn out to be flagship phones of big manufacturers, others simply belong to the...

LG G4 Beat- Review, Spec, Highlights, Video!

In the diverse market of global smartphones, LG has presented the latest version of G4 device flagship for a special segment of users! Following...

Google I/O 2015- Day 1 and Announcements!Google I/O 2015- Day 1 and Announcements!

Gear up for a fine dose of excitement and surprises in the biggest software party- Google I/O begins Thursday, and as expected, the tale...

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Systems to Start Pre-Orders in Early 2016

The world would certainly be a happier place for developers and gamers after the news of 'Oculus Rift' and it pre-orders came out! How...

LG G4 Smartphone Review, Release Date and Features (VIDEO)

In the diverse world of Smartphones, we have many options to explore and here comes LG G4 which is also good- but, the question...

Samsung Announces 2015 First Quarter Net Profits of US$ 4.3 Billion

Soon after Apple released the quarterly report of it's in cash investments, Samsung is ready to share its quarterly earning report. Is the news...

Samsung S6 Features and Design Review (Video)

Samsung’s latest heartthrob ‘Galaxy S6’ and ‘S6 Edge’ is finally becoming a dream come true as it soon hits the market! Attractive, stylish and...

Dell Venue 8 7000 Is Pretty Awesome (Hands-on Video)

Dell Venue 8 7000 Android tablet

LG G3 Launching Next Month

LG's answer to the Galaxy S5, the LG G3, might arrive as early as next month.

Latest iPhone 6 Rumors

Check out the latest rumors about the iPhone 6.

Camera Awesome App Lands on Select Android Devices

Camera Awesome is one of those awesome apps that has been, up until this time, an exclusive to iOS devices. That has now changed, because the Camera Awesome app has finally been ported over to Google Android.

Unlocked Sony Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Smartwatch 2 Now Available in US Online Store

Even though Sony Mobile sees the US market as a low priority at the moment, it is now offering fully unlocked versions of the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, and SmartWatch 2 to the American market through its online store.

Hubble Video: Galaxies Collide, Gorgeous “Cosmic Bloom” Results

No, it's not the most imaginative or creative of names, but the galaxy dubbed PGC 6240 could be one of the most interesting. It has "hazy petal-like shells" that form a "pale rose in the sky."

Water Covered Earth-Like Planet Discovered — Well, Sort Of

Scientists have found evidence of a water-rich Earth-like planet outside the solar system.

Nokia Lumia 1520 To Be Unveiled In October

The Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone phablet reportedly will only be unveiled in the coming month.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Goes Big with 6-Inch Screen, 3400mAh Battery

The much larger Nokia Lumia 1520 is expected to be officially revealed to the world on September 26th, proudly showing off its much larger 6-inch 1080p display that would effectively put it in the same league as something like the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1 Press Images Make Their Way to the Net

Eagerly awaiting the Sony Xperia Z1 - aka the Honami? We don't blame you! This is a darn sexy handset, as seen by these newly leaked, official looking press images.

Daily Deals: PowerGen 3.1A Dual USB Car Charger for 73% Off

That's why you should charge them up every chance you get and this dual USB car charger from PowerGen looks like it's the perfect solution for all you road warriors out there.

Samsung Supplying Smartphones with 3GB RAM Next Year

If you feel like your flagship smartphone with 2GB of RAM and a quad-core chip isn't fast enough, wait until you get your hands on a smartphone with 3GB of RAM next year.

Neptune’s 14th Moon Discovered and It’s a Tiny One

The Hubble Space Telescope has just discovered that Neptune has a new moon that was apparently missed back in 1989 when the Voyager passed by the planet.

HTC One Mini Spotted

The HTC One Mini has been spotted in China's TENAA database.

Samsung: Is There Such Thing As TOO Many Options?

With the multiple Samsung S4 variants, the Galaxy Mega, and rumors of 4+ Note variants - we have to ask: is there such thing as too many options?

Rumor: Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet With Snapdragon 800

Sony is being rumored to have plans to unveil the Xperia Z Ultra phablet at a Paris event next month. The device is thought to be coming with a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Sony’s 6.4-inch Xperia ZU Coming June 25th?

According to a new report, the Sony Xperia ZU will officially be announced June 25th, bringing with it a Snapdragon 800 processor and 6.4-inch display.

Windows Phone Grew Over 36% in US Market Share Last Quarter

That being said, third place isn't being much of a contest either as Microsoft's Windows Phone platform actually continues to grow.