Apple Acquires GPS Firm Coherent Navigation To Boost Location Mapping

  So you love Google Maps because they are more technically sound than Apple Maps, right? And as an Apple user you might be jealous of those who are awarded with the accuracy of Google maps. Well, it’s time for some good news, Apple is going to improve the navigation technology in an all new […]

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Gets a New Update, Solves GPS and Touchscreen Issues

Earlier this month we reported on a GPS glitch that affected the new Nexus 7’s ability to secure and maintain a GPS connection. As it turns out this isn’t the only issue affecting the Nexus 7 (2013). Numerous reports have come in about the multi-touch display as well. Apparently some users are experiencing issues with pinch to zoom, ghost taps and other odd behavior.

Grab A Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Watch for $100 Off

Hey, it may not be quite the same thing as getting a James Bond 007 watch from Q or a technologically-absurd watch like Inspector Gadget, but this could be the next best thing. The Motorola MOTOACTV GPS sports watch and MP3 player is pretty slick and now it happens to be on sale for $102.04 off the regular price.

Asus Transformer Prime GPS Update Fail

The Asus Transformer Prime tablet update was happily welcomed, it not only brought Ice Cream Sandwich, but also a fix for the device’s latent GPS issues. But now it appears like the update hasn’t solved any problems and has even added to the agony.

Free TeleNav HTML5 GPS Offers Voiced Turn-By-Turn Directions

When it comes to voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions, the GPS app on many smartphones and tablets usually needs to be coded in a native kind of way. TeleNav is changing that by offering the first GPS navigation service of its kind that is powered by HTML5. That means it can be completely browser-based.

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Lightsquare’s New 4G Service Interferes With GPS

According to a draft summary of the report on a US government test that made its way to Bllomberg Buisinessweek, 75 per cent of all existing GPS devices were showing “incompatibility” and harmful interference when operating in presence of Lightsquare 4G service proposed for a new spectrum.

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Guiding Cyclists with a Musical GPS

A research team based in the Netherlands has reported positive and promising results from an audio-only navigation system which relies on an Android smartphone connected to a pair of headphones to potentially help cyclists overcome the issue of visual navigation devices. The audio GPS guides users towards the target location by using music which is artificially shifted to the left or right in order to tell directions.

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north-korea GPS jamming
New North Korea GPS jamming device has 100 kilometre range

North Korea is working on a GPS jamming device that would work with an effective range of over 100 kilometres. Yes, this would be very frustrating for any foreigners who are trying to make their way around Pyongyang, but it’s not like North Korea is terribly open to random tourists either. This clearly has more of a military application, disrupting GPS signals to the point of making them utterly unusable.

Magellan RoadMate 2.0 For iPhone Kills The GPS

A new update is now available for the iPhone RoadMate app, informed Magellan, the app’s developer. The RoadMate 2.0 version brings several interesting and useful improvements such as a brand-new user interface, Yelp API or the option to perform local searches in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Free lifetime maps and traffic updates are also available and users can share the points of interest and benefit from highway lane assistance as well.

Using Your iPhone’s GPS on a WiFi-Only iPad

The tablet wars are indeed heating up with Android making up some hefty ground, but the iPad is still the reigning king. Maybe you’ve picked up one of the WiFi-only models because you’re not interested in paying for a separate data plan, but now you’re missing out on the GPS side of the equation.

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Nike+ GPS app lets you play tag

The Nike+ GPS app tracks your speed and distance, maps your runs, and allows your friends on facebook and twitter to view your progress. It costs $1.99 on itunes and just got a fun new update; you can now play tag with other runners. You challenge someone with time or distance nearby. Whoever runs the […]

The Nike+ sportwatch GPS will nag you into shape

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the exercise routine you’ve suddenly imposed upon yourself for the New Year, you might want to check out the new Nike+ sportwatch. Not only will it add a new layer of technological novelty to something as old-fashioned as jogging, but it will even nag at you when you haven’t gone for a run in a few days.

Casio EX-H20G hybrid GPS camera Geotags indoors

When you take a photograph with a GPS-enabled camera the location is logged by its ability to connect to the overhead satellites. This is logical, but what happens when you’re indoors? Unfortunately, you won’t have any location data, until today. Casio has revealed their EX-H20G point and shooter that can log the geographic location (geotag) even indoors.

GPS location sharing to Facebook now on Verizon Wireless VZ Navigator 5.0

Verizon Wireless’ latest release of VZ Navigator 5.0 has taken mobile GPS navigation to a whole new level. They have integrated the VZN service with Facebook, what this means is you can update your status from the app, and even share your locations with friends. This is an option of course, you don’t have to share your location when you post to your FB status.

Red Light GPS Device Lacks GPS Navigation
Red Light GPS Device Lacks GPS Navigation

By and large, you would assume that when you buy a standalone GPS device for your car that this device would be able to provide you with turn-by-turn directions, as well as information about points of interest and so on. That is not the case with this particular product from Hammacher Schlemmer. Sure, it’s still […]

Are Standalone GPS Devices Going the Way of the PDA?

You’ve probably noticed that most of us love the idea of convergence devices. Our cell phones used to be for just voice calls, but now we use them for taking pictures, listening to music, checking email, surfing the web, managing our schedules, and so much more. We’re also increasingly using them for GPS navigation purposes, […]

GPS Geotags with New Sony HD Flash Camcorders

If you are hesitant to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new Flip UltraHD, you will be even more hesitant to drop five times that amount on a new Sony camcorder. However, the new flash memory-based camcorders from Sony offer at least a couple of huge advantages over the pocket camcorder market. The cheaper […]

TomTom Releases Homer Simpson Voice Pack for GPS Devices

Whether you’re cruising around in your own town or you’re trying not to get lost in a foreign land, having a reliable GPS device in the car is quite the worthy investment. However, the pre-installed voices may not be the most interesting things in the world. Thankfully, for all the TomTom owners in the audience, […]

MotoMap Motorcycle GPS System Powered by E-Ink and Solar Panels

Up until now, many GPS systems for motorcycles have proven to be a point of frustration for bike riders. The mounting systems leave much to be desired and so many of the touchscreens aren’t rider glove-friendly. Designer Stephen Dettman has come up with an interesting navigational solution for bikers that overcomes many of these concerns. […]

T-Mobile G1 Android Navigates to Telenav GPS

Are you tired of getting lost in your own hometown? Getting jealous of your other smartphone friends and their ability to navigate to the right place in a reasonable amount of time? Well, you will soon have no excuse for getting lost again. The Android-powered T-Mobile G1 will soon be getting its clutches on the […]

Video: Voiced Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation Points to iPhone

The Apple iPhone is filled with a lot of cool functionality, including the ability to play videos, surf the web, and point you toward some of the best sushi restaurants in town. It also comes with GPS functionality, so you that you can navigate to the said best sushi restaurant in town. With the basic […]

OnPar Golfer GPS Handheld with iPhone Flair

For most people, GPS devices are largely reserved for getting around town and navigating the highways to grandma’s house. For the outdoorsy types, there are GPS devices that will ensure you don’t get lost in the middle of the woods. And then there are GPS devices for the avid golfers in the audience. Finding GPS […]

Lowrance Endura GPS Handhelds for Rugged Folks

With snow still on the ground and mercury still dropping in the thermometer, your summer camping trip may be the furthest thing from your mind. That said, handheld GPS units can also come in very handy if you’re going snowmobiling, skiing, or participating in any other outdoor activity. The crew at Lowrance has just announced […]

SIM Card with Integrated A-GPS Makes LBS Cheaper, Easier

It used to be that having a digital camera built into your mobile phone made you the envy of all your friends. These days, it’s pretty standard fare. By the same accord, having location-based services on your cell phone is still a pretty novel feature, but it could become much more mainstream with this new […]

Radio Shack Starts Selling MOTONAV TN20, TN30 GPS Units

When it comes to portable GPS navigation devices, there are a few names that immediately come to mind. You’ve got your Garmins, Magellans, and TomToms of the world and then you’ve got companies that usually specialize in other items. Motorola is a name that you probably associate with cell phones, but the electronics giant does […]

Acura RDX GPS Navigation Linked to Climate Control System

In-car technology is advancing just as quickly as all other types of technology, and the Acura RDX is perhaps one of the better examples of this. The luxury crossover happens to have both climate control and an embedded GPS navigation system, but did you know that these two systems are actually linked? The GPS side […]

Bell Mobility Gets Loster with Crippled BlackBerry GPS?

We’ll chalk this one up in the unsubstantiated rumour column for now, but word on Howard Forums is that Bell is crippling the BlackBerry Maps application on handsets on purpose. The rationale, as the rumour goes, is that the $10/month paid GPS service from Bell will look that much better compared to the free option […]

Chevy Volt Has Interesting GPS Trick Up Its Sleeve

General Motors has a lot riding on the upcoming Chevy Volt hybrid. As it turns out, the Volt has more going for it than just its hybrid powertrain. Yes, it’s nice that you can run on electricity alone or you can opt to use the gasoline engine too, but this GPS trick is awfully neat. […]

ClarionMiND Mobile Internet Device Includes GPS Navigation

It’s all about convergence these days, so having a Mobile Internet Device (MID) that is only capable of surfing the web just doesn’t cut the mustard. The ClarionMiND goes above and beyond the call of MID duty by introducing GPS navigation into the picture. You may be more familiar with the Clarion name when it […]

SmartMirror Throws GPS Navigation Into Your Rear View

You know how you’re supposed to be completely aware of your surroundings when you are driving? You should not only be keeping your eyes on the road in front of you, but also checking your mirrors from time to time so that you know what’s happening beside and behind you. It is following this kind […]

Garmin nuvi 860 GPS with Menu Speech Recognition

Having your portable GPS navigation system read its directions out to you isn’t exactly anything new, but with the new Garmin nuvi 860, you can start to talk back. The latest development from Garmin features the ability to navigate through the menus using a series of voice commands. They say that this is the first […]

Dash Express GPS Update Remembers Your Alternate Routes

The first software update for the Dash Express has now been issued and it is available for download through the unit’s embedded Wi-Fi connection. There is no need for you to physically connect your GPS navigator to your computer, because all you have to do is get the Dash Express to connect to some wireless […]

Portal’s GLaDOS Invades Garmin nuvi GPS Units (Video)

Of all the virtual characters out there in video game land, the artificially intelligent entity known as GLaDOS has to be one of the creepiest. She proclaims that she is still alive after the end of Portal, only to invade Rock Band a short while afterwards. I guess rocking out isn’t enough for her just […]