Android Facebook App Adds App Discovery To The Mix

A new version of Facebook has finally arrived, and with it comes a new way to for developers to better distribute their Android apps. The newest version adds social app discovery channels, similar to the iOS version. What this means is that clicking on shared links won’t just bring you to web apps, but it can also fully launch inside many of Android’s native apps as well.

Blackberry’s BBM Technology Added To Facebook, Twitter, And More

Blackberry has announced new updates for several apps such as Facebook and Twitter that will now include BlackBerrry Messenger connectivity. This new functionality means that users can now automatically share their Facebook and Twitter updates with BBM friends, right within the apps. Outside of Facebook and Twitter, there is also a new version of BlackBerry Travel, BBM Music, and Blackberry App World that will include BBM integration in the mix.

Fix Coming For Windows Phone Facebook Events

Just last week, Facebook for Windows Phone had itself an update that added several new features and tweaks, such as profile design and the new panorama view. While the upgrade offered many improvements, it also broke one important feature: Facebook Events.

Facebook Phone In The Works?

Despite Facebook’s struggle to develop into something more than an app, the company is now launching its own phone running on a customized version of Android and utilizing HTC hardware.

Telus Prepaid Offers MOTOKEY SOCIAL Facebook Phone

The HTC Status isn’t the only phone with a Facebook button on Telus anymore. Approaching people who want social networking on the go without the complexity and cost of a full smartphone, the Motorola MOTOKEY SOCIAL has just updated its status to “Just joined the Telus Prepaid family.”

Version 3.5 of Facebook for iPhone includes tagging and photo uploads

Facebook for iPhone version 3.5 has now been revealed and it comes with some nice upgrades. For instance, you’ll notice some new sharing options from the compose screen, making it easier for you to get desktop-like Facebook functionality on your iPhone. Other updates include better privacy controls, redesigned Profile and Group walls, and the ability to tag your friends in posts.

Facebook Games
Google+ slowly turning into Facebook already with Games Stream

Soon, you’ll be playing games on Google’s social network just like on Facebook. They haven’t quite declared how this is going to work and whether you’ll be able to filter out the gaming noise from your social signal, but you can bet that it’s coming. Wording on the Google Plus Help pages, which has been removed, referenced games and potentially a separate stream for finding games.

Google+ to squash Facebook?

Google+ is the company’s attempt at a social networking website, and with the sneak peak given on their website, I think they have the potential to dominate the social networking scene and crush Facebook. Here are some of the highlights.

Android Faceniff App Makes it Easy to Hack Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

FaceNiff is an Android app that can be used to hijack sessions on public or private Wi-Fi networks without the need for a computer. It can hack Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon and Nasza-Klasa (a Polish social network), and more services are coming soon. Thankfully, the app only works on very certain handsets and requires jailbreaking, so it’s not going to fall into the hands of too many mischievous Android operators; at least, not yet.

$1 To Japan For Each Facebook Like

Our good friends at AViiQ who manufacture all kinds of mobile accessories, have just tweeted that they will reach out to those troubled in Japan by the recent catastrophic earthquake and tsunami by donating $1 for each Facebook like they receive. Japan was hit by one massive 8.9 richter earthquake early on the morning of 3/11, and they continue to experience seismic activity totaling over 100 tremors in the last 24 hours.

The Facebook Phone Is Real

So the Facebook Phone didn’t necessarily come directly from Zuckerberg himself, but none the less, HTC had took the stage in bringing these two social phones to existence at MWC 2011. These are without a doubt the Facebook phones that were rumored last month and expected to be released at MWC.

Facebook Embedded SIM Cards FTW

Facebook is now available to anyone with a cell phone that uses SIM cards, thanks to European digital security company Gemalto who has managed to embed the entire Facebook software application onto the tiny chip.

INQ’s Cloud Touch is a Facebook phone at heart

NQ Mobile is showing off the prototype of their “Facebook phone,” an Android-based smartphone with deep Facebook integration called the Cloud Touch. It’s got Facebook chat, the news feed on the home screen, and FB events integrated into the Google calendar.

Zuckerberg puts Facebook phone rumors to rest

Facebook remains an online platform and an online platform alone. During a Facebook Mobile event, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company has no plans to make a so-called Facebook phone. They’re not doing hardware whatsoever.

GM set to offer handsfree Facebook via OnStar

The OnStar system is mostly voice-activated and a great way to get emergency personnel to you in the event of an emergency, but Facebook? That seems to be the next feature coming to OnStar via the MyLink interface from GM, and it will be completely handsfree.

BlackBerry chat on FaceBook would be a dream to many users.
Chat could be coming to Facebook for BlackBerry devices

The Facebook for BlackBerry app is already pretty good at letting you update your status, view your friends’ walls, and peruse through the uploaded pictures. How about Facebook chatting? That feature isn’t available as of yet, but while randomly browsing through the application permissions within Facebook, a BlackBerry user found a slot that asked for permission to use the integrated instant messaging service, which doesn’t exist.

GPS location sharing to Facebook now on Verizon Wireless VZ Navigator 5.0

Verizon Wireless’ latest release of VZ Navigator 5.0 has taken mobile GPS navigation to a whole new level. They have integrated the VZN service with Facebook, what this means is you can update your status from the app, and even share your locations with friends. This is an option of course, you don’t have to share your location when you post to your FB status.

Facebook and Twitter Integrated into Pure Sensia Touchscreen Radio

The days where you can just hang out next to the pool with your umbrella drink are probably numbered, unless you can find yourself in more tropical climes some time soon. Even so, the new Pure Sensia will certainly come in handy with or without the cabana boy there to bring you an iced beverage. […]

Upload Facebook Profile Pictures from Nintendo DSi

You know how the iPod touch is supposed to be so much more than a mere media player? The same thing can be said about the Nintendo DSi, apparently, because Nintendo doesn’t want it to be “just” a portable gaming console. That’s why the big N has just launched some heavy Facebook integration into its […]

PhoneFace Picture ID Powered by Facebook (Video)

Do you have a hard time connecting names to faces? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just sift through your phone book using pictures rather than just names? With PhoneFace for BlackBerry, that’s exactly what you get. The new service supplements your existing address book by replacing just the name of your contact with […]

Good Facebook App Arrives on Windows Mobile

What’s the point of having a smartphone if you can’t poke your friends on the go? For those of you rocking a Windows Mobile handset, you can now get your hands on a pretty good Facebook application and, as far as I can tell, the app is completely free for you to enjoy. John Herman […]

Apple iPhone to Tap into Facebook Connect This Fall

Developers are really starting to find some rather innovative uses for the Apple iPhone, especially now that the floodgates have been opened with the arrival of the App Store. At a Facebook developers meeting, it was announced that Facebook Connect would becoming to the iPhone in a few short months. For those of you who […]

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Facebook Mobile Could Be In Works, Partnered With Nokia

Some people are saying that Facebook is even bigger than MySpace, and if this deal with Nokia to create Facebook Mobile goes through, the social networking site will get that much bigger. There’s word going around Nokia and Facebook are in negotiations wherein a portal into Facebook would be featured on the home screen of […]

Facebook Application Runs Natively on BlackBerry OS

While firms like Helio are catering to the younger demographic, offering MySpace Mobile on all of their cell phones, owners of BlackBerry devices by RIM are decidedly older and more mature. Facebook, in some ways, is also much more mature than MySpace, because it is catering to and older audience. I guess it only makes […]

Buy MP3s From Facebook Instead of iTunes

What? Yes, you heard that correctly. There’s word going around that Facebook is working on an online MP3 download service that will compete directly against the iTunes Music Store. There have been plenty of people launching Facebook applications, trying to land a few quick bucks, but this is the first time that I’ve heard of […]

Video Demo: iPhone Finds Its Way to Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I heavily prefer Facebook over mySpace. The profile pages are less cluttered, the interface is cleaner, and it’s not filled with a bunch of emo kids that get on my nerves with their crappy songlists. And now, a custom Facebook application has been developed specifically for the iPhone, letting […]

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Top 10 Call Center Technology Trends Of 2016

Every good business thrives on phenomenal customer service experience, but did you know how many business ignore that and that the true cost of poor customer service is over $41 billion per year? Wow, obviously that’s a huge number to ignore. But here’s Top 10 Call Center technology trends of 2016 that can make a difference. […]

Why I love my Oneplus One
Why I love my Oneplus One

I don’t think I’ve spent even a single day without my phone’s help to accomplish most of my daily tasks. I had owned a Samsung Quattro before I took this huge leap towards getting myself a cool device like the Oneplus One. Not comparing (at least trying not to), but the Oneplus One has given […]

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7 Android apps you will never uninstall from your phone

There are so many android apps releasing everyday on the Play Store, yet not adding to the usability of its customers. However, very few applications are designed and developed beautifully to accommodate solutions to everyday issues. Here are a bunch of hand­picked applications I personally think are amazing to have. 1. Wifi FTP This is […]

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samsung ces 2016
CES 2016: 8 Coolest Gadgets That Will Blow Away Your Mind

“The show has ended, but the memories linger on” This is how we are feeling now, as CES 2016 is over. CES is largest consumer electronics and technology trade show, which is held annually in LasVegas. It showcases the latest technology trends and really cool gadgets. This year though, there were tons of new tech […]

Now Google to Block Adobe Flash’s ads on its Chrome Browser

Earlier we reported that Amazon is planning to kill Adobe’s Flash advertisements in September because they were causing unnecessary harm to the browsing experience. Before that, Apple, Mozilla and Facebook decided to steer away from Flash and now it looks like it is losing out another companion – Google. The search giant has finally broken […]

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Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Best Galaxy Note Till Date

For many years Samsung has been a dominant player in the smartphone market. Even though the Korean electronics conglomerate manufactured phones out of plastic which felt cheap to use, even then Samsung’s smartphone sales sky-rocketed making it the most profitable phone manufacturer. However, that dominant era was short-lived when new players emerged in the market. […]

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

  Technology can do some pretty amazing things. Take cellphones, for example. We use them to check our email, communicate a message to our friends on Facebook, and record our workout sessions at the gym. But, did you know that you can use your smartphone as a wi-fi hotspot? Well, you can, and it might […]